New Year’s Break Pt. 03

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Part 3 – Service with a smile

Continuation from earlier this may be a bit long winded but I hope you will enjoy.


The bar was relatively quiet, a few party goers drinking in one corner and a couple of couples sitting by the fireplace.

Approaching the bar, I was greeted by a smiling young barman, who looked remarkably fresh for the lateness of the day. Ordering a whisky I climbed onto a bar stool, adjusted my kilt so that I wasn’t exposing myself and began to watch this young barman who was serving me.

He was around 5′ 10″, slim build blond hair in his early twenties probably with what looked like a nice firm ass, under his black tuxedo trousers, he was wearing a black full length bar apron protecting his black waistcoat and trousers, a white wing collared shirt, a red silk bow tie, matching the red silk of the back of his waistcoat and black highly polished shoes completed his apparel, turning back to me and placing my drink down in front of me, he asked if I required anything else to which I replied not at the moment but I would be sure to let him know if he could assist me.

Thanking me he said his name was Stuart and that I was to just call him as he was finishing off restocking and cleaning down the bar.

“Thank you Stuart,” I replied lifting my glass and taking a small sip of the amber nectar, savouring the smell and taste of it. Watching him as he resumed his chores, I enjoyed the sight of his firm looking arse as he bent to restock the shelves. He was defiantly arousing my interest as I felt my cock stirring under my kilt.

Laughing inwardly at myself I shook my head, being a suit fetishist, I was so highly aroused tonight with all the formally dressed guys around I was feeling like a kid in a sweetie shop. Thinking back to my encounter with John, it had been unexpected, but oh so pleasurable, to find a kindred spirit, I hoped that we might manage to find some time alone when we could further pleasure each other, after all he had definitely shown an interest in taking things further.

Slowly sipping on my whisky I had been inadvertently watching Stuart as he moved around the bar, I wasn’t normally attracted to young guys but Stuart in his formal work uniform was certainly peeking my interest.

“Can I refresh your drink Sir?”

Snapping out of my daydream, I smiled at Stuart, thanked him for his service and said that I had better retire as it had been a long night. Returning my smile he thanked me and added that if I should require anything just to ask for him. Walking away from the bar I looked back at him, he was still watching me, I replied that I would, thanking him again.

Getting back to our suite I entered quietly not wanting to disturb my wife, who I expected to be asleep by now. Removing my jacket and then my waistcoat, hanging them in the closet, I moved over to the bed to find Shona, draped on top of it, still wearing her dress, quietly snoring away. I gently tried to wake her, but she was totally out of it, I managed to move her so as I could remove her dress, no easy task as it was so figure hugging, once removed I then rolled down her stockings, then managed to get her under the covers. Kissing her forehead I whispered good night darling, to which I got a mumbled thanks from her.

Moving through to the bathroom I untied my bowtie and undid the top couple of buttons on my shirt, allowing my bowtie to hang around my shirt collar, moving my sporran to the side I lifted my kilt and began to relieve myself, surprised to find my warm cock starting to thicken as I emptied my bladder, my god I was feeling so horny, finishing I moved to the sink and began to wash my cock removing any wayward signs of my earlier activities, unfortunately this only seemed to arouse me further, I couldn’t believe how turned on I seemed to be. Moving back to the bedroom, my kilt tenting with my arousal I realised that Shona was in no state to help me, grabbing my cigarettes and the room key I quietly exited the room, made my way to the elevator and back down to the hotel lobby, the place was deserted apart from the girl at the reception desk who smiled as I walked thru the foyer to the bar.

“Hi Stuart.” I said as I walked up to the bar, turning around he flashed me a warm smile.

“What can I get you Sir?” as he moved towards me, “Refill?”

“I’m sorry are you closing up?” looking around at an empty bar area.

“Sort of Sir, but I can still serve you if you wish”

By this time I was at the Bar counter, I apologised to him and said that I would let him finish up.

“Not at all Sir what can I get you?”

“Well, actually I would really like a coffee,” I went on, “I just fancied a cup to go with my last cigarette of the night”

“Not a problem Sir, I have just made a fresh pot for myself” he responded. “I’ll bring it out to you sir, how do you take it?”

“Oh thank you, just black will be fine, will you care to join me?” my cock starting to twitch again in the presence of this blonde hottie.

“Thank you Sir, I would enjoy that,” he replied his face lighting up with that smile again, as he turned around and disappeared thru the back of Escort Acıbadem the bar, my eyes drawn to that lovely butt of his as he walked away.

Moving out to the patio area I moved to a secluded corner and sat down at a table and chairs and lit up. Stuart appeared, after a few minutes carrying a silver tray with our coffees, apologising for taking so long, but that he had had to lock up the bar, then drop of the keys and another pot of coffee at the reception desk. I told him that there wasn’t a problem as I took my cup of coffee from him, thanking him.

