Neighborly Relations Pt. 05

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To Recap: Neighbors Emily Porter and Patty Trent are screwing each other, Jenny Peterson, Terry Carter and Tania Mosswell. Patty’s husband knows about it, but Robert Porter and Robert Mosswell do not. Robert Porter did, however, fuck his wife while watching the Patty and Charles Trent fuck through their bedroom window. The Porter children, Elaine and Danny, have video of their mother with Patty Trent as well as a video of their parents screwing that excites them very much. Oh, yes, Danny and Elaine love masturbating together in between sessions of playing doctor, too. Tillman Mosswell wants to fuck Elaine but he’s too shy to do anything about it because he doesn’t know that Elaine is hoping to find someone to fuck before she gives in to her hormones and fucks her brother. Of course, now that Tillman has seen his mother at a neighborhood lesbian group grope, he’s not sure if he wants to get further involved with the window-peeping Porter kids.

Meanwhile, Cathy Burton has admitted letting her brother, Carter, fuck her in the butt, but does she know that such activity isn’t exactly abnormal for her family? Now that she’s eighteen, will her parents invite her into the family love club? To find out answers to those burning questions, read on.


CHAPTER ONE, Cathy Burton’s Dilemma

Cathy Burton was often described by adults as a lovely girl. Most men who said that meant that they wished they were thirty years younger, richer, and way better looking so they could get her to ride on their love poles. Women who said it meant that, “The little bitch is way to pretty to exist in the world with the rest of us and I wish she’d move out of state.” Her peers would simply call her “hot.”

Cathy had dark blonde hair with a bit of a natural wave, blue eyes, a pert little nose, and lips that bowed naturally into a kiss. At 18, her breasts were a C cup, her ass was round and firm and just calling out to be grabbed, and her pussy was a tight, shaved little thing well accustomed to manly attention already. Okay, not quite manly, but male, anyway. She’d begun her sexual journey playing doctor with Danny and Elaine Porter when they were kids. After her grandmother busted them at play, she switched doctors and started visiting her brother for office calls. There was never any point where she was interested in her parent’s sex lives because hers was good enough for all of them.

She and her brother, Carter, spent many of their formative years masturbating together. Recently, on a visit to his doctor office, she’d allowed him to take her temperature anally with his special “cock thermometer.” That was a first for her, and she rather liked it. It hurt, of course, but maybe the pain was part of the appeal. She decided that she’d have to have her temperature taken again just to see what she really thought of it. She’d hate to let a date put his cock in her ass, only to end the encounter screaming at him to withdraw. The second trial was a success, and she resolved to add that to her repertoire.

It was in the middle of May that Cathy woke up and heard a stranger’s voice mingling with those of her parents in their bedroom. The adults were being quiet, but she had good ears, and the location of the voices interested her greatly. She sneaked out and peeked in through her parents’ window and stared at them in a mingling of shock and admiration.

Kent Burton, her father, had his cock deep in her mother, Sally Burton’s, mouth, and a man she recognized as one of her dad’s co-workers was thrusting his cock into her mother’s pussy from behind. The man’s pumping movements bobbed the Sally back and forth on the rigid cock in her mouth. Cathy’s father was laughing, saying, “We just need one more to fill all the holes.”

“No we don’t,” the other man said. He spat on to of his fingers and then arched himself back a bit while still thrusting into the willing woman. Then he put the fingers down between the cheeks of her jiggling butt and pushed slowly.

Cathy could see her mother smile even as she continued sucking her father’s cock, and her smile broadened when her other partner shoved the fingers in hard and fast.

Suddenly, Sally pulled her mouth off of her husband’s cock and pushed herself back on the man’s combined assault of hand and cock, panting and gurgling in orgasm.

“Kent,” she gasped. “Come on around and fill that hole with something bigger. Fuck my ass, honey.”

Cathy watched with an open mouth and damp panties as her father came around to the foot of the bed. By the time he was situated, the other man had rolled to lay on his side on the bed and then over on his back with Sally Burton on top. She humped his big cock, gasping and moaning as her husband straddled the other man’s legs and prepared to mount her nether hole. He pushed his cock hard into his wife’s ass, drawing a long cry of pleasure from the quivering woman. It didn’t take long for her father to cum in her ass and the other man to cum in her cunt. The orhangazi escort three of them untangled from each other and lay happily exhausted. Sally Burton was lying just off the edge of the bed with her legs spread and dangling off of the bed and her pussy exposed directly at Cathy’s window vantage point.

