New Girl at Work Ch. 01

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This is a story with slow development so if you’re after a quick fix I’d advise you to look elsewhere or risk getting frustrated. The story explores the themes of foot fetish, female dominance and cum eating. If that’s not your thing then move along; this isn’t the story you’re looking for. Also as this is my first attempt at writing a story (of any kind!) and English is not my mother tongue, I would appreciate any feedback and of course constructive criticism too. Thanks & enjoy!


I poured out of the crammed tube and followed the sea of people that formed the human rush-hour traffic. As I left the station and began my pacey walk towards work, I gazed at the sky searching in vain for a sign of spring. This is London after all; The Land of Never Summer as me and my friends sarcastically call it.

I work as a software engineer for a bank in the City. After graduating from a synonymous course at university, I contracted here and there to gain some experience and held a couple of different positions at smaller startup firms. At the age of 28 I had grown a bit more mature and risk-averse, so I made the jump to the corporate world by accepting what was a very good offer to join my current employers. Life had been going smoothly to start off with, but after 2 years into my time there, Lehman Brothers collapsed triggering the well-known massive economic fallout. 10 months later things had seriously deteriorated at the bank.

– “Morning Rob, how’s it going mate? Ready for another hectic day? Thank god it’s Friday, eh?”
My friend and colleague James offered the casual small talk over the coffee machine. I’ve known James from my university days and he was the one who had notified me of the vacancy at the bank and helped me, by giving me interview tips and putting in a good word, to get the job. We were housemates in our final year at university and as can be expected there were very few secrets between us.

– “Tell me about it. Can’t wait for the bloody week to end” I said.
In the post-financial crisis world, banks were coming under extreme pressure from all sides. The attitudes of politicians, press and general public as well as the terrible market conditions had all contributed in creating a bit of a siege mentality in the sector. It was never discussed openly, but it was common knowledge that pretty much every major bank was in some level of trouble and fighting for survival. The cutbacks and redundancies had a caused a loss of morale and people were working harder to fill the gaps left by the departed.

– “Don’t forget it’s Jon’s last day today so we’re going to the pub after work. Also apparently this new girl, who starts work on Monday, will be there to meet everyone a bit more casually before she starts. You should come” opined James.

Jon was one of the voluntary redundancies. The new girl joining was another cost saving attempt by our director. Before culling more staff he decided to reduce the amount of money spent on recruitment agents by creating a one-person HR department for IT. Allegedly she was a young girl with no university degree who had worked as a sales assistant at a clothes shop for a couple of years. She would be responsible for placing adverts for jobs on websites and applying a first filter on the incoming applications while also doing some general office admin work.

The mood at the pub that evening was surprisingly cheery. Jon had worked for the bank for nearly 11 years, so he had built a decent cash buffer and along with his severance package he felt he was safe for a while and quite relieved to be leaving the stresses of the banking world behind.

-“Gents, let me start by offering my deep gratitude to Jon for his long service to the company and wishing him all the best for the future” said Chris, our director. Glasses raised in cheers.

-“I would also like this opportunity to introduce our new member of staff to you, Nicole. I hope you’ll all make her feel welcome over the coming months!”

Nicole turned out to be quite the looker after all. She was about 5ft 7″ with long auburn hair and big blue eyes. She had the lithe body of a 21 year old girl with very gentle facial features and a tattoo of an almond tree branch on the inside of her right forearm. She was wearing a deep blue dress that stopped mid-thigh and showed off her perfectly toned legs as she stood on a pair of black heels.

James leaned into my ear and whispered sarcastically “I wonder what he sees in her! Chris, you dog, you!” I gave a silent chuckle.

Over the next 2 hours spent in the pub I slowly came to the realisation that Chris had made a very shrewd business decision. Nicole was not the shy 21 year-old I had been at her age. Instead she exuded a comfortable almost tomboyish confidence despite the occasion. She was very sociable and quick to laughter, with a cheeky sense of humour and a radiant smile that made everyone warm up to her pretty quickly. She very quickly became the toast of cebeci escort the evening and everybody wanted to chat with her. Chris had put a beautiful, young, talkative girl in a department consisting entirely of men, which would at small cost boost the ailing staff morale. If she showed any aptitude at office and HR work, he might actually cut costs to boot. I had to take my hat off to the man.

