Naughtycal Friends

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It was Saturday morning. I had slept in and woke around ten o’clock. I got up and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast and a coffee when I heard a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” I asked, as I put on my dressing gown.

“It’s Frank.”

I opened the door and noticed him standing with a woman. She was around fifty, with very large breasts, curvy figure and around six foot tall.

“Toni, this is Jacinta. A good friend of ours.” Frank said, as I invited them inside.

“Hi Jacinta, how are you?” I asked.

“I’m well. I’ve heard so much about you.” Jacinta replied.

“I hope all good.” I said, with a laugh.

“Where’s Bev? ” I asked, looking at Frank.

“She’s gone to see her mum. She’ll be back tomorrow. Jacinta has arrived a day early so I thought I would introduce you both. I have to head out for a few hours and thought you two might get to know each other. Plus I didn’t want her sitting in the apartment alone and bored.” Frank said.

“Sure, sounds great. I’m about to make coffee, would you like one?” I asked.

“I’d love one.” Jacinta replied.

“I won’t. I’m going to head off. I was thinking about taking the boat out this afternoon. I have invited a few friends; would you ladies like to join us?” Frank asked.

“Sounds like a perfect afternoon.” Jacinta replied.

“Sure, sounds good.” I said, as I made the coffee.

Once Frank left, Jacinta and I chatted, getting to know each other over a cup of coffee.

“You have a beautiful apartment.” Jacinta said, as she looked around.

“Thank you. Yeah, I love it.” I replied. Especially the balcony, a great place to sunbake.”

“I need a little sun.” Jacinta said, looking at her white skin.

“It’s a beautiful day, why don’t we head out and enjoy the sun?” I suggested.

“I’d love to, but I didn’t bring my bikini and with Frank out I can’t get into the apartment.” Jacinta replied.

“I always sunbake naked, but you could just go out in your bra and panties. The perving eyes from the surrounding balconies I’m sure won’t mind.” I said, with a laugh.

“Sure.” She replied.

I quickly clean the coffee cups and headed to the balcony as Jacinta followed. I grabbed the sun chairs and laid them in the sun ready. I removed my dressing gown and laid down as Jacinta slowly removed her shirt and shorts before laying down.

“So, you always sunbake naked. Don’t you worry about people watching you?” Jacinta asked.

“Well, to be honest, I love being watched.” I replied.

“God, Bev was right, you are naughty. What else do you like to do?” Jacinta asked.

“What has Bev told you?” I said, with a laugh.

“Only that you like to have a lot of fun and sometimes Frank and she join you. Glad Bev is still naughty. I remember one night Bev, Frank and I got drunk. It was a very naughty night a few years ago.” Jacinta said, as she sat up.

All of a sudden, Jacinta slowly removed her bra, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful breasts.

“What, I can be naughty too honey.” Jacinta said, with a laugh. “Plus, I can’t see anyone watching us.”

We relaxed and chatted for another hour before Bev called out from her balcony.

“Hi ladies.”

“Hi Bev, Frank said you were away.” I asked.

“I was supposed to be, but he rang and told me Jacinta arrived early, so I decided to come home, and may I say I’m glad I did.” she replied. “Do you ladies want to go out on the boat soon?”

“Sounds great.” Jacinta replied.

“Are you joining us Toni?” Bev asked.

“Sure, who’s going? I asked.

“Two of Frank’s friends who you haven’t met.” Bev said, with a smile.

“I better head up and get ready.” Jacinta said, as she stood up and put on her bra and clothes.

“Damn, I was enjoying the company and the view.” I said, with a laugh staring at Jacinta.

“See you soon.” Jacinta said, with a smile before heading back to Frank and Bev’s apartment.

I headed inside and had a shower before doing my hair and makeup. I put on a black two-piece bikini and a white thin short dress, perfect for a sunny afternoon out on the boat. As I finished getting ready, I sent a text message to Bev.

