Nephew’s Readjustment

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story.


Cynthia’s life had improved drastically in the past two years. Most people would consider getting a divorce at thirty years old pretty bad. A divorce due to her husband’s infidelity with his coworker. And his other coworker. Not to mention her own older cousin. The divorce had been swift and uncontested. He had tried to show remorse, but she would have none of it. She now had half his assets, including a small chain of coffee shops.

Her revenge had only begun once Cynthia had control over money and assets that came with the divorce. Her husband had always been sensitive of his dick’s proportions. A barely average five inches, with just enough girth to not be considered skinny. At five-foot-six with a light skin tone, neck length dirty blonde hair and a pair of larger sized C-cup breasts followed by a relatively toned but soft body she found it relatively easy to locate men with significantly larger cocks than her husband’s. She got quite a thrill from the pictures and videos she took with a multitude of men, taking glee in delivering them to her husband, whom she knew still cared and would be hurt. She knew this wasn’t a good thing, but she felt incredible every time she thought of him seeing her pleased by a much larger dick.

She would often watch her own videos, getting off to wondering what her ex-husband must be feeling when he saw these. She hoped it hurt, deep, inside. She wanted him to question himself on the deepest levels. And while she was now extremely well off, she was not set for life. Her experiences with how easy it was to find men willing to recorded and how liberating and amazing it felt led her down the path of a dominatrix. She found herself intoxicated by the pleasure she received from these men willing to pay her to enjoy herself. For over a year she saturated herself in this role, exploring, finding new peaks of sexual pleasure. Any situation that involved her power over a man was like an addiction to her. The things she made them do, the ledges she walked them right up to the edge of.

But lately, she had felt the new highs were more and more difficult to obtain. While she enjoyed humiliating some for their wives cheating on them, and others for their enjoyment of gay pornography, they didn’t fulfill her, they were just new to her for a time. As time passed, she fulfilled many a customer’s fantasies, but her own were going unanswered. She wanted to completely own and humiliate a man, she wanted to mold him sexually into the most humiliating thing to men: a faggot. Not just one who sucked dick and got fucked. The most submissive, perverted sissy faggot, who loved other men in all aspects.

She had searched for this for months, and spoken with many prospects, but none wanted to go through with what she described. For her part, Cynthia was somewhat dismayed, even if she found the perfect candidate, she would know they initially were willing participants. She, however, wished that her participant were unwilling. She wanted to change that unwillingness, using any method she had.

As usual, things happen when and why we are least expecting them. One evening, after a particularly pleasant session with a client whose dick she hadn’t let out of chastity in weeks, Cynthia’s iPhone vibrates on the table, as her client leaves. Closing the door, the phone vibrates again multiple times in succession, the subtle noise that she’s received an e-mail.

As the owner of several of her ex-husband’s coffee shops, she had just installed security and monitoring software on all their point of sales machines as well the back of office computers, after several locations were suspected of fraud involvement.

The monitoring software would send her an e-mail when certain questionable websites were accessed, and from there she could click on a link to remotely view any of the computers. The first e-mail was because Facebook was accessed, and she wanted her employees working, not on Facebook. Not that she minded, the location that was showing the access was on the Fifth Street location and at this time of the evening, it would be her nephew, once removed, Nicholas.

The cousin who slept with her husband’s son. Nicholas has been working the closing shift there for the last two years, while he went to University, as a favor from her ex-husband to her cousin. While the divorce happened, and she had barely spoken to her cousin, she had seen no reason to punish Nicholas for other people’s mistakes. He was a quiet kid, barely twenty two years old. Barely taller than Cynthia herself, with a slender build a mop of brown hair, he had reliably been closing the store five nights a week for the past two years while paying his own expenses during University. She trusted him, and rarely gave him a thought, she was much too focused on her own activities.

