Never Experienced Rough Sex

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“A startled moan escaped her lips, and she tilted her head back as his tongue flicked one nipple and his hand caressed the other. She was sure he could feel her heart pounding and sense her inexperience. She closed her eyes, and the possibility of being caught by someone—anyone—dissipated as she focused on the pleasure he was giving her.”

Jade is 26 divorced, mother of one child, self employed living and working in Addison Tx. I bumped into Jade a half hour after we were first introduced. She is drinking Shirley Temples since she does not drink, but she is loosening up quickly. When she sees me, Jade put her arm around me and asked me if I was having a good time. I told her I was having a great time. I glanced down at her tits. Jade smiled at me and pushed her tits up against me. I see it in her eyes that she wanted more, so I asked the question. “ Are you having a good time?”, I asked. “ Yes I am”, she replied. Next came the big question, “ Would you like to have a better time?” Jade grinned at me and said, “ I would love to.” I glanced around the room to see where everyone was. I saw them scattered all around. I led Jade down a hallway to the master bedroom. I closed the door and locked it. Her eyes glanced towards me. My eyes shone with a look that made her feel weak. She has never been alone with a older man before, she is nervous. Not until I had seen the feelings of desire in her eyes had I been sure of what I would do. She is ready. Her body is ripe and cried to be touched. It is my responsibility to teach her the things that all women should know. First on the list, her beauty.

Sitting on the velvet love seat, my eyes traced the curvature of her body. Jade squirmed under my inspection. Nervous, she spun around in the clingy dress and sought my approval. Her beauty I said was indisputable and it was time she knew it, ” Do you trust me?” Words whispered and carried to her as sounds of approval were met with a nod.
” Jade remove your dress, it’s time you see what I do.” My voice is deep and sounded somewhat foreign. The look on my face she has never seen. Moisture gathered within and she squirmed. ” Jade. . . .” Looking up at me, she whispered, ” I’m afraid.” Nervously, she bit her bottom lip. Her vulnerability enflamed a fire already burning out of control. Words painful and believed spilling from her trembling lips. Too much neglect and rejection had shattered the self-worth of the exquisite young woman. Her sadness reinforced my determination. She had to see what is so obvious to the rest of the world. Her beauty is powerful. Turning her around and now facing the dark wood mirror that hung above the dresser, I again nudged her towards nudity. Our eyes met in the mirror and with fear coiling within, she nodded. Grabbing the hem of her dress, she lifted the green silk over her head. Only in black heels she stood. Her eyes downcast, Jade waited for my instruction.

Taking her delicate chin in my hand, I lifted her head. In the mirror, our eyes met once more. My gaze held hers. Her pale skin trembled and goosebumps appeared on her pale arms. Time stopped and I held my breath. Jade is even more beautiful than I had imagined. ” Look at yourself . . . you are perfection personified . . . look.” She did. nice firm breasts stood proud with small rose colored nipples. A flat stomach that would lead to the object of any man’s countless sleepless nights. Two perfectly symmetrical pink lips are exactly as I had imagined. Need intensified deep in a place that reason could not enter. Eyes locked on her nude image in the mirror, she watched me step behind her. Trembling she feels her nipples tighten and a warmth radiating through her. Eyes wide as she watched the mirror transfixed as two hands grasped and lifted her breasts. Caressing and kneading the tender flesh I spoke. ” Look at yourself . . . you’re beautiful,” and rolling her dark pink nipples between my fingers, I continued, ” Your breasts are perfect. Men dream of such beauty.” Between each compliment I kissed her neck. ” You believe me, don’t you?”

” Yes, John,” said in a manner that is both part moan and part whisper. Sandy feels a pang. She knew this is wrong. She knew deep down she should make this stop but it just feels too good. My hands, lips and words made any protest pointless. She never wanted me to stop. Sadly, she realized she might not be a ” nice” girl. Sadness is quickly replaced by rushes of pleasure through her petite frame as I released her breasts and gently stroked her slightly curved hips. Compliments and caresses continued as she watched me in the mirror. Her body feels what the woman in the mirror feels but her mind feels numb. Holding her hips firmly, I instructed her to look between her legs. Jolts of electricity are released as I gently ran one finger down the center of her pussy. She watched as I stopped above her slit. Looking into the mirror my glazed eyes met hers and I smiled. ” Your mine tonight?” Sandy nodded at my words. She belonged to me. Nodding, she beamed at me. Trust radiated from her bright eyes as she looks to me. ” Undress me Sandy, you have a lot to learn tonight.” With slender hands that are trembling, she turns and begins to undress me. Alarms sounded but she pushed them away. Now nude myself, I looked down on the beautiful young woman. Patience warred with animalistic urges as I struggled to move slowly. I didn’t want to frighten. I wanted to claim. Pulling her chin up, I stared down into her trust filled eyes and feel my resolve shaken. Everything in me twisted and turned as rising desire demanded relief. She had been the one to try and kiss me. The coffee had become a bottle of wine, which had then become two, and she knew she’d had too much and was probably making a foolish decision, so that is why she was also the one to break off the kiss so suddenly.

Then I grabbed her, hard and fast, she is unable to comprehend at first, for it all moved too quick. I grabbed her around the arm and shoved her hard up against the wall and it hurt where my fingers had gripped and bit into her, it hurt as her head hit the wall behind her, as I push her roughly and held her there with the weight of my body. But it did not matter if it hurt, for my lips are on hers once again, but this time the kiss is hard and forceful. My tongue is in her mouth and my body is pressing against her and my hands are on her breasts, and her waist, gripping her tight. She is helpless to fight against me, not simply because I’m physically stronger than her, but because she seems to lose all will to fight in the face of my determined lusts. She did try to struggle after a moment, briefly, ineffectually, as her wits had return and that sensible part of her brain told her this is wrong and I shouldn’t be allowed to do this. So she tried to pull her face away from me, tried to push me off her, but my teeth clenched and an anger flared in my eyes and I gripped her shoulders with brutal force as I pushed her once again against the wall, this time with far more strength. She literally saw stars as her head hit hard against the wall behind her, her stunned groan entirely unwitting, but I gave her no time to recover, reaching up with one hand to entwine it in her long hair at the back of her head and pulling down hard. She whimpers out loud with the sudden pain, but cannot get out any further sound, for my lips are on hers once again and my tongue is back in her mouth and she stops trying to struggle for fear of what I would do and instead just kissed me back.

She is gasping for breath by the time I pull my face away from her and she took advantage of the respite merely to draw air deep into her lungs, her eyes locked onto my face somewhat fearfully. She sees a cruel amusement in my expression, worse, condescending disdain, as if I had always known she would respond to such harsh treatment, as if I had expected nothing less. My free hand, the one not holding her by the hair at the back of her head, clutched roughly at her breast so that she cannot help but utter a low sound of surprised pain. Something else flared in my eyes then, she thought it was satisfaction, pleased to hear her cries. As she stared up at me in that moment of respite, I still push my body against hers and she is pinned to the wall, my hand on her breast, the other painfully pulling her head back by her hair, she knew then she truly feared me. Feared me and desired me also, desperately, and overwhelmingly. I grabbed her wrist as I stepped away from her, not saying a word, just pulling her suddenly, sharply forward, so that she stumbles and had to use her free hand to grab onto me so as to steady herself in case she fell. I gave her no time to regain her balance, I grabbed her by both arms and shoved her again forward, this time onto the bed.

She fell forward, half on her stomach, half on her side, then quickly scrambled to turn over before I’m on top of her, because she knew by now I wouldn’t wait to see if she was comfortable or if she was unhurt. Her pain meant nothing, I cared about. I will satisfy my desires and I will use her to do so and if it hurt her or if it pleasured her is entirely irrelevant and she is even more afraid of how quickly she has accepted that. I’m on her before she had managed to turn completely over, which meant I only grabbed her shoulder roughly and pulled her back round to where I wanted her, then planted my lips down on hers again as my hands move down to grip her waist. She knew what I was doing and she is helpless to say whether she wanted it or not, for I’m not giving her a choice. I just pushed my hand down, finding her panties and yanking them down, then shoving my hand in them and all of a sudden, my fingers roughly push up inside of her. She cries out loud, though her sounds are muffled by my mouth still on hers, as I roughly jab three fingers all at once into her. It pain is intense as it was rough and sudden, but it would have hurt more if she wasn’t already so wet. She is dripping, far more than she thought was normal, for she is already well lubricated and ready for me and it both surprised and shamed her that it was so, that she could respond so to my rough treatment of her like this.

I pull my fingers out most of the way then shove them in hard again, hurting her so that she arched her back and unwittingly tilted her face away from me as she did so. I let her, my smile viscous as I watch her whimper beneath my touch and she thought about begging me desperately to be more gentle with her, except she is too afraid I would only use that as a reason to hurt her more. Afraid, also, she secretly didn’t want it like this to begin with, unable now even to trust herself. I thrust my hand into her three, four, five times, each time harder than the last, using powerful thrusts until she is crying out helplessly with each thrust, before I pull my fingers quickly out. All of a sudden she found my fingers, sticky and smelling of her, at her already bruised lips and pushed inside her mouth. She tries to turn away, gagging hard, she did not like this, did not like to taste herself, but I would not let her and grab her hair once again with my other hand and turn her head just as I wanted it and made her lick my fingers clean of her juices. I’m grinning nastily as I did, no doubt seeing that her eyes are glassy with tears from her fear and pain, but knowing she is not fighting me, rather she is responding more to each new degrading moment. Then, suddenly, I push myself back off her. If she had ever been going to stop this, if she had ever been going to fight, now is the time. This is when she can get herself away from me. This moment alone she will have to be free.