Next Monday, Nicole took a seat in the next of row of desks from mine and a few desks down. One of the first things she did as part of her desk decorations was to blue-tack a picture of her and her boyfriend on the side of the screen. I looked over at James who was shaking his head disapprovingly. Within seconds had an email from him:

“Boooooo! Such a pity”

Nicole usually sat with one or both her legs crossed under her like a Buddha, leaving her pumps under the desk. When she’d leave her desk she’d walk the carpeted floors with the careless abandon of a teenager wearing only her tights. On the days when she’d wear thin, see-through tights you could very clearly see her perfect feet and toes; nails always impeccably painted in a bright hue of red, pink or orange.

I should perhaps at this point explain that I’ve had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. I find foot worship extremely erotic and the musky odour of sweaty, female feet strangely intoxicating and arousing. While I had never even fully explored (let alone expressed) the depth of my depravity, I had enjoyed light foot-play and foot jobs from previous girlfriends. With that mind, you can imagine the effect a sexy 21yo walking almost bare-foot through the office would have on me.

I noticed that I was not the only one who had been drawn in by the beautiful sight. James, ever the inappropriate humourist, said to me over pints in the pub one evening:

– “I don’t even have a foot thing, like you, but I’d still give one of my bollocks to fuck those feet bare. I really would”. I laughed out loud at the suggestion and explained that I would easily match his bid if it ever came down to an auction.

A couple of months later and into the summer, Nicole had settled into the corporate life just fine. She would jog into work where she’d have a shower and change into her work clothes. During the day she seemed not at all bothered by doing the most boring, menial tasks that an office could provide. We had chatted a few times by the water cooler and in the pub so we’d become quite comfortable with each other but our conversations were completely sterile of any sexual innuendo. She was a 21yo young girl in a relationship after all and I was a 30yo bloke. “She must see me as ancient, I’d imagine” I mused to myself. But still, I could not get those toes off my mind.

One day though something unexpected happened. It was just after lunch and I was walking back to my desk munching on an apple as I did so. The way to my desk always passed right behind Nicole’s seat and as I was there I discarded my apple core in her bin (each desk had its own small bin).

“Hey!” protested Nicole as she swiveled her chair around to face me. “You always fill up my bin with your rubbish! What’s up with that?” she said, clearly in jest. She had folded her arms and crossed her legs and assumed a confident position.

I was just about to make a joke about it and leave but I was beaten to it by her next remark.

“Oh no Mister!” she said in mock seriousness. “I want to see you get down there and pick up your rubbish from my bin” she said and with that she dangled her free leg over the bin, curling her toes to point down at it.

Nicole, despite her serious and demanding tone, was obviously joking. The rubbish gets picked by the cleaners anyway and she of course didn’t expect me to kneel in front of her feet and pick up rubbish from her bin with my bare hands. There was something however in her voice and the way she was dangling her foot in front of me that had me transfixed, staring at her toes.

-“Go on…” She said, sensing my indecision.

Nobody around us had batted an eyelid at the conversation, taking it correctly for a joke.

Nobody bar James… who gave me one look and immediately realised I was in deep trouble. Only three feet in front of me Nicole was using her sexy bare feet and demanding I go down in front of them, in front of 100 colleagues of mine. I froze and panicked, torn between a sudden deep desire to go down in front of her feet and obey her command, and the alarms bells in my head warning me that being dominated by a 21yo girl in front of my colleagues would make me the laughing stock of the department. Nicole’s face now showed surprise. I fumbled my words. As heads from other desks now turned to face me in stunned silence, I was still staring at her pink toenails. In the wave of embarrassment and shame that hit me, my cock gave a twitch

Finally, I took a deep breath, cleared my head and muttered …”yeah, not on your life” in an unconvincing tone as çukurambar escort I made my way back to my desk. “Tragedy averted” I thought to myself.

All the heads turned back towards the monitors, but from the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of Nicole whose was still staring at me with a small smirk in her face. As if she had just made a discovery.

