My Wife’s Submissive husband – Me!

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This story is a fantasy and in no way depicts anyone in it. All characters in the story are at least 18 years of age. If you’re looking for a story with raunchy sex or some other off-the-wall kink, you won’t find it here!


My name is George ‘Josh’ Graham. I am 26 years of age and shortly after graduating from tech school I decided I wanted to find me a good wife and settle down and start a family.

I was eating at a fast food restaurant one lunchtime when I spotted a stunning young blonde who looked about 5’6″, three inches shorter than me. I watched her as she got her order then turned around looking for a place to sit. It was unusually crowded that day and seating wasn’t easy to find.

I am usually not very confident or forward when it comes to pretty women, but she was looking for a place to sit and my table had an empty seat. If she was already married I would accept that and, after all, she was alone. I raised my hand to signal that she could sit with me and she responded by coming toward me. If she WAS married then perhaps I was taking a chance at getting a black eye, but she was gorgeous enough to take that risk. I was sitting next to a window so I didn’t have to look behind me to see if she was waving to me or someone else.

When she got closer to me I saw that she was even more beautiful than she looked at a distance. She had a very pretty face, her hair was done up expertly, and her legs under that short skirt were magnificent. When she got to my table she said thanks and extended her hand to me. Her voice was angelic and I had to stay seated or she most likely would have seen my hard-on.

“Thank you so much for bailing me out. This place is unusually crowded today. My name is Candace Angela Barr but friends call me Candy. Get it? Candy Barr? I’m glad to meet you,” she said. My dick got even harder when I shook her insanely soft hand.

“It’s my pleasure, Candy. My name is George Graham but friends call me Josh,” I said. “Please be seated.” I couldn’t very well walk around and pull out her seat for her because my boner would be quite noticeable.

As she sat down and began eating her meal we engaged in small talk, like where we grew up, how the families are doing, what we did for a living, and so forth. She said she wasn’t employed at the time, which opened another door for me as I asked her if she would like to keep talking after we were finished eating. She said yes, she was in no hurry to go anywhere.

I got bolder and asked, “What about your boyfriend? Won’t he expect to see you shortly?”

“Oh, Josh,” she said as she looked in my eyes with her lovely blue eyes, “I don’t have anyone I’m seeing right now. And what about you?”

“No, just me at the moment,” I said.

“But I bet you’re looking, aren’t you?” she replied as she sipped some of her soft drink through a straw that went passed her lovely lips.

“What makes you say that?” I replied.

“Because of that big lump in your pants! I hope that’s because of me!” she said teasingly.

“How did you……….?”

“It doesn’t matter how but that I DID!” she said back with a big smile.

“But I didn’t even get UP!” I said.

She then turned in her seat and looked at her right leg. “I think I have a tear in my pantyhose.” But as she pretended to check her thigh, she then said to me,” Oh, that’s right. I’m not wearing anything on my legs!”

I replied, “I never would have guessed. Your legs are phenomenal! How do you keep them so BEAUTIFUL?”

“So, phenomenal?” she asked, knowing full well she had my interest. “They feel even better than they look. Would you like to see?”

“I would love to,” I whispered. “May I?”

She didn’t actually say anything in reply but pursed her red lips to make it look like she said no. She also moistened her lips by circling them with her tongue while at the same time slowly and gently stroking her leg. If I would have dropped my hand down and just touched the head of my cock through the material of what I was wearing I would have exploded in my underwear!

Candy knew exactly what was happening. She then arose and said she must be going. She handed me her business card and instructed me to call her that evening at 7. And with that she turned and walked away. What a woman, what a body, what a gorgeous face, what a PAIR of LEGS, and what an erection I had!


Candy and I fell in love and were married in a beautiful wedding in a lovely park nearby. Before we tied the knot the closest we came to having sex was when we kissed, which was very often. I LOVED kissing her! She told me she was a virgin and wanted to keep it that way until she became my wife. Sometimes she would allow me to rub her fabulous legs and I am sure if I was diabetic the sweetness of them would have sent me into a sugar shock.

Candy changed once we became together in marriage. She seemed to want to have her own way in everything. I tried to keep the peace by giving in to her but it seemed the more I did the worse she got. So I called for a husband – wife meeting after dinner one evening.