She did not move, as I push myself back to stand at the side of the bed where she lay. She continues to lay there, looking up at me fearfully and clutching the blankets beneath her with frightened, anxious hands as I lean over and grab her panties, which are still around her thighs, and yank them down. I pull them from her legs, which involved more than a little cooperation from herself, she lifts her buttocks to make it easier for me to do this, not kicking out with her legs so I can remove them quickly. Again, she feels a spike of shame, she is letting me do this to her, but she cannot help it, she cannot help herself, not as she found herself left uncovered and exposed to me. She tries to hide her pussy, though why she knew not, for surely I had already gone too far for her to suddenly become coy now. I only slapped her hands away hard and she knew better and left her open and exposed again, her juices evident on her inner thighs, staining the sheets beneath her. She turns her head, not wanting to meet his eyes, her cheeks flaming red with embarrassment and shame, but I only laugh and as she hears the zipper of my pants open, she cannot help but flick her eyes back, drawn to this, not able to stop it. After that zipper, I undid my belt buckle, then the buckle of my jeans, and then slipped the belt through all the loops, taking it from my pants.

I forced her legs apart with my knees, but she is afraid now, afraid of me and her response to me, and twisted slightly before I can move onto her. The snarl on my face is angry and my weight shifted suddenly. Tears springing to her eyes as she moved herself back round to where I wanted her and when I kicked her legs out wider, she did not fight me, not even as she feels me there, between her legs, the thick hard threat of my masculinity, ready now to take her, whether she liked it or not. I shoved into her, hard. All the way, all at once, so long, so thick, larger than any partner she’d previously had, the very few that there were, and seeming to tear her open with the brutal suddenness of it. She cries out, unintelligible words, she isn’t sure if she is trying to beg me to go slow, to have mercy on her, or if she is trying to tell me, she wanted it all the harder. What she wanted would make no difference anyway, I will take out my lust and my desires on her regardless, and now I pull back and shove into her again and if she thought my fingers had been rough, if she thought they had hurt, then it is nothing compared to my long hard thick cock. I thrust myself in and out all the way with thrusts deliberately designed to hurt and she found herself only pushing back against me, willingly raising her hips to meet mine.

She almost orgasms immediately on my entry into her, which shocked her so bad, she almost forgot to be ashamed. She has never climaxed via penetration, vaginal orgasm just did not exist in her experience, she needed to stimulate the clitoris to get anywhere even close and even then the few partners she’d had over the years hadn’t really been able to satisfy her properly. She’d just grown accustomed to knowing she’d have to do it herself, which was fine, she guessed, that was just the way she worked. Yet now, as I shoved myself so deep, so rough, inside of her, she feels it build suddenly, that familiar sensation, and it only took two or three hard thrusts to bring her to climax. She tries to hide it, clutching at the sheets beneath her and biting back on her lip, but I did not slow and I did not hesitate as I continue to shove myself inside her until all of a sudden she can hold it back no longer. Muscles spasm, body tightening, the groans she had tried to hide escaping from her bruised mouth as for the first time ever she came entirely from the penetration of me inside of her.

That moment was a release in more than one way for her. I did not rest, she had cum, although it hurt more now, she did not try to stop either, instead continuing to push her hips back against me as I dictated our speed and thrusts. Following my lead as she did purely what is pleasing to me alone, she merely tried to do what she could to enhance my pleasure, as if that is all that mattered, and so at the moment it was. She did not try to hide the soft cries, she involuntarily made with each hard painful thrust inside her. She feels as if she can hide nothing from me now, so she let me see the complete affect I’m having on her, or at least, she stopped trying to pretend I couldn’t see it, and just let me have my way. Her hands stopped clutching at the blankets beside her and instead now she brought them up to my waist, clutching at me, as if I were the only thing she could cling onto to save herself from drowning in this experience.

Sensible thoughts flickered through her mind, momentarily there, then forgotten in the sensations of me; knowing I wasn’t wearing a condom, knowing despite her surrender, she in effect has little choice, aware that if she had fought, had outright refused, I would have raped her anyway. Not caring for any of it, only desperate now for me, pushing her hips towards me, clutching at my body, crying out with the pain and the pleasure of the feel of me, prepared to do anything for more of me, anything at all. She wanted my pleasure, she wanted to feel me cum inside her, I had made it very clear I cared little for her pleasures or pains and is solely concerned with using her for my enjoyment. Yet she adopted this also as her goal and worked towards my climax, focused entirely upon it. If she had been brave enough to beg me now, it would not have been for mercy. She would merely have begged me for my seed, to spill my fluids inside of her, and to use her as I will.

There is no warning for her second orgasm, which merged immediately into a third, and left her so stunned, so shocked, that she feels the tears again at her eyes. Just as she had never experienced orgasm from vaginal penetration before, so she had never climaxed more than once in any sexual experience. Yet now her body betrayed her and she found it hard to cope, bucking beneath me as I laughed low over her, a sound of power, and control. He came myself then, as if I had waited entirely for that moment, shoving myself inside of her all the way, she seeing my muscles stiffen, the clenched jaw expression of my face and feeling me inside her jettison load after load of white, sticky cum, she knew she should be worried about it. But she couldn’t, she just raised her hips to meet me, feeling the spasms inside her, the pumping ejaculation as I made sure she took every drop I had and not a drop spilled. Then I took a deep breath and rolled casually off her.

She continued laying there, half naked, sticky, used and abused and stunned. Her body feeling exhausted, her mind is confused. She feels tears in her eyes, she feels dark shame and humiliation all the worse because she had so willingly participated in her degradation. Yet for all her exhaustion, for all her confusion and shame and humiliation, her body feels satisfied. She feels satisfied and surprisingly grateful. After a moment, she turns her head to see me sitting there on the side of the bed, leaning back on my arms and watching her. She didn’t know what to say, only swallowed hard and waited for me to speak first. ” You’re not finished yet…call your manager, your taking tomorrow off…then call your babysitter, your staying here tonight.” I told her, the first words I had spoken this entire time. She didn’t know what I meant, so she opened her mouth to speak, to ask, she just could not find the words. ” I… I don’t understand…” she tried quietly, not sure if she meant it in regards to what I said, or rather to the entire experience. I only reached out one hand to her, after the desire was satisfied and some sense of normality had returned, she flinched away from me. I did not let her get too far, only taking hold of her shoulder and pushing her up. She shifted her weight so as to do as I indicated, sitting up beside me on the bed, she made the phone calls.

Then she found herself surprised when I pushed her insistently, almost threateningly, until she realized suddenly I wanted her down on the floor. ” I’m going to mount you,” I said as she stumbled a little from the bed, not sure what was going on. Her body is a lush young Venus which any man would get a hard on seeing nude like she is now. Her rounded pert breasts whose taut-tipped nipples showed so clearly. Her tiny girlish waist to round hourglass hips, her belly is flat and smooth, and the soft little mound of her pussy swelled gently upward between full well-shaped thighs. From there her long shapely legs tapered downward to the very tips of her toes. Her black shoulder length hair framing a heart-shaped young face that invariably turns heads. Her bright blue eyes are large and full of innocence, with long dark lashes. She has a tiny tilted nose and a ripe red young mouth that beckons even when she is frowning. Her complexion is very smooth and without blemish, white with twin roses in her cheeks. To say that Jade is a beautiful young woman is a understatement. To say that she is proportioned altogether sexily for a twenty six-year old woman is hitting the nail on the head. She has that youthful allure every man dreams of. I sat on the bed staring at her kneeling in front of me.

Her eyelashes flickering slowly on her eyelids as she stares up at me. She sees me sitting there holding my massive penis in one hand, lifting it up over my mature hair-covered testicles, totally naked. My eyes glowed wildly, totally unlike anything she has seen. She has never had a man look like that at her, then I’m standing before her now, with my penis in my hand, some milky droplets glistening in the small opening at its tip, my eyes shining with lust. My
penis seems so much bigger and thicker, covered with a road map of throbbing blue veins. Her nostrils flared, as she feels her heart palpitate faster. Instinctively her trembling fingers move lightly down over the heaving mounds of her shapely breasts, down over her nicely curved belly, then down…into the soft, dark pubic triangle between her shivering legs. A soft gurgle rose from her throat as her fingers slip in through the smooth, moist opening of her pussy lips and further still towards her softly sucking vaginal mouth. Jade begins breathing heavily as she pushes her fingers in through the velvet smooth wetness, then pulls them out again with a gasp. She is experiencing a sexual awakening with a man 29 years older then her. I became her lover at that moment, as she positioned herself on her hands and knees. I came to her with my immense penis in my hand, spreading her legs wide apart, struggling forward with my hairy legs in order to seek entrance in the warm moist opening of her wet velvet glove.

A groan of exquisite joy escaped her parted lips, I kept her turned on. She takes sharp breath in, her nipples are tingling with heat, and the entire triangle of her loins is fluttering and full of butterflies racing around like mad. Her throbbing breasts rose and fell irregularly, alive with emotion. She looks back over her shoulder at me, large as life I’m leaning over her, moving down onto her small body, grating my dark hairy chest all over her back, rubbing her smooth white skin with my rougher flesh, breathing hotly onto the back of her neck, my enormous penis sliding forward through the sensitive wet portals of her hot young cunt…plunging forward…electrifying her hypersensitive little clitoris with my cock, massaging it around agonizingly in a way that made her beautiful dark head strain backward, her mouth open and echoing sharp, urgent little cries, the muscles and veins in her neck standing out, pulsating with un-quenched desire again, striving for an impossibly beautiful orgasm…and then suddenly there I was laying my weight on her back.

