Mystery Man Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Ok, Ok. I’ll throw you dirty perverts a bone. We are just getting started. Easing into it.

Chapter 3: Home with the Tannens

When I walked through the door, dinner was almost ready. The perfect American suburban household. Please kill me now. Except Tara crawling around on the couch, trying to get comfortable. I swear there is just something totally sexual about her movements…slow, deliberate, sensual. I think she sensed I was watching her because she looked up just as I thought some of my own impure thoughts. She blushed a little too.

It was time for the rituals. We all sat at the dinner table and ate. The goal of the dinner ritual was to eat without saying anything that might betray a failure to love God. We were doing fine. Work, volunteering to feed the homeless, and loving God came up. Subjects that never came up included, sin, masturbation, lusting for your younger sister, what happened to your other two sisters, and above all, the ultimate taboo, Mom. I knew next to nothing about my real mother, except that we never mentioned her and she abandoned me as a child. Dad literally never mentioned anything else about her. Ever.

After the dinner ritual, there is the ritual of watching wholesome entertainment. Usually a televangelist or some tape on “spiritual enlightenment.” Ordinarily I would try to get out of it but I knew Tara was trying to outlast the ritual and I stayed to watch the show. Sure enough, around 10 pm, the old folks had enough. 3 hours of PTL had me praying to go to Hell but it was worth it. Tara was squirming ten times worse than I was and looked like she was going out of her mind. Tara would have to wait until they not only went to bed but fell asleep.

And then there was avoiding me. Tara never explicitly told me I couldn’t watch a movie with her before but she rarely invited me or watched them while I was awake. Sometimes. I gave her privacy and used the time for…my own hobbies. I suppose I did have some fantasy where she just super turned on and gratifies herself to the movies. But I never believed she would dare something like that in the living room. She had as much to risk for that behavior as I did. And her hardware store gig wasn’t paying the rent. Still Tara is capable of anything.


Around nilüfer escort midnight, I heard Tara leave her room. This was the “check to make sure the old people were asleep ritual.” Amazingly, Tara was able to sneak into their room and check them undetected. Out cold. She really should have been a ninja rather than a hardware specialist. She met me in the living room standing with my hands on my hips and a smile on my face.

“I thought they would never go to sleep.”

Tara smiled slyly. “Me neither. So when are you going to join them.”

“Can’t I watch the movie with you?” I pulled out the puppy dog again but knew I couldn’t over play my hand.

Tara was less moved this time but couldn’t refuse me since I got her the movie to begin with. “Fine.” She huffed. “But you will have to keep it down.” She pointed her finger at me.

This will be interesting. But not immediately. You could tell by Tara’s posture that she was pissed but she relaxed as the movie progressed. After the first major sex scene, I had to adjust myself but I was doing ok. Tara was sweating lightly and wanted to take off her sweats.

“Do you mind?” She said, lifting her sweatshirt.

I sort of nodded, mesmerized by the sight. The effect was immediate. She had a T-shirt underneath but no bra. Her nipples were poking through the sheer material and the moisture made her breasts slightly visible. I tried not to stare but I was rock hard almost instantly. It was almost like pheromones or something. I should have minded. She started to take off her sweat pants.

“Are you crazy? If they catch you nearly naked, we are both out of here.”

She pulled up her sweat pants. “We? I am the one getting naked…” Then it happened. She noticed my bulge. I tried to put my hand over it but she saw it before the cover job.

“Oh my god. Forget about my pants, that is definitely going to get us thrown out!” She was shocked but smiling.

I turned beet red. “I am so embarrassed. Stop looking. Please.” This was not going well; I wanted to see her embarrassed. Instead she became fascinated and began asking questions.

“Hey, I’ve always been curious…about something. Blue balls…truth or fiction?”

“Do I have to answer this?”


Ah görükle escort the dreaded blue balls. I never got them when the sun “naturally” deflated my divining rod but if I got completely soft at night after being totally hard, I was guaranteed to get them. Incredible pain. And dawn was several hours away. “Yeah sort of.”

“Sort of?”

I explained the situation. I thought she would stop asking questions but her fascination increased. “So are you, ahem, in trouble?”

I knew I was but I didn’t want to admit it. “No I am fine. What about you? Do you get blue balls?”

She giggled quietly. “Yeah sort of but I have to be really worked up.” She paused and I sensed that she was also holding back. “Hey if things are a little too intense for you, I can always fill you in tomorrow what happened…”

There it was. She was letting me off the hook and maybe even trying to get off (no pun intended) herself. I could hack it if she could. “No go ahead. I can finish watching this.”

“Ok…” We watched in silence for 30 more minutes. Those were the longest 30 minutes of my life. My package was begging to be delivered if only to my bathroom sink. I thought for sure that it would detach from my pants and fuck my sister while I watched in horror. Meanwhile, Ms. “I’ll tell you what happened” was squirming like she was sitting on a hot plate. At one point she looked down with concern. I decided to press her.

“You know Tara, its probably ok to take off your sweat pants. I can be cool.” I knew if she did, I knew my head would actually explode. But it was an empty threat. I knew from (the internet where else) that she would probably be sopping wet and would not dare take those pants off for anything.

True to form, she shot me a devastating look. “Naw, that’s ok…I think I will keep them on thank you very much.” Pause. Then added. “Fucker.”

Another sex scene. Tara’s eyes got really wide. The only way I survived is that I didn’t look at the screen; I was looking at her. About halfway through, Tara’s fingers and toes began to twitch and she closed her eyes. Orgasm? No, but she was at least as bad off as I was.

The time had come. “Hey we can stop if you want.” I was a little concerned that I had pushed her too hard. bursa escort I touched her back and she opened her eyes.

“Yeah, you know I am getting a little tired. Started to fall asleep.” She slowly got up and took out the DVD. “Good night.”

And now the retreat. Tara got up and staggered like she was drunk. She looked back at me, maybe a little embarrassed even. She had this weird smile on her face though…walking away with that lustful little smile. She reached her door and tried to close it but it stayed open a crack. Just a crack.

I want to tell you I did something decent. I want to tell you I went back to my room and thought good Christian thoughts. But that is not what happened. I walked over to Tara’s door and saw a desperate scene. It appeared as though she had literally stripped as she walked though her door and was now face down on the floor furiously rubbing herself. One hand groping a nipple while the other rubbing her clit in an up and down motion. It was the most erotic scene I had ever imagined, much less witnessed.

Everything was getting spacey at this point…her scent entering my nostrils sending a primitive message to my brain. I needed relief. Now. I pulled out my cock and started to stroke. Worshipping at the foot of my sister’s door. Intense pleasure washing over me…this would not go on long. Tara was also close, her body was shaking and her moaning increasing. She became less human to me…an animal who needs gratification. Then her whole body shook and tensed…her body racked with orgasm. It must have lasted only 30 seconds or so but it seemed like an eternity. There was this incredible light coming off of her…for a second, I thought a car was shining a light through her window. Her now totally naked body shimmering in the moonlight, reflecting the light. She looked like a being of infinite light, almost superhuman. I needed to come but I had run out of time and she would surely catch me. I was able to stagger into my room and bed before soiling my sheets with rope after rope of my orgasm. The light in my mind was shut off and there was only darkness.

The dream again. But not the dream. No build up, no lead up. First image was of the woman. She was saying something to me…I couldn’t make it out. She was wearing a white gown this time but then her gown became red. I turned back to the woman…she was not angry but had a look of great concentration. Her eyes were shut and I saw another vision. I saw myself but not myself. I was older, virile, strong. Never who I was but who I would be. Then I heard the name “Red Rooster.”

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