New Family Position Ch. 05

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New Family Position Chapter 5

By Sarge 64

I am sorry this took so long to get back to. I wrote what I felt was a great Chapter and then lost it due to a computer dying so I wasn’t sure I was going to continue this storyline but I was convinced I should. Again, my sincerest apologies.

Also, in Chapter 4 I indicated a woman would ride with Blake to the airport but I am going to retcon that, so if you want to pick at that, fine, but it is a conscious decision.

The first surprise of the day is when I got to the limo to take me to the other hotel where the wedding and reception would be held, John was inside waiting for me. He was resplendent in his tuxedo as the proud father of the bride and we chit chatted about what a big day it was going to be. I had long ago become accustomed to John’s style of working his way up to the real conversation he wanted to have. He leaned toward me and said, “I am sorry if I am being abrupt, but this ride isn’t overly long, so if I may…”

“Please John, I am not sure you could bowl me over with any other new announcements like the other night, but feel free to try.” I smiled as I let him know I was kidding.

John nodded his head and chuckled, “I certainly see your point but no, I just wanted to discuss how the other main event was going to go today.”

John then told me he wanted Melissa and Brent to get the full measure of attention they deserved on their wedding day, so he planned to make the press announcement once the dance started, which of course involved him dancing with his daughter on the first dance. Once those traditions were given their due attention, he planned to later bring Stephanie, Susan, Zack, Janice and myself to a side conference room where the press would be waiting. He would make the brief announcement he was stepping down as CEO and name me as the successor. He would say some brief words on my behalf and then let me make a brief statement. As he told me this, he said, “I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of having the PR Department write this up for you. You may adjust it however you want, but we will have an investors meeting Tuesday followed by a press conference where we will both be expected to answer questions. Also, there may be some people I want to introduce you to at the reception, just keep an eye on me if I or Joan signal you.”

John’s intention was to make the announcement brief, and let the surprise of it circulate and calm down before Tuesday. That is when the press would “have a go” at me as John described. He pointed out Zach would be there today to show his implied consent to the succession plan. He felt if Zack wasn’t present, there would be speculation there was a rift in the family and he felt he wanted to make sure we gave Zack as much cover as possible for being so unselfish. Zack would release a statement Monday fully backing me as CEO. John and Zach were hoping that would be all they needed to say on the matter, but they were prepared to have Zach be interviewed if need be. The tabloid gossip may be unavoidable, but John was much more worried about the potential real concerns of investors, customers, and clients than what a few loose tongues might speculate about. The strategy was to constantly emphasize my superior credentials behind the move and reassure all parties I was the right choice. I felt it was shrewd and I reminded myself again I had a lot to learn about this job besides just running the business side of things. This was a real-world leadership lesson and I was glad John was going to stay on as an advisor for a while.

The wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun for the family and everyone who attended. Melissa was stunning in her bridal dress and the rest of the women were so sexy and beautiful it made me proud to be a part of this family. In my new position, and with the possibilities opening so fast, it was hard not to imagine so many of them naked and at my beck and call. My flirty, manipulative wife didn’t make it any easier as she would whisper naughty things when she caught me looking, or even if I wasn’t. It was intoxicating and that was before I had a drop of alcohol.

Susan would say, “Look at her legs, wouldn’t you like those legs wrapped around your head?”

Or she would rub my cock and ask if I thought if Stephanie’s thighs were stronger than most women because she rode horses so much. Or if Janice shaved her pussy? Or if Mark’s second wife Theresa gave better head than Mark’s first wife Kara.

Brent and his groomsmen were equally dashing, and Brent surprised me by being affectionate and affable throughout the day. As an artist, Brent had always struck me as a little removed from it all. He didn’t care at all about Melissa’s money and less about the Corporation and its inner workings. He had always been friendly, if somewhat reserved, but I had always liked him, even though I didn’t feel we were close by any means.

Melissa, as you might expect with her interests bursa escort and abilities, was the consummate bride. She had planned the wedding with precision and style, adding little touches and amusements for everyone without anything seeming to be overly contrived or fake. Her eye as a designer and production expert really showed through, in regards to how aesthetically pleasing everything was. I realized she had approached the wedding as it was her own short movie with all of us as castmates and actors and her the star. On a lot of people this might have looked conceited and over wrought, but she pulled it off to the delight of everyone. I found myself being touched by it all, the planning and execution as it seemed like more than a wedding, it seemed like a celebration of family and togetherness.              

I will say this, this family knew how to throw a wedding and it really knew how to party afterwards. The reception was in the largest hotel ballroom in the city. There were at least 500 guests and maybe more, but the meal was excellent, the drinks flowed freely. The dancing was fun and went late into the evening. Susan was often on the stage with the bridal party and I sat with the rest of the family, right next to Zack and Janice on one side and Karen on the other. John and Stephanie were at the table as well as Mark and Theresa. I didn’t expect it but Kara and her daughters, Britney and Chanel, also sat with us. There had been some bad blood between Theresa and Kara, but they were apparently putting all of that aside for the day. It was truly a delightful time and we all laughed and celebrated in a way that made us all feel closer. Lastly, Cindy and Joan also sat at our table, and it felt right they were being treated as de facto family members for this day as they had helped Melissa tremendously with arrangements and Melissa graciously credited them in her bridal speech.

