Naughty Nurse Susan

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It was 1:38 am when the call light came on at the nurses’ station on 3 West. Glancing up from her charts, Susan recognized the call, Room 369. A private room at the end of the hallway, shielded from the usual hospital noise and commotion by the janitors closet and the laundry room between it and Room 367. Its current occupant was a 26 year old man who had broken a leg and a wrist in a skiing accident. His left leg was in traction, his right wrist was in a cast, and although nothing was broken, his left shoulder was badly bruised and heavily wrapped to keep the shoulder immobile. Susan finished a charting note and headed for the room.

The door was closed and it swooshed gently as she opened it to enter. The room was dark, illuminated only by the soft glow through the window from the lights on the roof of the hospital parking garage about 150 feet away. Her patient was awake.

“How can I help you Mr. Stevens?” Susan asked.

“It’s these darn sheets,” was the reply. “And Mr. Stevens is my dad or my grandfather, so please call me Mark.”

“As you wish Mark, let’s see what’s going on here.”

Susan saw that even though Mark couldn’t roll over somehow he had managed to get the sheets wrapped around the leg that was in traction. She began to remove them when she noticed his hospital gown was way up at his waist. There in all is glory was Mark’s fully exposed and very erect penis, standing straight up in the air.

Without missing a beat Susan answered her own question.

“I think I’ve found your problem Mark,” she replied. She paused a moment, looking him straight in the eyes. He stared back at her, holding her gaze.

“Can you, um, ahhhhh… help me with that?” he asked in a hoarse whisper.

Susan continued to look at his eyes. They were pleading with her, urgently, for assistance. She hesitated for just a moment.

“Mark,” she said, “you’ve been here for about 8 days right?” Her voice quivered as she said the words.

“Yes,” came his whispered answer.

She could tell he was nervous, very nervous.

“Let me check your pulse,” she said. She dropped the sheets, making no effort to cover his erection. Taking the wrist not in the cast, she proceeded to take his pulse. She feigned looking at her watch. She already knew from the first few seconds his heartbeat was elevated from the excitement. Instead, she looked at his penis. His very nice penis, actually. At about 7-1/2″ long and reasonably thick, she watched it pulse slightly as his heart pumped blood to maintain his erection. She felt her own heartbeat increase in anticipation. sarıyer escort She released his wrist and again looked him in the eye.

At 56 years of age Susan had been a nurse over 30 years and had always maintained high professional standards of patient care. She had seen erections before, and been asked for ‘assistance’ before and had always politely refused the opportunity. But this erection in front of her, this pulsing, throbbing erection was about to change that. In an instant she knew she would help this young man.

“Give me a minute,” she said, as she headed to the door.

Glancing quickly back towards the nurses station Susan saw her two co-workers intently staring at the computer screen. Both were fitness instructors in their off time, and they often surfed the web looking at other instructors techniques. They would be busy for at least another 20 minutes.

Susan closed the door and went to the sink where she washed her hands. Turning, she walked back towards the bed, taking a bottle of hand lotion with her.

“All right Mark, let’s see what I can do to help you tonight.” With that she applied a generous amount of lotion to her palm and rubbed her hands together.

Looking him straight in the eye her hands found his penis. It had softened a bit while she checked the hall and washed her hands, but it sprang back harder than ever when she wrapped her hands around it and began stroking it gently.

A soft moan escaped his lips as he settled a bit in bed. She continued talking to him softly.

“That’s it Mark, just lie back and let Nurse Susan take care of your problem.”

Her hands continued caressing him, stroking the length of his shaft, her fingers slipping up over the swollen head of his cock before traveling back down to the base of his shaft. Her left hand holding the base, her right hand pumping up and down.

Slowly. Methodically. Intently.

Soon her actions became routine and her mind began to wander. To other times when she had pumped her husbands cock in the same way. Back in the days when they still had sex. While not as big as the cock in her hand now, she had enjoyed it nonetheless.

It had been years since she had sex with her husband, but she remembered it as if had been yesterday. First she pumped it Then she sucked it. Finally she climbed on top of it and rode that cock until she came, and not just once. Those had been the days. The days when she and her husband had still made love. Had sex. Had fucked every chance they got. But those days were long gone, replaced esenyurt escort by the loneliness of sleeping in separate beds, of having no common interests, and taking separate vacations. The days of no relationship at all.

