My Wife Gets a Girl Pt. 02

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Big Tits

(I was not trying to stuff the end of the last story with action and adjectives but rather enjoying the way my lovely wife was acting on her desires) This is the rest of the evening. Thanks to Whispersecret for his assistance.


I am going crazy thinking about what’s going on in the bedroom! So excited that I notice I’m pacing the room. Not knowing how long this wait might be will certainly feel like eternity! Just as I’m starting to take off my clothes, I hear the door. I’m caught off guard by wondering who knows we’re here? As I peer out the peep hole I remember – Cindy and Jake!

I quickly open the door and try to act normal since I am half dressed, and they are not exactly close friends! Cindy gives me a big hug and introduces Jake who is smiling as he surveys the room and discovers the lady’s clothes scattered on the floor!

“Looks like we found the right party,” Cindy says as she looks in the direction of the bedroom. “I will just take a quick peek.”

She walked down the hall to the bedroom to see how the ladies were getting on. Jake brought some tequila and he and I set up some shooters.

“You cool with us being here?” He asked.

I must have been a sight having not recovered from someone showing up just as I thought I was getting my first threesome!

“It’s not you guys, I am just very new to the whole hooking up thing,” I stammered.

He was very understanding and let me know that Valerie and Cindy were the most amazing girls. I should just go with it and there were no ego’s in this room. He mentioned that if anything that my wife and I were uncomfortable with happened we should not hesitate to say something. I immediately liked Jake for acknowledging the elephant in the room and putting my mind at ease. Cindy came back from the bedroom naked!

“Sorry it took me so long,” she mused.

She went on to tell us the girls were now aware of the situation and that we would be joining them shortly. She gave Jake a big wet kiss.

“That’s Caren’s pussy by the way!” She added.

She grabbed one of the shooters and downed it! She then grabbed me and put a lip lock on me that was amazing and sensual the way she held my head and ran her fingers through my hair! It gave me chills.

She then whispered in my ear that the girls had asked for her to bring the boys in with very hard cocks! She suggested we add our clothes to the ones already scattered around the room! gaziantep escort ilanları Teasingly she added the first naked man gets his cock sucked first. Apparently, Jake doesn’t wear underwear and easily won which he was quickly rewarded with her mouth wrapped around his rather large cock. Even semi erect his cock was very impressive.

My consolation prize allowed me to explore her incredible ass which was bent over as she tended to Jake. As I mentioned before this woman had an amazing body and here it was naked and waiting! I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her ass and licked my way up and down between her ass cheeks and she responded with an almost cat like purr! I stuck my tongue into her pussy and savored this tasty beauty.

She stood up abruptly and said, “Not that I wouldn’t want to take you both on all night, but we have some ladies in the other room waiting!”

She then got on her knees between us and started sucking both of us alternating back and forth stroking then sucking! My cock was so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it! And having made both of us drooling with excitement she announced that there were two more pussies in the other room, and we should all go get some!

She led us to the bedroom by our cocks all the while grinning knowing she had done her job! As we entered the room there were Caren and Valerie on the bed side by side doggy style looking back at the door smiling! I immediately lined my cock up with my wife’s pussy and she was so wet I just slid all the way in!

“Oh my,” I heard her gasp.

I immediately picked up the pace and she could tell I was harder than I had been in years! I calmed down just enough to begin long deep strokes in and out of my wife’s dripping pussy. I started shaking my head wondering how we got lucky enough to have three girls and two guys on one king bed! Valerie was getting a serious pounding from Jake and has her face buried in Cindy’s pussy. Thinking to myself, I would love to get another taste of her before the evening is over! About that time Cindy let loose an orgasm grabbing Valerie’s head and holding her on her pussy! My attention is drawn back to my wife as she begins her own orgasm by hooking her ankles around me to hold my cock inside!

“Oh baby, you’re so damn hard!” She growled, as she tossed her head from side to side.

