Neighborly Blackmail Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: If you haven’t read the first three parts, you probably should so you can understand what’s going on between all the parties involved: two couples – Dave & Bev, and John & Janet. If shared wives or swinger sex is something you don’t enjoy or approve of, you probably should move on and not waste your time with this story series.


Only a couple days had passed before John texted Dave and Bev in a group text. “Saturday evening looks good for setting something up if that works for you all.”

Dave waited for Bev to reply, letting her take the lead. She was usually the one controlling their social calendar anyway and would know if she’d already committed them to anything. He didn’t have to wait long as Bev replied relatively quickly. “Saturday is fine. Do you want me to send you both an invitation?”

“That would be great,” replied John. A few seconds later his phone buzzed with a different group text message and he saw that it was from Bev to both he and his wife, Janet.

“Dinner Saturday night? Homemade pot roast, some desert and then maybe some hot tub time?”

John let Janet reply and it didn’t take long. “That sounds great! Want me to bring the desert?”

Bev laughed out loud alone in her home at the thought of Janet bringing desert. Little did Janet know, if Bev and Dave got their way, Janet would be the desert. “Sure, if you’d like,” replied Bev to the group text.

“See you about seven?” came the text back from Janet.

“Seven is perfect,” replied Bev. “See you then!”

In the group text between John, Dave and Bev, Bev sent, “Make sure she’s not had anything to drink before coming over. We don’t want her too drunk to know what’s going on.”

“Understood,” replied John back. Part of him was angry that he was being blackmailed into setting his wife up for seduction. Part of him knew it was the only way to keep Bev and Dave from revealing his own blackmail scheme and potentially ruining his life. Strangely though… and this seemed to be the biggest part of him at the moment… part of him was excited at the thought of Dave and Bev seducing his wife. When John envisioned Janet on top of Bev in a sixty-nine while Dave slid his cock into Janet from behind… it never failed to make John’s cock pop right up. In the back of his mind where he didn’t have to acknowledge it, or could at least more easily deny it, he wondered what was wrong with him.

The next few days passed pretty quickly even though they seemed like torture for John. He was torn between the shame of having blackmailed Bev, the delight at having sexually enjoyed Bev twice now, the guilt he felt for helping to set his wife Janet up to be seduced and how excited he got at the thought of his neighbors using his wife sexually.

When Saturday finally rolled around, John and Janet spent most of the day quite normally. They slept in, enjoyed a leisurely brunch, did chores and relaxed. Janet spent part of her afternoon making banana pudding which she intended to take over to Dave & Bev’s for desert. Before going over to their neighbors, John and Janet went through their usual “going out” routine of trimming, shaving and showering. While Janet had no idea what was in store for her at the neighbors’, John had spent bits and pieces of the day teasing his wife and hinting at how much he wanted some play time when they got home after dinner. He had been doing the same thing as much as he could for the past several days, constantly trying to build up Janet’s levels of desires but doing it so the timing never let them do anything about it. As a result, Janet was feeling pretty horny through the day on Saturday and John had to come up with excuses several times to put her off.

They didn’t dress REAL nice for dinner at their neighbors’ but they dressed better than normal for around the house or running errands. John had put on a nicely pressed pair of slacks and a button down dress shirt. Janet had put on one of her favorite summer dresses that stopped about mid-thigh and was snug enough to easily show off her sexy curves. It was also snug enough that John could tell she had no underwear on beneath it and she had on her sheerest bra; it gave enough support but didn’t really stop her full jugs from jiggling when she walked.

When they were dressed and ready to go Janet grabbed the desert she’d prepared and they headed next door. John felt like he had butterflies in his stomach and Janet had realized there seemed to be something wrong with him, but he insisted he was fine and looking forward to the evening. Janet dismissed her worries, crediting the fact that they’d had so many dinners with Dave and Bev before that this wasn’t a particularly exciting idea for him.

Knowing they were expected and entering through the kitchen door like they always had, John and Bev knocked but didn’t wait for a reply before going into Dave and Bev’s house. Waiting wouldn’t have mattered. When John pushed open the door, holding it for Janet as she carried in the desert dish, Dave was standing just a couple feet gaziantep escort ilanları away and moving to respond to the knock. Bev was at the counter just getting everything out of the crock pot and onto the serving platter.