Her thoughts returned to the job at hand, giving the young stud in front of her some much needed relief. He had been a patient for eight days. In traction and a wrist cast the entire time. A guy like this in his prime probably had sex every day, Susan thought, or at least masturbated every day. It had been eight days since his admission, no wonder the kid needed some relief.

His hips were thrusting upwards now, and Susan could tell he was getting more excited. She leaned over towards his head and started to whisper.

“You have a big load for me don’t you Mark? Eight days of cum backed up in these big balls of yours. It’s my cum Mark. Or it will be in just a few minutes. Naughty Nurse Susan wants your cum Mark, will you give it to me? Please Mark, will you give it to me?”

“Yes” came the ragged response, “yes, I’ll give it to you”.

Susan smiled. She hadn’t been this sexually excited in years. She felt the wetness filling her pussy, felt her hard nipples straining against her bra. She suddenly realized Mark was not the only one who needed to cum.

“Just a sec” she said, pulling her hands away from Marks cock. She quickly hooked her thumbs in the side of her scrub pants and in one quick motion they were below her knees, along with her panties. Marks eyes went wide. He couldn’t touch her of course, with his wrist and shoulder out of commission. But God how he wanted to!

Susan’s right hand returned to the hard cock in front of her while her left hand went between her legs. She shuffled her feet wider apart to get better access to her sopping wet cunt. Her fingers found her clit and began a familiar rhythm. Her right hand resumed pumping Marks cock.

She leaned over again and whispered ” See Mark, see what you’ve done. You’ve got Naughty Nurse Susan all excited. My cunt is so wet Mark, so fucking wet. If you weren’t in traction I’d climb upon this bed and ride your big monster dick until I cum. And then I’d ride it until I cum again.”

She paused, listening to the wet squishy sound her fingers were making as she fingered herself. “Do you hear that Mark? Do you hear how wet you made me?”

Mark could only nod. His breathing was more rapid and Susan sensed he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Are you ready Mark? Are you ready to give me your big load of cum? I need it Mark. avrupa yakası escort I want your cum! Give it to me!!”

Susan felt her own orgasm beginning. Her fingers quickened their pace slipping in and out of her creamy hole, sliding over her throbbing clit. She glanced at Mark. His face began to contort and she knew he was about to blow. In one fluid movement she shifted her head to his groin, opening her mouth and sliding her lips down over the head of his cock. Her own climax hit her, the spasms of her orgasm rolling through her belly as she sucked Marks cock deeper into her mouth. Bottoming out on his shaft she brought her head back up, her lips tightly wrapped around his cock until she felt the head. She swirled her tongue on the underside of the head, a trick she hadn’t used in years.

“Fuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk!” was Mark’s response. Then through ragged breaths “I’m gonna … gonna. … CUM!!”

Susan’s mouth sucked hard on his cock as the first jet of cum filled her mouth. Quickly swallowing his hot cream she was able to swallow the second spurt but not the third or fourth. Those she held in her mouth a moment until she could swallow again.

She lifted her head, savoring the last contractions of her own orgasm, her hand still pumping Marks cock. One last rope of cum flew out of his cock landing on her hand and wrist.

Susan withdrew her hand from her cunt, her fingers glistening with her cream. She looked Mark straight in the eyes, bringing her hand to her mouth and slowly, sensuously began licking his cum from her wrist. At the same time she held her other hand to his face.

Mark opened his mouth and extended his tongue. She moved her fingers closer so he could lick them and taste her as she had tasted him. He sucked her fingers greedily, his tongue cleaning up every drop of her cunt cream. Susan’s tongue took one last swipe of her hand, tasting the last drops of Marks cum. Still looking at each other Susan licked her lips, gathering up a few last drops of cum and drawing them into her mouth.

For a moment they just looked at each other, the sounds of heavy breathing subsiding as each caught their breath. Finally Susan bent slightly and pulled up her panties, then her scrubs. She repositioned Marks now deflated cock, and covered him with the sheet.

She leaned in close and whispered “I’ll be on duty again tomorrow night. If you need anything, just hit the call button.” She kissed him on the lips, a lingering kiss that he returned.

Behind Susan, the door that had been ever so slightly opened went silently closed. Walking away from the room, the voyeur who had watched the action for the past ten minutes still didn’t believe what they had witnessed. But they knew one thing for sure, the night shift on 3 West would never be the same again. Pocketing their smart phone, they couldn’t wait to watch the video again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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