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Myla was an attractive girl, but one didn’t work at it. She was naturally beautiful and was often the subject of scorn and jealousy, since she began developing at an early age. A “problem” that many girls her age suffered through but that was now over. Her early childhood had been painful as words like “slut” and “cunt” rose in her memory. Those words had scarred her and now, at the age of 28, she was still a virgin. She had never had anything to do with the opposite sex, ever. During her younger years, the guys were the ones who had hurt her the most, though she had read that it was usually jealous girls who taunted more. In her experience, the girls had been the only support she’d ever had. And those early days, a special bond with women had been formed. While she no longer saw men as a threat, women were still at the forefront of her mind. They intrigued and aroused her in ways that men could only wish. And wish they did. Men were always advancing on Myla, in hopes of savouring her luscious body. She filled her shirts extremely well and her body was simply round in all the right places. No man had seen her vagina, that warm chasm of pleasure that welcomed no fleshy penis.

Now, while she never entertained men, she frequently entertained herself, rubbing long finger first lightly and quickly across her body while fully clothed, usually standing in front of a mirror. She would caress and explore every part of herself. Then as her arousal began to heighten, she would tease herself. First she would slooooowly remove her heavier shirt, enjoying the bounce of her breasts as the shirt got clear. That bounce would always bright a light of mischievousness into her. On many a day she would wear tight tank tops which exposed a fair amount of flesh at the tops of her tanned orbs. Resisting temptation, the teasing would continue. Her hair was untied and the brown locks fell to where her shirt began in front. With delicate finger, she danced the hair across the tops of her breasts and she, just barely, two nibs poking out the front of her shirt. When she saw (or more, felt them oooohhh FELT!) her nipples harden, more articles of clothing would depart. Rubbing her palms along the side of her body until they reached her hips, the pants were next. Hooking two fingers onto each side, this was one of the parts she enjoyed the most. Business pants were so uncomfortable and removing them was so liberating. She wiggled her hips playfully and pulled down on the pants, which came down intermittently. The reveal of her thighs was a perfect moment. She let her black pants fall to the floor and stepped out of them, the heat of her shuddering body a contrast against the cold of the floor against her formerly sandaled feet. She stood up straight, pushing out her bosom, and admired herself in the mirror. Under her office slacks (necessary by code at the office) she wore snow white panties that moved along the curves of her hips where they met the thigh. She rotated slowly and looked behind her into the mirror. Her shapely behind was round and contoured by the panties.

Myla sucked in a breath at the sight and a chill walked tantalizingly down her back. Returning to face forwards, she stood with her long legs apart, much like Wonder Woman striking a heroic pose. Her hands went to her flat belly, tickling with self frustratingly light touches. She danced her way north, all the while tickling until she was giggling under her breath. When she reached the base of the breasts, she inverted her hands and cupped them ever so gently through the tank top. She massaged them through the rough fabric, which irritated her. So she quickly fixed the problem, her temptation getting the better of her for a moment. She rushed her hand up to her shoulders and brushed away the straps, then let that satisfy her for the time being. She admired herself in the mirror once again, before she reached cross-armed over her chest and pulled the tank top off. Once again, her chest bounced seductively, but more so this time and she felt that her wish to simply rip off her clothes would be impossible to resist. But that was part of the fun of course.

Now she stood, her breasts more exposed and she let a breath escape oddly from her mouth. She stood staring into the mirror for a moment, and then she ran her hands to her cheeks, then to her mouth, sucking on one finger noisily. She licked all of her fingers and then she dragged them down her neck, over her upper chest, then finally to the top of her bosom. Her nipples were by now full and were now causing two white mounds in her bra. She licked her fingers once again, sloppily and noisily, laughing a little bit too. She then pulled them along her tanned skin of her stomach, down to where she could just make out her pubic hair beginning, as her panties sat extremely low. That sight caused her to realize that ultimate happiness was close, but her urge for pleasure was also fighting, asking her to lengthen the sweetness. With one hand she ran a finger along Gaziantep Escort İlanları the hem of her panties, all the way around to her buttocks, which she cupped hungrily, massaging. With the other hand, she squeezed her right nipple, pulling and rolling it slightly and pleasurably. The beige bead was an amazing source of fantastic sensations which rolled through her, registering more warmth from her delta. She suddenly realized that the front of her panties was wet, probably had been for quite a while. She widened her stance, feeling the effect in her vagina, as a bit more of her seeped into her panties.