“Candy, bursa escort you know I love you dearly, don’t you?” I said. “And you know I would do anything for you, right?”

“Yes, Josh. I know.”

“Now this is going to be right to the point, but I have to get it out. It seems to me that you want your own way in almost everything.”

She interrupted me before I was finished and said, “Not ALMOST everything, Josh, but EVERYTHING!”

That took me by surprise because I wasn’t expecting her to admit to it! She sat on that sofa, looking sooo sexy in that short sundress she had on, and basically told me right to my face that she wanted everything HER way.

“So where would that leave ME?” I asked.

“That’s easy,” she said. “It would leave YOU doing all my bidding, doing all that I say, being very obedient.”

“Now why would I DO that?” I asked. “Why wouldn’t YOU be obedient to ME? Marriage is supposed to be a one-on-one affair, both parties supposed to be on equal grounds, not with one better than the other. Do you think you’re better than me?”


“Yes? Yes what?” I replied.

“YES, I’m better than you!” she exclaimed.

“Is that right? Better than me in WHAT?” I replied.

“For starters, I know I’m better looking than you,” she said as she pulled her sundress up a bit to reveal more of her sweet, sexy thighs. I sure lost that one, I thought to myself. “I’m also better than you at board games AND at card games.”

I had no argument there, thinking back to all the games we played before we got married and remembering how she kicked my ass in 500 Rummy, poker, checkers, and others. “You got lucky,” was about all I could say.

“Lucky my sweet, pretty ass!” she said. “You got your butt kicked but good and just think how it would be if we got physical and wrestled.”

“Oh, now you’re challenging me to kick your ass in WRESTLING?” I replied as I felt myself getting upset.

“Why are you getting bothered that your cute, petite wife wants to wrestle you? Are you concerned I will win?”

“Not for one damn moment am I concerned about that. There is no fucking

way that you….”

She quickly interrupted me again by exclaiming, “Don’t talk to me like THAT! I don’t ever want to hear that ‘F’ word again! You HEAR me?”

“I hear you but I can’t promise anything,” I calmly replied.

“Then I will have to TEACH you!” she said and I could tell she was pissed and determined! “Anytime you want to get it on with me you just let me know!”

“Really? You really think you can whip my behind, don’t you?” I said.

“I KNOW I can! You just name when.” she said.

“No time like the present!” I said very confidently.

So we moved the furniture back out of the way to have a sizable area in which to grapple. As much as I loved my wife I felt it was time to shut her up and show her who’s boss.

I took off my jeans so I could move more freely, which left me wearing a t-shirt and my boxers, while Candy just kept on her sundress. My strategy was to NOT focus on her great legs but to use my upper body strength to force her to the floor and take control that way. We both agreed to start on our knees, which would be to my advantage because I was sure I was stronger than her up top.

I came at her first and tried to overpower her and put her shoulders on the floor and straddle her upper body and pin her, figuring that since I was a bit bigger than her she wouldn’t be able to throw me off. I pushed her shoulders hard with both hands, but she saw it coming and grabbed my arms and flipped me over her head and onto my back, using her feet to throw me over her head.

As quick as a cat she turned and followed up the flip by jumping on my prone body and pinning my shoulders to the floor. Her legs were as strong as they were pretty and in short order I found myself unable to move and staring right at her silky white panties.

I had never felt anything so smooth as when her thighs squeezed my cheeks! I squirmed and kicked but I was going nowhere. She just sat there on my chest as she had me captured and looked down at me and said, “Well, big boy, what should we do now? It doesn’t look like you faired too well against your little pretty wife, does it?”

I started to say something but that gorgeous example of woman stopped me by moving up onto my face and silencing me by sitting her panties on my mouth. And it seemed like the more I struggled to get my arms free the tighter her legs became, like a constrictor snake when it wraps up its prey.

“Come on, Joshy, it’s your move. Show me what you have planned,” she said, barely above a whisper. Does your gorgeous wife with her GORGEOUS legs have you under control? Just like I said I would? Can’t you get up?”

It was bad enough losing to a pretty woman, and my wife at that, but the way she so easily handled me, and the way she silenced me where I couldn’t even talk back, was so humiliating and demoralizing that I just wanted to cry! I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even beg her to stop because bursa escort bayan she wouldn’t let me speak!

