New Jock Tales–Sophomore Year CHpt 4 Youth Gone Wild

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Big Tits

New Jock Tales—Sophomore Year—Pt 5–Youth Gone Wild

Summer had finally arrived. Not a moment too soon—I was going nuts.

I finished up my Sophomore year, mostly uneventful. Although we did win the state championship, mostly cause of me, it went unrecognized, like someone else had done it. Seniors—seniors—seniors. Like the rest of the team wasn’t even there.

It was fucking with my head, and began more and more diving into the world of male prostitution and drugs, and less mowing yards, and football. I still worked out a lot—had to keep those abs while I still could, and I was gradually thickening up the chest, and broadening the shoulders. I had an awesome ‘V’, still just 28” in the waist, but 40” chest now. Most everything else was still pretty close to the same. Doing the annual ‘measure up’, on my 17th birthday, I was still right at 6′. A bit more muscles though, I now weighed 165. I worked the abs super hard—wanted to keep that 8 pac, and they were now nearly 1/4” deep. Fuck—I looked like an alligator, lol. Dick was still at 9” on a full boner, but a bit thicker and more veiny. My big mushroom head seemed also to be flaring out more, and constantly oozing fuck juice. Started getting a ‘hairline’ across my upper lip. Sexy as fuck, I thought. Beard was coming out as well, But I kept it trimmed down to that ‘fine line’ trim like the Mexican bois started, maybe a ¼ inch wide. Didn’t care for the bushy Grizzly Adams look at all. Overall, I had more of that bad boi look that turned me on. Time to get some more ink.

It was a rare event that dad came home one day about mid May. Sitting around the dinner table (how many months had it been) Dad and Dustin were bickering about something, and Dustin let out a ‘fuck it’. Mom liked to have passed out. Dad jumped straight up from the table, exclaiming “what did you say”? Dustin repeated himself, “I said fuck it—why”? Dad proclaimed that it was time for an ass beating, to which Dustin relied “what the fuck dad, Matthew says fuck it all the time—seeing how he was pressing Dad’s buttons, said ‘fuck it’ as many times as he could.

Dad still standing, yanks the belt. I went into terror mode—Dustin was still way too little for that bullet belt dad wore all the time. I had flashbacks of my own days of welt’s raising up on my back—b l e e d I n g. I grab dad by the arm, and beg “dad—dad–chill. You let him worked you up dad—lemme handle Dustin”. It took a few moments for dad to calm down, but I guess he decided it was best not to start hitting on lil bro the way he had done me at that age. I was quit a bit older now, and bigger, and would not have been afraid to go one on one with the ole man to protect my lil bro. I didn’t have much to do with him these day’s, but fuck I still loved him deep down, and no one was gonna fuck with him—especially dad.

Mom finally emerges from the bedroom, and starts getting ready for work. Dad is the first to leave, and I tell them both I would take care of Dustin. I walked dad out, and put my face into his ear. “Im gonna say this one time dad. The first time I see you grabbin ur dick and looking at my lil bro at the same time—Im gonna

kill Escort Ankara ur ass, right there”. Dad paused at the doorway, just staring me down for a few secs. He went on, I guess deciding whether to believe me, or he was just short on time. Mom quickly followed, and I stood at the window of the living room to watch her drive off. I waited until she rounded the corner, then turned to walk back to the kitchen.

Dustin is still sitting at the table, scrapping up the last remnants of gravy from his plate. I walk right up to him, and grabbing him by the throat, yank him up from his chair. I slam him against the wall, and with teeth gritting, and my best low throaty voice, “You try to out me again lil bro, and I will END your punk lil ass”. I yank him towards me, then slam him again into the wall, this time the back of his head hitting it pretty hard. He starts shaking, and I slam him again, and yelling now “You got me lil shit”? Dustin manages to let out a yes while still shaking from fear. I let him go and tell him to clean up the kitchen, and load the dishwasher. He was plenty old enough now to start learning some shit around the house.