My arms wrapped around her torso holding me hunched obscenely over her back. Jade groans as my hips thrusts relentlessly back and forth…as my burning hot penis disappears into her, then came out again, sleek and glistening, out to its full thick length…but at such a furious pace that it took her breath away…she gulps and imagines… and then the tingling…that bayan escort gaziantep fierce, mindless tickle in her loins…with me panting. ” Oooooooooohhh, John.” she found herself whispering. I’m moving in and out between her legs, my hungry mouth clamped down on her neck, kissing and biting her soft succulent skin demandingly…my hips working in a mad rhythm… and then…then… ” Ooooohhhhhhh…AH! Honeeeeeeeey!” Jade twists and turns underneath me, as if in the grip of some obscene, soul-destroying torture. A wave of feelings combining with aching pleasure with the sheerest agony washing through her shivering body from her toes to hair ends, momentarily convulsing her hot young flesh and making her cry out. Then there is one long, endlessly drawn-out groan from her parched young lips, and a cascade of perspiration exposed itself on her smooth young skin, joining a post-climactic rush which had traveled swiftly up her arms and to the base of her throat. She groans, moans and whines, her voice fading away little by little as her orgasm over whelms her. It was some time before her eyes opened again and she found herself staring at the bed, her body awash with sweat, covering her body, her lovely face flushed and warm, her thighs weak and trembling. ” Oh God,” she breathes, gulping as the force of her orgasm brought her back to reality.

My broad chest full of wiry black hairs rubbing against her back. My long thick cock sliding in and out of her hotly grasping vagina. ” John! Oh John!” Jade gasps, working her hips desperately to milk my enormous blood-bloated rod of flesh of every last thrill and every last drop of scalding hot sperm. Jade has been on the pill since her divorce, she is delighting in feeling an exquisite thrill as she feels my lust-heated semen squirting up inside of her. Now she wants it more than ever. Jade is experiencing sexual feelings, she never thought were imaginable. She had never made love with the lights on, watching our bodies moving, my shining penis slicking in and out through the caressing passion-drenched folds of her yearning, burning cunt. She is embarrassed watching in the mirrors that surrounded us on the walls at all sides. That is a part of her excitement, watching herself being fucked like this, in whatever position I commanded. The lewdly impaled woman works her hips around and groans, feeling the enormity of my cock sliding so achingly in and out of her burning vagina. It is like being dredged with an earth-mover when I’m inside her, my cock is so huge and dominating. She had never seen a cock that big in her life, she had never imagined sex being so erotic. My huge penis with all those rough, vagina-rippling little ridges, that it had immediately dominated her every thought and consideration for the future. I thrust hard driving my cock all the way inside her.
She feels my cock wildly jerking then she feels hot thick stream of cum spurting out, drenching her womb. We both collapse onto the bed, our bodies covered with sweat and breathing hard.

I roll off of her onto my back, Jade rolls onto her back. She is physically and emotionally exhausted, She has never been fucked in two different positions. Her body aches all over and her pussy is sore from being fucked for an hour or longer. She has never been with a man with sexual prowess and stamina like me. She slowly got up, her legs weak and shaking as she made her way to the bathroom. When she came out an hour later after taking a hot bath, she sees me laying on the bed nude with a hard cock jutting up in the air. I motioned for her to come to bed and suck my cock.
I laid on the bed in semi-erect position lazily stroking my dick. Jade took my cock in her hand, and started slowly licking the head, then she started taking my cock in, slowly. She got to just about her gag point, took in a breath, and then started further down, using a swallowing motion just as she got my cock head right to that point. Once she had me balls deep, she’d pull back a bit, and then go further down. I’m in heaven with this. As she sucked on my cock, she glanced into one of the mirrors to watch herself. I leaned forward sliding my probing fingers into the warm, moist slit of her pussy while she sucked so lovingly on the rigid warmth of my desire-thickened penis. Gently, I stroked the hot tingling lips of her vagina, this drove her wild. She could hardly feel my cum squirting out to flood deliciously against the back of her throat. I pushed her onto her back spreading her legs wide. I buried my face in her sweet smelling pussy. She watched me in the mirror as I licked and nibbled at her fiercely sensitive outer lips of her burning cunt, sliding my tongue snakelike deeply into her clasping vagina, in order to draw ecstatic little gasps from her hoarsely struggling throat. All this mirror-watching is fiercely erotic, a part of love-making she has never experienced in her life.

Being with a older lover has only served to arouse her, when she should have been afraid and cautious with me. Her arousal is bubbling eagerness, her heart racing frantically in her chest. True to my reputation of being dominate I slide my hand to her pert breast, as we kiss passionately. While my tongue fucked her gasping hot mouth, my fingers are suddenly grasping her nakedly stiffening nipple and the firm but resilient flesh of her tender breast. Not wanting to give up my masterful, pussy- drenching kiss, she didn’t struggle to get rid of my gently squeezing hand.
Then I started pinching her throbbing nipple between thumb and forefinger, she became so aroused to do anything about my fiercely erotic fondling. Finally, I leaned my head down, taking one of her bursting hot nipples into my mouth and much of her surrounding sensitive breast as well, sucking hungrily on the young mounds rising and falling with increasing passion beneath my lips. The tickling of my tongue as it batted her nipple back and forth brought it up quickly to a pussy-tingling hardness, and shivering little thrills seeming to pass in waves up her thighs, searing through her pussy and belly, finally pouring like molten lava into the lust-infused roundness of her sensitive young breasts. So preoccupied she didn’t notice when my other hand slipped between her legs, madly caressing her smooth cream-white thighs.

” No-Oh, John, no!” she protested, sensing that she might not be able to hold me back in time. My hands keep stroking her relentlessly, roving the full length of her aroused young body, over her crazily quivering stomach and on down to her soft throbbing pubic triangle. Then I begin stroking her pussy, lewdly pushing my middle finger up into the moist vaginal split of her pussy. This starts an aching, yearning sensation that is totally unlike any other feeling Jade has ever known before in her young life. In reality, she knew of nothing to compare it with. Her masturbating has never given her sensations like this before. Jade is struggling and protesting strongly against her ardent lover’s searching fingers, though with increasingly weaker resolve, as she squirms around on the bed beneath my maddening caresses. ” No…no…John…not again so soon…Oh please don’t,” she gasps excitedly into my ear.
Which only served to spur me on! Paying no attention to her pleas, suddenly there is a warm blunt pressure against the top of her thigh. She gasps. The muscles of her body contracting violently as she now feels its hard muscular heat against the smooth naked flesh of her thigh. Jade is about to pull away, despite her arousal, then suddenly my fingers are probing again between her legs, moving deeper inside her wet passion-slick churning vagina. This sent a shock of pleasure rippling through her, which had no counterpart in memory. The electric quality of that feeling froze the young woman to the bed. She could not move for the moment as ecstatic pleasure raced around inside her inexperienced twenty six year old body.

I took this to mean that I could have my way with her again, and immediately pursued further. Taking her slender small hand, I placed it over my obscenely hard cock, forcing her fingers to wrap around it. She clenched it tight out of instinct, hearing me groan with pleasure as she affectionately squeezes it, my groan mingling with her ecstatic gasps of joy. She never expected it to be so enormous so soon. Her fingers can barely go around it. Without thinking, she begins to massage the thick outer skin back and forth, up and down over the muscular shaft. Nothing else in the world has ever felt so nice or so complete. I’m pushing my middle finger deep into her wide-splayed cunt, which is wet from the juices seeping so excitedly from its parted lips. I’m stretching her small slit open; the thrill I’m giving her races wildly through her excited body. Her attempt to resist is feeble. Jade relaxes her inner thighs giving me greater access to her open pussy, and at the same time, increasing the speed of her hand fondling my desire-hardened cock. With each gentle pull, she feels my cock jerking upward toward increased hardness, she has never felt a cock grow harder in her hand. God, will he try to thrust it up between her legs again, she wondered?

Then, suddenly, I tried to roll over on top of her, prudence at last taking firm hold on her morally straying mind, she managed to resist. Clamping her thighs tightly together, she trapped my rock-hard penis warmly between them. I struggled like a madman to lift up and get the hot rubbery tip lodged into the opening of her wet throbbing vagina, but she struggleS with all her strength against me – inadvertently, at the same time, tightening her grip on my straining cock. Then I forced the head of my cock, its wildly pulsating tip poised between the splayed-open lips of her cunt, she feels a hot, thick stream of pre-cum spurting out of it, drenching her pubic hair with my warm sticky sperm. She pushed me off her and rolled on her side, I pushed her flat on her stomach, forcing her legs wide apart.
I position myself between her legs, grabbing my cock in my hand, I lean forward shoving my cock inside her. Jade gasped with the sudden penetration, I’m fucking her furiously, my pelvis jerking powerfully, my hands on ether side of her thighs so she can’t move, my slick penis sliding lewdly in and out of her body. Jade’s breath had whooshed out of her lungs as she gasped in amazement at the furious fucking she is receiving.

She turns her head to side, my eyes fastened on her, as I laid on top of her in savage sexual embrace. She is blushing meeting my gaze, innocent as that meeting is, she feels my hot breath against her cheek. She wonders obscenely what my long tongue might feel like if it licked her. The she feels my tongue lick her neck, ” OH…OH… OH MY GOD! JOHN!” My fucking her in this position became all the more excruciatingly erotic. She feels every last blood-filled ridge of my masterful cock thrusting into her clenching pussy, drawing the folds of her pussy with it in ecstatic surrender. My thick lust-engorged rod of flesh dredging her pussy so brutely…” John…Oh God…John…no.. John…oh…oh…oh…OH!” I continue slamming into her; my ravaging penis twisting this way and that, bumping savagely at her sensitive little clitoris. My hands gripped her shoulders without mercy, my face and neck straining toward my orgasm. I’m gasping as Jade’s warm wet vaginal walls slide over my hard cock like melted butter. Her pussy is caressing and kissing my raging cock…My head fell loosely forward and back, like the head of a puppet, as my pelvis buffeted forward and my thick rock-hard cock speared her without mercy. I hear her whimpers of approaching orgasm.