Acting like there was no hidden agenda or anything amiss, Dave greeted his neighbors like he always had previously anytime they came over or they were together at a community event. He extended his hand to John, a big smile on his face, clapping him on the shoulder with the other hand. “Hey, guys! It’s great to see you! Come on in!” Still holding John’s hand, Dave leaned over to give Janet a peck on the cheek as she was going by, getting an air peck in return. Janet barely looked at Dave but was smiling big at Bev who was smiling back.

“Hey, girl!” said Bev by way of greeting. “Perfect timing. Dinner will be on the table in just a couple minutes.” Then, eyeing the baking dish that Janet was carrying, Bev asked, “What’s for desert?”

“Banana pudding,” replied Janet with a smile, setting the dish on the counter and then leaning in to hug Bev, giving her a peck on the cheek just like the one she’d gotten from Bev’s husband. “It’s not really anywhere near healthy but is delicious and I can CLAIM that it’s healthy because it has bananas in it.”

“Right?” replied Bev in obvious agreement. “Dare I ask how many bananas we should be bragging about having in it?”

“I cut up six for it,” replied Janet, “and they’re all in there.”

“Wow,” said Bev with a smirk on her face as she dished out the last of the pot roast and vegetables onto the serving platter. “Six bananas would certainly fill you up.” It wasn’t an obviously sexual remark but the couples were close enough and knew each other well enough that the underlying innuendo was understood as intended.

While Bev put the serving platter and a basket of fresh baked biscuits on the table, Dave opened a bottle of red wine and directed John where to get the wine glasses from. Dave was mildly distracted by Janet’s dress and the lack of any panty lines. Bev had dressed in a similar fashion but her mid-thigh length blue dress offered enough support that she wasn’t even wearing a bra beneath it. With some potential hot tub time planned after dinner she’d almost put on her bikini under the dress, but with the hopes of seducing Janet in her mind, Bev decided to go commando and see where the evening led.

The two couples ate dinner at a leisurely rate with several compliments being thrown Bev’s way for how good it tasted. The wine flowed freely as well and by the time they’d finished eating dinner they’d also finished the first bottle of wine. Dave had paid attention and noticed that John had three glasses to Janet’s one. A second bottle was opened and just as Dave was filling Janet’s second glass, Janet commented to Bev about the pot roast. “You know, Bev, I don’t think I’ve ever had meat quite that tasty.”

Bev giggled before responding. “That’s a shame… I’ve really enjoyed a LOT of other meat that was way more tasty!” Janet caught her meaning, rolled her eyes and giggled in return.

“You know what I meant!” Janet replied.

“And you know what I meant!” said Bev with her continuing grin.

“If you two are finished,” Dave interrupted their laughter, “maybe we could move on to enjoying desert?”

Bev giggled some more and caught her husband’s eyes before looking back at Janet. “And would that be the desert Janet brought? Or more tasty meat?” Janet broke out laughing at that as well and Dave had to chuckle.

“For now,” he replied, “how about we just focus on the desert Janet brought over.”

“Sorry, Janet,” Bev said, still giggling. “No more tasty meat for you!”

“Not yet,” replied Janet with a smirk of her own. “You never know what might be waiting for me to enjoy when I get home!” But when she looked over at John she didn’t see him smirking back or expressing any appreciation for the implication of her statement. Instead, she saw him finishing another glass of wine; his fourth if she’d counted right. She knew that if he had just one or two more he’d be worthless to her when they got home. “Why don’t you slow down a bit,” she suggested to her husband in a light tone. “There might be some benefit to you staying closer to sober later.”

For his part, John wasn’t sure what he was hoping for that evening, although he knew exactly what Dave and Bev were planning to do to his wife if she was agreeable. He still had mixed feelings about it, but one thing he was sure of was he didn’t like his wife giving him crap in front of the neighbors. “Why don’t you ease up about me enjoying myself with our friends?” he asked meaning for it to be in a light tone but not quite making it. It sounded more aggravated than he had intended.

“Whatever,” Janet replied in an aggravated tone of her own. Dave and Bev pretended to just ignore or not hear the back and forth between their neighbors, dishing out servings of the banana pudding Janet had brought over and putting the desert plates on the table. John helped himself to another glass of wine before sitting down.