That night in the shower I fantasised I had actually knelt in front of Nicole and that I had taken a whiff of her feet as I removed the rubbish from the bin. That I had then found the strength to put those sexy toes in my mouth, eyes shut in ecstasy. I wrapped my fist around my cock and pumped as I imagined that she found my submission exciting and degraded me further by calling me “Foot slave” and “Bitch” again and again. I grunted incoherently as my climax approached and I spent my cum on the shower tiles.


For a couple of days nothing happened and I put the event in the back of my head. On the third day, another colleague of ours, Gary, suggested we take advantage of the warm sunny weather, head out for some sushi take away and sit in a nearby grassy area. A sort of lunchtime picnic, if you will. We were in the final stages of testing a new voice controlled mobile broking application and with the long, hard hours of work people were keen for a good break.

“Oh, can I come too please? I love lunch outside!” pleaded Nicole.

“The more the merrier!” responded Gary with smile and with that she proceeded to replace her heels with flip flops and follow us out the door.

In the park, we sat down and talked about our summer holiday plans and other trivial subjects over lunch. Nicole removed her flip-flops and came to sit next to me with a polite smile. I was lying on the grass with my head towards the centre of the circle, my body propped up by my elbows. Nicole chose to have her food in her lap and her feet facing the circle….and inches from my face. I looked at her and she gain smiled politely back.

– “So nearly 3 months into your new job, how are you finding it Nicole?” asked Gary

– “Great, I love it!” replied Nicole with the enthusiasm that only a new employee can have for his job.

– “Great location, obviously crap pay for me, but decent benefits. I also get to jog for 45 mins in the mornings too which saves me paying for a gym. Only thing with that is the cobbled streets of the City are rough on my feet. Does anybody know where I could get a good foot massage around here?” With an excuse to ogle her feet duly provided I pretended to look at them for signs of stress from running. As I stared at her feet in front me her big blue eyes were boring holes in me. I caught a glimpse of James biting his tongue to not give an incredibly crass or sexist response to her question.

– “I know a couple of places” Nick replied, “but the massages there are quite short in duration and costly too”. And Jade, the other female colleague of ours added helpfully “You’re better off getting one from your boyfriend love, I’m sure he’d oblige if you asked?”

“Nah, not his thing really” added Nicole tersely, and changed the subject. I wanted to add that I would pay to massage those feet, but I knew better. Instead I kept ogling at her naked feet in front of me and sensed my cock hardening.

Five minutes after our return to the office I hearf my phone beep. I had a text message. I recognised it immediately as a work number as we all had the same number bar the last 4 digits which were the same as our desk phone extensions.

3442 -: “How long?”

I went on the company intranet, typed in the number and Nicole’s profile came up. I swallowed hard.

5498 -: “How long what?”

3442 -: “How long have you had a foot fetish for? Duh?”

I suspected she might have figured it out, but I never had her for so bold as to confront me with it. And certainly not in our place of work.

Me -: “Can you drop it please? It’s personal and not for public consumption.”

Nicole -: “Not in your life! I like a bit of raunchy gossip”.

I thought better to not reply, back she immediately texted again.

“Meet me at The Lion’s Paws at 6pm. Sharp”

That’s not the pub we frequent after work, but I figured that’s probably for the best. Thoughts were spinning in my head. Nicole was far more ruthless then her sweet appearance suggested. She saw me staring at her feet 3 days ago and probably every day since and put two and two together. I was terrified of the repercussions if this got out at work. But ultimately Nicole knew that curiosity, desire and lust would always win out in me. This was a dangerous game to play. “But she has a boyfriend…” I thought in an attempt to calm myself down

In the pub I waited for Nicole. When she came she said she had reserved a table right at the back where we headed to. We opened the bottle of wine that was waiting demetevler escort for us and started talking but Nicole sensed my nervousness and steered the conversation clear off her intended subject. We gossiped about work and colleagues like we had done many times before and that helped (along with a second bottle of wine) to put me at ease. When Nicole and I were tipsy and calm enough, she broached the subject.

– “So….How long?”

– “Ahhh….. back to that”

– “Yes, back to that. How long?”