It was as if she had done this before. She was totally in control and without much effort. Sometimes she would gently touch my nose, sometimes she would brush back the hair on my forehead, sometimes she would use her nail file and do her fingernails, and all I could do was watch. The way she had my arms pinned, right on the muscles, prevented me from getting any leverage to push her off. I was her prey and she was my captor and I wasn’t going anywhere until SHE said so.

And perhaps the worst thing of all was that my cock was hard as ever. AND SHE NOTICED IT! “And what do we have here?” she said and started laughing. “You seem to like me controlling you, don’t you? Look at how hard your DICK is! I bet you would cum if I just ran my fingernail over it. Well, that’s not happening, you pervert!” And, dammit, I couldn’t even move! But she was right. I was so damn turned on by her, especially her luscious thighs, having me in this position that I WAS erect!

But how the hell does that make me a pervert, being turned on by the sexiest woman I have ever seen and who has me completely at her mercy, I thought. What is so unusual for a young, virile guy like me liking being tied up by someone so sexy?

Perhaps as humiliating as her dominance of me was, even more so was that she never stopped talking! It drove me nuts that she kept rubbing it in to me that she was in control and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it! Candy completely dominated me as she sat on me and wouldn’t even let me talk. The wrestling AND the conversation were both one sided.

Then she really showed me how much in control she was. “Josh, honey, I have a little problem here,” she said as she sat on me, her hands on her unbelievably smooth thighs, while looking down at me, “I have to pee but I don’t want to get up. I don’t have any rope to tie you up and make you stay here until I get back. So what should I do?”

I was very slow to answer her since her crotch was on my mouth and I couldn’t talk. I tried to say something, as if she would have listened anyway, but

all that came out was “mmmm”. Candy was really enjoying her domination!

“Well, dear, if you can’t come up with anything I guess I’ll have to figure it out myself,” and she pulled back her panties and pissed all over my face! “Ah, that felt so good! I guess when we’re finished here you have some cleaning up to do,” but instead of getting off me she continued to sit on me and keep me pinned. “Now, tell me, isn’t it better to be pissed off than to be pissed on?” And she laughed and giggled at me and I was helpless.

She stayed on me, talking all the time for what had to be another thirty minutes. Finally she said, “I’m going to get up now. I must go wash my legs that have pee on them. You wait here until I get back. Then I want you to take a shower so you don’t smell like piss.” So I did as she said and lay on the floor waiting for her to come back. I could feel her piss drying on my face as she took her good old time cleaning up herself.

When she finally did return she was carrying a wet washcloth and a towel. “Here, wash your face and dry it off. I have something I want you to do.” After I did what she told me to do she took off her panties and squatted on my face again. “All this control stuff has me very excited. Lick my pussy and be very gentle about it. I doubt if I’ll ever cum with that little dick YOU have.”

I licked her sweet pussy until she came all over my face. Pussy juice is so much better than piss, I realized. And even though my dick was still hard and she didn’t allow me to cum, I was very happy my wife, my honey, my princess, my dominator,

had a terrific orgasm. She then instructed me to go shower.


Candy and I agreed that there wasn’t any question who would be the leader of OUR marriage. I would be the money earner by continuing with my job and she would be the money handler for our home. My paycheck was deposited electronically into my wife’s own personal account, for which I was not given the username NOR the password, and I was given a weekly allowance of fifty bucks. If I needed more I would have to beg for it, on my knees in front of her, and she would never give me an answer right away.


I worked in an office where I took online orders to be shipped out. It was a very busy place and I practically had no idle time. At the end of the day I had a 25 mile drive to look forward to. Why did warehouses like the one I worked at had to be out in the middle of nowhere and away from public transportation? It sure didn’t make it easy on us commuters!

I always got a twenty minute break in the morning and afternoon and I got a one hour lunch period at noon. It was at one of those lunch periods that I met and became friends with a young, good looking black man named Damon Witherspoon. Damon was my age and I was sure he could have almost any single girl he wanted, black or white.