My cock racing up between her trembling legs like a fast whirring drill boring through the depths of the earth, battering and smashing all before it in great waves of warm moist flesh, my pelvis smacking into her with hard, sharp slaps that reverberated through the bedroom like a flat-handed blow across the cheek. I reach forward with both hands and grasp her shoulders, pulling her body tightly against me. My thick hard cock buried to its full length in her quivering body, she feels the hardness of its cap like head pressing snugly against the sensitive end of her cervix.
Jade shuddering through her shattering orgasm, groaning all the while laying under me flat on her stomach, another orgasm is building up. She had never been fucked flat on her stomach like I’m now doing. She is working toward another overwhelming fulfilling orgasm, she continues to work her pelvis around my pummeling hard thrusts.
She feels my hands sliding down to the rounded curves of her hips as I begin a slow, teasing rotation of my hard cock deep inside her womb. Her muffled sobs of delight mingling with my passionate gasps while my hands caress her hips. Then I raise up off her body and begin shifting to a series of hard cruel thrusts, the fluted pink flanges of protective flesh around her pussy drawing back with each out-stroke, then being swallowed inside again as I thrust forward into her open pussy with a powerful in-and out rhythm. Squeezing her soft jiggling buttocks, then grabbing her hips, pulling her back over my bursting cock while I continue ramming into her with increasing abandonment.

My body is now a ball of sheer uncontrolled lust unleashing itself completely against the squirming twenty six year old dark haired woman beneath me. I feel my hot cock growing thicker and thicker in her belly as I grind my bloated penis savagely into her with a wave of tremulous delight flickering across my lust-contorted features. Jade is young, tender and so hot, so helpless beneath my animal urgency – Jade has never experienced primal animal lust like this in her life. My penis is so hard and burning as it never has before. I’m almost there now, almost there, as I continue to ram her savagely with long hard strokes. I have to end it before I went insane. Jade’s whimpers stretching into a long, low continuous whine that fills the master bedroom like a distant siren. Through the dim haze of her tortured mind, she is in a euphoric stupor with my cock pistoning inside her, she feels my cock swelling and my rampaging shaft may split her ecstatically in two. Oh yes… yes…I’m going to cum in her…her raging bull…Sobs begin to rack her passion-drenched flesh, her willowly body shivering.

Then, as her warm wet vaginal muscles clamped down tight around my hard-driving cock, I suddenly threw back my head and let out a ferocious growl, my pelvis shaking volcanically as my lewd hot sperm shot deep into Jade’s wide-swept vaginal passage. She groans in helpless submission, working her vaginal muscles furiously in order to climax again before I became soft. Spurt after spurt of fiery liquid sperm emptied into her, filling her womb and belly to the bursting point. ” Oh God! JOHN!” she whined as she feels it ricocheting around in a warm wet pool far up inside her. All that lovely lust-quenching semen being squirted into her feeling so hot and heavenly. Jade working her undulating muscles up and down around my depleted rod of flesh, struggling for yet another orgasm, she knew already that it was too late – that pussy-satisfying hardness was gone. I roll off of her, we fell a sleep. We woke up showered and dressed then went out to a restaurant for a late dinner.

I woke up horny at 2am, I roll on my side next to a sleeping Jade. I begin caressing her thigh, Jade is still fresh from the most enervating, debilitating feelings of desire, the feel of my rough hand on her sensitive thigh heightened slightly the discomforting flutter in her pussy. But she is not alarmed. I take a long, swiping lick at her naked breasts! Alarmed now, she drew back swiftly. ” John! No not again, whatever’s come over you?” Instinctively, she drew the thin cotton coverlet up over her vulnerable breasts. My hot wet tongue has started them burning again, and now they are tingling. She has never been with a man with a ravenous sexual appetite. She let the coverlet drop again, revealing the rounded firmness of her panting young breasts with their high, hardened nipples. ” Come here, John,” she said affectionately, I move closer. Taking my head in her arms, she cradled my face so that my tongue lolled out wetly along her forearm as I looked up at her full of lust. She stroked the crown of my head and kissed me, murmuring, ” I’m sorry, John. You forgive me, don’t you?” Jade sighed and lay back on the bed naked, squeezing her aching breasts briefly and then spreading her long black hair out in back of her on the pillow like a fan. Jade sighed with increasing sensuality, wiggling her fingers just inside the sensitively tingling mouth of her seeping pussy. It is very pleasant to just lie here, playing idly with herself, I lay watching her.

” God,” she breathed, squeezing her hotly throbbing breasts, ” if only I could do something – anything I’m burning up, John, and I can’t seem to get any satisfaction.” ” John,” she breathed, rubbing her fingers into her pussy. ” If only I had some way of stopping this horrible burning feeling. Gosh, it’s killing me, John.” I suddenly got up and moved swiftly over the top of her, rising up on my knees and putting my hands on her naked silky thighs. She ran a hand affectionately over the side of my face. I groaned and her legs fell open mindlessly, her fingers still working in the moistly glistening outer flesh of her soft pink pussy. I was becoming very horny watching her play with herself. I leaned down between her long outstretched legs…” John! No! No! You mustn’t!” Jade tried to push my head away, but suddenly, deftly, my tongue shot out like a lizard’s and whipped startlingly, breathtakingly, all the way up along her crazily tingling pussy slit from her small ass to her quivering little clitoris! ” OHHHH! JOHN!” Her head fell backward with a gasp as I struggled to get a better position between her widespread legs. Her hands gripped my head, but instead of forcing me back, she drew me closer. Then suddenly Jade can feel my warm tongue brush excitingly against the trembling insides of her thighs, and suddenly her desire-heated pussy feels as if it were a well gushing forth spring water.

She can’t remember when her pussy had ever cum so quickly, and then suddenly my mouth is rubbing maddeningly at the lips of her pussy, and my tongue is taking long, swiping hot licks that flashed wet along her twitching ass cheeks, slapped in between, and finally circled in like a drill to churn hotly through the moistly flooded entrance to her flaming twenty six year old cunt. ” Oh John…oh, darling…you mustn’t…oh no…please don’t…it’s wrong… oh God…oh God. But Jade’s protests quickly weakened to the point where she can scarcely hear them herself. The quick rush of my thick wet tongue thrust forward between the warm fleshy folds of her cunt is a flame-like pressure all through her helplessly splayed pussy that can no more be rejected than life itself. Oh, this is wrong! her brain screams in her tormented head, pressing her fingers down into my hair. She must get me to stop. She must make me stop. How can she get me to stop? At the same time her mind realized this was wrong, the wellspring of desire that has been boiling for so long, awaiting an outlet from the fiery cave of her pussy, became like molten lava being spewed from a sharp volcanic fissure up from the depths of the earth. The feeling of my tongue lapping along the crevice between her legs, drawing all the innate moisture from it as if it were honey, is too wonderful to be borne.

She closed her eyes and let her befuddled brain wander off, pondering its moral judgments, as she gives herself over completely to this ecstatically satisfying feeling of my moist warm tongue moving so… oh so lewdly… focusing her entire being on this mind-bending delight which existed nowhere else in the world but up between her widely stretched thighs, focused within that hot small circle of desire that glows like a halo surrounding the center point of her lust – her electrified and fiercely tingling clitoris. The shocked young woman gasps from the sudden unexpected entry of the tip of my tongue into her soft wet vaginal passage and a surprised, ecstatic sigh seems to bound from wall to wall. Instinctively her pelvis bucks upward with the first electric contact in an involuntary spasm of delight. Her vaginal passage contracting, opening and closing tightly around the thick smooth length of my tongue, which is sinking deeper and deeper inside her pussy, and then it withdrew. Her breath exploding in small, quick gasps that muffled themselves into tiny, mewling little groans of increasing lust as I begin a maddening curling and flicking of my moist warm tongue, then embedding it again deep inside her trembling pussy. Shivers of purest delight moves in waves upward from her pussy and cascades over her trembling flesh. She feels as if she were in a dream world.

None of this would really be possible if she had refused to go out on a date with me. She is holding my head so affectionately and moaning long, mindless sighs of purest, soul-dredging ecstasy. She had to be dreaming it. Nothing in the world seems to exist but that point within her pussy which is glowing like a hot coal beneath my talented tongue, around which the ragged pink lips of her pussy caressed like waves falling upon a tropical shore. My tongue withdrew and plunged in again, working slavishly within my beautiful dark haired lover, gaping hot pussy… plunging, withdrawing, licking, lapping, drawing the folds of her pussy out stuck to my tongue as if they were postage stamps. Jade’s cries are one long, low continuous moan now as her mind seems to disintegrate and her body gives itself over to the most mind-shattering pleasure Jade has ever known in all her young life. I withdrew my lashing tongue from inside the smooth wet passage of her pussy, finding the hard, throbbing little bud of her clitoris and licking that as well, dredging screams of electrified ecstasy from Jade’s lust-contorted face.

I lap wildly at the little pleasure-button until Jade thought she would die. This isn’t sex-it is a whirlpool of ecstasy in which she is drowning as if she had fallen into a vat of honey. She writhed and bucked in a lewd dance of desire above my licking and nosing face, totally given over to this mindlessly energizing feeling which required no apology and no explanation, but which is a force and a tide so great that a woman could only surrender to it completely and let herself be carried off by it. This feeling is a rushing river carrying one off in a sea of sensuality; one cannot possibly fight it, but who would want to? ” Ooooooh, oohhhh, darling, oh darling…” she crooned, her flesh and mind totally lost in this cunt-centered sensation, out of control from the delicious and obscene licking of her burning young pussy. The muscles of her buttocks hollowed and contracted, struggling to draw every last drop of joy from this excruciating feeling that is burning like a brush fire the entire length and depth of her hotly exposed pussy. Her pussy seems to flower open wider and wider, like a rose in sunshine, the moistness between her legs increasing with every second of my licking tongue. My tongue working so masterfully at her wide-stretched pussy. By now her cum is flowing as if through a crack in a dam, running in trickles down the insides of her thighs to make a sticky, milky warm pool under her buttocks on the bed.

