New Teacher Bad Boy

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The Teacher

Sally Williamson had been the star pupil at her university and despite the wishes of her family had been determined to push forward with a teaching career. Her life had been one of plenty, and she told herself she needed to do something on her own.

She had many brief flings at University building up a broad sexual knowledge from the men she dated. Sally was stunning, her slim figure, blue eyes and long blonde hair would always supply another Beau immediately after the latest one had disappeared. She was hardly ever single even if she rarely felt happy.

A few men had hung around, and Sally had been forced to dump them, but most had grown quickly bored of her. Men found her studious approach annoying and her mechanical love making frustrating. It had to be her way or the highway, and with no shortage of potential conquests at a university this made boyfriends quickly move on even from one so alluring.

Occasionally she was sad to see one go, but she always reminded herself that she was doing it her way. Her family would see that she could make a difference. To her and her middle-class upbringing making a difference meant helping yummy mummies bring up their little darlings and assist them in fulfilling their ambitions.

Her world had been a narrow one and within that world achievement was all that mattered.

She had passed with the highest grades possible, but then the shock of the real world hit. Outside the bubble of the university was a really hard environment for teachers. The toughest economic conditions seen in years meant the yummy mummies were sending their children to state schools, and private schools were cutting back. The low birth rate had meant there were lots of spaces in state classrooms and those schools had no need to expand.

In the months, leading up to leaving University and the summer break she had only been offered one job and she surely would not take that. The Mary Bronson Comprehensive was in the roughest part of the inner city-centre and was no place to make a difference she thought.

However, here she was in her car driving to that school on the first day of term about to start her career teaching Maths and English to their 17-18 year old pupils. These young adults should be doing further education, but not at the Mary Bronson, these guys were in the last chance salon retaking GCSE’s before the school finally kicked them out.

In the car, she cursed her father for constantly telling her how she was wasting her life trying to be a teacher. Out of pride and, a desire to shut him up she told him she was taking the job. He had laughed at first, but when she showed no sign of giving up the plan he had fallen silent.

Finally, he helped buying her a sensible little flat near the school in what he called a safe area. She had accepted the gift as she always had with a resign air wishing he would offer love instead of money.

She parked her car, took a deep breath, and headed into school, grimly ignoring the woof whistles and jeers around her. She wanted to run away, but she couldn’t face telling her father he was right.

The boy

David Brown was bad news.

As he travelled through the school he got bigger, stronger, and nastier. As he walked into school that same morning as Sally did he was feeling confident about the year ahead

His naturally athletic build meant now at eighteen he was the strongest and fastest around. The power this gave him was something he planed to abuse even more than he had in his previous years.

He knew all the students feared him, but he also knew a lot of the staff did too. There would be a lot of fun ahead bullying the weak and breaking rules.

There was one thing he was good at art. In art he never had to try, all his paintings and drawings were excellent. To many his best pieces of work would appear dark and edgy, but that was not unusual of young adults. In art he got an A, in everything else he got F’s.

The teachers had grown tired of trying to make him see that if he knuckled down and got pass grades in Maths and English then he could go to art school and make a future for himself. They could get stuffed was all he ever thought of that.

Once a teacher had even tried to appeal to his parents to help David see how good grades would mean all that artistic talent would not go to waste. Unfortunately, this was hopeless. His father was long gone, and his mother got by with her cleaning job and nights out with various “uncles.” The teacher would quickly learn his mother saw no value in education and even less in art. To her David was an accident, a bad boy, a waste of time, and would be a thorn in her side for the rest of her days.

So David learnt to survive by “borrowing” other people’s pocket money and taking what ever else he needed. The constant trouble that got him in was just a minor inconvenience. He wasn’t popular, girls avoided him, but when he spoke people listened and when he barked people jumped. He liked that.

His world was Ataşehir Escort also a narrow one and within that world control was all that mattered.