Finally, with a chuckle, she reached behind herself and unclipped her bra, which fell quickly and silently to the floor at which point it was kicked away. Her breasts were finally FREE! She rejoiced with a cuddle, one in each hand, working them with ease and experience. She moved hand over and under them, moaning in her throat with delight. Each movement was bliss, and when she ran her palm or fingers over her erect nipples, she wanted to scream with pleasure.

She watched herself play in the mirror, enjoyed to alternate view of her expansive chest which heaved with every breath. Shifting her eyes up wards to her face, she watched a wide grin play across it. Removing her hand from her chest (oh how she didn’t want the feelings to stop) she shifted them down to her panties. She brought her legs closer together, standing straight and began to slip her fingers beneath the soft fabric. She felt along her groin, to her thighs, and back to the top of her area. She let a long breath which turned into a beautiful moan.

“Yeah,” she whispered to herself.

She savoured this feeling for a moment, and then slipped both hands into her panties at the hips and pulled them downwards. She licked her lips as her little patch of pubic hair showed itself, and

“Finally,” she thought, eyeing her pussy. It was swollen and aroused, the lips inviting and warm. The panties fell to the floor and Myla lowered her hand to her vagina, still teasing herself. One finger from each hand along the outer contour of the moist area. Suddenly, the temptation was too much, and with one hand, she pushed in and felt an ocean of sensual feeling. She gyrated her hips in sweet agony and let out a louder moan that was almost a scream. She twisted her fingers around and back and forth, each movement and their simple presence bringing eye closing pleasure. She sent her finger deeper and shallower, deeper and shallower, in and out inandoutinandout! The pleasure was amazing! She then began to twist her fingers around independently, feeling different sensations all at once, and moved more than two into herself. Her fingers were wet and hot, so she took them out of herself and licked them, relishing the taste.

She suddenly remembered something and reached deep into the dresser next to the mirror and found one of her vibrators.

“Perfect,” she moaned, as she set it to high, and inserted it into the folds between her thighs. The sensation was immediate and incredible. With the vibrator she plunged deeper and deeper into her self. Her clitoris, that swollen bud, was finally and truly being used to its full potential, sending shocking happiness through her.

She was actively moaning and talking along with the vibrator’s movement now, chanting to herself. She threw herself back on her bed, the silk-like sheets supporting her. Now she spread her legs wide, up in the air and was moving her hips back and forth against the vibrator. The bed was creaking constantly along with her bliss-filled chanting.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes, yes, God, God, God, OH FUCK, FUCK!”

She chanted and chanted and she moved the vibrator with more and more speed and more and more force. Her vagina was seeping now, and the excitement reaching a head. She was panting and chanting, barely able to keep up with the speed at which she was loving herself.

The beautiful pain was too much, too much, too much

“OH FUCK,” she screamed through clenched teeth and the most magnificent feeling in the world filled her body. She went weak and she pulled the vibrator out of herself, letting it drop to the floor and placing her hand over the area that had caused her so much superb feeling, as if the sensation might leave with the juices that seeped out of her.

She lay back on the bed, naked and feeling totally satisfied, totally happy. She smiled and laughed, her flushed face still moving roughly with heavy breaths.

“No one could ever give me this,” she thought to herself.


Myla was in university and was in her last year of an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History of America and she had a large number of friends in this class that she loved to spend time with. Parties were a fairly common occurrence in her and others’ lives and this helped her to meet many people, including Alex.