Cathy watched the manly juice dribble out both her mother’s cunt and ass as she felt her own juices dampening her underwear. It was hard to believe that her parents had just completed a threesome. Harder still to believe her father had just fucked her mom in the ass. But she’d seen it for herself, and resolved to pay more attention from then on. She guessed that maybe her parents’ sex life wasn’t so dull after all.

Her sex life was at low ebb at the moment however, so she had to resort to one of her selection of dildos and vibrators to relieve her sexual tension that night. She sneaked back into the house and into her own room before anyone emerged from the bedroom to catch her.

When she took care of herself, using a clear glass wand on her young snatch, she thought of the sight of her mother with two men inside of her. Two men. She could imagine the feeling of two cocks, separated by just a little flesh, moving in and out of her body. God, she wanted that, too.

Cathy fell asleep dreaming of cocks entering her body at will. And what if she was blowing someone at the same time her pussy and ass were filled? What if they all came at the same time, filling her from every direction. Yes, she wanted that, too.

What’s a girl to do with such dreams? For one thing, she could keep a closer eye on her parents. Lord knows what else they were up to.


It was Friday night, the day before high school graduation, and Elaine Porter was preparing for the next day’s ceremony. The house would be full of relatives most of tomorrow, and she’d spent most of the day helping clean for the party. She might have been looking forward to the day except that her mother had been in such a terrible mood all week.

Elaine felt certain that her mom was mad because she knew that Elaine had been watching her parents having sex in the basement. She could only hope that she didn’t know she’d been recording them as well. She wasn’t sure, really, but she’d never known her mom to act so distant and tense toward her before. What other reason could there be? She wished her mom would just yell at her and be done with it.

Still, she was past the point of guilt on the subject of watching her parents. It turned her on to watch them fuck, just as it turned her on to watch her brother masturbate. To watch each other, actually. She watched the video of her parents over and over, studying the way her mother’s cheek bulged against the head of her father’s cock or how her father’s ass tightened up thrusting into her mom’s pussy. She never could just watch the show but had to play with herself when she did.

Sometimes, she and her brother watched the video together, but he was out with Tillman Mosswell tonight at some geek convention downtown. Computer-whatever-con. Oh well, she could imagine his fist pumping his meat. She could imagine tasting his cum.

Emily Porter stood indecisively outside Elaine’s door and listened. Robert was mowing the lawn in preparation for the big event. Their daughter’s graduation from high school. There would be relatives coming over, of course, but mostly it was the parents of other students, going from party to party for whom they wanted to look good. She wanted her relationship with her daughter to be good, too, and that was why she was at her door.

But how would she broach the subject?

There was no sound from inside the room. Was she even in there?

Emily turned the knob and pushed the door open, and the first thing she saw was her own naked body humping up and down on Robert’s glistening cock. Emily found herself staring at the video taken through the basement window! Elaine was so engrossed that she didn’t hear her mother, who could barely control her anger, so Emily stepped inside and slammed the door behind her.

Elaine jumped, turning and reaching for the keyboard at the same time, one hand still half way inside her pants.

“You little bitch!” Emily spat, storming in to swat her daughter’s hand away from the keyboard. “Leave it on.”

“Mom, I . . . I’m sorry, but I . . .”

“Shut up.” Emily stared at the screen, watching herself taking Robert’s cock into her mouth. “Just shut up.” She nearly slapped the girl, but grabbed her hands instead, sniffing at her fingers. “That’s just disgusting. I’m your mother.”

“Oh, Mom, I’m sorry.” Tears flowed from Elaine’s eyes and her breath caught in her throat.

“No, you’re not, so don’t pretend you are,” Emily said. “Never again, right? It’s over, right?”

“Yes, never again,” Elaine promised.

“And never watch your father again, either.”

Elaine’s mouth fell open. Her mother had seen that, nilüfer escort too?

“I don’t ever want to be this angry again, young lady,” Emily said. “Don’t do anything to make me this angry or you won’t like it. Right?”

Elaine nodded, humiliated to be caught with her mother’s naked body on her computer monitor and the scent of her own pussy on her fingers.

“All right. Tomorrow is a new day, a new start, and this never gets repeated. Right?”