After everyone had taken the first couple bites, Bev smiled and complimented Janet. “This is REALLY good,” she said. “It’s the second best way to enjoy a banana I’ve ever experienced.” That brought a chuckle from Dave, a laugh from Janet and, well… John just took another swig of his wine. It was clear to his wife and neighbors that he was quickly getting drunk but didn’t seem to care. In fact, it seemed to be his intention. Janet didn’t say anything more about it but decided she’d just enjoy the company of Dave and Bev and maybe some time in the hot tub with them after dinner. It DID occur to her that she hadn’t brought a bathing suit but she thought Bev might have a pair of bikini bottoms that would fit her and she could just keep her bra on for the top.

The conversation was minimal and dull as everyone finished their desert. As soon as the last bite had been taken, Bev ordered the men into the family room to relax and watch some TV as “the ladies” cleaned up. Dave didn’t argue but noticed that John was a little unsteady on his feet as they went into the family room and settled on the sofa. Dave found a sports channel on television and sat quietly to watch it. He wasn’t really interested in conversation with John and he wasn’t sure John was capable of such given how much wine he’d consumed. Ten minutes later Bev and Janet came out of the kitchen to find Dave zoned out watching a commentary on college football while John had passed out and was quietly snoring with his head laid back on the sofa.

“Great,” observed Janet upon seeing her husband. “I’m sorry guys.”

“No need to apologize,” said Bev with a smile, putting her arm around Janet’s waist in a friendly fashion that could be taken as supportive. “He just enjoyed the wine a bit more than maybe he should have.”

“Easy for you to say,” said Janet sounding disappointed. “I was hoping he’d be in a useful condition when I got him home later. He’s been teasing me all damned week!”

Dave had gotten up to take his empty wine glass into the kitchen, having finished his second serving of the evening. When he heard what Janet said he stopped, almost directly behind her and said, “Well, that’s truly a shame. I can’t imagine leaving a hot wife like you hanging.” Janet wasn’t really sure how to react to his statement but Bev snickered as she thought about Janet being a hotwife. If Bev and Dave were successful in their plan, Janet would be a hotwife by the end of the night.

Janet harrumphed as Dave continued on to the kitchen. “Psshh…” she said. “He leaves me hanging all the damned time.”

Dave put his glass in the kitchen sink and then came back into the family room. “Well,” he said, “Let’s go put him in the guest bed. He can sleep it off and we can go on with relaxing and enjoying our evening.” Bev and Janet agreed and they all got John up and into the guestroom, Janet apologizing all the while. Dave and Bev kept dismissing her apologies as unnecessary and they waited as Janet took off John’s shoes before they threw a spread over him.

Janet followed Bev back out into the family room with Dave behind her. She was half expecting that they’d get ready to go enjoy the hot tub but she was still pretty disappointed in her husband. Bev stopped and looked back at her and saw the look on her face. “Stop stressing about John,” Bev said with a smile, reaching out to touch Janet’s arm. “He just had a few too many and no one here minds.”

“I mind,” said Janet with some vehemence. “You all have no idea how much I was looking forward to this evening. We’ve been building up to it all week and I definitely had plans for that man after we enjoyed y’all’s company tonight.”

Dave was still behind Janet as she spoke and Bev was in front of her, having turned to face her. Bev’s hand was still on Janet’s arm and there was a sympathetic look on Bev’s face. Dave wasn’t sure if the time was right, but he saw an opening and decided to try to create an opportunity. He stepped up close behind Janet, putting his hands on her hips, his crotch gently against her ass, and his mouth close to her ear. “Well,” he said in an impish tone of voice, “there are other ways you could enjoy our company tonight.”

Catching on to what Dave was doing, and before Janet could shoot the implied idea down, Bev stepped in closer so that Janet was essentially sandwiched between them. “That’s true,” Bev said. “Just ’cause John’s out for the count doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself.”

Janet didn’t move and she didn’t say anything for a few moments. She was intensely aware of Dave’s presence against her… behind her. She could feel the lump in his crotch against her ass and his warm hands on her hips. She was equally aware of Bev’s proximity. They were face to face, boobs to boobs, only about six to ten inches apart. In her mind’s eye, Janet could see Bev leaning forward another few inches and their lips meeting in a kiss as Dave’s body pressed against Janet’s back. Bev and Dave remained motionless except for the very light touch of their hands, all of which were moving ever so slightly on Janet.