Shrugging, she figured she would need to tweak the settings, gaziantep suriyeli escort today was the first day it had been installed at this location. However, several more e-mails buzzed in to her phone. As she scrolled through the e-mails, slightly guilty for intruding on his privacy, she paused. There were several porn tube types sites opened as well in quick succession, all from the same location, the back office computer for the Fifth Street shop. She quickly hurried over to a computer, curious. She logged in, wondering what she’d find as she accessed the remote desktop for that computer. She had never thought of Nicholas as a sexual being, just a shy younger guy, and her nephew. What did he like? What was he looking at? Now that she was aware of it, she simply had to know. She slightly inhaled, holding her breath as the program showed her what was on his screen: a bulging penis’ outline against a pair of boxers.

Cynthia stared at it for several moments. Was her nephew gay? He didn’t seem very gay at all in her interactions with him, though he had never mentioned a girl. While her mind started to wander, she watched his screen. Changing from tab to tab in a browser, each with different videos. A scene with a brunette worshipping a cock and balls with her lips and her mouth. Another picture, of a woman roughly being fucked, doggy style. He would stay on one for a minute or two, then move to the next.

And while the first two were purely heterosexual, the next tab contained a video of young man on his knees, a cock in his mouth, and his own large, straining erection, bobbing in time with his sucking. He watched that a bit longer, his mouse unmoving for several minutes before moving on. The next clip had two men, pressed up together, their dicks pushing into each other’s. They were passionate, groping, kissing, necking and half way through one of them mounted the other from behind. Nicholas continued to click back and forth, watching two men fill a woman at both ends, a cock gobbling bimbo blonde getting face fucked, and finally, a lengthy video clip of a decently muscled man with a thick dick pounding a cute guy with shoulder length brown hair. He was on his back, his dick sticking up in the air, wobbling every time the other man thrust into him, and Nicholas let this video go all the way to the end.

Cynthia was barely aware of her own hand, rubbing at her panties. She was quickly wet, and was getting that heady feeling. As the screen stayed on the end of the clip for several moments, she thought about what she had just witnessed. Her nephew definitely got off on dicks. And it looked like several types of men as well. She continued to play with herself as he closed it all the tabs he had porn in, checking in on a couple of dating sites. He hadn’t received any messages, sent off a couple to some girls, and after a short wait, closed everything.

Cynthia crawled into her bed after closing her computer. She got comfortable, slipping off her tights and panties, which were soaking wet. She was incredibly turned on, but conflicted. This was the chance she had been looking for. If he wasn’t gay, he certainly was at least bi. She could work with that. He was young, and impressionable, and from the quick glance she had seen, he didn’t seem to be getting anything on the dating front either. Sure, he asked out girls, but he also liked to see a guy get fucked too. She could make him completely gay, she knew she could. He was obviously repressing his desires.

But, unlike her customers, this wasn’t a consensual fantasy. An hour or evening here or there, and then they could return to their regular lives. She would try to make him utterly gay, in all regards. However, Nicholas was her nephew. He was just a young adult, going to school and working at a coffee shop. This would affect everything, if she did it right, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to do that to him. It wasn’t his fault his mother had slutted it up with her ex-husband.

She let herself have a wonderful orgasm imagining on some of the things she could likely convince him into doing, and floated off to bed. However, the next day, it was all she could think about it. As she went about her day, she eagerly checked the time, wondering and hoping that he would do the same thing again today. The day went by slowly, almost as if it was a count down until 9:00PM, when the store closed. She constantly refreshed her remote viewing program, waiting to see if the back of office computer was accessed. And it was accessed.

In fact, every night from Monday to Friday, several minutes after 9:00PM on went to the computer. It became her routine, waiting to see what her nephew was going to look at that night. And while she was attempting to resist using him for her own twisted pleasures, she couldn’t help but wonder. Over the week she learned several things about Nicholas: He led a very typical life, she could see all his exchanges over Facebook, how school was, how his roommates were annoying and he had no privacy, what new game was exciting, the typical.

No one seemed to have a clue about some of his tastes, was clear. I could see his dating luck never existed, as it was constantly bemoaned, and in the time I watched, a woman never even visited his dating profile, let alone sent him or responded to a message. I watched him fill out answers to silly relationship and life style questions. Yes, he had tried weed. No, he hadn’t had a partner of the same sex. Yes, he liked tattoos and wanted one himself. Helped explain why he was always on the closing shift at work, if he had no privacy at home, and he was trying to hide something.