The class

When the headmaster walked with Sally into her classroom the unruly gathering made the colour drain from Sally’s face. The students actually were being quite well behaved having subconsciously decided not to push the limits too far on their first day back, with the threat of an unknown teacher and the inevitable visit from the headmaster.

“Class silence. Silence class,” bellowed the headmaster, and his pupils dutifully fell silent and slumped or slouched into their seats. “This is Miss Williamson your new teacher,” he continued, “I trust you will make her very welcome.”

The boys in the class slowly realised that this stunning woman in trousers, and a blouse was their new teacher and this produced more wolf whistles and jeers.

“SILENCE,” bellowed the headmaster making all the kids grin at the way his bellowing made his face go red. The students saw their new teacher’s face redden too, and they exchanged smiles, this should be fun.

“Good morning 12r,” Sally finally managing to make her voice work amid the shock of the chaos and unruly behaviour.

The girls in the class having immediately hated her for her good looks smiled to themselves realizing that she was a fish out of water, a couple of them making “ooooooohhhhhhhh 12r” sounds at her posh accent and being called by their proper class name.

“SILENCE,” bellowed the headmaster again, producing an even deeper shade of red before he fled the classroom excusing himself quickly.

“Yea off you go before you have a heart attack you old git,” laughed David. The class collapsed in fits of giggles as it always did when David led the trouble.

“That’s enough,” said Sally deciding it was time to try to take some control of the class. “You boy, what’s your name?”

“I am David Brown, you have probably heard of me,” he answered smiling and looking around at the rest of the class. The rest of the class had fallen silent watching, and waiting knowing there was more fun to come.

In truth, she had been told all about him and her heart sank when she realized she had inadvertently taken on the class troublemaker after having been in class for only five minutes. However, you have started now so you mustn’t show any weakness she thought.

“Right David Brown,” Sally began to speak again and as she spoke she marched over to his desk. “In my class there will be no rudeness to the Headmaster, me or any other member of the school, am I clear?”

As she reached his desk David stood up he was about 6 inches taller than her, and he stared at her. She felt herself gulp, but she held his gaze trying hard to appear braver than she felt.

The class waited, and David stood staring at Sally. A voice in his head saying wow she has wonderful eyes.

Sally said with a quiver in her voice. “Am I clear?”

David registered the fear in her eyes, something he had seen so often but found himself unable to break the stare or to speak. Finally, his face softened and he heard himself say very quietly. “Yes, Miss, I am sorry Miss.” He sat down.

The initial laughter died on many of his classmate’s lips as they initially assumed this was a joke, a set up, but when he sat down with his head bowed they realized he was serious.

Sally turned and walked back to her desk trying not to break down and cry. Oh God I want to go home she thought.

David sat transfixed feeling that there could not be a more beautiful person in the whole world, in that seminal moment he knew he was her slave and would do what ever he could to please her.

For the rest of the day the class was very quiet, the Headmaster walked by twice expecting chaos and found each time Miss Williamson working away at the blackboard and the class appearing attentive.

Towards the end of the day one boy made a crude remark about Sally’s bottom and with her confidence growing she decided to make a further stand and send him outside to the corridor. The boy had stood defiant refusing to go. Sally’s confidence began to wane again. David behind Sally’s back motioned for him to do as he was told. So the boy went outside, and Sally sat back down relieved hoping the class would not see her hands shaking. You are doing pretty well Sally told herself it’s horrible, but you are winning. She still wanted to go home.

The class was dismissed, and she went home exhausted, but fairly happy.

What she did not see was David beating up the boy in front of his classmates telling them that if they messed with Miss Williamson they messed with him.

The class went home exhausted and depressed, hoping David’s crush on the new teacher would be brief. It was bad enough being constantly bullied by him, being bullied into behaving in class was too much.

End of year review

The school terms passed quickly, and Sally found herself sitting in the headmaster’s room Kadıköy Escort right at the end of the school year.

