New Horizons Ch. 05

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I had just fucked my new friend Jim in the ass for the first time. My first guy’s ass and his first time to be fucked.

He then stood over me and fucked my mouth. I was just his slut receptacle and loved it. I was sitting on the floor and he was standing over me fucking my face. I had two fingers of one hand in his ass stroking his prostate and holding his balls with the other hand. My cum was running out his ass hole and down my hand onto my arm.

I had no control of his wonderful cock as it drove in and out of my mouth. I had spit running out my mouth and down my chin and over his ball sack. I was sucking him for all I was worth, running my tongue over his crown and licking the shaft when he was to far in me to touch the head. He has more cock than I can swallow yet but kept my mouth full without choking me. He had my head in his hands running his fingers through my hair.

It wasn’t long before I could feel his balls tighten up into his crotch and his cock throbbing and then shooting his cum into my mouth. The first shots were deep in me and the cum went right down my throat. He then pulled back so only about 3 or 4 inches were in my mouth and he stroked his shaft shooting the rest in where I could curl up my tongue and save it.

I was his cock sucking slut and I loved it. I had never felt like this. I was always in control of the situation. This was so new to me and I really liked it, to be fucked.

Before Jim came there wasn’t much talk. I had my mouth full of cock and he was just moaning and groaning.

As he fell back into the arm chair behind him he said: “I love fucking your mouth, you are the best cock sucker I have ever had.

All I could do is smile and push some of his cum that had leaked out back into my mouth with the fingers I just had in his ass.

Jim smiled and then said: “I can’t wait to fuck your ass.”

I opened my mouth to show him his cum I was holding on my tongue. Closing my mouth I swallowed his cum and said: “For a guy that didn’t think he was into anything anal, you sure changed your mind fast!”

I was amazed to see his cock had only lost a little of its’ strength, it lay across his upper thigh all red and wet with my spit.

Knowing how much I love his foreskin he holds his shaft and strokes mersin escort it forward so the head is now covered by the skin

I ask him: ” can you really fuck again so fast?”

“Not usually but this has been something pretty special for both of us.”

When he says both of us he points to my cock and I realize I am hard too.

So I tell him; ” Well man you just fucked my mouth with that wonderful cock of yours do you want the last of my virginity.”

As I turn onto my side I spread one of my ass cheeks and show him my anus and say: ” Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to put that wonderful cock in me and make me your bitch?”

He comes over to me and guides me back onto the bed.

He says: ” I want to fuck you like you fucked me and make you my bitch like I am yours.”

As I am leaning back he takes a couple of pillows and puts them under my lower back raising my ass up and out, I spread my legs opening my ass to him.

My mind is racing, will he eat me, finger me or what will he do? I really don’t care I just want to give him the last really unexplored part of my body.

I am really surprised when he leans forward and kisses me right on the anus. He uses his hands to spread me open for his tongue and lips.

He then says: ” Now it is your turn to tell me what you want. Do you want me to lick your ass, do you want me to fuck it? “What do you want?”

“I want you to eat my ass, I want you to take my ass cherry and fuck me like I have never been fucked before. Put your wonderful cock in my ass and make me your slut, fuck me.”

He moves his hands up the back of my legs and pushes them to my chest and tells me: “Hold your ass open for me, show me you want this.”

I do just that and as I am holding my ass open to him he runs his hands up my legs to the back of my knees and leans forward to kiss my ass hole again. He kisses my wetly using his lips and tongue with a lot of spit. I can feel the spit run between my cheeks to my back. It is like he is making out with my ass hole. I have had a few women lick me there but nothing like this, it is like he is a man possessed. I am loving it!

This goes on until he takes my cock into one of his hands and starts to stroke it. I ask him to stop as I will cum if he keeps that up. I tell him:” I want to cum while your cock is in me.”

He sits up and says; ” Well hand me that lube so I can take that ass cherry you have been saving for so long.”

I hand him the lube and he pours some on my ass hole and starts to run his fingers around it. I think I have taught him well as he doesn’t try to rush things. But before long he is fucking me with two fingers comfortably when I tell him I will need another finger to get ready for his big cock.

As he lubes up another finger I try to think of nothing but the impending pleasure and try to relax. With little effort he now has all three fingers fucking my ass and I tell him: ” I want your cock now, fuck me.”

During all of this my cock has softened and is laying in my pubic hair. The anal stimulation feels so great my cock is all but forgotten.

As he is spreading lube on his cock I reach between my legs to stroke him and feel his full ball sack. With my hands now wet with lube I run them around my ass cheeks so that I am covered with it. I have my arms resting on the back of my legs so that my knees are almost in my arm pits and I have exposed my last horizon for him to explore. I am relaxed and can open my ass for him to enter. I tell him: ” Fuck me, fuck my ass. I have sucked your cock, eaten your ass and fucked you. We have done it all except this. Fuck my ass and show me the cock slut I am.”

Jim smiles and places the head of his cock on my ass hole and he feels huge. I remind myself I can do this, I want this. I have sucked that same cock comfortably and will take it in my ass too.

I relax and push up feeling him stretch me more than I ever have been. But his crown pops in and is pushing past my inner sphincter. I take a deep breath and he pushes some more and has about three inches in me. He can see I am struggling and waits until he feels my ass and colon relax and he slowly pushes more into me. I am still spreading myself open for him and feel him sliding more cock into me.

I don’t know how much cock he has in me but I want to be fucked and tell him so. “Fuck me, fuck my ass, show me what I have never felt before.”

He does just that, slowly but smoothly. With each back stroke I want him right back in me and am relaxing enough so when he pushes back into me I am holding myself open and am relaxed enough he has no trouble pushing that wonderful cock into me.

He says: ” Hold your balls up so I can see my cock in your ass.”

I tell him: ” Right now I would do anything, this feels incredible! If you had another cock I would suck it for you.”

He says; ” You would like that wouldn’t you, you slut. I bet you would like someone to fuck your mouth like I just did, wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yea, I would like to be fucked at both ends, but right now I can not believe how good your cock feels in my ass, oh God fuck me.”

He takes my soft cock in his hand and says; “What about this, what should we do with that?”

I tell him his cock feels so good I could cum without it but since he has it in his hand what does he want to do with it?”

He says: ” I would like to suck it but can’t reach, how this is?” He runs his hand over my slippery ass and takes me back into it and begins to stroke me.

It doesn’t take much before I feel my cock getting hard again.

Right now we are so connected. His hand stroking my cock, my ass taking his cock. He is stroking me to the rhythm of his fucking. Is he fucking me or making love to me, I don’t know and I don’t care. I am a willing participant but am laying back being fucked.

I can feel something hitting my lower back and realize it is his balls. I have taken all of that magnificent cock.

This is all I can take and feel my balls contract and shoot my juice up through my cock onto my chest. This pushes Jim over the edge and I tell him: “Cum in me, fuck me, fill me with your hot cum.”

He speeds up his fucking. He is now leaning over me on his hands and with his eyes closed I feel the first hot shot of his cum in my bowels. He keeps right on fucking me and shooting into me until I feel him slow down and shoot the last of his cum in me.

I squeeze my ass, trying to milk more of his essence out of his cock. I am holding his hips so he can’t pull out of me.

I feel his cock slowly soften and finally slide out of my now well fucked ass.

Jim lays next to me and we are silent for some time before he says: ” What sluts we are, we are fucking each other for the first time and thinking about how to add another cock to the mix.”

I tell him: ” You know I might just have an answer to that problem.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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