– “As long as I can remember. When I started fancying girls as a kid, their feet were one of the first things that attracted me. It’s been like that ever since.

– “Do you like to do stuff with them or do you just stare”

– “Well, given the opportunity,” I smiled “I like to do stuff with them.”

– “What sort of stuff?

– “Jeez, Nicole, I mean what do you want me to say now? This feels a bit like an interrogation. Why are you even asking me all this?” I protested.

– “I’m just curious.” She saw I wasn’t satisfied with the answer, so she went on. “You see I love my boyfriend, Dan’s a great, sexy guy who treats me with respect and love. But we’ve been going out since we were at school and in those 4 years he’s not been kinky or adventurous at all in the bedroom. I would never cheat on him or anything but I’m dying for some harmless raunchy gossip. Come oooon!” she batted her blue eyes at me and I thought my heart would melt.

– “Okay. Well….you know I obviously like giving foot massages so if you ever need one of those you should just give me a call and not waste your money! You seem to have my number. “

– “Ha ha, don’t tempt me. But come on, what do you like to do with feet in the bedroom?”

– “Everything really. I like to smell them, to lick them, to paint the toenails. I find them very sexual”.

– “To smell them? Hmmm. Do you like to fuck them?”

– “I….errr…”

– “Do you like to spit in the arches of the feet, then put your cock between them and fuck them till you cum?” Under the table my cock was straining in my pants

– “Fuck me, Nicole. If you’re trying to give me an erection you’re doing a fine job”.

– “Am I?” With that she dropped he shoe off her foot put it on my crotch and squeezed with her toes.

– “Shit!”

– “It seems I am!”

I tried to gather my thoughts as Nicole foot kept massaging my cock under the table
– “What happened to the boyfriend you loved?” I enquired

– “I still do. And I won’t cheat on him, if that’s what you’re asking. This is a bit of ‘fun'”.

– “Your bit of ‘fun’ will make me stain my pants if it doesn’t stop soon”

– “Oh look at the time, it’s 7:20 and I meeting Dan at the cinema at 8:00. Sorry hun” And with that, to my complete surprise, she just got up to go leaving me immobilised as my erection prohibited me from standing up.

– “Be a good boy and settle the bill for me, will you?” She gave me a wink and a smile. “See you tomorrow” and with that she made for the exit leaving me stranded and confused.

Five minutes later when my hard-on had finally subsided, I paid the bill and headed home, to masturbate with the fantasies spawned from that evening.


For the next few days Nicole almost blanked me at work. Still being her polite self but not making any contact beyond what was necessary. I was torn between telling James or not, but decided against it as I didn’t want to jeopardise a rumour starting at work.

Finally a full week later, during lunchtime my phone beeped with a text message. We were in the canteen at the time having lunch.

Nicole: – “If you fancy a bit of ‘fun’ come to the disabled toilet on the 7th floor in 5 mins. Tap three times to be let in. If you don’t come that’ll be the last time I propose”

The 7th floor does not have any desks or staff but it instead consists entirely of soundproof meeting rooms. As a result it’s the quietest floor, both in terms of noise and in terms of people coming and going. The toilets are always located in the plateau facing the lifts. Between the Gent’s and the Ladies’ there’s always a very spacious toilet for the disabled that never gets used by anyone.

I knew I shouldn’t, but I also knew that was a battle of self-control I was destined to lose. “How harmful, can a little ‘fun’ be”, I thought. “After all, she’s the one in a long term relationship, not me”

I very quickly apologised to my colleagues, emptied the contents of my plate in the bin and headed for the lift. 5 minutes later and after I had scanned the area I was tapping on the disabled toilet of the 7th.

Nicole let me in and immediately put her finger in front of her mouth to tell me to be quiet. She locked the door and put her ear against it to listen for any sounds. I looked around; the toilet had a toilet seat in the wall opposite the door and a sink and mirror on one of the side walls. It also had a big handle bar for the disabled that could be maneuvered in front of the toilet to help them pull themselves up. Satisfied no one was around Nicole turned to me and whispered.

– “We have to be very quiet. We can’t risk anyone finding out”

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