When she’s coming, she always keeps squeezing my cock which feels amazing. She starts encouraging me to continue fucking her and smiles up at me. But tonight, I can see she has more planned than me just coming inside of her. She abruptly pushed me out of her sopping wet pussy as she then flipped around and started sucking me! Caren is not big on cock sucking and I love her and have amazing sex but once it’s hard she has a better use for it! So, her sucking me covered in her juices is out of the ordinary and makes me wonder what other changes are in store. She now is lightly scratching my balls which she knows drives me wild! I soon found out why the change in her actions.

“I was watching you out there with Cindy and it really turned me on,” She whispers, before kissing me. ” so much I think I really want to fuck Jake!”

I was floored. She had never brought up adding a guy to our fantasies, just a girl. I had envisioned her and Valerie playing and enjoying each other while I enjoyed my wife. She seemed to enjoy seeing me being pleasured by Cindy and wants me to see her fuck Jake. It seems we are now having similar thoughts because I can think of nothing better than having a chance to fuck Cindy! Cindy meets my gaze and smiles at me while she rolls over next to my wife. They kiss and pull on each other’s nipples while still holding my cock.

Cindy asks, “Caren, do you mind if I ride this?”

“He’s all yours,” My wife responds.

My wife kisses me then goes over to Valerie and kisses her breasts and sucks on her nipples. Valerie must have been close because this sent her over the edge, and she came.

“Fuck, I love your cock!” She yelled.

As she shudders through the remaining throws of her orgasm Valerie says, “Caren, you ready for this huge cock?”

“You weren’t exaggerating, that’s big,” Caren replies.

Caren positions herself to take Jake’s cock in her mouth. She begins to lick up and down his shaft tasting Valerie’s juices and smiles up at him. She tries to take all of him in her mouth, but he’s a big boy! This just makes her even more excited to have him fill her up. She can’t get over how thick he is and with this huge swollen head that she can’t stop kissing. He lifts her up to get a kiss and tells her how beautiful she is as his hands roam all over her body!

“I want you to fuck me!” she pleads.

He looks over to me and we exchange what only guys can understand as the go-ahead glance. He positions her on her back near the edge of the bed with her legs spread. He lines up his cock as she reached out to guide him in.

“Slowly please,” She cautions.

She’s extremely wet and he’s still not sliding in easily. Valerie noticing this reaches up and grabs her ankles and pulls them toward my wife’s head and he slips all the way in!

“Oh my god!” She squeals.

She had a look on her face I cannot describe, but it must have been the combination of both pain and pleasure that she was feeling.

“Don’t move! Don’t move!” She begged. “let me get used to you.”

I had only heard her voice sound this way once before when she rode a Sybian and completely lost it (but that’s another story). I felt for Jake at this point as he was frozen in place awaiting her direction. She put her hands on his hips and started to push out and he slid his cock out. She then dug her nails into him when she wanted him to put it back in! Once they got the rhythm, she wrapped her legs around him and brought him down for a kiss. he just began pounding my wife’s pussy like there was no tomorrow!

Cindy had been stroking my cock and watching me this whole time and understood how exciting it was for me.

“Can I have some cock please?” She asked.

She laid me down and positioned herself over my cock and easily slid down to the hilt! Ground her pussy into me and got goosebumps!

“That’s what I needed,” she moaned.

She kissed me and told me that Jake might have a huge dick but that mine was perfect! I cannot tell you how incredibly tight this woman was and how good it felt to have her sliding up and down on me. I could hear my lovely wife panting and building up her excitement. Just then Valerie lays next to me and introduces me to her massive breasts, and I suck on each with wild abandon.

“Don’t hold back sweetheart, you’re going to cum more than once tonight!” She says.

“Jake! I’m coming!” My wife screamed.

Just then my beautiful wife had the most intense multiple orgasm I have ever seen as she tossed her head and gyrated over and over as it waved through her!

“Aaaahhhhh!” Jake added.

“Holy Sh..” I screamed.

That was all I got out as the waves of pulsing cum filled Cindy and she started milking my cock with her pussy as I pumped and pumped and pumped until I shook exhausted. As I looked over Jake was still inside my wife as she had a death grip on his ass and kept him deep inside her!

The three of them bounced out of the bed and went out to the kitchen for some shooters. My wife and I just looked at each other smiling and exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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