Secondly, she became convinced her nephew was significantly repressing some gay urges. Her cousin, Sophie, on reflection, had often used negative gay slurs, so who knows? But while his porn consumption showed plenty of heterosexual couplings and lesbian as well, there was a significant amount of all types of gay porn. Mostly single man on man. Videos of men on their knees, sucking, getting slapped in the face with dick. Cute younger men being fucked, their less than average penises throbbing the whole time. But, sometimes it was the cute skinny young man getting sucked, and fucking. Sometimes it was even with significantly older men. Sometimes, it was two muscular men going at it. Clips of cock sucking training, deriding and cruel. He would occasionally browse Craigslist, under both w4m and m4m, and mostly clicked on the m4m adds, of all kinds. He never actually responded to any.

It ended up being too much for Cynthia. This was too perfect a chance, it felt as if the stars had aligned to grant her everything she had wanted. She rationalized by fact that she knew she could provide Nicholas with an incredible sexual experience, that he would never achieve on his own, that was certain. Certainly he was gay, and he could be happier by admitting it, and she could help him admit it. And as an added bonus of turning him into a pure faggot, she would also be turning her cheating, slutty cousin’s only son into gayest faggot she could imagine.

Once she gave herself permission to turn her nephew into a gay man, her mind started planning for how to get him there, how to manipulate him. She wanted more than that, she wanted him to be so gay that women couldn’t turn him on. To understand his place, which she would explain to him. She wanted him to be deeply humiliated and ashamed of his desires, but to accept them. To be turned on by them, which seemed like it shouldn’t be too difficult. She wanted as much control of him as she could, she wanted his head full of the thoughts she planted there.

Cynthia masturbated herself pleasantly through several orgasms, plotting her nephew’s demise, every aspect of it, and each and every step in the progression of reducing any straight tendencies he might have, or have in the future. All she had to do was pull it off, and she was confident she could do it, she had a perfectly insidious way to get there.

As she cleaned herself up post-orgasm, she mused sadly. Poor Nicholas didn’t have a clue what was about to happen to him, she thought. She texted him, advising she’d be by at closing time on Monday, to check in on a few things at that store.

Monday came slowly for Cynthia. She spent the weekend perfecting her approach, how to go from trusted aunt and pushing his boundaries, to his sexual confidant. How to do it while she made him feel amazing orgasms even while he felt ashamed. For their meeting, she had chosen wear a low cut blouse that gave a generous view of her breasts. Her make-up was light and she had on a pair of pleasant to the eye yoga tights.

She waved through the window of the coffee shop, it was a few minutes past 9:00PM, the customers were gone and the lights were still on. She mused idly while he unlocked the door. She had chosen to come at closing not only because it was a time private and alone, but because he obviously regularly masturbated at this time, and she wanted his normal time interrupted, ready, but delayed. She initiated a quick hug, not rare but not common either, and made sure to press her boobs into him as she gave him a peck on the cheek. She noticed it seemed like he had virtually no facial hair, despite being twenty-two years old.

Nicolas, for his part, did take note of the feel of breasts pressed against him, but shook it off quickly. He was a bit nervous, as his aunt didn’t check in on him often, and hoped it wasn’t bad news.

They made small talk about how he was (“Fine, school’s doing well. How are you?”), how she was?

“Well, I’ve been keeping busy. These places don’t run themselves, y’know? It’s kind of why I’m here today, I needed to discuss something with you.” Cynthia said, looking somewhat bashful. Nicholas looked confused, and nodded at her to continue.

“Well, as you might remember, one of the other stores had some fraud stuff going on. Because of that, I got some security and monitoring software installed. We did this overnight, because what would be the point if everyone knew.” Cynthia got through it in a roundabout way, checking Nicholas’ face out for any reaction. She couldn’t see if he had made the connection yet, so she continued.

“Certain sites you visit-” instant recognition in his eyes, though he hardly moved, I knew he knew. “-ed in the evenings.” She continued “I feel kind of silly asking, Nicholas, but… you’re gay, right?”

Nicholas was almost shaking. “No, I’m not gay.” He heard himself say. He wasn’t. It was just fantasy porn that he got off to sometimes. He knew how absurd the thought was as soon as he had it.