I grab a beer from the fridge, and tell him when he gets done to come down to my room. As I get there myself, I lite up a joint, and suck down the whole thing. I strip out of my jeans, and plop down on the bed.

Dustin appeared in a few minutes, along with a big glass of chocolate milk. He was cute—still that little b o y innocent look. But after the next couple of hours, he wouldn’t be. I was already fantasizing how my huge load would look splashed all over his face. He was so fuckin cute—not a pimple on it. His hair was pulled down over his forehead, just to his eyes—and that big white smile. Damm, my dick was getting hard 🙂

Dustin is staring me down the whole time, amazed Im sure, at my hairyness and thick low hanging dick, all the while slowly sucking on his chocolate milk.

I Start playing with my balls, then rubbing my fingers up and down my shaft. After it starts to ‘fill out’ a bit, I then grab my dick with my fist, and rub my thumb across my piss slit, coaxing my juices out. I order Dustin to come and lay down beside me on the bed. He does so nervously, and I reach over and grab his arm. “You see how I was playing with my dick”? He nods up and down, then I command him “Now you do it”.

Dustin grabs my dick, still shaking, and begins a slow up and down stroking of my thick veiny meat. I kick back now, raising my arms up over my head, and lock my fingers back behind my head. “That’s right lil bro—just like that. You been jackin ur dick”? Dustin nods his head up and down, and I grin at him. Guess you just don’t have to teach a dude that—it just comes to ya 🙂

I close my eyes, and just relax into the moment. Dustin’s tight little fist feels awesome stroking up my big jock dick. It looked so cool fisting my thick shaft, barely big enough to wrap all the way around it. My hands were big enough now to palm a b-ball. He had started to get a few hairs in his pits, and that ripe stink of puberty. After a while, I lean up a bit, and looking him in the eyes, I reach down and Ankara Escort grab his dick. Pretty impressive, and fully boned up, I figure he’s about 7”. I had seen earlier he was developing a nice bush around his dick as well. Like his big bro—had some pretty big feet for his age as well, about a 10 I think.

Staring him down, I then utter in a low raspy voice, “suck me”. Dustin’s face lights up, and he drops his jaw. “Whut”? “Don’t play coy wit me—get it in ur mouth—now”. Dustin shakes his head back and forth, so I reach up and grab him by his hair. Giving it a hard squeeze, I pull his head down towards my throbbing cock. Letting go of his hair, but quickly grabbing his throat, I squeeze it hard, and just command, “open”.

Dustin finally complies, with fear in his face, and I push about half my meat into his mouth. He starts bucking back instantly, but I hold fast on the back of his neck, and just restate–”Suck it”.

Still resisting, I bring my right leg up and wrap it around his shoulders, putting him in a ‘lockdown’. I slap him across his face, then yell at him, “SUCK IT”.

As tears start flowing down his face, and panting like a puppy, Dustin finally complies, and begins sucking up and down my raging shaft. I smirk a bit at his instant talent, getting about half way down before coming back up. Still holding on to the back of his neck, I push him down a bit harder—I wanted to see just what he could take before he choked up. I get about 6” of my thick veiny dick into his throat before he bucks back, then I just say “Ya—that’s good lil bro—ur a fuckin natural—just keep doin it—you just keep worshiping my big jock meat”.

There wasn’t much in the way of emotion here—just raw lust. I was gonna fuck my lil bro—and fuck him good. Break um in fast and hard 🙂

In spite of my forcing my lil bro to suck my dick, I notice him grabbing his dick, and giving it a hard squeeze. I grin to myself thinking—ya, little fuckin whore—he fuckin loves his big bro’s cock.