Alex was a tall, slender, pretty young woman. She had shoulder length black hair that never saw the same style twice. While she was fairly thin, she was spunky. She swore a lot in public and often made crude jokes. She had a laugh that was infectious, especially to Myla, who could not help but laugh at everything Alex said, which was always funny. The two became friends incredibly fast and they were very similar in their interests, though not in experience. Alex was an avid partier who drank a fair amount, though she attempted to control herself. She was always full of energy whereas Myla was slightly more laid back. The more time they spent together, the more Myla felt an odd feeling inside of her. Whenever someone mentioned her, she perked up in interest. Alex became everything for Myla. So when Alex asked Myla is she wanted to live together in her new house after school was out, Myla was ecstatic. Alex came from a fairly wealthy family and so she already had a house, the biggest home that Myla had ever been inside in her entire life.

One weekend, Alex brought Myla to the house for the grand tour. They began and Alex put on a big show, impersonating someone being interviewed on that MTV show. The house was beautiful and afterwards they shared a few coolers and lounged on the couch in the main living room.

“So, whaddya think of the ol’ homestead,” Alex asked finally.

With a little chuckle, Myla answered “I just can’t believe that you want me to live here with you. It’s a dream come true, really.”

“No problem,” Alex assured Alex with a wide smile.

The two bantered on for a bit until Alex received a phone call.

“Hey Myla, sorry about this, but do you mind being her alone for a while. My boss from work called and he needs me to get something for work. He needs me to keep a piece of artwork here for a bit, but the bastard is too lazy to deliver.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll just go explore or go for a swim or something.”

“Cool. I won’t be too long,” Alex announced with a knowing look in her eye, a reaction to Myla suggesting a swim.

And with that Alex took off, and Myla had the house to herself. She walked around slowly, admiring the art and sipping her cooler, until she got to the master bedroom. Like the rest of the house, the room was distinctly Alex’s. It was messy, but somehow organized in a way that only Alex understood. Victoria Secret had a stranglehold on the place, as the name and others like it were scattered across the room. Negligees, camisoles, pantyhose and other lacy underclothing were interspersed amongst the belongings along with black and white and pink bras and panties.

Myla was suddenly feeling hot, even though this house had a climate control system. She walked tentatively into the room, trying hard not to step on anything, though she often did. She relished the feel of silk and soft fabric against the soles of her bare feet.

Myla sat down on what turned out to be a water bed and looked around with a sly smile. She had a sense of something to come, involving this room, but it passed and she began snooping. She first went through all of Alex’s lingerie on the floor. She even tried some of it on, feeling herself get horny with every passing second. Although Alex was not there, Myla felt a strange connection with her while wearing her revealing clothing. She had eventually stripped off all of her own and was now wearing a black bra that was too small for her and which puffed out her flesh in odd ways, as well as a see through top and black VS garters.

Admiring herself in the mirror, she started going through Alex’s clothing drawers. She found more of Alex’s lingerie and other regular clothes as well as her office attire.

She was careful to place everything back where she found it in each drawer before moving on. After going through several armoires, she got to Alex’s bedside table. By now she was constantly glancing out the window slats to see if Alex had arrived home. While it would have been interesting, Myla didn’t want to let Alex find her snooping.

She pulled open the bottom drawer of the bedside table and rummaged through it. Nothing of interest. Opening the top drawer, she was caught off guard. Resting side by side were four vibrators, each different. One had bumps; another was purple and said something about “super” on the side. The others were odd ones that Myla had never seen before that were still in their provocative packages. She picked up the bumpy one and ran her hand over it, imagining Alex using it vigorously, her energetic body wracked with pleasure.

Suddenly the heat that Myla felt turned into full fledged arousal. She was infatuated with Alex, but hey had never done anything intimate. Myla wasn’t even sure that Alex was interested in her in such a way. But that erotic vision stayed in her mind. She put down the vibrator before she did something reckless, but not before spying several books and magazines lying under the others. She picked up the top most magazine. Playboy. She flipped through, enjoying the beautiful bodies that it contained. Other magazines were below that, all magazines that were aimed towards straight men. Hope surged in Myla. Alex’s porn collection, as it turned out, was all of girls. Myla was immensely happy at this revelation, and she continued to flip through magazines filled with “tits and clits,” as one mag stated.