Jade feels as if her gasping and panting will never end. The glowing spot of desire within her pussy is growing larger and larger, like a balloon filled with cum and almost ready to burst. Her pelvis and hips writhing and bucking. This is the most beautiful heavenly thing she has ever experienced in her life. If this isn’t sex and ecstasy, then nothing else can be. Her pussy has become a ball of fire that is burning up, in its fiery flight through the starry heavens. She wants only to live the rest of her life with my tongue driving between her legs, sending shivers of sensual ecstasy cascading from one end of her young naked body to the next, burning her nerve endings as if they are so much confetti. Now she is going to cum! She is sure of it! At last! Oh God, at last! But I sensed this as well, her excitement communicating itself to my savage and luring penis as it grows harder, as if it were on a long, fine wire connecting our two genital regions. Growing thicker and harder. I loved my young lover and I recognize her burning need. This has drawn me to lick affectionately, hungrily at the warm moist folds of her open pussy until Jade feels as if her pussy were a small sun.

Now I recognized something else, her glistening crevice that I’m licking between her shivering legs is a moist, hot velvet glove that needs fucking. I didn’t consciously think of this, but rather I feel it in my testicles, which begin producing sperm at a frantic rate and filling my throbbing penis with lust-heated blood. Expanding warmly on all sides, I feel it becoming bloated and eager to quench itself in the sensual bath between my beautiful dark haired lover’s long squirming legs. It is jutting outward from my pelvis, painfully hard, then I move forward again, interested solely in the approach to Jade’s wet quivering pussy. My long thick cock aching with anticipation as it contemplates burying itself fully. The blood-engorged shaft filling the writhing wet confines of the young woman’s pussy. I didn’t pause in my furious licking of her tender tremulous pussy. I masterful struggle on my knees to wedge my body up more tightly within the V of her soft cream-white thighs. Jade, is not yet aware of what is going on, continuing to moan and groan mindlessly from the beautiful pussy-shattering agony, she is being forced to endure. Her legs fall open at an obtuse angle, presenting no resistance to my approach. As yet she has no inkling that my penis is jutting straight out and jerking wildly, bloated with hot primal desire for her again.

I’m slithering upward inside her widely-stretched legs, my big penis waving lewdly around in front of my loins, wet and glistening, occasionally attracting one of her thin dark pubic hairs, to its lust-moistened length, almost an inch away from the passion-flooded opening of her pussy. In this position it is almost impossible for me to continue licking at her cunt, my tongue shifted wetly into her sparse dark pussy hair, then across her trembling lower belly to her navel, sending a fierce wave of excitement through Jade’s already thoroughly sex-crazed young flesh. Then my tongue is flicking at the underside of one of her firm breasts, running over that swollen young roundness and slapping wetly at the tingling high, hard nipple. Jade gasping mindlessly then there is a sharp, whooshing intake of her breath as she feels my tongue swirling wetly, excitingly over her throbbing hot breasts, caressing those high-rising mounds of flesh in a way that left the helpless twenty six-year old love-slave knowing not where, who or what she was. The heat in her pussy is a blazing fire like the hot flames slapping at the sides of a cauldron. Endless whimpers breaking into pleadings from her, like nothing she has ever heard before. But Jade isn’t noticing. She is too busy. Her arms went instinctively up around my shoulders. She never thought she would ever have met a older man who is a master at seducing a woman and sex. She has never enjoyed having her pussy licked until now, I lick her cunt so obscenely.

She hopes I never stop, she grabs my neck and shoulders tight. She feel my coarse chest and belly hair as my body arches forward within the milk-white semi-circle of her legs, feeling my tongue licking upwards, all over her pulsating breasts, up over her throat and neck until finally…finally my tongue is probing hotly down into her open mouth! If her ex-husband’s kiss had served to excite her, the feeling of my hot wet tongue flooding her open and sighing mouth is pure heaven delirium. She can almost think of herself as a female bitch, her legs moving instinctively to wrap themselves up around my hips…as suddenly, unexpectedly, I move forward and the plum-shaped end of my penis pushes its way through her moistly glistening pussy lips. Oh my God! He’s doing it to me again! Oh my God. But she is powerless now, a helpless slave in bondage to this erotic feeling of total subservience to sex, dominated totally by the masterful technique of this older man who had formerly been a stranger but is now, unbelievably, becoming her lover! Her mouth is helplessly glued to mine, as she sucks hungrily on my tongue as it invaded her panting mouth, exploring the sides, top and bottom of her gasping mouth. If the maddening sensations which are eating her pussy alive had not been so extreme, she is afraid she might have swooned dead away out of pure bliss.

There is not anything else in the world known as pleasure; there cannot possibly be anything else similar to it! The crooning young woman drowning in a sea of sensuality, tossing and turning in waves that are so high their whitecaps cannot be seen or guessed at. This is more than bliss, more than joy; it is as if the whole universe had opened up into brightest light and all the stars have combined to become one. Life previous to this had no meaning or reason for existence. Her entire life has been lived just for the purpose of meeting this exact moment in time. ” John… oh, John… darling… mmmmmmmm…” The plum shaped blood-filled head of my penis is now pushing through the elastic tight opening of her cunt, burrowing slowly deeper into the warm wet walls of her tight resisting pussy. I’m panting heatedly as my shining slick rod moves forward, parting the softly curling strands of her sparse pubic hair and inching its way inward. I look down at my dark-haired mistress with lust-gleaming eyes as she sucks, delirious with passion, on my wet tongue. The tiny moist lips of her pussy contracting around my lust-engorged penis like the mouth of a fish gasping desperately for breath. I ache all over; my balls feel as if they are on fire with need for my beautiful young mistress. I wanted her the first time I saw her.

With nostrils flaring, I gazed down at the whiteness and purity of my mistress’s lushly formed body. On either side of my thighs, her thighs now wrapped hungrily around my close-moving body, locking tightly up over my waist pulling me into her with a savage burst of passion that is irresistible. The tip of my surging penis broke easily through the thick walls of her vaginal canal, drawing a gasp of joyous delight from her, which is now kissing my face all over. My penis and testicles aching like never before as I drive deeper and deeper into the dark triangle of her pussy. When the plum shaped end of my cock first touched the tight walls defining her vaginal canal, Jade thought that she would die from the shock. It has been a very long time since feeling a penis inside her, she has never felt a penis like mine inside her. In another moment my thick cock is bursting through and sliding swiftly upward to the very end of her channel, so that now she is bringing into play vaginal muscles she has never dreamed she had. If my initial licking of her overexcited cunt has filled her pussy with honey, this feeling is whip cream, She has never dreamed her first real fuck since her divorce could possibly be so erotic and wonderful. It is nowhere near as painful as before. After the initial stretching of her vaginal walls, which was painful enough to bring a cry of pain mixed with delight from her, the rest of the feeling of being fucked is nothing but a smooth, sliding, effortless ecstasy.

My penis is slick and thick for the purpose of imparting a fresh new thrill with each additional inch of depth to which I buried it. And now as it moves forward to the very end of her tight cunt, the young woman wonders deliriously how she has ever lived the entire twenty six years of her existence without having this incredibly erotic experience. Life would be unthinkable without it after the time spent with me. ” Mmmmmm,” she crooned, working her hips ardently around my pleasure-giving rod of flesh. ” Darling I love you,” she whispers into my ear as my hips begin working as well, thrusting with animalistic fervor driving my thick shaft deeper between her widespread white thighs. The warm soft edges of her flute-edged cunt closing wetly over my moving shaft, as I begin panting as I never have before. My nostrils flared, and soft growls of primal delight echoing from my throat, as her tight hot pussy walls slip soothingly over my penis, enclosing it in hot warmth and loving it to death on every stroke. ” Oh – oh – oh oh…” Jade had been about to cum when I suddenly changed from licking her pussy to driving my penis deep into her heaving white belly, and now she is hurtling forward toward it again. Over and over, she groans, as I surged into her, feeling my penis pushing apart the smooth, yielding walls of soft inner flesh like a speed boat, cutting through the water.

Her body shaking. If she can’t have this erotic experience permanently, she didn’t want to live. The impaled dark haired woman squealing when my cock jerked, giving her a fierce twinge of electrical shock. She is wet and open, and wanted nothing in all the world but her lover. At last she is quenching that fierce craving that has dominated her existence since the divorce! Groaning and sobbing with happiness, she works to help her lover, until she can no longer catch her breath. There is no respite now. The obscene intrusion in her twenty six year old pussy is expanding as her tight pussy dilated and undulated around it. My uncontrolled assault let her feel the heavy weight of my muscular loins crushing hard between her outstretched legs, sweeping them wider and wider apart as I press forward with all of my strength to bury myself as deep into her quivering white belly as is possible. All the while my sweat covered body is painting her smooth white flesh as if with a brush. As my penis begins to swell, Jade feels as if she is impaled on a telephone pole. She clenches the muscles of her buttocks lovingly around that primitive intruder, caressing and fondling the long, hard fleshy shaft that she has come to worship and love in such a short time. All of which served to incite me all the more. Her cuntal muscles clasping around me, so wet and warm, are driving me crazy, making my enormous cock throb and grow within her dark hair-fringed young cunt until Jade feels stretched and filled in her belly and pussy beyond all possible imagination. My nostrils flaring as I begin making low growling sounds as I attempt to reach my orgasm. I’m slamming in and out of her with long hard strokes, my arms holding tight to the softly rounded curves of her upper arms, and the silken sheath of her wide-stretched and throbbing pussy bucking up and down over the thickness of my thrusting cock.

” Ooooohh, oh, ooooohhhhh darling loverrrrrr…” my twenty six-year old mistress murmurs from deep in her heaving chest. The sounds came out so muffled and indistinct she couldn’t have understood them herself. With every hard forward thrust I’m pushing her closer to the fierce, bottomless precipice wherein lays – she knew a massive orgasm, waiting to overwhelm her. This fantastic, experience made masturbation no more important than a spent match. My thick cock filling her to the bursting point and then some. I have forced her thighs open to an almost impossible angle, yet she loves it and wants it never to stop. My monstrous ever-growing cock feeling as if it wanted to spear up through her writhing body and come out her throat. The feel of my hands on her aching flesh made our erotic adventure all the more illicit and exciting beyond all reason-the ultimate in obscenity! She having heard the rumors and read the stories about my divorces and womanizing are in the past. For the moment she is at the center of my attention and wants to remain there.

