Nephew is my teacher

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“Hey, check this out uncle Steve.”
Steve was playing at his nephew Jimmie’s on this summer morning. School was out and the boys had the house to themselves as Steve’s mom and Jimmie’s mom were at work. Jimmie and Steve were both 12 years old and spent a lot of time together as they only lived about 10 blocks apart.
Jimmies mom, Donna, was Steve’s half-sister. She was 31 years old. Jimmie was Donna’s first of four children. There being Teresa, 11, Timmy, 9, and Tammy who was 8.
“Whatcha got Jimmie?” Steve asked expecting a new toy or something.
Jimmie reached under his bed and pulled out a magazine. The name of the magazine was Swank and it had a nasty picture of a topless woman on the cover.
“I found this in my parents closet last week, wanna look at it?” Jimmie asked.
“Wow, yeah I guess so, what is it?” Steve asked his four month younger nephew.
“It’s a really cool magazine with all kinds of pictures in it of women naked and doing stuff,” Jimmie replies as he started to thumb through the pages.
“I haven’t ever seen a magazine like that before.” Steve said as he craned his neck to get a better look.
“Here’s my favorite.” Jimmie said as he opened to a page with 2 women shown sitting with their legs spread while one had her hand between the others legs and seemed to have two fingers inside of her.
Steve felt his penis getting hard like it did when he woke up in the morning. He adjusted his shorts in order to get a little more comfortable.
“What’s the matter uncle, you getting a boner?”
“I guess so, if that’s what you call it.”
Yeah, you call it a boner or a hard on, or a woody. Haven’t you ever had one before?”
“Yeah, every morning when I wake up I have one.”
“And do you do anything about it?”
“I try to make it go down so I can pee. Sometimes I slap it around or I do some” title=”escort kocaeli”>escort kocaeli calisthenics and make it get soft enough so that I can pee.”
“Why don’t you just jack it off?”
“What’s that mean?”
“You’re kidding, you mean you don’t know?”
“I’ve heard of it but I don’t really know what it means.”
“Take off your shorts and I’ll show you.”
Steve was a little reluctant. “Uh, I don’t know if I should, but I guess I’ll take mine off if you take yours off.”
In a flash Jimmie laid back and lifted his butt in the air, pulled his cut offs down and quickly followed pulling off his jockey shorts kicking them off across the floor. Jimmies hard penis sprung out of his shorts and bounced against his abdomen. It was about 5 inches long, just a few brown hairs around it, the shaft was very white with a couple purplish veins, and had a rounded head on it that was pinkish in color. Steve thought it looked kind of like his own but Steve’s helmet was more pointed. Steve’s also had a curve in it that went to the left. Jimmies was straighter but did curve upwards some.
“Now it’s your turn,” Jimmie said, eyeballing the bulge in Steve’s shorts, “come on I took mine off now you gotta show me yours!”
“OK, I guess I will.” Steve was a little shy about showing his private parts to anyone, but was feeling a little bit excited about a new experience. He stood up, undid the button on his cutoffs and pulled down his zipper. Ahh, that felt better he thought as the pressure on his young manhood eased. He pulled down his shorts and briefs together in one motion standing now with his exposed boner only inches from Jimmies face.
“Cool” Jimmie said as he examined his 4 months older uncles’ penis. “You have a nice one. You have a little more hair than I do.” It definitely was not a bush, just a few hairs sprouting up around the base of his” title=”kocaeli anal yapan escort”>kocaeli anal yapan escort cock. “Dude, you’re gonna love this, Jimmie said, “there’s nothing that feels better than jacking off and cumming.”
“What’s coming?” Steve asked his nephew?
“Coming is what happens when you jack off, man! It’s when white stuff called cum squirts out of your pee hole after you get the feeling.” Jimmie reached up and gently bounced his uncle’s balls with his hand 2 or 3 times feeling the weight of them he exclaimed. “Oh yeah, your balls are full of cum.” It felt good and strangely exciting to have someone else touch his balls, but Steve still had questions.
“The feeling, what’s that?”
“You’re gonna find out pretty soon. Here look at these pictures; doesn’t that make your dick hard?” Steve had to admit that he couldn’t remember when his dick had been this hard before, but at the same time he didn’t really know why that was a good thing.
“OK,” Jimmie said, “Let’s get up on the bed. They both jumped on the bed sitting beside each other with backs against the headboard.
“Now just watch and do what I do.” Jimmie said as he flipped the page of the magazine. “Oh yeah, I like this picture.” Jimmie wrapped his forefinger and thumb around his dick just under the the head and started slowly moving it up and down, just slightly grazing the head as his grip moved up and then down. Steve noticed that the head of his nephews cock started to swell a little and the pinkish color of the head began to turn a deeper shade as blood filled his young cock.
“Go on and try it, Uncle Steve, jack off that boner!”
Steve mimicked the grip that Jimmie was using and started stroking his own member. Whoa man, that felt pretty good, not like anything he’d felt before. Steve noticed that Jimmie was picking” title=”izmit yabancı escort”>izmit yabancı escort up the pace now and was alternating glances from the other boys cock to the pictures in the magazine. Both of them were getting more excited and picking up speed jacking off their rock hard pricks.
“Oh yeah!” Jimmied uttered “I’m getting the feeling, oh yeah! Steve watched his nephew as his eyes rolled back in his head and he started rapidly stroking his cock. “Fuck yeah, here it comes man! Jimmie kept stroking as his hips bucked into the air. White goo squirted from the end of his penis. First one, then another, and another. With each squirt Jimmie groaned with pleasure.
Watching his nephew’s pleasure, Steve kinda forgot what he was doing and was just looking at the spectacle of the 12 year old boy with cum spattered all over his belly and still oozing out onto his hand which was still slowing stroking his cock even though it looked like it was starting to get smaller now.
Jimmie looked over at Steve smiling weakly, “Why did you stop, man. Keep pumping that hard on, I want to see you come now.”
Steve decided to go for it and started rapidly pumping his member. Jimmie shifted his position so that he could get a close up look. Steve turned the page of the magazine and was greeted by the sight of a mature woman’s ass as she knelt on all fours, her ass to the camera. Oh shit that looked good. He started to feel pressure welling up in his balls. A few more strokes and it hit him. The feeling. That’s what it was! Oh my god, here it comes. A spurt of clear liquid squirted from the head of his cock. Jimmie watched intently as 3 more spurts came out and his uncle shuddered with pleasure.
“Oh shit, man, that was great! Where did you learn to do that, anyhow?
“My mom taught me”, Jimmie said smiling proudly .
“You’re shitting me” Steve said. “My sister taught you how to do that!?
“Yep, and she taught me more than that, too.”
They jumped when they heard the front door slam.
“Oh shit, someones home! Get dressed fast!”
(to be continued)

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