Naughty Vixen Ch. 02

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My girlfriend “Vixen” was a hot young girl who had been fucking me silly for about a year. She was about twenty four years old and had a smoking 115 pound body and pretty face. She was a very horny, sexy girl and she always kept her little pussy smoothly waxed.

One night we were fooling around and we started talking about fucking other people. This usually was a major turn on for her. Mainly because she had always wanted to watch me fuck another woman. This time however, she mentioned that she would like for me to watch her fuck a few guys. I listened closely as she proceeded to tell me how she would like for us to cut out the wall and replace the mirror that was in our downstairs bar with a two way mirror. Meaning that on the bar side it served as a mirror but on the other side you could see through it. She said that she would like to invite a couple of guys she knew over and sport fuck them in front of me while I watched on the other side of the mirror.

This was very naughty but it fit right into our sexual lifestyle. So, about a week later, I had the wall cut and the mirror installed and I surprised her with it. After seeing the construction complete “little” Vixen knew then she had my approval. We celebrated with a couple of glasses of wine. I also handed her a small gift box that had $300.00 in cash and a gift certificate for her favorite spa. This way she had money to get herself a new outfit and the certificate to get her pussy waxed.

I thought it might take awhile to pull it off but little Vixen had other ideas. She finished her wine and quickly got on the phone. She was evidently talking and flirting with some guy. I could hear her tell him that I was going out of town on a business trip. She finished talking to him and called up two more guys. It didn’t take her but about 20 minutes to line up three guys for the up and coming weekend. Pretty impressive I might add. To show her appreciation she gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever had.

The next day she left me a note that she was going shopping for a sexy new outfit. She also told me not to wait up for her. She came home late with a couple of bags and crawled into bed. As soon as she got in bed she received several text messages. I didn’t know what they said but Vixen started giggling. She responded to the text and then she laid back down and started moaning and groaning. I had my back to bakırköy escort her but I knew by the sound of her moans that she was rubbing that nice pussy of hers. She played with herself for a little while then start bucking wildly while she had a strong orgasm.

The next day was Friday. She had her scheduled vagina waxing scheduled around noon. She kissed me early that morning and advised me to be out of site all day but be on the other side of the mirror by 9pm sharp. She told me that she would give me a great show. A little nervous I took the day off from work and relaxed at a local bar most of the day. I knew I had a back door to the house that I could enter the house and be undetected. Around 8:30 pm I went home and went to the secluded room with the two way mirror. In the room was a chair and beside it was a cooler filled up with my favorite beer. She also left me one of my favorite Cigars and a lighter. I looked through the mirror and no one was there. I had a great view of the bar and the pool table. It was early yet, so I kicked back and drank a beer and lit up the cigar.

It was about 9:15 when Vixen came down the steps with three guys. They looked like they had gone somewhere for dinner and they had had a few drinks. I recognized two of them but I didn’t recognize the third guy. Two of the them were coworkers. The third guy was a handsome tall black guy. Vixen was looking sexy in her new outfit. She had on a very short silky black dress, black stilettos and thigh high black striped stockings. She was looking hot. They all strolled over to the bar where Vixen got them all a beer. She also pulled out a bottle of tequila and gave everybody a couple of shots. She turned some dance music on and then she started dancing around. Quickly one of her coworkers got up and joined her. He also started dancing to the music while grinding her from behind. She looked towards the mirror and smiled and started grinding him with her incredible ass. Quickly the other coworker jumped in and joined the party.

It wasn’t long before the black guy joined in. They took times spinning her around and grinding with her. She slowly lured them closer to the mirror and the pool table. Evidently she was wanting me to see all the action. She started by French kissing each guy while the other two guys continued to put their hands all over her. After numerous beşiktaş escort attempts of lifting up her dress she finally gave in. They lifted her dress to reveal her new silky red panties. The panties were small. They only covered up about half of her ass checks.

To my knowledge Vixen, who I knew was an incredible fuck, had not ever been with more than one man at a time. At least at the same time. She had told me about a few stories about how she fucked about three different guys in the same night, but this was different. Anyway back to the story.

It was a hot scene. With my hard on I sat back in my chair and drank my cold beer from behind the concealed mirror and watched as my hot little caucasian girlfriend was getting ready to sport fuck three guys.

It didn’t take long before she had all three of their cocks out and in her mouth. She really enjoyed sucking cock and she was damn good at it. She positioned each guy so it would be a good view for me to watch her go at it. The two white guys’ cocks were big except for the black guy who had a huge cock. It was definitely the biggest and thickest cock. She eagerly sucked her coworkers cocks’ and got them hard first then she started sucking the black cock. I’m pretty sure she had never been with a black guy before this. She licked and sucked on his cock but couldn’t deep throat him like she was accustomed. It seemed like it took her a lot of licking and sucking to get him totally erect but once she did his cock was impressive.

At this point Vixen laid down on her back on the pool table, lifted her dress and pulled her little red panties to the side. I could see her silky smooth pussy glistening with juices as she manuevered her coworker’s cock into her tight hot pussy. Her pussy most of been soaking wet because his big cock just slid right on in. He started pounding her hard as the other guys rubbed their cocks while watching the action. He didn’t last long before she orgasmed and he shot his load in her. He pulled his cock out and sat down and started drinking his beer.

Vixen sat up on the edge of the pool table and directed her other coworker to come over. He also had a pretty good sized cock. Using the lubrication from the other guys cumm she rubbed his cock up and down on her clit until he slid it into her still aching cunt. He fucked her slow and hard. He would beylikdüzü escort take his whole cock out and then slide it back into her until he was ball deep into her pussy. She had another orgasm and she kissed him passionately until he exploded his cumm deep inside of her. He pulled out and sat down with his buddy and started drinking his beer as well.

Vixen’s cunt was oozing cumm as she watched for a few seconds as the black guy kept stroking his massive cock. She loved watching guys rub their meat especially if they were lusting over her. She pulled him by his cock and moved him directly in front of the mirror and then she started licking his cock again. His gigantic cock grew even bigger and she would turn occasionally to the mirror and wink at me. I watched her suck his cock while she rubbed her pussy.

She seductively got up and slid a chair in front of the mirror and very sexily she bent over doggy style. She pulled her silky dress up exposing her thigh high stockings and her sexy panties. The tall black man got behind her and started stroking his big fat cock up and down on her red panties. He reached up and pulled her tight little panties down and then he put then he started rubbing the big head of his cock on her little slit. Vixen reached around and grabbed his big shaft and directed it into her tight hole. He slid it in slowly as she gasped for air. Her facial expressions told it all. Evidently, I was right about it being her first time with a black guy. It took him a little while but he slowly worked most of his horse cock into her which caused her to orgasm frantically. Now, I knew why he let the other guys go first. He needed their cumm for lubrication so he could get his big cock in her. They fucked steadily for about 10 minutes as little Vixen continued to have multiple tremor like orgasms. After fucking her tight little pussy for as long as he could he finally pulled his big cock out and spun her around so he could shoot his large load of cumm all over her pretty face. She let him finish squirting every drop on her face then she seductively licked him clean.

I was amazed at how sexy it was to watch my girlfriend sport fuck three guys. She had cumm all over her face and hair and her pussy had been violated by three big cocks. It took her a minute or two to snap out of her daze that she was in. I guess between the alcohol and the multiple orgasms she was totally wiped out. All the guys left and she came upstairs and took a shower. She could barely walk into the bedroom. I was extremely horny and was hoping that we could fuck but she said her pussy was way too sore. She livened up enough to give me a blow job which worked for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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