“So honey, are we playing today.” I sent. “I’ll be up in a minute.”

“I hope so. I will work on Jacinta. I’m not sure how she will be, but let’s see what happens.” Bev texted back.

I headed out locking the door behind me and caught the elevator up to Bev and Frank’s apartment. I knocked, and after a short wait Frank opened the door and invited me in, as the ladies came out of the bedroom.

“Hi honey, are we all ready to go.” Bev said, looking me up and down.

“Let’s go ladies.” Frank said, grabbing his keys.

We caught the lift down to the lobby and headed out to the dock where Frank’s friends were waiting.

“Hi Frank. Who are these sexy ladies?” Said one of the guys.

“Guys this is Toni, Jacinta and my wife Bev, who you know. Ladies, this is Allan and Murray” Frank replied.

“Alright, let’s get on board.” Frank said, leading the way to the boat.

We walked along the escort ankara dock and arrived at the boat. We all climbed on board and as Frank and his friends got everything ready, Bev, Jacinta and I headed to the kitchen. Bev opened a bottle of wine and poured us ladies a drink before the three of us headed to the front deck. It didn’t take long, and we were heading out on the ocean. Frank and the guys chatted up on the top deck while Frank drove the boat, and Bev, Jacinta and I chatted in the sun on the lower deck.

After about an hour the engine stopped as Frank dropped the anchor.

“Having a good time ladies?” Frank said, as he and the guys joined us on the lower deck.

“Sure are honey. You guys coming to join us?” Bev asked.

“Yeah, I’ll just grab some drinks for the guys.” Frank replied.

After a few minutes, Frank returned. As we all chatted, the guys removed their shirts enjoying the hot sun and trying to impress us ladies with their naked chests. It was a very warm day, so I decided to remove my dress, revealing my two-piece black bikini.

“I might join you honey.” Bev said, as she stood up stripping down to her bikini.

“My bikini is in my bag, I’ll go get changed.” Jacinta said, as she got up.

“I’ll show you where you can get changed.” Bev said, taking Jacinta by the hand.

As the ladies headed inside, Frank sat down next to me putting his hand on my leg.

“How about we have a little playtime soon? I mentioned to the boys you like to play.” Frank said, as he slowly spread my legs giving the guys a good view.

“Honey, you know I’m always keen. What about Jacinta though?” I asked, as Frank’s hand softly rubbed my pussy through my bikini.

“I think Bev’s in there preparing her.” He said, with a laugh. “I already spoke to her this morning. She got a little excited.”

As we waited for Bev and Jacinta. The guys and I chatted, and I could tell their cocks were getting nice and hard as they watched Frank rubbing my pussy.

“God Frank, you’re getting me so wet.” I said, as Frank pulls my bikini bottoms to the side. “I can’t wait to fuck your hard cocks.”

“I wonder what the ladies are doing in there?” Frank said, as he continued playing with my pussy.

“I’ll go and have a look.” I said, as I stood up slowly removing my bikini.

“Fuck honey, hurry back.” One of the guys said, as I walked inside.

I headed to the bedroom and noticed Bev laying on the bed with her legs spread as Jacinta licked her pussy.

“Come here honey and join us.” Bev said, looking over at me.

I headed over and knelt on the bed before Bev guided my pussy over her mouth. Her tongue felt amazing, and I couldn’t wait to taste Jacinta’s pussy.

“Holy fuck ladies.” Murray said, As the three guys stood at the door.

After a few minutes, I climbed off Bev and moved behind Jacinta, spreading her arse wide. The three guys stripped naked and stood watching, stroking their cocks, as I tasted the wetness of her pussy. All of a sudden, Allan moved behind me sliding his fingers inside me. As his fingers fucked my pussy, I started teasing the rim of Jacinta’s arse. She let out a quit moan, as she continued licking Bev. Frank and Murray knelt up on the bed each side of Bev grabbing her hands placing them on their hard cocks. Bev took turns stroking and sucking them as the guys groped her large breasts. Allan slid his fingers out of my pussy and I felt his hard cock burying deep inside me. As he fucked me, I slid a hand down between my legs rubbing his balls as he started fucking me nice and hard.

