Nature’s Balance

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In ancient times, man was more in tune with Nature, and the delicate balance it requires in order to survive in a manner that is beneficial to all plants and animals. There were spring fertility festivals, summer celebrations, harvest festivals in the fall, and winter festivals meant to hurry the cold season along. Man knew that he was not the only creature that mattered, and that there were unseen beings that took care of him, as well as the world around him, in order to insure that the balance between life and death was kept.

Man then discovered science, and all things that he could not explain were dismissed by the rational mind, and labeled “supernatural”, never realizing that all things are natural, even if they defy explanation or the principles understood by Man. He abandoned his respect for Nature, preferring to dominate it rather than exist along with it, and the balance was lost in a din of construction as cities wiped out our forests and millions of animals, fairies, and elementals were displaced.

As I rose from a long winter’s sleep on the first warm day of spring, I knew that it was time to stop hiding from humanity and start taking some of the rituals back, including the worthiest of these upstart creatures, or we would surely be doomed as a whole. Spring was here, and while the ancients understood that this was a time of renewal for all plants and animals, a time when mating was key to keeping the balance, and a time when the celebration of life itself was most important, modern humans were barely aware of the passing seasons. This was no longer acceptable, and it was with a hopeful fire burning in my soul that I found the pair, worthy of my attention.

I spotted them at Gabby’s Alligator Farm, a small zoo and wildlife rehabilitation hospital located in the middle of Glades County, a largely uninhabited savannah in southwest Florida. The zoo was a fine place, though such places had rarely met my approval. Here, local endangered species’ were kept in hopes that they might reproduce, and the alligators, living in a large enclosure at the farm’s center, were only the beginning. There were Florida panthers, black bears, swamp birds, and other creatures native to the area in enclosures that surrounded the alligator enclosure down little natural paths, creating a sunburst pattern. The clinic was full of animals injured by cars or other irresponsible humans, and they would either be set free, or granted a life of comfort within the walls of this nature loving establishment.

Her name was Phoebe, and she was what they called a veterinary technician, which I learned through quiet spying was a doctor’s assistant, and much like a registered nurse. Her path in life was a good one, and she looked perfect for my purposes, with a petite, compact figure that knew not the meaning of idle, a childlike face set with dark eyes, and a head of full, curly brown hair which she kept in a thick braid down the middle of her back.

He too was a technician, and a mouth watering specimen of a male. Golden brown hair was streaked blond by the sun, and his green eyes were as kind as his smile. Evan was well built, but not overly muscular like some of these overblown specimens that believe being too muscular to not be able to put one’s arms to one’s side is attractive.

Over the course of the day, I watched them, working in the clinic with an elderly doctor while younger humans led the occasional tourist around the zoo, explaining to them the unique habits of each animal. Phoebe spent a good portion of her day medicating and hand feeding a baby hawk who had been hit by a car, and occasionally, Evan helped her, though it seemed that his aid was reluctantly given and reluctantly accepted. It became more and more apparent that the two did not get along, and though it was but a small obstacle for a fairy, it was an obstacle nevertheless. If they did not conceive before midnight, I would have a harder time establishing the balance again in a year, when things would undoubtedly be more out of their natural “whack”, to use a modern human word.

The child produced by the worthy on the first day of spring would be gifted with the natural ability to see fairies, and would eventually bring about the balance. Phoebe and Evan, despite their obvious dislike for one another, were the only natural choices, for they respected nature, and worked to preserve it in the best way that they could. Aside from beylikdüzü escort that, they were beautiful people, and their child would outshine them. Despite the arguing I was witness to, I was determined that these two would be joined on this very day.

She was sitting in the doctor’s office, eating a sandwich, and he had joined her with his own lunch of a burger and fries for lack of anywhere better to be. I watched through the window as they conversed, the tension between them nearly tangible.

“Did you order the Ketaset we need for the panther?” She asked him through bites of her sandwich. “We have to clean her teeth tomorrow.”

“It already came in this morning,” he replied, tensing. “I’m not as useless as you would have everyone believe.”

“That is not fair, Evan. The last time, you said you would order it, and we had everything ready, but nothing to put the cat down with. If I had been the one to forget, you would have made it a federal issue, so get off my back, will you?” She had set her sandwich down, and her nearly black eyes were burning.

“Yeah, okay, Phoebe. It’s not like I’m the only one that’s made mistakes around here. You act like you’re the doctor around here, and he eats it up because Doc’s got a huge stiffy for you.”

At those words, Phoebe’s mouth dropped open. “You really said that, didn’t you?” She was in shock. Apparently, their minor annoyances with one another had never reached this level of discussion.

“No, my dog did,” he shot back in a tone that dripped sarcasm. “Get off your high horse and get over the fact that Doc has a million technicians more qualified than either of us banging on the door, and if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been here nearly ten years, and you’ve got big tits, we’d both be gone. I suggest you watch yourself instead of worrying about what I do or don’t do, because the moment he gets tired of salivating over you, he’ll find an excuse to fire you and bring in some other eye candy.”