There was another notable aspect of the day I observed and filed away for future reference. I kept my drinking to a minimum and was more keenly observant of this event than I had been for other previous ones, due to the changes that were coming. John showed me how brilliant he was as leader of the Corporation and the family with a practiced ease and grace. The family was well known to combine family events with announcements and celebrations with friends and important business associates. Before today I always felt this tradition was this normally humble and secretive family’s indulgence. I certainly remembered thinking it was all way too much for our wedding. These family events were a way to show off in ways they normally didn’t in public. It was fair to say this wedding was at least the most important event in the city and being invited meant a great deal to many. I observed our table, and more importantly, John and Stephanie were positioned in a way to be able to receive and greet many who wished to extend their congratulations and get a moment with them. John and Stephanie handled it with real aplomb and never seemed to be put out for any of the interruptions the well-intentioned greeters may have imposed. It reminded me a great deal of the wedding scene from the Godfather. All of us were there to celebrate a wedding but there were a lot of agendas being executed. Those agendas were acknowledged with a great deal of forethought and John dished out introductions and promises to connect with certain visitors or sneak a whisper in to show intimacy when he was easily the second most important person in the room next to the bride. I realized Joan was stationed close to him to record, ever so subtly on her phone, those conversations and make sure there would be a follow up. Anyone looking on may have just thought Joan was texting. On an occasion or two, he would indicate I should come to their side of the table to quickly speak to those I recognized as the most important of our business associates. I noticed in those cases it was Cindy who was recording the conversations and messages of what I said. I also realized all of this was done with great precision and planning. I could see delighted recognition from these greeters as John would say something like, “Of course you know my son in law Blake, you must get in contact with him next week on the Parsons Merger. Blake, you know the Hoopers, Lyle and Mary, they run the Boseman Corporation and have come all the way from Seattle to be here. Lyle, I sure hope Joan sent the right bottle of whiskey to your room and Mary, daisies are your favorite right?”

The Hoopers would gush over John’s memory and the tiny gesture of gifts and the introduction to me as a way of making the Hoopers feel special. These greeters would shake my hand as if we were newly introduced although I had probably interacted with Lyle Hooper on business more than John had in the last couple of years. I would follow my cue and say, “Yes, Lyle beat me on both sides of the Sand Point Course when I met with him and his staff last June. I am coming bursa escort bayan back with a new putter next time Lyle, I want a chance to get my money back.”

Once again, John was giving me a masters class in how to do things right. He was accomplishing so much more than throwing a big wedding with the goal of getting his daughter married. First of all, he had obviously used many of the wedding invitations as a clear indication of who was most valued to the family, and by extension, to him, and by another extension to the corporation. Those invited were bestowed a certain important status and to those who he introduced to me, he was giving them the highest status of all by subtly giving them the information everyone was waiting for, that I was to be CEO. It wasn’t Zack he was introducing them to, it was me. They had been preselected by John and Joan and I was now convinced Joan was hand signaling him the status of those who were approaching the table, though I couldn’t pick up on it on my own. It would not have surprised me to know John and Joan had ESP with each other. It was only later that I realized it was all planned out. I made a mental note to ask Cindy because clearly, she was looped in. Those who got the gift of this information John gave them could use it in whatever way they liked to show they were on the inside by truthfully saying they were privy to the information before the announcement was made, further cementing their status. It may seem like such a small thing, but in building relationships it was huge gift that could swing big business deals in the future.

“Of course, I knew Blake was going to be the successor, it was obvious from the wedding!” they would be able to say afterwards. In social capital, John was dispensing gold to those he wanted to make feel special. He would show me how to use this tiny advantage in future business dealings.

Second of all, he used the natural goodwill of being at a celebration like a wedding as a tool to further good relations with people who had a considerable status on their own. Tomorrow we may be in contentious negotiations with the Hoopers on any number of issues but there was an underlining feeling of goodwill from celebrating a wedding in which they were treated as important members of the extended Corporate Family. That was to say nothing of connections they made with other wedding guests who they could approach about how wonderful the music was or how beautiful the bride’s dress as a conversation starter. Like I said a lot of agendas were being executed, all good for business. It was brilliant.

Conversely, to a few who were hoping to be, but were not invited, there would likely be a strategy session on how to improve relations with us for future invites. That is how important these invitations were. They knew there were important business connections to be made and being left out of the wedding may mean being left out of future business. It would be tacky to complain in public about not getting an invitation to a wedding where they didn’t know the bride and groom, but the signal would have been sent all the same.

Because of all of John’s planning, the press conference almost seemed anti-climactic. The press had been taken care of with the same food the wedding guests had been served, further gaining good will at what for the Corporation was chump change. John made his statement, turned it over to me, I read my statement, we retreated back to the reception. It could not have taken more than 20 minutes. Joan and Cindy handed out copies of both statements and information on where to be for the presser Tuesday. They returned to the table about 15 minutes after we did, Joan showing the emotion of a pro, Cindy thrilled with the whole thing and she and Susan were huddled together in a fit of giggles and triumph.