“It’s a very curious thing Sally,” said the Headmaster. “David Brown is about to retake Maths and English and its pretty obvious from his mock results that he has a chance to get a pass grade. The rest won’t, but he might. Never thought I would see that. His behaviour and the whole class’s behaviour has been amazing this year. I have no idea how you have done it. Sadly their attitude has been poor elsewhere, except for David continues to shine at art. He really is very good, but it will all be wasted, he will end up drawing on a prison wall somewhere I expect”

“Yes,” said Sally, “if he revises hard then he might just make it and get a pass in Maths and English GCSE’s.”

“Well the few days off before the exams will spoil that,” commented the Headmaster, “guess it’s too close to call without some hard work and to be honest many don’t even bother to turn up for the exam. Anyway congratulations on a great year and best wishes for your new job, bit different to here, but I am sure you’ll shine.”

Sally smiled guiltily; long ago she had realised her success with 12r was down to David.

Earlier in the year David had been off sick for three days and when he was back she had stumbled across him bullying a Mark Greenson who had been horrible to Sally whilst David was not in class. David had obviously found out about Mark’s bad behaviour and was taking steps to ensure it never happened again. Sally overheard David yelling at Mark and had realised the whole class was under orders to behave or else. Sally knew she should intervene. Mark had been a little shit and had made her cry herself to sleep that night. Screw him she thought and sneaked back to her car leaving Mark to his fate.

However, her eyes were open now to what was happening and she began to recognise the other signs around her. In the end, she saw many examples of how he bullied the class into behaving and how he tried every way he could to please her.

The glowing report from Bronson Comprehensive had overcome her posh new private schools reservations about a comprehensive teacher. So she could now move onto to the yummy mummies and do what she desired to do. In her heart, she knew her escape was down to David.

As she left, the school David kept playing on her mind. How could she help him, she feared that without classes he would do no revision and risked failing right at the end. Alongside bullying the others he had worked hard for her and his maths and English had improved greatly.

Sally knew without him she would be back home, pride destroyed or worse facing more years at the Bronson. By the time, she reached home she had resolved to help him and spend the last days making him revise. You are going to art school David Brown she told herself.

Tomorrow was the last half day before school broke up, and everyone’s spirits were high. The day passed quickly, and finally it was the end of the school year. As her 12r class were heading home her eyes searched the room for David. He was hanging back, trying to think of a way to delay going home. He knew he would never see her again. So for Sally it was easy to say she would like a word.

He hung around delighted, but unsure what he had done wrong.

“David, I was wondering whether you would like to study with me next week,” she said.

“What come to school,” he replied aghast.

“Well I was thinking more my flat,” she replied. “We could do some revision for your exams. I really appreciate all your help this year and I just want to help you pass your exams. It would be my way of saying thank you.” She finished with a shrug.

He stood and thought, realizing he would see Miss Williamson for longer and maybe even alone. The thought of being alone with her made his heart beat faster.

“Your flat,” he asked playing for time whilst his mind raced ahead, “where is that?”

“Well it’s in Candover Road,” she said, “so no further than coming here. I live there on my own so it would be quiet and a good place to study. If you worked hard for just a few more days, you would have the best chance to pass and get to art college.”

He would have travelled hundreds of miles for a day alone with her, so even if their reasons were very different they found themselves both agreeing to study together. Sally thinking it was about the art college; David thinking it was another week to fantasize about her. See her flat, he kept thinking, maybe see her in casual clothes. Just get to talk with her and be with her. Wow.

“Come over about ten,” she told him crashing in on his thoughts and as they partied she told him to, “please keep this between ourselves. I don’t want the whole class wanting extra help.”

They both laughed when he replied, “fat chance of that.”


The Monday dawned very hot, and David turned up on her doorstep at exactly 10am.

He felt a pang of disappointment when Ümraniye Escort he saw she was wearing what Sally always wore trousers and a tightly buttoned blouse. He ached to see her legs or get a glimpse of cleavage, but she always dressed the same. He had hoped at home she would be different, but he was gutted to learn this was not so.