After a few minutes, Frank laid on the bed stroking his hard cock. I slid Allan’s cock out of my pussy and got up on the bed, mounting Frank riding him deep inside me.

“God, I love the feel of your cock inside me.” I said, as Frank squeezed my breasts.

As I rode him, Jacinta hopped off the bed and knelt in front of Allan, taking his hard cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, suck it, god that feels good.” Allan said.

Bev got up off the bed and guided Murray down on his back before mounting him backwards, sliding his cock in her pussy. All of a sudden, Allan slid his cock out of Jacinta’s mouth and helped her up. Jacinta knelt on the bed beside Bev, sucking her nipples while groping her breasts as Murray’s cock slid in and out of her pussy. All of a sudden, Allan joined them on the bed, positioning himself between Bev’s legs

“Ready for two cocks inside that pussy.” Allan said, as he positioned himself.

“Oh god, fuck me.” Bev said, as she watched Allan’s cock spread her pussy sliding inside her. “Oh fuck.”

As I rode Frank’s cock while watching Bev being fucked, I could feel my pussy ready to cum.

“Yeah, oh yeah, fuck me Frank, I’m cumming.” I screamed, as Frank pulled me forward fucking me harder as he held me tight. “Oh, fuck yeah.”

As I started to relax, Frank let me go guiding me off his cock. Without hesitation, Jacinta mounted Frank riding him deep and hard. All of a sudden, Bev started to moan over and over.

“Oh my God, fuck me, oh my pussy, god I’m cumming.” ankara escortlar She moaned, as her body jolted over and over.

As she lay back on Murray enjoying the sensation, Allan slid his cock out of her pussy and climbed off the bed. Bev got up off Murray and knelt between his legs, sucking her cum from his cock.

“My wife needs a good cock in her arse. She’s waiting.” Frank said, looking over at Allan.

I got off the bed and stood, placing one foot back up on the bed. With my pussy nice and wet, I slid three fingers inside me as I watch Allan kneel behind Bev. He pressed the head of his cock against her arse and slowly spread her apart as he slid inside her.

“Fuck your arse is tight.” Allan said, as Bev let out a loud moan.

I removed my fingers from my pussy and knelt up behind Jacinta as she rode Frank’s cock. I slowly pushed her forward and teased the rim of her arse with my tongue.

“Have you ever been fucked in the arse.” I said, as I continued to tease her.

“God that feels good. No, no I haven’t.” she replied, as she started to moan.

All of a sudden, Bev started to moan. With a cock in her arse and pussy, she was about to cum.

“Oh God, I’m cumming.” Bev screamed, as her body shook over and over.

As she collapsed on Murray, Allan slid his cock out of Bev’s arse. I got up from behind Jacinta, as Allan knelt behind her. He slid his hard cock in her pussy joining Frank’s inside her.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned, as both cocks slid in and out of her tight pussy.

I looked over at Bev, as she got off Murray and started sucking her juices from his cock. I made my way over as Bev got up, making room for me to ride his hard cock. I mounted Murray backwards, sliding his hard cock in my arse. As I laid back on his chest, Bev moved between my legs licking my smooth wet pussy.

“That feel good honey.” Bev said, as she buried her tongue back in my pussy.

“It always feels good.” I moaned, as I pressed her head harder between my legs.

As I looked over at Jacinta enjoying two cocks inside her, Allan slid his cock out of her pussy.

“Baby, how about we fill this nice arse of yours.” Allan said, positioning his cock ready

“Oh shit, take it slow, fuck.” Jacinta said, in an unsure voice as she gripped the bed.

