New Neighbor’s Surprise

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It was moving day into our new home. Our house was a somewhat isolated two-story in the interior of a cul-de-sac with a large pie-shaped lot. Because of the lay-out of the street we did not have neighbors immediately to our west, and the developer built a high block fence along that border. The backyard backed against a high-tension power line right-of-way, so we had no neighbors behind us giving us almost complete privacy to enjoy our pool and spa. Almost because we did share the eastern property line with a neighbor, and the developer for some unknown reason built a five foot fence separating each backyard. Oh well, everything else was perfect for our first home.

Our new next-door-neighbors were elusive as it took over a week before my wife was the first to see any sign of them. Annie was rearranging an extra bedroom upstairs (for the 3rd time) when she caught a glimpse of the woman living there.

“Oh and what a sight she is Clint. A real Amazon: tall, long toned legs, cinnamon-colored skin, and a big head of highlighted, curly hair reaching half-way down her back,” Annie giggled, “She also had a gorgeous face with big full lips.” Annie described her to me when I had returned from the hardware store.

“She was watering her flowers in her backyard wearing very short bike shorts and a sports bra. She had large tits, larger than mine, if you can believe that, and a thick bush over her pussy. I could see a bulge.” Annie’s eyes were ablaze, and her nipples erect underneath the clingy tank top she was wearing.

Annie’s excitement and thinly veiled desire for her didn’t surprise me as we both enjoyed the company of other lovers, male and female, on a couple of occasions. Annie was hot and worked up so I pulled her in tight and grabbed her ass cheeks that were barely covered by her daisy-dukes and kissed her. Our mouths locked, passionately kissing, our hands began to strip each other. Annie unbuttoned my dirty work jeans and dropped to her knees, sloppily tonguing my rapidly expanding cock. I was hard as steel after two deep passages down her throat. Annie stood and bent over in front of the open window, in hopes of performing a vision for our new neighbor.

“Fuck me with that big dick. Fuck me hard Clint!” She commanded, through the window, shaking her ass. I positioned myself behind her, and slid in up to my pubic bone with one steady push; my entry was made all the easier by the copious amounts of juice her pussy was releasing. I did as I was told and started to pound her hard. Annie’s grunts and groans, and my moaning filled the room, and went out the window. Both of us being exhibitionists, each of us relished in our brazenness. I’m sure Annie was thinking as I was, and hoping our neighbor was listening, and may be even spying on us.

“Yeah you fucking stud, pound that dick in me. Slam my cervix stud bull, you’re making me cum!” Annie was saying this more for the neighbor than for me. I too got in the act.

“Ah you fucking whore, squeeze my cock, coat it with your girl-quim. Make her suck out my juices!” I was fucking her as fast and deep as possible. Sweat began to drip of my head as the clap of my hips hitting her ass drowned out our play-by-play.

Annie moved a hand down to her clit and frigged herself as my cock slammed in and out. She came instantly, her mouth making animalistic guttural noises that were not for show. “Oh yeah bitch, here comes my load, fuck yeah!” I yelled.

“Pull out, shower me, and spray your spunk on me!” Annie pleaded, and I complied. Fucking her ass cheeks, my cock erupted its bounty, leaving a trail of man-juice down her spine from her neck to her asshole. Annie reached back and smeared the bottom portion across her ass; I in turn rubbed in the spunk on her upper back like suntan lotion. I grabbed her tits and stood her up, feeding my spunk covered fingers into her mouth in front of the open window. She eagerly sucked in my fingers, cleaning them of their offering.

“You little slut,” I whispered to her as we kissed, enjoying the flavor of my cum on our tongues.

“Fuck you cum eater,” she replied with a devilish grin and wink. As I went in for another kiss I looked over her shoulder and saw a shadow move away from our neighbor’s window. Mission accomplished I thought to myself.

A couple of days later I came home from work and found my wife spying on our neighbor from our back yard. She was slightly crouched behind a tall shrub we hadn’t trimmed yet, trying to hide while peering over the fence. Her bikini bottoms were around her knees as she was rubbing her clit. As I stood in the den overlooking her lustful display of need, I looked through a side window to see our neighbor lying in a chaise lounge sunning herself. She was a vision, just like my wife described. She was wearing a very skimpy two-piece bikini with tits that poured out of the sides of her top. But I was more intrigued with her pubic bulge: she had a pronounced mound between her legs. She must have some serious pussy lips I thought to myself.