Suddenly Myla, decided she should leave. Alex would be back soon. But before she closed, she spotted a memory card for a digital camera. It simply said “Some Fun” on the side. Myla, against her better judgement, slipped it into her pants pocket, which she promptly put on.


When Alex got home, Myla greeted her with a great big smile which Alex returned with a hug. Myla was extremely conscious, especially after her discoveries earlier; of Alex’s perky breasts poking into her own.

“Sorry I took so long, but the thing was heavier than expected and my boss said to bring somewhere other than here. Whoof!”

“Don’t worry about it.”

The two girls lounged and talked a bit more. They sat quite close, and Myla noticed Alex’s eyes often drifted from her face to her chest. Quite often in fact. At one point, while she went to get some more coolers from the fridge, Myla undid one of the buttons of her shirt, extending her already fair amount of cleavage. As Alex re-entered, Myla pretended not to notice the look of glee on her face. The night continued this way, until Myla felt that she should leave. They said good bye and hugged tightly once a gain.


When Myla got home, she popped the little memory chip into her digital camera, which was hooked up to her in front of her bed. Pressing play, the TV lit up with the image of Alex’s bedroom. The lights were dimmed and there was sultry music coming from somewhere in the room. All of a sudden, a thigh appeared on the right side of the screen. It was Alex, wearing tight jeans and a man’s top. Myla’s heart caught in her throat. Alex continued on to the bed, her tight and nice behind making Myla’s heart thump.

Alex spun around theatrically when she reached the bed, standing in full view in the middle of the screen. She wore a medium stance, and stared straight at the camera, right at Myla it seemed. She had a cunning look in her eyes.

She leaned over, the shirt no quite revealing her pretty chest and approached the camera, until all that was visible was her face. With exaggeration, she said:

“This is for all you ladies out there,” the bright red lips were shiny.

Myla was suddenly more relaxed.

Alex quickly backed up to the bed and retook her wide stance. She began swaying back and forth with her middle, like a sedate belly-dancer.

Myla laid down on her bed facing the TV, anticipating quite a show. She loosed the zipper and button on her pants and her pussy reacted to the closeness of her fingers, as well as the sight of Alex moving so seductively.

Alex was now feeling her body slowly as she swayed, now in erotic circles. She ran her hands through her hair and looked up to the ceiling. As she did this she arced he back and pushed out her abdomen, revealing a taut belly. This was the first real sight of skin, though minimal, Myla was now absentmindedly feeling her right nipple with the same hand through her shirt. Alex was now showing her more energetic side as she began undulating and moving in a circle. She stopped suddenly, looked at the camera and smiled, chuckled (which got a laugh out of Myla as well) and pushed her hands against her still clothed chest. Cupping herself she licked her lips and slid her hands to the buttons. She undid them quickly and threw the shirt aside. Those perky breasts that enchanted Myla were now clothed in the same bra that Myla had tried on before, and she saw it fit perfectly. Alex’s breasts were not large, but they were certainly not small and Alex massaged them thoroughly, feeling the soft flesh, enjoying the feeling they brought about. Myla found herself moving along with Alex, as if they she were a reflection.

Alex stopped this and moved her hands to her pants which she undid speedily, and her need to be naked was evident. The jeans were tossed aside and Myla saw with no surprise, the same panties she’d worn earlier that day. The bra was gone next without hesitation. She swung it around her head with a little “yee-haw”. She licked her fingers and drew little circles around the erect nipples, which jutted out amazingly. Myla felt herself licking her lips, wising she could taste them, hold them in her mouth, run her tongue over them.

Myla was so aroused now and her clothes felt too tight. She pulled them off quickly and lay nude on the bed.

As she did this, Alex removed the bottom half of her clothing, and revealed that which Myla had feared she might never see.

And see it she did. Alex was now no longer in control of herself. She approached the camera, still standing and displayed her pussy in its full (clean-shaven) glory. A gasp escaped Myla’s lips as she looked down at her own, feeling it roughly.

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