This would be more difficult than I thought.

Phoebe left the room in a huff, and I watched as the rest of the day passed with little or no conversation between them. The elderly doctor left a few hours before sundown, and paperwork going to a laboratory kept the two technicians busy at work while the young tour guides closed down the little zoo. The office was next to the large alligator enclosure, and as the sun set on the savannah, casting a melon colored glow across the spring sky, I sat on a bench and waited.

When I appear to humans, something I had not done in nearly three centuries, I generally make it a point to wear something. However, I knew that unless I appeared to these two stark naked, with only my great dragonfly wings fluttering out from my back, that they might miss the point entirely. My powers of enchantment go only so far, after all, and most magic is best done in the nude. Phoebe was the first one out of the building, and she froze as she set eyes on me.

I fluttered into the air about three feet to make it clear that those were real wings, and that yes, I was a real fairy, and then I used my magic to overwhelm her with lust for me. I could not make her want Evan, so I had to take this approach and hope for the best. If it didn’t work, then I could at least brag of having sex with a beautiful human woman to my fairy friends, even if the balance correction had to wait another year.

Phoebe merely stared, shocked into silence, her eyes trailing over me with a mixture of wonder and want. The magic was working. I planted myself on the ground and walked toward her, a smile on my lips. Slowly, I lifted a hand to trail my fingers down her cheek, and she sucked in her breath, probably confused by her need for me, as well as frightened at the sight of me. “You want me,” I told her, my fingers slipping down her throat and fingering the loose collar of her mint green scrub top.

She seemed at a loss for words as her skin flushed pink. I smiled once more, enjoying the teasing more than she could know. My hand left her collar, slowly cupping one of her large breasts, my thumb rolling over a nipple that stood erect through both her bra and top. I knew a part of her did not want to give in to the desire I had created within her right here and now, but my magic was strong, and she could not take her eyes from me or move away. She shifted on beyoğlu escort her feet even as I pulled up her top, urging her to lift her arms as I slid it away. Phoebe stood before me, clad in a pair of drawstring pants now, and a dark green bra of sheer material that accentuated rigid nipples. I felt myself shudder.

“Not… here…” she managed to say, but she did not resist when I took her breasts in my hands and pressed close to her, kissing her lips. She responded to the kiss explosively, unable to help or control herself, probably even oblivious to her surroundings as her hands slid down to caress and squeeze my naked rump. Moaning against my lips, I reached around to unclasp the bra, her full breasts free from the cruel constraint. I pressed her head against my own breasts, catching a glimpse of Evan through the clinic window. He was watching with unconcealed shock.

Her tongue flickered over my hardening nipples, sending a chill through my very soul, fingernails lightly raking over my ass and thighs. She was a treat, indeed, her eyes turned toward me as she suckled, nipping at my breasts, pressing her hips to my own in shameless want. I smiled to myself, my gaze meeting Evan’s even as I whispered to her that I wanted to taste her, drive her absolutely mad, and feel her juices flow into my mouth. She nearly melted against me, and slowly, I dragged her down to the ground, a soft mulch that would make the act comfortable enough.

She was gasping as I pulled her pants down around her ankles, as well as a pair of cotton underwear that just got in the way of a perfectly shaved mound glistening with moisture. Phoebe was still unaware that we had an audience, but I never kept my eyes off of Evan, shooting the same spell of lust his way, even as I ran my tongue along her wet opening. He may not have wanted her now, but he would not be able to resist me. I sucked her clit into my mouth, and she squirmed, moaning helplessly as I teased, letting my fingers tease the opening without entering, much as I wanted to pound my fingers into her delicious pussy.

My wings fluttered as I played with her, and I did not allow my fingers to enter her until the office door opened, and Evan approached us, the outline of a large, hard cock pressing against his own scrub pants. She would not care if she noticed at all that he was here as I moved two fingers within her wet depths, never ceasing to lick and tease her engorged clit. As it was, her eyes were closed and her hands were roaming her exposed breasts, frantic as she squirmed against my fingers and face. I felt my own desire building to incredible heights, and propped myself up on my knees, wiggling my ass and using my other hand to rub at my own clit.

Evan gasped softly, compelled to step around behind me, letting his hands slide over my ass briefly. They were trembling against my skin. Though I could not see him, I knew that his pants were coming off, and it was not long before I felt his rock hard cock teasing my pussy, covering his thick head with my juices before he plunged into me. At that moment, Phoebe came, pushing hard against my fingers and mouth, her cries echoing through the empty park.