Annie Kadıköy Olgun Escort was so in tuned to her sexual needs she didn’t hear me sneak up behind her. I strode across the back walking tall: stripped and hard. I could easily see our neighbor over the fence, and she could see me, at least from the chest up I assumed. As I reached Annie, I placed my hard cock in her ass crevice, and stood her up, wrapping my arms around her, fondling her tits. She didn’t even flinch as I exposed her spying position. As I turned her head to kiss her I stole a glance at the neighbor who I could tell was watching us through her sunglasses.

Annie twisted around and began stroking my cock as we continued to kiss. Annie had her eyes closed, moaning in my mouth, grinding against my leg. I kept my eyes open, staring at the bikini-clad body looking at us. As I pulled the string of my wife’s bikini top untied, the neighbor raised her glasses, looked right into my eyes and licked her lips slowly as her hands came up to her large tits, gently squeezing and caressing them. Once I had pulled the top off Annie, I bent to take a nipple in my mouth. Making rapid circles with my tongue around her areola, Annie threw her head back and held on to my shoulders for balance. She moaned loudly as the touch on her tits was complemented with the graze of my fingers on her pussy.

As I trailed my tongue back up Annie’s neck to plant it in her mouth, I make eye contact with the neighbor once again. She had by now pushed her top aside from her heaving tits and was pinching a nipple with one hand, and rubbing her crotch through her bikini bottom with the other. She smiled as a curled a finger at her, beaconing her to watch us as I eased Annie on top of me to the pool deck.

I directed Annie to climb over me into a 69 position. Just as a brought my mouth up to her parted pussy lips I looked up and saw am angelic face gazing at us over the fence. Annie was too busy bobbing on my cock to see our audience. I smiled as I kept eye contact with the neighbor, spreading Annie’s ass cheeks so I could pull her anus ever so slightly inside-out, her pink back door winking at the two of us. I extended my tongue and using the underside of it, flicked its puckered ridges. Annie moaned on to my cock, and took me all the way in while cupping my balls. An audible gasp was heard from over the fence as the neighbor unconsciously voiced her approval. From Annie’s head angle I could tell she looked up to find her look down on us. And from her renewed efforts on my cock I could tell Annie wanted to give her a show she’d never forget.

Annie wrapped a hand around my shaft and began to pump it hard as she was sucking on my cockhead. Her vacuum pressure on the glans was coupled with a tongue tip probing its slit. My hips began to roll as I dropped my mouth to encircle her clit. Annie’s thighs clamped my head in a suffocating grip as I plunged a finger in to her creamy pussy. Above the moans, and slurping noises the two of us were making, I heard a third voice hissing at us, cheering us, telling us to cum for her.

Annie reached her climax first, her ass cheeks clenched as I kept my quick pace of battering her clit. In a state of over-sensitivity she pulled away from me just when I was ready to release. Annie removed her mouth from cock and held its head against a cheek. She continued to stroke me as I began to shoot my spunk over her face, into her hair, and down her chin. Annie rubbed it all into her face using my cock as the applicator. After my 7th or 8th jolt she took me back into her mouth and sucked whatever remains my shaft still contained. I looked up in a daze and saw our neighbor in the threshold of her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and she was holding onto the fence as her other hand was busy getting herself off. Suddenly her body went rigid, then released, and went rigid again as her waves of ecstasy rocked through her body. Annie and I watched her, stroking each other as we enjoyed seeing her in throes of pleasure. We sat up and kissed, sharing our juices, letting our neighbor come down from her climax.

We smiled at each other, and turned to once again make eye contact with her.

“Hi, we’re Clint and Annie, your new neighbors,” I said. “Please come over and take a swim.”

A bit of embarrassment eased across her face, but strengthened by our openness (since we were sitting there, covered in cum, legs spread, cock and pussy exposed) she quickly composed herself. “Pleased to finally meet you two, I’m Vanessa. I, uh, I would like to clean up first.”

“Nonsense, that’s what the pool is for,” Annie said as she stood. She dove in, “Come on, the waters feels great.” Apprehension still crossed Vanessa’s face.

“Oh, are you worried about your husband coming home?” I asked.

“No. No, I’m not married. It’s just that . . .” she replied.

“Oh I understand. I just want to assure you nothing will happen without your full consent. We want you to be fully comfortable, and besides Kadıköy Sarışın Escort we want to be friends, new neighbor,” I said sincerely.

She was still reluctant. “Come on,” Annie bellowed from the raft she was floating on, “we won’t bite, unless you want us to!”