However, Cynthia just looked at him with what could only be interpreted as a kindly, understanding look. “Honey, it’s ok to be gay. I want you to know, I’ll be very supportive of you.” She said, reaching out with one hand to comfort him. She wanted him to know she was supportive of his orientation, even as he denied it. Maybe it was denied, maybe it was curiosity, perhaps he was bi-sexual, or anything in between. But, in the end, he was going to be queerer than he knew even existed, she had decided.

However, he had no clue how supportive she could be. Nicholas reacted by yanking his arm away from her, stepping back. He was blushing slightly, but put on as tough a front as he could. “You had no right!” He said, with some force behind it. She almost shrank back, as he stared at her “I’m not gay, ok?” he certainly looked very serious. She’d have to fix that, but it would take some time. “I looked at plenty of other porn too. I bet you know that too. I like women.” He finished.

Cynthia held back a smile, letting it melt into a sort of knowing grin. “Honey, maybe you do. But that doesn’t make you any less gay, does it? It’s OK. A lot of guys hide in the closet. Are you out?” she asked, completely ignoring his denials. He had an almost-good poker face. She wouldn’t have been able to tell, if she didn’t have a week’s worth of seeing what videos and what sites he went to, to get his orgasms.

Nicholas looked caught, and trying not to. He couldn’t figure out why his aunt wouldn’t let go. He was working hard to keep from getting too angry or emotional. “I’m. Not. Gay.” He stated, punctuating his words, trying to lend weight to them. “I look at a lot of porn, it doesn’t make me gay. I like girls, always have.” He defended himself. There was some truth there. He probably did like girls, probably always had. But he was also a horny young man with no outlets but masturbation, and she was also going to use that against him.

Without her prior and intimate knowledge, she would have perhaps let it go, he seemed certain to her. But she knew better. He was young, and masturbating to gay porn, pondering answering ads from men on the internet. He was cautiously exploring his sexuality, questioning it. Her nephew was in the perfect stage to be susceptible to her. He knew he liked girls, but he couldn’t admit an attraction to men. Not like girls. That was ok.

Cynthia walked past him, motioning for him to follow her into the office, where the computer he used was. He cautiously followed her in, closing the door behind him, even though the place was empty. Nicolas was completely off balance. He didn’t think he was gay, but was shocked at how vehemently he denied it. His own penis twitched slightly. This was a bit too real.

Cynthia turned on the computer, waiting for it to boot up. She and Nicholas were standing behind the desk, and she turned to face her nephew, and said “Nicholas, I know you can’t think that. I’ve seen the videos you like. I’m telling you, it’s OK. Some men also like other men. Some of them like to suck other men’s cocks. You’re one of them. I’ve seen the videos you like, the ones you save. You might ‘like girls'” using air-quotes, and raising her eyebrows, “but I’m pretty sure you like gay sex even more.”

Nicholas was absolutely stunned. Whatever he was expecting, he wasn’t expecting his aunt of talking dirty with him. Or how his penis kept twitching with every sentence. His fantasies were supposed to be for him only, he never thought anything of it, because he wasn’t gay. Almost sullenly, he proclaimed stubbornly that he liked women. It was hard to deny he had certain tendencies, so he ignored it.

As the computer finished booting up, Cynthia brought up the browser, logging in with Nicholas’ credentials, which left him frozen solid rather than raging at the invasion. She brought up the history function, showing a list of recently visited sites.

Cynthia went down the list, days’ worth of Nicholas’ masturbatory fantasies. She’d list off the names, if the history tab had kept them. “Faggot gets face fucked” was the title of one clip, another was “muscular man loves me in the ass” showing exactly that, a larger man sliding his dick into his ass while he moaned. Cynthia couldn’t tell, but Nicholas was definitely trying to adjust his pants without her noticing, and failing terribly. She knew she had him. “What about this one,” she questioned, titled “Gay Lovers”, that featured two men disrobing each other, groping each other before cutting to their dicks pressed together, when she paused it, looking at him “I don’t think you like women all that much, sweetheart. I told you, it’s OK to be gay.” giving him a knowing and understanding look.

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