She did not realize that Evan was pounding his cock into me until my own cries gave me away. His hands were clenched on my hips, dragging me back against him with each hard thrust, and I clawed at the ground, near tears as he fucked me. He was thick, filling me completely, and his gasps drove me to slam my hips back against him harder as the clean smell of man-sweat made the wetness run. Phoebe sat up, staring at us in complete shock, looking as though she might run, when I spoke. “Kiss me.”

On shaking hands, she got to her knees, pressing her lips to mine, tongue running over them, into my mouth, and outside of it wherever she had left her hot juice. I felt a throb within my pussy, and a sharp gasp. Evan was about to come, but I could not allow that. I swiftly straightened on my knees, breaking the heated kiss and sliding that cock out of me with a bit of reluctance. I was fighting for every breath, my own orgasm on the verge when I did this. Evan cried out, quaking as he stared at us.

Pushing Phoebe onto her back, and sure that there would be no running away now, I moved over onto her until I had my own throbbing pussy pressed to her lips. Leaning over in the human named, 69 position, bizimkent escort I let my fingers toy over her clit as she took her cue and stabbed her tongue into me, squirming at the taste. With my free hand, I motioned to Evan, whispering the command. “I want to watch you fuck her while I come.”

“No way…” he began, shaking his head, though he was still rock hard on his knees and gasping for air. I silenced her protests by pressing down onto her mouth, and Phoebe had no choice but to lick me, sucking at my clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout me that made my wings flutter of their own volition.

“You know you want it, Evan. Look at that sweet little pussy. If I had a cock like yours, I would fuck her real hard and real good. She wants it. Don’t be fooled.” I felt her hands gripping my ass as her oral stimulation got more intense. She couldn’t get enough of me, and I had not ceased to rub my fingers over her clit, teasing it slow. “You cannot deny a fairy, Evan. You cannot deny this pussy. It’s yours if only once, and she wants a cock right now whether she ever admits it or not.”

Again, I shoved my pussy against her lips as she began to protest, the vocal vibrations against my flesh exquisite. Phoebe’s hips were rising and falling in a simulated fuck, and it was more than Evan could take. He slid his hands up along her thighs, and eased himself in with a low growl.

Phoebe squirmed, though it was not in protest this time. Evan started slow, his cock sliding easily into her she was so wet, a whimper leaving his lips. “Fuck her harder than that,” I ordered, leaning to suck on her clit, my fingers forming a “V” around his thick cock, rubbing it as he moved in and out of her. She tasted better than any human I had ever had. I felt my heart race as he moved faster, pulling her legs apart and up. They went over his shoulders without hesitation. “That’s it, Evan. Fuck it hard. I’m going to come all over that pretty little face while you fuck her.”

Now, I leaned up, my fingers working over her clit fiercely as her small fingers found my asshole. My clit pressed between her lips, tongue flickering over it in mad motion, I begged her to fuck my ass as hard as she could with those fingers. Soon, I was kissing Evan hotly on the lips through the orgasm, her fingers driven to the hilt, and her tongue leaving my clit only to taste the wetness that burst forth like some sort of dam. I came harder than I ever remembered in three centuries, my cries driving Evan to pound into her even harder. He was sweating, panting, and barely able to contain himself when Phoebe’s cries, muffled against my damp flesh, signaled her own orgasm. She lifted her hips up to grind against Evan’s, and I squeezed her clit, feeling every spasm of the release beneath me. I could have come again.

My ass lifted now as I ran my hands down the length of her taut little body, I met Evan’s eyes. “Doesn’t it feel so good to have that sweet pussy coming around your cock?”

He could only nod, pistoning into her and never giving her a moment to catch her breath as the orgasm subsided. “Go on,” I told him, “come for me. Fill that pussy with it. Let me lick your cock clean…”

The very notion of doing such a thing was more than Evan could handle, poor thing. He lodged himself deep when he began to come, trembling and crying out, his arms wrapped around her hitched up legs. When he pulled out, I took the sensitive organ into my mouth, licking his juice as well as hers off of it as his hands ran through my long, green tresses and his body shook. Until I was done, Phoebe continued to fuck my ass slowly with her fingers, leaning up to plant a wet kiss on my puckered little hole as I slid my mouth away from Evan. The three of us were left weak and speechless.

I did not wait for the aftermath. My work here was done, and I left sure that Phoebe was with child. Whatever happened between them, so long as the child was safe, I did not care. It was not until three years later that I checked up on them in secret and discovered that they had named their daughter, Faye, a kind tribute, so I thought, and married shortly after she was born. The elderly veterinarian and owner of Gabby’s had passed away, leaving them the zoo.. They hired another veterinarian to fill their former employer’s place, and proceeded to reap the profits of a wildlife park that worked for the good of the animal.

I also discovered, though I was not surprised, that every animal in the park that was capable, conceived on that night. It had been the beginnings of a Florida panther breeding project that would one day reintroduce the scant cats back into the Everglades on a much larger scale than it was happening now.

Most importantly, Nature’s balance is intact.

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