“Relax honey, you’ll enjoy it.” I said, as I watched Jacinta.

Frank grabbed her arse, spreading her wide as Allan slowly pressed his cock against the rim of her arse.

“Oh my God, slower.” Jacinta screamed, gripping the bed tighter.

Watching Jacinta got me so turned on and ready to cum. I pressed Bev’s tongue harder against my pussy as I started to moan.

“Oh God yes, yes, I’m cumming.” I moan, as Bev’s tongue worked my pussy. “Oh yes.”

My pussy exploded, flooding Bev’s lips and tongue with my juices.

“God honey, you taste good.” Bev said, as she continued licking the cum from my pussy

As I relaxed, I climbed off Murray and lay on the bed, rubbing my wet pussy. Bev walked around the other side of the bed and kissed Jacinta before grabbing her breasts.

“Oh my god Bev, I’m cumming, shit I’m cumming.” Jacinta screamed.

“Oh yeah, that’s it honey.” Bev said, as she kissed Jacinta on the lips.

“Hold her tight mate, I’m going to cum in her tight arse.” Allan said, as he fucked her harder. “Oh fuck baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh yeah.”

“Oh my god, oh fuck.” Jacinta screamed, as Frank held her arse tight spreading it wide allowing Allan’s cock to explode deep inside her.

“Did you like that honey.” Frank said, as Allan pulled his cock out of her arse.

“Oh fuck, I’ve never cum so hard.” Jacinta replied, as she got off Frank and sat on the bed.

As Allan stood back watching, Bev laid Jacinta on her back on the bed. With her legs spread wide, Bev buried her tongue licking the juices between her legs. I knelt beside Jacinta and mounted her, positioning my pussy over her mouth.

“Oh my god Bev, that feels good.” Jacinta said, before she started softly licking my pussy.

The guys watched on for a minute before Murray moved behind Bev, guiding her on her knees. Bev’s pussy was dripping wet ready for Murray’s cock. He slid inside her deep, as Bev continued licking Jacinta’s pussy. All of a sudden, I could feel myself ready to cum.

“Oh god, that feels good.” I said, as I pinched my nipples.

“I bet your enjoying that young pussy Jacinta.” Frank said, as he watched stroking his hard cock.

“OK fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” I moaned, as my pussy came all over her tongue and lips. “Oh, god that felt so good.”

As Frank helped me off Jacinta, she started to moan over and over as her body started to shake.

“Oh Bev, I’m cumming, don’t stop.” She moaned, as she squeezed her breasts. “Oh fuck.”

As she started to relax, Murray slid his cock out of Bev’s pussy and laid her on her back with her pussy on the edge of the bed. I joined Allan on the chair, sitting on his lap watching as Murray held her legs up sliding his cock in her pussy. As he fucked her, Frank sincan kaliteli escortlar knelt beside Jacinta’s mouth stroking his cock, as he watched Bev getting fucked hard. All of a sudden, Frank started to breathe heavy as he moved in closer to Jacinta’s mouth.

“Oh, fuck honey, it’s been a while since you tasted my cum. Oh yeah, I’m cumming, fuck I’m cumming.” Frank moaned, as Jacinta opened her mouth ready. “Oh god yeah, oh taste it baby.”

As we all watched on, Murray pushed Bev’s legs back further as he buried his cock deeper.

“Ready for my cum inside your pussy.” Murray said, as he pounded Bev harder.

“Oh yeah, I want to feel you cum.” Bev said, as she spread her pussy with both hands.

“Oh, yeah baby, I’m cumming, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah.” Murray moaned.

He slid his cock out of Bev, leaving just the head inside her pussy. Bev moaned as his cock exploded, pulsating as he filled her with cum.

Murray finished cumming inside Bev and slid his cock out of her pussy. Still holding her legs up, Murray’s cum leaked from her pussy.

“Jesus honey, he filled you up good.” Frank said, as we all stared at her dripping pussy.