Janet’s first thought was that she REALLY enjoyed the feeling of Dave against her and she had to exercise conscious control to keep from rubbing her ass back against him. Her second thought was a mental scream of ‘No!’ to herself. Dave was Bev’s husband and that would just be… what? Bev was standing right there; right up against her. Nothing Bev said indicated that she’d be against Janet enjoying Dave and vice versa. But John… even if Bev was okay with Dave playing with Janet, John would never be okay with Janet playing with Dave, even if Bev was there and present… or participating?

“I can’t,” Janet finally managed to say quietly, her hands gently pushing Bev away from the front of her, her body moving to get away from the press of Dave’s body behind her. “John would never forgive me.”

Bev backed off to where Janet’s gentle push had moved her but not another inch. Looking Janet in the eye Bev said, “What if you weren’t the one needing forgiveness?”

“What do you mean?” asked Janet. “If I was the one playing around with someone else, of course I’d be the one needing forgiveness.”

Bev had to decide how far she wanted to push this. While John had blackmailed Bev into sex, Bev and Dave had blackmailed John into helping set up Janet for a seduction. Everything about Janet’s body and the look on her face told Bev that the woman was primed and eager. Her own statements had been about the disappointment she wouldn’t be getting any sex when she got home that night since John had drunk himself into uselessness. Bev wanted to push the issue. Dave wanted to push the issue. If they were both reading Janet right, JANET wanted them both to push the issue… but there was a difference between seduction and revelation. Bev had to make a decision.

Bev put an intentional mischievous grin on her face and planned her words before speaking. She held Janet’s eyes throughout and noted that Janet hadn’t moved far from Dave… only a few inches; only enough to actually break contact between their bodies. “First,” she said clearly, “we don’t play around. We take sexual fun seriously.” Bev watched Janet’s eyes open wide but the look held. “Second, your husband needs forgiveness, not you.” Janet’s look became one of curiosity. “Third,” Bev said, pushing Janet back against Dave and stepping in close so that her body was touching Janet’s from knees to shoulders, “I can assure you that while you might have had some fun and pleasure with John later had he stayed sober, Dave and I can deliver more pleasure to you than you thought possible and we’ll take plenty from you as well.”

Before Janet could say a word, or even fully process everything that had been said, Bev leaned forward just enough to kiss her. It was a gentle kiss at first; tentative; exploratory in a soft touch. Receiving no resistance or hesitation, however, Bev became more aggressive and the kiss was soon open-mouthed, tongues swirling and panting breath moving between them. It seemed like it would grow and explode until Janet pushed Bev away again. It was one of the hardest things she’d ever done. Janet had never kissed a woman before and she surely wasn’t ready for the throbbing she was feeling in her naked pussy. Hidden by her dress but covered by no cloth, Janet could feel her sex warming and lubricating. She could feel the slickness building between her womanly lips and she could feel the need growing to have her sex stretched wide and deep. Before she lost control, she pushed Janet away. This time, though, she didn’t move away from Dave and as she spoke she was very aware of his cock growing behind her; she could feel the increasing bulge and pressure against her ass and she also could feel that it was no small dick. Another wave of heated need washed through her and her pussy pulsed as she thought about Dave between her legs, spearing his length into her.

“Just stop a minute,” she managed to get out, looking at Bev. “What do you mean my husband is the one who needs forgiveness?”

Bev looked past Janet to meet Dave’s eyes and saw him give a brief nod. He knew the question and gave her his answer. Bev looked back at Janet. “We have something to show you. Come in the living room.”

Janet looked confused but followed Bev who led her by the hand. As she stepped away from the heat and contact of Dave’s body Janet almost sighed with frustration. She didn’t want to step away. She didn’t want to lose contact. She wanted to be naked and enjoying a good fuck. She knew she shouldn’t be wanting that so badly from her neighbor but her own husband wasn’t available or capable for the time being.

In the living room Bev indicated Janet should have a seat on the sofa and Dave took over, guiding Janet to the middle seat. He sat on her right and they both watched as Bev turned on the TV and set up the DVD player. Dave knew what was coming. Janet didn’t and she was quit shocked when she saw the video image of Bev on her back with a man who was definitely NOT Dave between her spread legs, pounding his cock in and out of her while she cried out her pleasure.

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