New Family Secrets III

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When we left off Ryan was tied to the bed by Kara while everyone was out of town

New Family Secrets III

I had been laying tied to the bed, and Kara had been gone long enough for my erection to go down. When Kara reappeared she was holding a tube of something and a black plastic tube. “oh your hard-on is gone so we will have to start all over” she said with an evil smile as she dropped the objects on the bed and crawled between my legs. I thought she was going to start rubbing my cock, but she slid her hand under my balls and started poking around at my clenched asshole. I tried to pull away from her finger but I couldn’t really go anywhere. She slapped me hard on my thigh and said “You thought you could just do whatever you wanted to me so now its my turn”. She pulled her hand away so I was relieved until I noticed she was reaching for the tube of what I knew now to be k-y jelly. She started lubing up her fingers then rubbed them all over my ass. At first I was terrified then she slid a finger into my ass, and I tensed up using my own words against me she leaned up and whispered in my ear “ relax or this will hurt.”

Knowing that I had no choice I started to relax my ass muscles allowing her finger to slide all the way in. To my surprise it didn’t hurt it just felt like I needed to go to the bathroom. She added another finger and started sliding them in and out of my ass harder and harder. The more she did it the more it started to feel good. I had given in and let her have her way with my ass, then something I never would have expected happened my cock started to get hard on it’s own. “Ohh… you like that don’t you cousin?” gaziantep escort kızlar she asked when she noticed my cock. “Well if you liked that then you’ll love this” she said as she removed her fingers from my rectum. Grabbing the plastic tube she removed the bottom and tipped it up and out slid a dildo that looked like a real cock. She lubed it up and without even blinking she shoved it in my ass almost all the way. “uuuugggghhhhh” I half screamed half moaned as I felt the instant felling of fullness in my ass, but she didn’t slow down one bit she was fucking me full force like I had done her.

After about five minutes of her brutal assault on my ass I felt a familiar feeling I was about to cum I couldn’t believe this was gonna make me cum. Once I was almost there I started groaning and she stopped and yanked the dildo out of my ass. “ I told you your not cuming until I say so” she scolded as she crawled up to straddle my face again. “Make me cum with your tongue sex puppet” she screamed as she slammed her pussy down on my face. I slid my tongue out and into her dripping wet pussy hole trying to keep up with her bucking pussy. I licked the length of her slit a few times then as she bucked forward my tongue slid over her puckered asshole. She stopped bucking and turned around and told me to tongue fuck her ass. I did as I was commanded and I shoved my tongue in her ass as far as it would go twisting and flicking it inside her. She started grinding her ass back at my face then she started playing with her clit rubbing it fast and hard. I felt her ass tighten around my tongue then she started to shake wildly as she screamed out her orgasm.

She collapsed on top of me and I’m pretty sure she passed out because she was motionless for what seemed like an hour. When she did finally move she turned around until her face was on top of mine. She kissed me hard and deep and said “thanks for the ride, but I’m tired now goodnight.” As she left the room I yelled at her that she forgot to untie me she just yelled back “I didn’t forget anything goodnight” as she walked down the hall. I was tired, tied up, and had a very painful hard-on how was I supposed to sleep?

Eventually sleep overcame me, I woke up and rubbed my eyes and realized I wasn’t tied up. I wondered to myself if I had dreamed the whole thing. My question was answered as I tried to walk to the shower, my ass hurt so bad I could barely walk. I turned on the water and stepped in under the hot spray of the shower. I was relaxing in the heat when the door to the shower opened it was Kara she was naked and oh so beautiful. She asked shyly if she could join me and I just stepped back to let her in. She was acting different almost like she had never been around me before. “Why are you acting so shy today Kara?” I asked. She looked down at the ground and said she was afraid that I’d be mad at her for last night.

I reached out and took her hand pulling her close to me hugging her, holding her. I lifted her chin so she was looking me in the eye and said “Kara I could never be mad at you I love you.” She smiled and asked me if I saw her differently after last night I told her the truth “Yes I see you differently I see your more like me than I thought and it makes me love you more.” She just laid her head on my chest and hugged me tighter planting little kisses on my chest.

We finished our shower then headed to the kitchen for breakfast I stopped dead in my tracks wen I saw my aunt misty in the kitchen. “ y..your home” I stammered when she looked up at me. “Well who do you think untied you this morning?” she asked bluntly. My face turning a bright shade of red I just turned to run away sure that she knew and would kick me out of her house for what I had been doing with her daughter, my cousin.

With a stern voice she said “hold on a second where do you think your going?” I told her I was going to my room. She asked if I was going to have breakfast first “ your not going to kick me out “ I asked. She asked “why would I kick you out before I got my turn with you” the whole room started to spin and I could not believe what she just asked. I think I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground staring up at two of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen. They were both smiling at me and asking if I was okay, I was very okay if what had just happened was real.

We all three sat down at the table and I asked if she would repeat the last thing she asked me. She did and I thought I was going to die when she said those words again. I asked her what was going on and Kara jumped in and told me that she and her mom talked about everything and how she told her about the incident in the guest house and how I had gotten hard and ran away form her. Then she said that her mom was the one who suggested that she should try to sleep with me. “well aunt misty do you have any other suggestions?” I asked. “ Oh you bet I do Ryan” she said as she walked over to the counter wiggling her ass as she walked. “Mom’s got a lot of plans for you, me, and her Ryan just wait until after breakfast” Kara said in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard……..

To Be Continued…………

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