Cliché to be sure, but it worked, Vanessa smiled, and said OK. I said great, and jumped in the pool. Vanessa disappeared between the houses to exit her yard through the gate next to ours coming into our back. As she was coming over, I swam up to Annie and told her to be nice and take things slow. “I know, but it’s going to be a struggle. She is so fucking hot.” Vanessa splashed us with a cannonball jump just as we kissed.

“Thank you guys for the invite, and the shows. You two are a very striking couple,” Vanessa smiled at us as she sat on the bench in the deep end of the pool, “You know I saw you two the first night you moved in. On the kitchen counter, remember?”

“Well, we’re just trying to break in the place, you know,” Annie told her with a laugh.

“You two are quite the exhibitionists, not that I’m complaining. I guess I shouldn’t be ashamed in telling you that you have given me some awesome orgasms with your displays. I’ve seen three acts, but I’m sure I’ve missed more,” she giggled.

“Yeah, we’re just like a couple of bunnies over here,” I added, “but can you blame me, look at this hot babe I’m married to.” Annie sighed and shook her head at me, as she rolled on to her belly to look at Vanessa. I gave her ass a light swat as I swam to the opposite side of the deep end from Vanessa. I did not want to crowd her and make her feel uncomfortable.

We talked for a little while, getting to know each other, the typical small talk. Vanessa has been single, and celibate, for the past 6 months, we found out. She made a point of saying her partner left her for another which astonished us cause who would leave this creature by choice. And confessed she really has missed another’s touch. Sensing a welcome to become a little more intimate, I steered the conversation to mine and Annie’s open sex life. Vanessa enjoyed the revelations and said she too was quite liberal in her sexual life. I felt my cock twitch as the possibility of sharing Vanessa seemed imminently real. I waited until it was about half-mast when I knew it would look impress hanging down my leg to offer to get some drinks and food, and exited the pool. As I stood both girls eyes watched my cock sway and bob as I turned to the house. Being some what narcissistic, I knew I looked good walking away, ass swaying, body glistening with the water. The girls were silent as I walked.

Upon my return with a tray of fruit, and a pitcher of margaritas, I approached the girls (my cock still in a state of semi-erect as I had made sure to pull on it while prepping the food) who were still in the pool. I placed the tray on the table but Vanessa said she wanted to stay in the pool and asked if I could bring the tray by them. I said sure and placed the tray behind her head. I sat next to Vanessa on the bench in the water. Annie dropped out of the raft and sat up on the coping of the pool next to me. I handed each girl their drink and offered a toast to new friendships. We clinked glasses, and took a sip. Annie grabbed a strawberry, dipped it in the bowl of whip cream from the tray and fed it to me. Just as I had gotten it in my mouth, Annie bent over and kissed me. We volleyed the berry between our mouths as we kissed.

“Don’t you two ever stop!” Vanessa laughed as she playfully squeezed my thigh, just beyond my cock’s length. “I thought you two would need a break or something.”

“Sorry,” I giggled, “like I said, she’s too hot to resist.”

“And that big dick of his swinging in the wind makes me want him as much as I can have him,” Annie chimed in with a big smile.

“You can say that again!” Vanessa smirked as her hand brushed my cock. I jumped, I don’t know why, but it was kind of surprising. Annie and I shared a look, and she smiled in that lustful way that I have come to know and love.

“I told you he’s hard to resist,” Annie said as she again met her mouth to mine, her tongue inserting as deep as it would reach. Vanessa reached up and caressed Annie’s cheek.

“You are too,” she whispered to Annie as she moved her mouth to join ours. Our three tongues softly rolled and explored each others. Tenderly we kissed as Annie slinked into the pool to sit partly on my lap. The girls felt each other’s faces as we kissed. I reached behind Vanessa and slowly, waiting for a sign to stop, pulled her top’s knot undone around her neck. She moaned as it fell, exposing her beautiful breasts, large and round. Annie broke from our three-way kiss and slowly ran her tongue down her neck to tenderly take a nipple in her mouth. I saw Annie’s hand attempt to go under the water to touch Vanessa’s pussy, but she caught her hand, and brought it up to her other breast. By now I was at full-mast as we held this position of me Kadıköy Şişman Escort and Vanessa kissing and Annie sucking and playing with Vanessa’s tits. Vanessa took the next step and grabbed my cock. A moan of approval escaped her mouth into mine as her hand took into consideration its size. I took this as my queue, and dropped my hand down Vanessa’s body. She abruptly pulled away from us.