Soon I sit up, and shove Dustin off me with my big ass size 12 jock foot. “Loose the shorts” I snarl at him, between my teeth. I reach in the nite stand, and fish out the bottle of lube, and another joint. I toss the bottle at him, and tell him to squirt it out on my dick, then get back to jackin it. I light up the joint, and give it a good hard pull, totally filling my lungs. I grab him by the hair again (bet he gets a haircut soon, LMAO), and twisting his head around towards me, grab his throat again. I squeeze his throat till he opens his mouth, then planting my mouth on his, blow the smoke into him. “Hold ur breath—don’t let it out till you turn blue—and keep jackin my fuckin dick—squeeze it real hard on the head”. This of course made the fuck juice start oozing out like a waterfall, mixing now with the lube, making my thick fuck stick all slippery—ready now to claim it’s prize.

As he finally blows the smoke from his mouth, and coughs a few times, I order Dustin to put his head down at the foot of the bed, and lay out on his belly. “Now spread out ur arms and legs, like a frog”. Oh gawd—those perfect little mounds of hairless, hard boi ass Ankara Escort Bayan almost made me nut just looking at them. I position my knees to just inside his smooth silky thighs, then reach back for a pillow. With my right arm I reach around his belly and lift him up, then place the pillow under him, right at his dick. Forcing his legs wider, and grabbing his small palm sized buns, I lean forward and spit out a mix of my spit and snot, right into his tite little pink hole. Damm—he even got a few hairs around his hole already. In just over a month he will be 14—I couldn’t wait to see how he explodes in his growth.

“Ur a teenager now lil bro—time to bust that cherry”.

“Whut” was all he said, and as I position my head at his hole, and flash an evil grin, and mutter, “This is what happens when you betray ur big bro”.

I enter his unbelievable super tite boi hole, stretching him to the max with my huge mushroom head, and in one deliberate push, plunge all nine inches into my lil bro’s guts.

Dustin lets out a scream like a rabid Banshee. Fisting the sheets above his head, he tightens up his whole body like he had just been electrocuted. “AHHHHHHHHH fuck Matthew—AHHHHHHHHH—Stop—please stop”.

I just ignore him, and pulling back, plunge again my whole throbbing nine inches of thick jock meat into my lil bro’s guts. Continuing, I thrust in and out of Dustin’s hole, holding him down between his shoulder blades. This was by far the tightest hole I ever fucked ! I knew it wasn’t going to last long—just too much pressure on my dickhead.

In just a couple more minutes, with Dustin still screaming at the top of his lungs, I grab him by the waist, and yank him up towards me. With four final super hard thrusts, I fall forward, landing on top of him, full weight. Clenching my eyes shut—I volly. Nut——nut—–nut—-nut—I counted 9 nuts, filling his ass to the brim.

Dustin is shaking so violently now it was like a vibrator on my dick, and suddenly I blast three more nuts into lil bro’s ass. I think I was panting harder now than him.

Finally I come up off my lil bro. I had come so hard that I was dizzy. I raised up my right arm, and came crashing down my my lil bro’s ass, slapping him so hard it instantly turned red. I just grinned—I was in full evil mode. Sticking my middle finger into his hole, I pull out, and grabbing Dustin by the hair again, direct my finger to his mouth. “Suck it”. Completely exhausted now, Dustin does as told, with no resistance, and sucks my junk from the finger. “Now swallow it” I demanded still in my low raspy voice. Still trembling, Dustin takes a big gulp, and swallows me down.

Grabbing his ankles, I spin him around back onto his back. Sitting on top of his thighs, I lean right into his face. I grab his still boned up dick, and fisting it began to jerk him with a hard squeeze.

“NOW—you will jack me whenever I want.

You will suck my dick whenever I want.

You will lick my nasty hairy ass hole whenever I want.

You will swallow my load whenever I tell you too.

You will drink my stinkin jock piss whenever I tell you.

I will fuck ur ass whenever I want.

Ur now my lil punk.


Dustin blows 7 shots of jizz all over his belly, flopping around like a fish just pulled from the water. Oh hell ya—-he likes it.

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