I’m panting, saliva dripping from my mouth all over her buffeted white flesh, spilling down between her breasts and all over her soft smooth belly to mingle in her matted dark pubic hair just above our cock-pussy union. Opening her eyes and looking down, she sees my slick thick penis disappearing inside of her and coming back again at a furious rate. It shone with moisture from her cunt, now seeping out over my loins as well, a sizable part of my hairy thighs. This obscene sight excited the inexperienced young woman even more, and she begins writhing and bucking beneath me, pleading like a helpless slave to orgasm. I’m excited with her as I ram into her with increasingly frantic abandonment. The bucking young woman beneath me incites me into a frenzy. Beneath me, my adored dark haired mistress twists her head with passion, her eyes gleaming with lust, her beautiful long black hair flying all over.

Jade’s mouth opens and closes fish-like in total sensual torment, as she is buffeted by the sheerest excitement generated by this illicit affair. Only a month ago she had rejected a young guy-and yet here she is being fucked by a 55 year old man! It scarcely seems reasonable-yet it is unquestionably wonderful. I’m fucking her faster than before, building towards my climax, mercilessly battering her upper thighs beneath my hard-driving pelvis. My lips bared back from my clenched teeth, my breath coming in short machine gun blasts that crackled obscenely through the now musky-scented bedroom. ” Darling,” she groaned, half whimpering, ” I think I’m cumming – oh God I am! Oh God! Oh John! OH DARLING!” Then we orgasm together. My body above her begins shuddering and jerking, my cock spurting my hot sticky sperm deep up inside of her. Jade’s mouth opens in a loud, uncontrollable ” AAAAHHHHHHEIEEEEOOH!” as she feels my lewd sperm filling her no longer untouched vaginal passage in a great flood of lust-fired heat. She feels it rushing hotly into her and filling the depths of her womb until she thought she would burst.

There are several convulsive jerks of my pelvis, and then she forgot me totally as she went spinning forward up into euphoric heavens, thrashing with closed eyes and open mouth, and trying mindlessly to push me off because this feeling is too overwhelming and she can’t stand it for another minute, and then it is like a big nozzle has opened inside her belly, and her vaginal walls begin gushing their response all over my urgently pummeling cock…except that she isn’t there in my bed, in my house, on my street, in her city, but rather she is flying up into the bluest blue sky, outward toward the universe, with every nerve ending in her young body being consumed in sensual flames as wave after wave of orgasmic convulsion washes through her helpless body. “Beautiful… beautiful… beautiful…” the twenty six-year old dark haired woman gurgled, and then she fainted. The sexy young woman stirring restlessly on the rumpled bed, consumed by emotion. Her frazzled nerve endings are only gradually being renewed. Still whimpering from the massive orgasm I had given her, her mind seems to have shattered into a dozen pieces, moving off into space, and is very gradually pulling itself back together again. Her long-lashed blue eyes fluttering open and fought to rejoin her pretty head.

Strong musky odor, wafting through her nostrils, causing her brow to wrinkle slightly as though deep in concentrated thought. Her tongue circled her lips, catching a slight taste of sticky moisture. She looks down and sees the twin peaks of her heaving breasts lying in unrest between her eyes and the rest of her sexy young body. Her legs are spread far apart as if an invitation to some phantom lover standing at the foot of the bed. Had it been real, that starkly vivid dream – a dream of something so erotic, so immoral that she can now barely let herself even think of it. The vividness of it flickered across her sex-debauched mind, though, as if she were watching a slightly out-of-focus television screen. Her body aching. There, in her vision, is her lover, big and powerful and hairy, my body working furiously over her as I commit an act so obscene that one scarcely dared give it a name. That she had had dreams and thoughts about since her divorce is one thing. But to have a dream like that about a 55 year old man is a scandal to be faced for longer than a single instant. If she ever considered fornicating with her father, it was a taboo that would never be achieved; but to think of having sex with a 55 year old stranger must also be taboo.

Or was it? She rubbed her thighs smoothly together and sighed. She feels so deliciously relaxed. Whatever has happened to her in her marvelous dream, it has certainly been heavenly. Carefully caressing her soft smooth hands around over her sensitive young breasts, touching them guardedly in gentle exploration. Ooooh, she moans, they are so tender. She squeezes them, giving a little gasp of delight as her taut pink nipples oozed up between her spread-open fingers, towering lewdly above the milk-white mounds. Her hands explore further, coursing their way down over her fluttering stomach to her still open thighs. She groans again as her fingers tenderly touch the bruises lining the soft wet edges of her pussy. What had made that? Surely not my penis, as in her fantastic dream? But it had felt so smoothly satisfying in the dream, not brutal at all as she’d expected a big penis to feel. Her fingers probing carefully around the tiny sensitive opening to her vagina, becoming moist from the warm sticky liquid that oozed from it, wetting the split of her buttocks and the bed beneath. Something had happened. She wouldn’t have had all that wetness around the edges of her cunt otherwise. And then she sees me. Sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed. Lust still in my eyes so fraught she can’t deny me.

” Come here, John,” she murmurs sweetly, her pale young face glowing, cheeks all rosy, relaxed and sexually happy. She patted the bed beside her, her eyes dilating slightly with desire. I crawled up onto the bed, she knew I would. Suddenly on the bed with her and licking her earlobe affectionately as she giggles and grabs my head, feeling my coarse body hair against her overheated milky skin. She wiggles upward and rubs her soft resilient breasts against me. My tongue licking her and she licks back in an affectionate French kiss, trying briefly to take my tongue into her mouth so that she could suck on it. Her hands came up on my buttocks as we fondled each other then suddenly – glancing down – she sees that I have become aroused again, the plum shaped tip of my penis is now poking her, a glistening wet drop of semen showing at the tiny slit in its tip. Suddenly her nostrils flare and her breathing begins coming more hotly. Her eyes fixed as if hypnotized upon that protruding cock that is between my hairy legs.

As we played, she occasionally lost sight of it, but not for long, and now something very strange and obscene came slowly to dominate her sex-drugged mind. That is my penis, she thought, the one that had loved her. It looks big and menacing again, sticking out at her. Yet when I had pushed it into her body, it had been so long hard and thick. It had filled her up, pushing out the walls of her hot young vagina with inexorable pressure that became excruciating, agonizingly delightful, and which finally sent her spinning rapturously off into space, a sex-drenched slave to my love. Now suddenly she wants it – yes, wants it in her mouth. But no, that is nasty and disgusting. How can she bear it? It had fucked her, but that was something else again. Her mouth is a different thing from her cunt. She might throw up if I shot some of that sticky cum from my penis, down her open and swallowing throat. Swallowing… could she make herself swallow it? What did it taste like? All of a sudden a compelling curiosity consumes the musing Jade. My cum, she thought. What did it taste like? Would it be salty? Say, the same as her ex-husband’s, for example? What would be the exact differences in measurement and feel between their two cocks? What would be the difference between them if she had them both in her mouth, say, at the very same time? Jade feels a gush of warm liquid exploding outward and downward from her pussy.

She has a tremendous, overwhelming urge to suck on my penis and find out just what my cum tasted like and could it make her feel ok with oral sex. After all, she told herself, her mind working to rationalize away all feeling of disgust, I had licked her pussy to satisfy her. It is only fair that she return this most ultimate of devotion. She smiles as I continue to kiss and lick her neck, occasionally probing with my warm, moist tongue into her ear or down over her young breasts. Tentatively, her hand reaches out, cupping my large testicles in the cool affection of her hand. I’m gasping and groaning, she sighs and her eyes lit up as she watches my penis swelling with blood. Her heart racing. Did she really want to do this? But she can’t seem to help herself. Her obscene curiosity is much too overwhelming for her. She has felt my cock inside of her many times – now she wants to feel it in her hand…and perhaps…even in her mouth…She is trembling again as she remembers how my long glistening cock had spewed its hot lewd sperm up high into her..She continues to caress my genitals with her fingers, teasing and tormenting herself, while I became increasingly aroused as well. She can’t make up her sex-addicted mind. Should she or shouldn’t she? Finally she closes her eyes and utters a little cries that is half moans, half a sigh of ecstatic resignation. Her hand clasping my growing penis firmly, feeling its smooth thick length resting wetly within her excited grasp. Yes, she loved it.

She knew that now…she loved having it fuck her… and she wanted to suck on it…there was no escaping it. Hypnotized by the forbidden fruit of our illicit relationship, which is sending paralyzing waves of sexual electricity shooting through her sex-starved pussy, Jade suddenly, instinctively, bent her head. While one hand pushed me back down on the bed on my back with arms at my side, she drew my burning hot penis – now out to almost nine inches in hard length, closer and closer to her parted pink lips. Her long black hair wafted like a fan over my body…then her mouth, forming a wide oval, slips slowly down over my lust-bloated cock. Her full sensual lips closed over with the most delicate of touches, her tongue licked at its shining smoothness, and then she is running her mouth all the way down to the bottom until my cock bumped the back of her throat, making her cough a little. I’m groaning as her mouth contained lovingly all of my hot throbbing penis. Jade sighed in ecstasy. Sucking my penis is far more delicious than she ever have possibly imagined. The feel of my bloated cock-flesh in her mouth is warm and smooth, with isolated hot ridges pulsating under their load of muscle-expanding blood. Her tongue licking around and under it, making me wince with passion. She wanted to taste every last inch and know this delicious morsel from top to shining tip, from which she licked off droplets of cum as swiftly as they appeared. Running her hands longingly over the length of my body, her fingers pausing to fondle my nipples, which had become very hard like little buttons.