She pointed out the layout of her flat as they walked in. A kitchen/lounge, a bathroom, and a bedroom. He ached to see the bedroom so he could fantasise about being in bed with her, but the slightly ajar door offered only a glimpse as he walked by. The only thing he learnt as he walked by was the bedroom had an on-suite shower and toilet.

She set him to work in the lounge at her table on some test papers she had prepared to help clarify what he needed the most help on.

The day was stifling and when she reappeared to offer him some lemonade and to enquire if he had finished she found he had removed his tee shirt and was in a vest top. His strong muscular arms and athletic physic reminded her that she had been celibate for the whole school year. For the first time Sally saw David as a man instead of a student and a little ache started in the bottom of her stomach.

“Hmmmm you have taken off you tee shirt,” she said stating the obvious.

“Oh God miss I am sorry,” he said trying to grab it and put it back on.

“David its fine, honestly,” she said. “You have a nice body. I just thought you had a good idea. We started the day as if we were dressed for school, but it’s too hot.” She got up announcing she would change. She was standing in her bedroom with her back to the door, her blouse off when she heard the tiniest creak. She put her tee shirt on, removed her trousers and put her shorts on and when she returned to the hallway she bumped into David.

“Sorry,” he said going red, “I was off to the bathroom.”

It was only after she got back to the kitchen that she remembered he had been to the bathroom a few minutes before, and she then thought of the creak she heard. Also, she knew she had left the bedroom door ajar. So she realized he had followed her and probably watched her changing.

David meanwhile was trying to recover his composure in the bathroom finding it hard not to explode in his pants at the sight of her standing with her back to him in bra and knickers. He wished she had turned around before hearing the creak had made him duck back. Too scared to move she had then bumped into him in the hall, and he made that silly excuse. He wondered if she realized.

“There you are,” she said pleasantly when he finally braved going back into the lounge. She tried to ignore the huge bulge in his trousers, but the sight simply made her ache grow all the stronger. He was relieved that she hadn’t realised he had spied on her, and he began to relax again.

The day passed, and they worked hard and again the following morning he turned up at 10. He was happy to see she was again in shorts and tee shirt, the same ones as yesterday. He was delighted to finally see her legs but disappointed that the tee shirt did not reveal more. Delighted at her comment that he had a nice body he again wore a vest top.

Around mid-morning, an idea came into her head and she acted without thinking. She pretended the tap in the kitchen misfired spraying her with water, and she rushed complaining into her bedroom deliberately leaving the door a little more ajar than before. She waited ears straining for sound and when Sally was certain she heard the floor creak she began to undress. Removing tee shirt, bra, shorts and knickers she stood naked with her back to the door before replacing her clothes. Moving slowly so David had lots of time to retreat to her dining table she walked into the lounge.

“Sorry about that,” she said smiling at the dumbstruck David. He not only had seen her naked, but now her shorts were quite a bit shorter and her tee shirt revealed more than a hint of cleavage and a little of the white bra he had watch her put on.

“Do you like my tee shirt David,” she asked, “I bought it ages ago and have never worn it but it’s the only one clean.”

“Its ummmm nice, very nice,” he said breathlessly.

“You don’t think it’s tarty,” she continued, “you would say if you did.”

“No, no, not at all,” he said, “I really like it, honest.”

“Aw thank you sweetheart,” she cooed.

So the second day passed, and she racked her brains that night for what she could do on the third and final day to tease him.

This time when he arrived at 10 the front door was open and when he called out she told him to come in. He found her in the lounge wearing dungarees finishing some decorating. She saw disappointment on his face and was pleased her tease was going well.

“Hi, God is that he time, give me a moment so I can change,” she said, “and we will get started.” She put the lid back on the paint pot and placed the paint brush in the jar of water beside it. In front of him, she removed the dungarees so she was left in just a tee shirt showing her mid-rift and knickers.

As she removed the dungarees she asked him whether he minded her undressing in front of him, dumbstruck he just shook his head unable to look away from the sight of her standing in her knickers.

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