His work escort bursa hours were different from mine. Whereas my shift started at 8 AM and went to 5 PM, his started right after lunch and went to 9 PM. He said he liked the later hours because it gave him plenty of time to do other things in the morning, and as he said that he winked his eye as if to indicate he was playing around before he came to work. And as I said before, he was a good looker and I was sure he had plenty of women after him.

One day at lunch after we became good friends, I asked him what he does in the mornings. He said he usually gets up around 8:00 and shaves and showers to get ready for the day.

“Do you shave everyday?” I asked him.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied. “This hot mama I’m seeing right now has a set of thighs you wouldn’t believe! And she told me she NEVER wanted to feel stubble on them. So as long as she lets me get between her legs, you know, with my mouth, I am going to keep the whiskers off me! You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I said, even though I wasn’t sure EXACTLY what he meant although I imagined it meant he was a pussy eater. Nothing wrong with that. I loved it when Candy ‘made’ me lick her snatch. “I don’t mean to be too nosy but do you do it everyday?”

“Well, not everyday,” he replied. “I don’t see her everyday.”

“Is she your steady girl?”

“No,” Damon said. “She’s actually married but I don’t know who her husband is. She never tells me that stuff.”

“She’s married? Isn’t that kind of dangerous, Damon?”

“If you would see that white fox you’d be ready to take that chance too! I mean, she is so fine! And she’s magnificent in bed. If she’s playing the field why should he care if he can’t handle her? Unless, of course, she controls him and he does as he’s told.”

Now Josh was beginning to wonder what his wife does in the morning. “What’s her name, Damon?”

“Angie,” he replied. “Why?”

“I just wondered, that’s all. I don’t even know anyone named Angie.” But he did wonder if his wife maybe was using her middle name and that maybe Damon was fucking his wife. So Josh began making some plans to check on Candy some morning. It couldn’t be right away but perhaps in a couple weeks when all this talk with Damon died down.


Candy and I continued with our one-on-one competition, with me still looking for my first win over her. She hated to lose! There was a time we were playing checkers and I was doing very well with me having many great moves to where I had three Kings and she didn’t have any. She was actually down to six men and I was about to clobber her. She didn’t seem angry about perhaps losing for the first time but I could tell she wasn’t happy. What the heck, I thought, it could be the first time I win in like 75 games? She’s shown her domination all those times!

Then she resorted to an underhanded strategy. She excused herself to go refill her drink glass but when she came back I noticed that she changed her clothing. Instead of wearing a pair of jeans she was now wearing a short sundress, even the shortest I’ve ever seen on her. Her legs were on display like never before! And if she moved a certain way her satin panties were right there for me to see!

The game was practically over at that time. I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing, my cock got hard as a rock, and Candy began a run of jumping my men until she had my last piece cornered to where no matter where I moved it either of three of her men would jump me. And, even though she was silent when I was doing so well, she was back to trash talking once she took over the game.

I was hoping that later on when we got into bed we would have some female-led sex but she would have none of that. I was so damn horny! I had gotten used to her always controlling me and it turned me on a lot when she did it showing her legs and panties but she wouldn’t let me put my dick in her. It was over a month since I had any relief because she wouldn’t take that damn cock cage off!

She had to be getting dick somewhere, I thought. I bet it’s that Damon!

A few days later I took off work and asked Candy if she was doing anything special that day. She said, no, she just planned to be home doing whatever. So I asked her if she was up for a good wrestling match. She said she’s always up for kicking my ass so we made plans to get it on later on in the morning.

“But if I win I want this damn cage off me,” I told her.

“And what if I win?” she asked.

“What would you like?” I asked her.

“It’s been awhile since I had some dick in me, so if, or should I say, when, I win I get to have an affair with the person of my choosing.”

“Okay, that’s sound good,” I said, thinking of course that she had her mind on Damon. “But where would you find him?”

“Who said it would be a HIM?” she replied. That completely caught me off guard and I didn’t know what to say. But I agreed with it and we set up the living room for our match.

I knew before we started that I had to really respect those legs. A couple weeks ago she got me in a body scissors and I thought she cracked some ribs. She squeezed my waist until I cried and begged her to stop. Luckily it was a Friday afternoon and I didn’t have to miss any work but instead I stayed in bed healing all weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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