My thick, glistening penis is thrust far back into her ravenously sucking mouth, as I groan and instinctively arched my pelvis up at her. The full force of my rigidity continues to expand in the velvet-smooth softness between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. A thousand sensations seem to be ripping at my struggling loins. Then suddenly all of my passion rushed forward a spurt from my sperm-bloated testicles, a stream like a shower of sparks far into the depths of her throat. Jade choked and sputtered for a long-held moment as the scalding hot gushes of sticky cum burst in thick jets into the confines of her open sucking mouth. Then she saw me shudder with satisfaction. She choked, gasped and swallowed with happiness to have this most ultimate of tributes from me. Then my still hard penis began slipping with a lewd wet sucking sound from between her cum covered lips. The hollows of her throat worked for long moments afterwards, swallowing in great gulps the searing hot sperm I had flooded into her throat.

I suddenly push her away and sit up, grabbing her roughly pushing her onto her stomach. She feels a tightness in her chest. Instinctively she knew what I wanted. She laid there petrified as I came up behind her. I grabbed her hips pulling her up onto her hands and knees. Pushing her legs apart, crawling between them. Leaning against her rubbing my hard cock against her ass. I drop my hands to her waist pulling her hips tight to me, letting my hard cock press along the length of her crack. When grinding against her wasn’t enough, I begin dry humping her the way a dog does in the yard. I’m humping her as a male dog would a bitch in heat. ” Oh God John…please,” Jade said as I push her head down ” Shhhhhh, I know your sore…I know it will be painful…but if you want to be my lover…you will surrender to me as many times I want you too.” I chided as I placed one hand on her back to hold her there, I grabbed my cock to guide it to her pussy, she tried to move from under me. I shove the big cock head into her pussy, Jade is shaking under me as I thrust violently into her, sending shivers of erotic sensuality coursing down Jade’s spine. Her eyes are closed as I lewdly ravish her.

Her pussy throbbing relentlessly, becoming engorged with blood and desire. Tiny pulsations of sensual need spreading electrically through the small swollen bud of her clitoris and she bits her lower lip to hold back her screams as the forbidden sensations which are now assaulting her aching body. Jade bent
over so obscenely on all fours with me mounted on the softly spread rounds of her buttocks, my glistening penis sliding slickly in and out of her pussy, my shining shaft slipping in and out of the hot wet sheath between Jade’s legs, occasionally pulling all the way out to disclose its dripping, plum size head. Then Jade moans with lust and wiggles her buttocks back onto it. The wide head slips and dances in her hot, moist anal crevice as I jerk, trying in vain to bury my penis in her hot young body once more. Jade looks back sobbing, oblivious to anything else except the intense need to recapture that lengthening shaft of hardness deep in her wanting cunt. Like a bitch in heat she bucks back against me, but the bulb cock-tip misses momentarily, then slides upward at a sharp, deadly angle, through her ass cheeks, toward the snug little pucker of her ass. Then it rights itself and slams deep into Jade’s pleading pussy, eliciting a cry from the helpless young woman that is partly in agony and partly in excruciated delight.

Then I began fucking into her generously with rapid strokes, my sperm-bloated crevice swatting softly underneath into her sensitive hair-fringed pussy crevice, rubbing against my twenty six-year old dark haired mistress’s tiny clitoris and drawing moans of lust from her with every sway and nudge. The hot red glow of my jabbing penis contrasted sharply with the fevered pink flesh of Jade’s passion-inflamed cunt. I’m bucking madly into Jade now, my tongue shining with saliva, lolls out of my mouth. My huge club looking cock ramming Jade’s tender sore pussy relentlessly, but there is no doubt that the twenty six-year old woman is taking it, moaning with increased delirium with each savage thrust. It slithers forward with a wet lewd rush until it is buried to the hilt, my hairy balls swinging below her passion-moistened pubic hair and slapping her clitoris as if spanking her. A moan of tremulous lust fills the room from Jade’s lips, and she moves rhythmically backwards to meet the savage thrusts fro.

My arms trap her slender petite body between them, she begins to undulate her body and move her buttocks in lewd little circles, abandoning herself totally to my primal animal fucking, she is receiving from behind. When her face turns sideways, it is evident to me that is truly in love and enjoying this obscene mounting position. But then who could blame her. Her beautiful young face is so contorted with rapture from the primal fucking I’m giving her, and her soft-fleshed young breasts dancing beneath her writhing torso, moving in time to my deeply buried cock as it slides all the way up into her from behind, a relentless hot poker of flesh burying itself deep into her lust-churned belly. I’m ravishing her naked flesh with my sweaty body dripping sweat on her, our musky scent filling room. Sweat trickling down from her navel and becoming lost in the tight dark curls of her pubic hair. The moist, hair-lined flanges of her throbbing cunt feels as if they have been stuffed into a live light socket, they are tingling. She bits harder on her lower lip, but all control is gone.

Her belly is tingling with electricity and she feels the seeping wetness between her thighs increasing with each long moment. Jade’s body is swaying obscenely beneath my savage fucking onslaught, as I slam the kneeling girl without stopping. She appears to have gone totally out of her mind now, moaning out lewd encouragement to me through clenched teeth. She is begging me to fuck her harder and faster and to spew my cum deep inside her. She is begging that she wants to be filled with sperm. Jade appears to be no longer human, but just a quivering young mass of lust-deranged, sweating flesh pleading to be controlled by me. She is reveling in her humiliation before me, grinding her buttocks back agonizingly against my hairy jerking body like a bitch in heat. Tiny rivulets of moisture are building in the curvaceous cleft of Jade’s rotating young buttocks. They glistened and tiny droplets ran slowly down the backs of her thighs almost to the swelling half-moons of her well-shaped calves. We are panting with furious unconcealed lust and devotion for one another. Jade is being pushed into the squeaking mattress by me, being impaled without mercy, and loving it, Then suddenly, she begins sobbing her heart out, twisting her head wildly from side to side to make her long black tresses fly about her shoulders. Jade is in the beginning throes of an orgasm. Which is why the ecstatic Jade is pushing her buttocks back on my invading shaft with such frantic greediness. With her black hair flying around, she looks like a she-demon going insane for sex, as I fucked up between her quivering thighs from behind. Saliva dripped from my open mouth onto the cream-like expanse of her smooth young back.

” Rip me! Tear me! DARLING!” Jade whined, ramming back wildly against my thrusts, as I jerked forward my body tensed as I’m reaching my orgasm, too. My legs are shaking, and then my cock is spitting white-hot semen in hard spurts deep into her ardently clasping young cunt. Jade’s shapely young buttocks begins contracting uncontrollably, signaling her orgiastic upheaval deep in her quivering belly. My thick white cum oozed wetly and lewdly from her tightly clasping pussy squeezing desperately around my penis, then ran down the ivory columns of her thighs. Her buttocks glistened, displaying cum-soaked pubic hair and tender ravaged pink flesh as she suddenly pitched forward on her face into a lazy, post-orgasmic trance. My deflating penis slipped from her mercilessly mauled pussy with a sucking noise that echoed lewdly through the silence of the bedroom. Jade appeared to be out cold, while I stood above her smiling in appreciation. In a final act of depravity I dropped my face to her widespread thighs and licked at the sticky white semen oozing back out of her still quivering young cunt. There is the creaking of bed springs as I got up from the bed to the floor. Jade is asleep when I got up, showered and dressed early the next morning and left for the office.

Jade stumbled down to the kitchen for a cooling glass of juice, her mind still numb from the shattering orgasms, she had endured on yesterday and last night. Totally unable to think of anything else in her mindless, slavish devotion to me, she had come downstairs completely naked, her passion-wracked breasts heaving with burning emotion. This had been the most erotic night of her life. The exhausted twenty six-year old slumped down wearily onto a kitchen chair and let the cooling liquid run down her throat, trickling its way south into her sore burnt-out pussy. She can’t remember when in her life she has ever felt so sexual satisfied. And to think, that she almost refused my invitation! The whole time since her divorce, she has been worried, confused, distraught, and playing with herself out of sheer frustration, this sex driven 55 year old man – the perfect lover, has existed around her the entire time. She shook her pretty dark hair head, blowing some corn silk-fine strands out of her face. In the kitchen window across from the breakfast table, she can see her reflection. Her small pert breasts appear to have grown larger since last night. God, they feel so tingly and hypersensitive. This is the most beautiful day of her life.

So she sat at the table, sipping from the cool glass of juice, her mind dwelling endlessly on the events of the last few hours. All of her previous life had evaporated into nothingness before the soul-devouring onslaught of her magnificent climaxes. She can scarcely remember anything else. Over and over she re-lived yesterday and last night – his licking of her burning young cunt, then his skewering of her tender tight passage, not once but four times! Jade shivering with sensual delight. She cannot believe that anyone else has endured such wonderful mind-bending orgasms. She had felt like a star bursting in the heavens. She closed her eyes and smiled. Jade thought the sexiest thing she had ever experienced was being fucked flat on her stomach and being mounted from behind like a bitch in heat.

Jade smiled knowing she now belongs to me in the same way a Sheik’s harem did to him. So masterful, demanding and dominating. John didn’t let you get away until he had got what he wanted. And he demanded the ultimate, without fooling around. He didn’t settle for less. That was what made him so appealing to her. Jade pressed her firm young thighs tightly together, the lips of her ravished cunt closing together in a kiss all their own. She took both her nipples in her fingers and gazed down at them. Who would have believed such extravagant thrills could have pressed through these two small electric buttons from John’s furiously licking tongue? It had all been a wonderfully ecstatic dream of fulfillment. She has never felt anything so erotic in her life. Her cunt began to tingle now even as she relived their devastating experience in her passion-dazed mind. Her mouth watered as she remembered sucking on his huge penis, which had seemed to be both hard and tender all at once. And then the delicious flames of hot viscous liquid had come shooting out…to be swallowed and gulped down.

