Nashville Lights

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The lights of Nashville shine through my windshield as I drive the last hour to our set meeting place. I started this trip over 15 hours ago right after getting off of an 8 hour shift at the factory, so I am tired, but still the excitement of seeing you, and the Metallica CD blasting from the player are keeping me awake. The smell in the truck of Stetson on my shaven cheeks and neck is mixed with the smell of the chocolates I have purchased for you on the way down at a small convenience store. As the last song of the CD blares out to a close, I stop singing and concentrate on the last few miles. I sneak one of the chocolates from the heart and discard the wrapper so as not to show the space in the box. I wonder if you’ll notice the cherries on my breath.

Losing concentration a little I have warm thoughts of you waiting for me in the hotel, like you had mentioned you would be before I left. The picture of you ‘naked and waiting’ as you has laughed about stirs a bulge in my jeans again as it had many times on this trek. This time I feel the bulge straining out of my bikini underwear, a little larger than previous times, as I approach the hotel we have planned to rendezvous at.

As I pull up to the office I shake off the thoughts so as not to embarrass myself in front of the cashier. As the swelling recedes I climb out of the truck and stretch my heavy legs and working the cramps out of my back walk to the front desk. “Room key reserved for Dragon,” I say knowing you have left me a key to the room you are in. “217,” she says smiling, knowing full well the circumstances behind the beautiful woman’s reservations and hour earlier and the license plates from states away.

“217,” I think ”at least it has a lucky 7 in it”. I bound up the stairs forgetting the weariness in my legs from the long drive. My heart pounding out its anticipation on the moments to come, I slip the key in and open the door.

The lights are very low, just one lamp illuminates your figure lying on the bed in a towel. Your legs are spread slightly. Your jaw dropped just enough to let me hear the soft rasp of your breath, faintly fatigued as if you had just engaged in something strenuous. A smile lightly dawns your lips but still you seem to be sound asleep. I close the door and slip up to you.

I gaze at the beautiful woman before me, much more real than I might be ready for, much more sexy than I had imagined. I watch you sleep for what seems like hours istanbul escort but only a minute passes. My first instinct is to wake you immediately, but then suddenly I decide not to. I have a better idea.

The previous swelling occurring in my crotch has returned. I am thinking warm and tasty thoughts. I quietly remove my shirt and pants so as not to wake you. I decide to keep the bikini undies on so as not to seem TOO forward, but I still have my intentions. I slide onto the bed next to you, still careful not to waken you. I softly press my lips to yours as I run my hand up your leg to your exposed mound under the towel. As your eyes ease open I see the initial shock of wondering who has invaded your space followed by the soft glow of happiness in them when you realize I am here. I gently brush my hand up your pubic hair feeling the dampness from the shower before laying my hot nervous palm on your belly. “I am here sweetie. I have missed you so…” before I finish my sentence your lips are on mine again hungrily delving into my mouth with your soft tongue. Franticly kissing and hugging me, your happiness to see me overwhelms us both and it is almost a minute before we both realize we are wearing very little. Suddenly your reckless kissing stops and a gasp issues from your throat. Your kisses become softer, more focused and your hands begin exploring my chest and neck. I too snap into a sexier frame of mind feeling each kiss get softer and wetter as we start to neck and caress.

I peel your towel away exposing your bare body to me and cupping each breast in my hand, I lick little circles around your nipples, taking turns keeping each one standing firm under my hot breath. Shivers run down your tummy into your crotch. You feel the stirring between your legs. Your hand pops back the elastic on my underwear setting free my raging hard-on. You grab at it trying to feel how solid it has become, wanting it inside you now, knowing the wait will be more delicious though.

Your hand feels so soft and warm stroking me and I long for you too but know also the pleasure must last. As you stroke me, I trail kisses down your upper stomach licking gently into and around the bellybutton. Slowly tracing the outline of your pubic hair with my tongue I slide it down the outer folds of your womanhood, causing your legs to instinctively spread wider. I part the folds of your pussy with two fingers avcılar escort and smell the soap and shampoo lingering with your feminine musk. I slide my tongue in between the lips making it as stiff as I can to reach as deep into you as possible. I slowly fuck your pussy with my hard tongue, your hips rising off the bed aching for my lips to brush your clit. You slide the bikini undies down my legs and continue to stoke me grazing your fingers over the tip feeling the pre-come gathering at the end.