“Yes, Mom.”

Emily turned and left the room, slamming it again for good measure. Elaine sat for a long time just looking at the door. Then she turned toward the computer monitor and watched her father send a gob of jism out into her mother’s mouth.

He mom hadn’t said to get rid of the video. She knew how computers worked, and she would have sat right there and made certain Elaine erased it completely, but she hadn’t done that. Why not?


Across town, Cathy Burton was in the hall listening to her parents talking about her graduation party. It was a strange conversation.

“Maybe we’ll just let Cathy have some wine so she’ll go to sleep early,” Kent, her father, was saying. “Or, maybe a lot of wine.”

“She’s only eighteen, dear.” Sally, her mother, was always the voice of reason, but Cathy could hear laughter in her tone. Apparently, getting her daughter drunk so she’d be sleeping early wasn’t as abhorrent as she was pretending.

“Yeah, eighteen, and now I’ve got to think of how to keep my sister away from her,” Kent said, sounding genuinely worried. “She needs a man.”

“She’s got . . .”

“I mean a real man. Bill is only 18, too. She was an idiot for telling him.”

“She didn’t really tell him,” Sally said. “He’s just a sneaky little spy is all. Anyway, he should be able to keep her occupied. He’s got stamina.”

Kent laughed then. “Yeah, you should know about his stamina.”

“Cathy will probably want to ditch the party anyway, dear,” Sally said. “We don’t have to do anything but let her do it.”

“Well, everyone will be here. You know we can’t keep that group quiet for long.”

Both of Cathy’s parents laughed and the light under their door went out.

Cathy returned to her own bedroom perplexed. She had intended to ditch the party, but now she certainly wanted to stay. No, what she wanted to do was ditch it and then sneak back. Why did her parents want her out of the way at her own graduation?


Tillman Mosswell had gone to the computer convention with Danny Porter because he wanted life to be normal again, but that didn’t seem to be in the cards. Danny’s presence only reminded him of the two of them and Danny’s sister, Elaine, spying on the women gathered in the Peterson house.

He couldn’t help but remember the sight of Danny’s mom sucking on that pregnant chick’s clit. And he remembered his mother, too, standing just beyond the doorway a moment and then turning away. She was just a flash of breasts, a fleeting glimpse of her face, but the color of her skin gave her away. She was the only black woman in the neighborhood, and the party had been all neighborhood women. Now he wondered if Danny had seen her, too. He suspected that he had. It Tillman had seen her, Danny certainly would have.

Tillman felt grateful to his friend then, grateful that he had the decency not to admit seeing her. Danny didn’t seem to mind that Tillman had seen his mother, though. That bothered Tillman a bit, prompting him to ask now.

“You don’t mind your mom doing that stuff?” Tillman asked in the car driving home. “And me seeing it?”

“Mind? Jeez Till, if I knew what they were doing, I would have steered clear of the house,” Danny admitted. “But, we didn’t and that’s just the way it is.”

“Your mom is hot,” Tillman said.

“Yeah, she is,” Danny said. “Didn’t think so a couple weeks ago, but then I saw her with my old man and saw the light for sure. She’s damn hot.” Adding, “For an up-tight white lady.”

The two of them laughed a moment, before Danny said, “My sister’s hot, too, don’t you think?”

“Shit yeah.”

“You want to fuck my sister, don’t you?”


“Don’t play it cool, man,” Danny said, grinning. “You wanna fuck her, and she wants to get fucked. Seems like a good time to go buy some rubbers.”

“Man, you’re talking about your sister!” Tillman would never talk about his sisters like that. Not to an outsider, anyway.

“I like my sister,” Danny said, easily. “I just think she’d be happier with a cock in her snatch.”

Tillman laughed. “Well, that’s damn considerate of you,” he said.

“I’m a damn considerate guy. I won’t offer you my mother, because I’m not sure my father is in on the joke.”

“What joke?”

“This dyke thing going on. I really don’t think she’s told him.”

“Man, it’ll be the shits when he finds out, won’t it?”

“You bet. And that’s why I don’t think you should fuck my mother. Stick with my sister, türbanlı escort if you know what’s good for you.”

“I don’t want to fuck anybody’s mama,” Tillman said. “Even your hot ass mom. You said you’ve seen your mom and dad fucking?”

