Neighbor I’ll Remember

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It was Manhattan, and the days of looking for a steady woman were grinding. Don’t get me wrong, I was ok with the night after night bar and club hanging with the guys in search of a score, and the blind dates to a point, but I truly was getting more serious about things and was frustrated with the lack of success.

I lived in an Upper East Side studio in a great doorman building. My friends and I would use my apartment in the days that followed college as ‘home base’ and it was the center of fun in the City. But, when everyone went about there days work and became serious about keeping their job or keeping their new wife or steady girlfriends happy, I was mostly on my own with my own career.

On the way in or out of the building, in the lobby or on the floor that I lived, I would occasionally pass Maxine, an attractive married mother of two young teens who would always give me a great smile and genuine hello. Living just a few apartment doors away I could expect to see her on more than a weekly basis and would love the few times we would coincidently wait for the elevator together or ride it for those few moments.

She was truly an engaging person who had an overwhelming sexy personality. Being in her early 40’s her body was awesomely curved and she had a well rounded chest and thin waste. She was always well dressed and was some type of professional. Her eyes captured you with clarity and her lips and face were perfect.

Our chance pendik escort meetings seemed to develop into more and more of a friendship, where she and I soon new each others names and she would continuously comment or ask on how she would observe me coming home with a date and how it went, or how things were going with my job or how was my weekend out at the beach… etc.

As months of our familiarity passed, she was always on my mind especially knowing she was just a few doors away. The doorman of the building had offered that she was always fighting with her husband, which was also not a secret to me as many a time such fights echoed down the hall.

Despite my comfort level, and our friendliness, I never took the next step or anticipated her to until one night of pure luck. Maxine had been in the hallway as I returned from a night out alone.

I noticed her outside her door. She was barefoot, wearing an old college sweatshirt down to her thighs and nothing else. Her eyes were teary and she explained she had a fight with her husband and was cooling down in the hall so as to avoid his continued abuse.

This was her first personalization of anything to do with her or her husband and I took the opportunity to invite her to my apartment. After a quick beer and some calming conversation the comfort level in the apartment was amazing.

It was easy to open up to her as the conversation of her unhappy marriage, kartal escort allowed for my easy response of how off base her husband must be and how sexy and attractive she was. I was shy in my approach, but open in expressing my being impressed with just about everything about her.

It didn’t seem to matter to her that she had been in my apartment for an hour and that her husband had no clue as to where she had gone in only a sweatshirt. But, suddenly, she approached me on the couch lifted off the sweatshirt and said in the softest voice, “fuck me.. now!”

As the sweatshirt lifted over her head and her stunning eyes met mine, I could not hesitate from grabbing her and embracing in the longest of hot kissing exchanges. Her huge tits felt amazing pushed against my chest, and her tongue and lips were on fire with mine.

She pulled by jeans down, and lifted off my t shirt and grabbed my protruding cock. I explained, as we were embraced, that this was a dream coming true and she replied that and promised that this would not be our only encounter.

With that, she mounted me on by black leather sofa. With her beautiful tits in my face her wet cunt lowered itself upon me. Her mouth and lips continued to rapidly suck on mine but her bump and grind and our humping was to such an extreme. She dug her nails into my shoulders and grunted in pleasure. I bucked and came flooding her cunt with an explosion I had never maltepe escort experienced as it flooded her and the black leather of the couch.

Seconds later, without much discussion, she had left my apartment.

It was more than five days later and I had not seen or heard from her. I would keep my door open a crack in hopes of seeing her but without luck. Several more evenings later, with her still constantly on my mind, she knocked on my door.

I opened the door and saw her beautiful smile. She was dressed for a night out at a club, and explained that since our night of passion she has been at continued odds with her husband. She explained that he wasn’t home after leaving my apartment that night, and he’d been spending more and more nights out without explanation.

With that, she took off her coat and was naked. I stood in disbelief that she would offer this to me. That she would return to me for this recreational lustful sex and that my fantasy would become continued reality. She got on her knees, still in her high heels, pulled down my gym shorts to my knees and slowly sucked my balls and cock. Her red lips sloshing at higher speed, were instantly and abruptly covered in my explosive climax. My cum dripping over her bright red lip stick as she smiled up at me is a delicious memory.

Maxine and I continued our romps and our affair on a now and then basis. The ability of her to quickly come down the hall for a fuck on a moments notice was a blast. Our chance encounters and sexual energy were a real awakening for me. Unfortunately, we soon went our separate ways as she ended her marriage and took her kids and moved elsewhere…but I will always recall with the fondest of memories, that wonderful sexual woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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