But it was too late now anyway. She gazed at the door totally immobile, as if she had been struck catatonic. In another minute I would be coming through that door, and she had to think of what to do. ” John!” ” Jade! I stared with eyes blazing at her slender petite willowy body. My nostrils flaring and my penis begins to swell with blood as I gaze her. My mouth fills with saliva, despite my best intentions I can’t help but imagine my tongue, my fingers and my cock over and into every last opening of her milk-white flesh again. Caught off guard, Jade decides to be brazen. If there is ever going to be a chance for it, this is it. She wants my big hard penis ramming deep inside of her starving cunt again, and if she can manage to get me upstairs. She is going to have to try to go for broke and seduce me. She smiles and looks at me from under half-lidded lashes. She sips her juice, then puts the glass aside and thrusts her breasts forward so that I can see clearly all of their shapely beauty. ” Oh, I don’t know, John. I must have slept in, and then I came down for a glass of juice. I’m dreadfully sorry I forgot to put anything on. You don’t mind terribly, do you?” And with this she stretched luxuriantly so that the alluring young mounds of flesh on her chest swayed and trembled enticingly. I gulped, trying hard to control my rampant lust. I watched as my beautiful dark haired lover blew some satiny black hair out of her eyes, and noticed again for the umpteenth time the sexy sweep of her long black hair. It fell down her back to her shoulders, thick and rich with color, flowing more like a lion’s mane than a human head of hair belonging to a twenty six-year old woman. I tried to say something, but my voice only croaked hoarsely in the kitchen. ” Don’t you like me, John?” she asked suddenly, fluttering her dark lashes above her deep and sexy blue eyes. I gulped again.

I couldn’t think of anything to say. I felt I should say something, anything, however. Even though this is the sort of erotic dream every man longs for, her sultry eyes fastened on me, and then she slowly stood up. My eyes held on hungrily to the Venus-like roundness of her beautiful breasts, then darted momentarily to the smooth oval features of her face, and glanced breathlessly at the soft line of sparse black pubic hairs that moved up across the gentle swelling of her young belly, and finally I look all the way down her nicely shaped legs. My God, I thought, she’s breath-taking! A helpless wave of lust swept over me, then suddenly Jade bent-specifically for the purpose of providing me with a more erotic display-and picked up a napkin that had fallen from the kitchen table. Her breasts swelled forward in the air, her long black hair trailing everywhere, and there is the most enticing display of her smoothly shaped young buttocks, out of which no man could help but want to draw handful after handful of curvaceous flesh, smooth, creamy, and white. I wanted only to dig my fingers into those lushly swelling ass cheeks. The twenty six-year old vamp stood up abruptly and brushed her hair back, her breasts shaking from side to side. ” All right, John. If that’s really what you want me to do…I’ll go upstairs and get dressed…” Jade looked at me. ” Will you come and help me, John darling?” I tried to grunt something, but it came out unintelligible. There seemed to be something caught in my throat. I feel my penis expanding, growing larger, harder, filling with blood, becoming sturdy like the trunk of a tree…I knew that the bulge in the front of my trousers is giving me away, but then on the other hand I didn’t care, either…Seeing that I was struck dumb by her beauty and unable to answer, Jade merely smiled and whirled around, moving over to the stairs.

Now I was remembering last night when I held her small waist, the sexy flare of her opulent hourglass hips, the two exotic dimples in either of her ass cheeks. As I watched her move away, I feel as if I’m strangling on her pure loveliness, which is dizzying in its effect on all of my ardently exposed senses. It is as if my body is covered with hypersensitive antennae, each one catching fiercely erotic signals from that voluptuous turn of Jade’s naked body. She moved up the stairs a little way and I reflected on the head-turning quality of her shapely young calves, and those long legs of hers, so smooth and soft…just right for wrapping tight around my pistoning hips. ” Are you coming, John?” she asked, turning at the top of the stairs, her blue eyes flashing, her long black hair whipping back over her shoulder. I choked, then nodded dumbly. I wanted to protest, but I felt as if there is a long thin rope traveling outward through my rapidly hardening penis which extended up the stairs and is being held wrapped in her small hand. It is impossible to resist. She is too unimaginably lovely. All I can see is this gorgeous twenty six-year old seductive woman. I had to fuck her again, if she would let me! She had me hypnotized now. And so I followed dutifully after her, up the stairs, like an obedient puppy. Upstairs, if I could break from looking at her voluptuous young body, perhaps I would attempt to escape and regain control. For now, I can only obey. Jade sensed my indecision and she knew that she had to hold me at all cost. Her little plan had worked thus far and she’d been terrifically successful, but if I got my senses back together, there might yet be some violent reaction.

She has to retain control of me every second. And to think-at last, she is going to feel my enormous cock plunging upward through the hot moist confines of her ardent young cunt again. My balls slapping lewdly into the sensitive cleft of her buttocks! Jade feels a sharp intake of breath as she remembered this last night. This is what she had really hoped for this morning-getting me to fuck her again. Yes, that is what she wanted and she wasn’t ashamed to think it. She could even use that sexy, dirty word in her head. She kept thinking it over and over again, considering it…my big thick rod plunging in and out of the clinging wet walls of her pussy. I trailed up the stairs after her, watching her fleshy young white buttocks jiggle from side to side. Then finally we were at the top of the stairs and on the landing. I followed after her, after that beautiful long black hair falling on her shoulders, my breath coming raggedly. Then Jade paused at the bedroom door and turned to face me, her tantalizingly heaving breasts glowing with rosy desire, her nipples stiffened with desire like succulent little cherries. My mouth watering further and my nostrils flared. She is a beautiful young woman. Jade fluttered her eyelashes demurely. ” Come here, John,” she murmured delicately as a faint breeze on a mild spring day. ” Come here and help me dress.”

Her long slender fingers turned the doorknob and the door clicked slightly open. I move forward, I’m whirling headlong downward into a boiling molten pool of heady sensuality. Then I’m standing next to her at the door. ” My, John,” she whispered abruptly through her sultry parted red lips, her delicate hand darting out to trace fondly the enormous bulge in my pants. ” My John. John, you feel so good…so nice and hard. She moaned dementedly: ” Fuck me, doggy! Jade smiled sweetly and turned me around, slipping my suit coat back over my shoulders until it fell to the floor, undoing my tie as she licked hungrily at my neck, then opening my shirt and pushing her cool slender young hands inside onto my hairy chest. She pushed the shirt off and it fell away, then she bent her head and took one of my hairy nipples into her mouth, sucking on it ravenously as she palmed and fingered the other one. I groaned and pushed my fingers into her long black hair. Then her hands are working at my trousers again, unbuckling them, pushing them down with my shorts…” Then get down on the floor,” I said. She took a deep breath, and quietly waited, and it is only seconds before I mounted her, and start to thrust my big cock into her pussy. She is my bitch now. The sudden force of my rapid thrusting hips pushing the tip of my cock between her pussy lips, and deep into her. ” Oh my god,” she screams. Her eyes flash open, she gasps for a breath, she feels like she is being torn apart by my massive cock again. The pain rushing through her like a tidal wave, but the feeling of being impaled on my shaft turns the pain into pleasure, she will never get use to being taken this way. My thrusts are hard, fast and deep, and the first thing that flashed through her thoughts is how hot my cock is, then she feels my seeping hot cum entering the depths of her. As I continue to fuck her with force, the pain turns to intense pleasure, and she drifts into the world of pure lust. She has never felt such pleasure, and she found the slut in her pushing back against my cock. No longer aware of the things around her, she became the slut she knew was inside her.

” Oh yes, fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me.” She screams out the words, without caring who hears her cries of pure lust. Her whole body feels on fire, her skin feels like thousands of small fires. There are no words that will describe how she feels inside. She has never felt this with any man before, and for the first time in her life the slut inside is getting what she needs, a good hard fucking. She started climaxing the moment my cock entered her, but when the massive one hit it shook her body. It feels like every muscle, and every fiber of her body exploded like the eruption of a volcano, and she struggles to keep from losing conscious. ” Oh yes, fucking yes, god I’m dying,” she screams out. In her weak state, she cannot prevent my girth from entering her pussy. ” Oh my god,” she screams. The girth of my cock going in sent pain throughout her body that went beyond words. Her beautiful face is marred with pain, and tears trickle down her cheeks. The pressure of my cum filling her became over whelming. The mere thought of her cum mixing with mine brought on another climax that rushes through her.

I made an effort to pull back, but my effort only tugged her body toward me. The pressure of my knot against the inside opening of her pussy for the first time is painful, but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she feels she has become one with me, and I’m her Master who has the control, and she is my bitch who had to endure whatever happened. Jade became submissive, and did not move. I stood with my knot holding her in place. She lowered her head down on her arms and closed her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the intense fucking I had given her. Her pussy feels numb, bruised and sore, the constant pain keeps pulsating through her. No idea when my knot will go down, she remains still and thought about her time with me. My cock and cum is hotter than any man’s, she has experienced before. My thrusts are faster and harder than any man’s, she had experienced before. She has never climaxed so hard in her life; it is like her whole world had exploded. Jade has lost track of time, and with one lunge by me, my knot slips from her, and the sudden gush of my cum tinged with blood rushed from her pussy and down her thighs.

The sudden rip of pain from the knot brought a scream from her. She lay there on the floor, her thighs spread and my cum seeping from her. Her hand slips to her pussy, and she uses her fingers to slide along her sensitive folds to coat them with my cum. Molly brought her fingers to her lips, and sucked my cum from her fingers. Until she tried to get up, she did not realize how sore her body felt. A grin came to her lips, the first time in her life the slut had been fucked. She looked at the floor. ” I guess this will have to wait another day,” she said with a smile. Jade went to the bathroom and filled the tub with hot soapy water. The water felt good to her flesh, and the heat seemed to penetrate her body and relieve the soreness from the throbbing pain. She leaned back, and closed her eyes to enjoy the fulfillment that seems to generate from her body. At the thought of being with me again brought a smile to her beautiful face.

Giggling, as she talked on the phone to her best friend. Her girlfriend asking, ” Is he good?” Jade smiling, ” John has a very big penis.” she said. ” Is it long or short? ” John is 9 inches long and thick like a soda can…You can’t get your hand around his monster prick. Did you… did you like him fucking you?” ” It is very painful, but it was heaven…I thought I was going to die from it.” she told her girlfriend.

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