“Hell yeah. I’ve got video.” Danny laughed again, enjoying his friend’s mixture of lust and discomfort. “My mom sucks cock just as good as she eats pussy.”

“Shit, man, that’s your mama!”

Danny was only talking like that about his mom to put Tillman at ease. He figured that his friend must have seen his mother at the party but was concealing it. Still, Tillman probably expected that Danny had seen her, too, and wouldn’t know if he should speak up or not. Danny figured that if he acted like it was no big deal, Tillman wouldn’t worry about it.

It wasn’t really working that way. Tillman wasn’t about to admit seeing his mother there, but he couldn’t help but wonder what she had been doing with the other women in the living room. Had she been going down on one of them? Letting them eat her pussy? There was still too much to sort out, and he wasn’t about to do it aloud. He had lied about fucking Danny’s mom. He would do her in a minute. He wanted to see his cock in her mouth. See it in her pale, white ass.

“You really have video?” Tillman asked.

“Yeah. You and Elaine should watch it together sometime.”

That was a suggestion Tillman could easily agree with.


Cathy Burton laid in her bed wondering what her parents had been talking about. Something about her aunt, Doris, and her son, Bill. What had he found out about by being a sneaky spy? What did stamina have to do with it? She wished she could figure out the puzzle in her own mind, but she didn’t have enough information. She could guess, of course, but she didn’t like her guesses so she resolved wait until she knew more. All she could do was wait until after she had spent enough time chatting with her relatives to safely sneak away. Maybe then she would find out what the big secret was.

CHAPTER TWO, The Beneficial Properties of Guilt

When Tillman got home he found his mother dressed in her cotton night gown drinking a glass of water in the kitchen. She didn’t look happy at first, but when she saw her son she smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “Did you have fun?” she asked, her breasts swaying against the fabric of her gown when she moved.

“Yeah.” He tore his eyes away feeling guilty about looking and guilty about the hard-on growing in his pants. “I’m tired,” he said. “Gotta sleep.”

“Remember, Sherona will be home tomorrow,” his mother said. “Now don’t give her shit, hear? Her divorce was tough enough without attitude from you.”

“Yes, mom,” he said, heading toward the stairs. “Goodnight.” As he walked downstairs, he had a new source of guilt. Sherona, his 24 year-old sister, would be there all summer. Sherona, the cock teasing bitch who liked to leave the bathroom door half open when she bathed and then get all snotty when she caught one of her brothers peeking. Sherona, his oldest sister and the only one of his two sisters who had seen his hard dick.

As soon as he thought about her, he felt guilty about his confusion of thoughts. She pissed him off and excited him at the same time. Damn, he wished he was old enough to drink.

His mother climbed the stairs angry with her husband for falling asleep so early. He was never awake when she was ready, was he? Of course, he wasn’t ready when he was awake, either, was he? Bastard might as well not have a dick.

As soon as she thought that, she felt guilty about the thought. She’d been trying to blame him for her lesbian excursion all week but wasn’t succeeding. She was too smart to talk herself into thinking it was his fault. What she had to do was stop hinting and just say, “Come on and fuck me, Robert.” She knew he’d respond to that. She just wanted him to say it first.

She took off her nightgown and got into bed, pressing herself up against his back and reaching around to fondle his flaccid cock and balls. Robert worked his teeth together a moment, then yawned and turned his face toward her. “Keep doing that and you’re going to wake me up,” he said, smiling, opening his legs and shifting to his back.

“If you want to sleep, you just go right ahead,” she whispered. “All I need is a cock in me. Don’t matter if you’re awake to enjoy it.”

Her husband laughed, turning further toward her. “Give me one of those titties,” he said. “I’ll decide if it’s worth waking up.”

Later, sated and wet with sweat and sex, they both lay thinking that it had been well worth waking him up. Robert wondered why she’d awakened him. It wasn’t anything she normally did. But he was very glad to have his sleep disturbed.

Tania lay feeling that she’d made it up to him in some small way. She’d part of the debt for her transgression with those women, for not telling him about them, and for trying to blame him for it all week. It was a guilt fuck, but it was still a damn good fuck.


Danny felt guilty about the way he’d talked about his mom as soon as he pulled into their driveway. He was proud of her looks and sexual ability, sure, but the whole conversation made him feel dirty now. Tillman must think he was a big jerk.

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