As Bev lay catching her breath, Murray put her legs down. The three guys, naked, headed out of the bedroom and out on to the deck.

“So, did you enjoy yourself.” Bev said, looking at Jacinta.

“Oh my God yes. I wish I wasn’t heading back tomorrow.” Jacinta replied, as she sat on the bed.

“Don’t worry honey, we have plenty of time to have fun.” I said, smiling at Jacinta.

After a few minutes, Bev, Jacinta and I got up and cleaned ourselves, before joining the guys out on the deck.

For the next hour or so, we had lunch and a few drinks all enjoying the sun on our naked bodies.

“Any plans for tonight honey?” Bev said, staring at my naked body.

“No plans.” I replied.

“Feel like coming for dinner? ” Bev asked.

“Would love too.” I said, as Jacinta looked at me with a smile.

It was around six o’clock and starting to get dark as we headed back to shore. Once we arrived, Frank docked the boat as we all grabbed our things before hopping off.

“Thank you for a great afternoon everyone. Allan and I are heading off.” Murray said, as he shook Frank’s hand.

“You’re welcome guys, we will catchup again soon.” Frank replied.

“Bye ladies.” Allan said, as both guys walked off.

Frank, Bev, Jacinta and I walked to the lobby heading for the elevator.

“I’ll go and have a shower and be straight up.” I said, as we entered the elevator.

Once we arrived at my floor, I exited the elevator and headed to my apartment. Once inside, I stripped off and headed for a shower. Once out, I dried myself and went through my wardrobe looking for something casual to wear. I decided on a matching white bra and panties and a white thin dress that showed off my legs. Once I was ready, I grabbed my keys and headed out the door locking it behind me. I caught the elevator to Frank and Bev’s level and headed to their apartment. I knocked, and after a quick wait, Bev opened the door.

“Come in honey. You look very sexy.” Bev said, looking me up and down with a glass of wine in her hand.

I entered the apartment and followed Bev to the kitchen, where Frank and Jacinta were sitting at the kitchen bench

“You finally made it. Jacinta has missed you. ” Frank said, passing me a glass of wine.

As we chatted, I felt a little over dressed. Frank was wearing a pair of boxer shorts, Jacinta was wearing a t-shirt with no bra and black French panties and Bev, a t-shirt with a red g-string.

After about an hour of drinking and chatting, I was feeling a little tipsy. I went to use the bathroom and as I came out Frank was standing at the door. He slid my dress off my shoulders dropping it to the floor before pulling his cock out of his boxer shorts. Without a word, I dropped to my knees, slowly sucking his cock. After a minute, he helped me up and we returned to the kitchen. Bev and Jacinta’s eyes stared at my body, and with the bulge in Franks boxer shorts, it wasn’t half obvious he was ready to play.

“God, you look sexy.” Bev said, as she poured another drink.

As I stood, Frank moved behind me, slowly pushing me forward bending me over the kitchen bench. He pulled my panties to the side, sliding his fingers inside my pussy.

“Is she nice and wet honey? ” Bev asked, as her and Jacinta watched.

“She is and nice and hungry for my cock.” Frank said, siding his fingers out.

He turned me around and lifted me up, sitting me on the kitchen bench. As I lay back, Frank pulled my panties to the side and moved between my legs. As Frank was the perfect height, he slid his cock inside my pussy. As he started to slowly fuck me, Bev hopped up and moved around to the other side of the kitchen bench as Jacinta undid my bra. I closed my eyes enjoying the feeling of Frank’s cock inside me, while both Bev and Jacinta sucked my nipples.

After a few minutes, Frank slid his cock out of my pussy and took Jacinta’s hand, guiding her head between my legs. As she explored my pussy, Frank moved behind her sliding his cock inside her. With every thrust, I felt her tongue harder against my pussy as Bev continued sucking my nipples. All of a sudden, my body started to tense as I was ready to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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