Finally I slide my tongue once up each side of your clit, making you moan with each stroke, then bury my face against your hair. Sucking and licking feverishly on your now enlarged bud I hear your moans get louder, your breath intervals get shorter as you near the peak of your ecstasy. I shift my body around so as to lie between your knees and you reluctantly give up your hold on my hardness. Your legs part farther and raise over my shoulders allowing my arms to slide up your sides and I cup your breasts with my hands, pinching and rolling your nipples in my fingers, I feel them stiffen almost as hard as my own fingers. My mouth open wide around your pussy lips, my tongue flicks hard against your hood waiting for your sweet release. Then with a loud groan you come, your legs stiffening around my head, your hands buried in my hair spreading it over your belly. Your sweet nectar flooding into my mouth as I squeeze your breasts sending lighting up your back, over your chest, and down your legs. I savor the taste of you, sucking and licking every last drop I can as your orgasm subsides just enough for you to regain your thoughts. “Please,” you beg, “put it in me.”

I drop your legs down from my shoulders and slide my body up yours letting my hard cock slide up the inside of your leg until its pressed on your clit and throbbing intensely. I kiss you deeply letting you taste yourself mixed with the chocolate cherry cream I had snuck just before driving up.

I look deep in your eyes, a slightly pained expression of want on my face as I feel your hand wrap around my manhood and slide the head up and down your lips, parting them slowly. I feel how wet you are, how soft, as I slowly press myself into your satin folds, your urgent groans compelling me to go faster. The feeling of you stretching around me is heaven, the heat enveloping me, making my heart pound faster. I push in until I feel our pubic bones bump together, şirinevler escort our curls mixed and wet. I kiss you gently on the lips and start to stroke, giving your tongue quick flicks and slow circles with mine. Your breath is heavy on my face, exhaling with each thrust I make against your hips. You feel my cock swell to its full size within you, hitting the very back of you inside each time, almost as if it were deep in your tummy on every stroke. You feel the electricity beginning again deep within your pussy.

I am panting hard now holding myself up with my arms then letting myself drop against your chest so as to feel your nipples brushing my skin while we kiss like we have never kissed before. I feel the tightness begin under the base of my cock and the throbbing inside you squeezing me, pulling me in thrust after thrust. The expression on your face and the kisses becoming more frantic tell me that you are close. “Make me come hun. Oh, god, I am close,” I say, my deep voice sending the last chills of electricity down your body and setting your pussy ablaze instantly.

I explode hard, the feelings of strong deep orgasm bursting up and down my body. I cry out uncontrollably as my come pulses up inside you and mixes with yours. I feel your body shake and hear your cries too begging me to make it last by pounding faster into you. I ache wonderfully as my thrusting slows and I collapse into your body. Our bodies slide around each other, legs and hands everywhere, caressing hair and skin, kisses wet and trailing over lips and down necks and shoulders.

We slow our movements savoring the pulses in our loins as we lie still and together, my half hard penis still inside you. The spasms subsiding, your eyes open wide and glazed as you look into my eyes. A smile spreads across your face and I run my fingers over the sweat gathered on your lips. “I love you,” we whisper with a labored breath at the same time together, causing both our smiles to spread to their limits.

I pull myself from you and roll to my back. Gasping for a large amount of air, I feel the fatigue of the trip finally and sigh contently. You snuggle up to me and lay your head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat still strong and quick. I stroke your soft hair, making trails down your back to the cleft on your backside, enjoying the smell of our passion in the air.

As I close my eyes to take it all in, I realize I will not be able to remain conscious for very much longer. I lift your head to face me. “I am so happy to see you sweetie. I missed you so much.” You kiss me softly over and over as you trace your lips on mine, “I am here,” you say, those words echoing in my mind. As I drift to sleep holding you. I think, “We are finally together, and always will be.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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