I danced with Susan and all the women of the family, and it was an incredibly fun and joyous occasion. I got a nice snuggle from Karen, with a grind of her pussy against my cock and whispered dirty talk to include calling me Daddy again. Susan and Cindy observed this and then teased me all night and teased me about my new slut. I was surprised Susan had obviously shared this information with Cindy, but it was still somewhat more forward from Cindy than I was used to. I realized there were going to be secrets shared and I was going to have to get used to it. Eventually, the crowd started to make their exits and most of the remaining guests were friends and close friends of the bridal party, continuing the celebration with the Chicken Dance and some karaoke. I noticed the bride and groom had made a clandestine exit. After the press conference, I took in a couple of high-quality whiskeys, and I was maintaining one of those perfect buzz levels during the celebration. Susan was enjoying herself with a couple glasses of wine.

Joan came to me about this time and grabbed my arm while saying to Susan, I need to borrow the new boss for a little bit. escort bursa Susan waved over her shoulder as she moved out to the dance floor arm in arm with Cindy and I was somewhat disappointed to be leaving as I watched their perfect asses shimmy out to the fun. Joan escorted me to the elevator banks and we chit chatted about the wedding and reception and how well the press conference went. I complimented Joan on what I had observed, and she gave me a small smile without revealing I was completely correct. On the way up, she told me the bride and groom had requested my presence. I asked if there was a problem and Joan reassured me there was nothing of concern, they just wanted some of my time. As we exited the elevator, Joan pulled a key card seemingly out of thin air as I could not imagine where it came from in her tight, fetching dress. She activated the key and opened the door and started to return to the elevator, wishing me a good night with a kiss on my cheek and her hand passing across the bulge in my pants.

I entered the suite I knew to be Brent and Melissa’s and announced my arrival. Melissa shouted I should help myself to a drink and she would be out in a minute. I didn’t note she didn’t say “they” would be out, though it hit me later. I went to the bar in the extravagant suite, befitting their status as the stars of the show today. I filled my glass with ice and was picking from the whiskeys, deciding this would be my last for the evening and talking over my shoulder how much fun the wedding and reception were and how well I thought the day had gone, “Melissa, I thought I had seen your best work as the lone investor of our joint venture, but I think you outdid yourself today and Brent, I hope you don’t mind me telling you how lucky you are!”

I heard Melissa yell from the master bedroom, “I am sorry, I guess Joan didn’t tell you Brent isn’t here, this is strictly a meeting between the top executives of our joint venture, as you say.”

I was surprised but I said, “Oh well, then we should talk about how you advertise today as your best work!”

I finished fixing my drink and asked Melissa, “Can I fix you something while I am here, I don’t want to interfere with any plans you have later,” thinking I was being hilariously clever with the innuendo. I turned to hear her response when she made her entrance.

“No thanks Blake, I want to keep my wits about me as we discuss strengthening our relationship. I think we need to discuss the culture we want for our Company as we move forward and maybe talking about new traditions, or at least adapting some old ones from other companies.”

She said the last bit as she stepped out of the bedroom and made me nearly drop my drink and certainly made me drop my jaw. She took a couple steps to stand in front of me and stopped by saying, “Specifically, what powers and privileges the CEO has over the other employees. I move we adapt the parent Corporation’s policy on CEO powers, both public and private.”

She was a vision of bridal sexiness. The lingerie she was barely wearing was all white or sheer in all the right places. Lacy white, thin strapped bra, sheer over her nipples and barely containing her voluminous breasts. The matching white, lacy thong was sheer over her shaved pussy. She wore white thigh highs, even including the white garter. She was standing in sexy white heels. She had a white choker around her neck and a bridal veil hanging in front of her face. She posed in front of me, and I had to appreciate the presentation of it all, realizing the lights were dimmed and the music was soft. I am not sure I was conscious of either when I entered the suite, but I was hyper aware of the whole show now.

“Well, are you going to just sit there with your mouth wide open, or would you like to discuss the future of our little venture?” Melissa asked, as she strode toward me with the sexy confidence of a goddess. I swear, even her voice had an extra dimension of sexiness, “As a top member of our corporation I formally propose the CEO have the same rights and privileges of the parent company. I present myself as the first participant of said policy and propose the CEO take his rightful place and execute said policy as a sign of good faith. That makes me entitled to all rights and privileges accorded in the parent company agreements.”

Melissa said all of this as she moved with all of her sexy grace right up to me, pressing her lingerie clad body up against me, taking my drink from my hand and sipping from my glass. She tossed the glass behind her and as I heard the glass thump on the thick carpet, she lifted the vail above her bright red lips and kissed me hard as she threw her arms around my shoulders.

After some serious kissing, I broke it and looked down at her, staying in character, “Do you understand fully, the consequences of the CEO executing all the rights and privileges of the parent company? I must ask so you fully can accept all conditions and circumstances. All very legal you understand.”

“Ooo, I do like the way you present the proposal, but I have given full consideration and I prepared myself…as you can see,” and she nodded down at the lingerie, “for the rigorous vetting process the CEO should give.”

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