“I, I, have to tell you two something,” she said to the two of us in a very self-conscious way. “I don’t know how to say it though.” She jumped out of the pool and took a couple of steps away from us. I looked up at her, taking in her gorgeous shape: a fine tapered V-back, skinny waist, a perfectly taunt, bubble ass, and long toned legs. Maybe she’s HIV-positive, I thought, because she’s perfect from what I can see. I continued to stare, letting her collect herself. Annie couldn’t remain quiet and stepped out of the pool to approach her.

“I, I just have to say . . . “Vanessa began until Annie shushed her with a gentle SHHH. Annie reached an arm up to Vanessa’s shoulders and traced it along her back until she was face-to-face with Vanessa.

“I know, I know. You’re beautiful,” Annie told her softly, then gave her a delicate, meaningful kiss. I was confused: she “knew”? How? What?

They held their embrace and I was too mystified to do any thing but watch. Their kiss soon became more passionate and I realized that whatever the secret was, it was rapidly beginning to dissipate. With Vanessa’s back still towards me, she stood a head taller then Annie and was holding her head as they were obvious wrestling tongues. Annie brought her right hand down to Vanessa’s bikini-covered crotch and began rubbing her sex. Vanessa’s legs parted a little and her knees buckled. My cock quickly sprang back to full stiffness as I absolutely love watching my wife please another woman. Vanessa placed her hands on Annie’s tits and began to massage them. I brought my hand to my cock and began to massage it. Annie moved her other hand to the tied knot on Vanessa’s bikini bottom and to my pleasure slowly extended it as she untied it. She did the same on the other side and let the bottom fall to the ground as soon as it was unhitched. Annie slowly dropped to her knees, kissing her way down Vanessa’s body to her crotch. Vanessa guided her down with her hands on Annie’s head and groaned loudly as Annie made contact with her sex.

Annie’s head bobbed as she pleasured Vanessa as I watched Vanessa’s ass clench and release. It was Annie who now beaconing, curling a finger for me to come hither. I raised out of the pool, my cock standing at full attention, and stepped behind Vanessa. Grinding my hard member into the small of her back, I pulled her face into mine and kissed her softly. My hands cupped her two heavy tits as our tongues explored new mouths.

Annie reached up and took one of my hands and guided it down to Vanessa’s crotch. I felt Vanessa’s flat, hard-rippling belly, across her tiny, outie belly-button, and over a small patch of curly pubes. Then to my shock my finger tips enveloped a shaft as I curled them in anticipation of sinking them into a wet pussy. Vanessa had a cock! And a sizable one at that! With our tongues still touching, my eyes shot open to be met with hers. Vanessa’s expression was complete submissiveness, and yearning for acceptance. I am very sexually adventurous, and have had numerous Bi-encounters, but I was in a state of shock, and broke her kiss. But my face was in an expression of confusion with no disdain. Nevertheless, my body began to take a step away. Annie sensing this, reached around Vanessa and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me back in to her. My body complied, my mind came at ease, and I smiled at Vanessa. A noticeable relief came over her as she saw this, and I began to slowly stroke her cock as we our lips re-embraced.

Vanessa turned into me slightly and dragged a hand down to my steel-hard cock. She was kissing me like a woman, but stroked me like a man. I cupped her tits and began to roll her nipples between my fingers. Annie replaced Vanessa’s hand with hers and led my cock to touch Vanessa’s. With our cock heads kissing, Annie flicked her tongue across the union causing all three of us to moan in unison. Annie took Vanessa full in her mouth, as I began to kiss my way down her body. As I sucked on a nipple, nursing like a newborn, I looked down and saw Annie sucking one of Vanessa’s balls into her mouth while stroking her cock. I released the nipple and kneeled down with Annie. She fed me Vanessa’s cock, which I eagerly rolled in my mouth.

“Oh yeah, you two are so nasty. Suck me, it feels so good,” Vanessa cooed, “Oh you sluts, you’re going to make me cum.” Vanessa’s hips began to buck as I sucked on her head, fucking her cock slit with my tongue. A strong taste of pre-cum coated my tongue. I pulled off and thrusted my tongue at Annie for her to share. She released the ball she was swirling in her mouth and sucked Vanessa’s essence out of my mouth.

“You taste so good ‘Nessa, I need you to fuck me.” Annie pleaded.

“Lay down girlfriend, I’ll fuck you better than Clint does,” Vanessa commanded. She had gone from being an unsure, demure woman, to a conceited and in control man with one expression. I didn’t care about the slight, I was too horny.

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