“So Stuart is that you finished or are you on a break?”

“Oh I’m finished, I’m not on again till the afternoon,” he replied as he undid his apron took it off and placed it on the table beside the tray, at last I got a proper look at him, he was every bit the young hottie I had thought, his waistcoat taut and tapered into his waist, his trousers equally tight and showing off the curves of his butt and when he turned to face me a lovely looking bulge in them, which he tried to hide with his hands before sitting down opposite me and quickly crossing his legs to hide his rather obvious bulge. I looked up at his face, even in the dim light of the patio you could see the redness of his blush.

“Please don’t feel embarrassed Stuart,” as I slowly and very deliberately uncrossed my legs and spread my knees apart, allowing my kilt too open. His eyes darting down to my kilt before back to my face.

“I’m sorry sir,” he stuttered

“Stuart, there’s no need to keep calling me sir, its Ruairidh,” leaning forward I placed a hand on his knee, gave it a light pat. “And as for your embarrassment, don’t be, it’s a normal reaction and also very flattering,” smiling broadly at him, “it’s not every day that I have that effect on such a handsome young man.”

“But sir, sorry Ruairidh, you are married and the hotels policy is very much against fraternisation between staff and guests.”

Smiling at him, “Firstly, yes I am married, but I am also Bi sexual and as for the hotels policy, well you are not working for them at the moment, we are just two men, having a coffee together, enjoying each other’s company.” At the mention of my sexuality Stuart gasped and his smile seemed to get even wider. “So Stuart are we really doing anything wrong?”

“Well I suppose not,” he replied laughing, still smiling broadly.

Getting up from my chair I walked behind Stuart laying a hand on his shoulder, “Now if I was to do this to you,” as I began to massage his shoulders, “This might be called fraternisation however I would simply state that I was simply easing the tension in your shoulders from your hard shift,” continuing to work my hands and fingers across his silk covered shoulders. I could feel Stuart relax as I worked my magic on him; I was certainly enjoying this as my cock again began to rear up under my kilt and on glancing down at Stuart’s crotch there seemed to be a snake in his trousers that he was trying to hide with his hands.

“How does that feel Stuart?”

“Oh it’s wonderful Sir,” he gasped quietly. Leaning around his neck I unclipped his silk bowtie and undid a couple of buttons, He started to tense slightly, I quickly went back to work on his shoulders.

Lent into his ear and whispered “don’t’ worry I’m not going to strip and devour you out here, I enjoy savouring my men and you are most definitely one to savour”

“Thank you Sir,” he gasped, “as much as I am enjoying this, I need you to stop otherwise I’m going to make a mess of my trousers”

Leaning down, I whispered in his ear “as much as I would enjoy that, I would rather we did that in a more private location, do you know of anywhere like that?”

Gently kissing his cheek. As I returned to my seat, I made sure Stuart got a good look at my tented kilt.

“Well Sir,” as he reached into his waistcoat pocket, “I may have the solution” removing a room key, which he proffered to me.

I reached forward and grasping his shaking hand, holding it, I asked him “Are you sure you want to do this Stuart?”

“Oh sir most definitely, Please sir”

Taking the key from his shaking hand.

He continued, “It’s on the 4th floor, go right, out of the elevator go to the far end of the corridor thru the fire door and it is the first door on the right. I’ll follow you shortly sir,” as he began to collect up our cups.

Getting up, I placed a hand on his butt slowly rubbing it, feeling its firmness, as I moved past. “Don’t be long Stuart, I want you”.

“I won’t sir,” he smiled, as I left and re entered the hotel and made my way up to the room.

Entering the room I made my way thru to the bathroom where I relieved myself, freshened up and as I came back to the bedroom the door opened and Stuart, slightly breathless came in, locking the door behind him.

I made my way over to him as he turned back towards me. We moved together, looking at each other’s eyes, our lips came together, it was like an explosion going off as we began to devour each other’s mouths. Frantically we kissed tongues entwining, hands grabbing each other pulling each other together, moving Kaynarca escort him backwards till he was against the door we continued like this for what seemed like an eternity, before breaking away from him I stepped back.

Looking straight at him a huge smile on my face I let out “Wow that was intense, but I want to enjoy you, so can we take things a bit slower?”

“Yes sir” he gasped, returning my smile.

Reaching out I placed a hand on his crotch, feeling his hardness and heat thru his trousers, tracing a finger along its length, watching his face he closed his eyes and let out a moan, moving back to his zipper I pulled it down, slipping my fingers thru the gap, his cock twitched as I slowly rubbed at it thru his underwear.

“Oh sir” Stuart gasped “I’m going to cum if you touch me like that”

Removing my hand, I moved back towards him, kissed his lips and said “How long do we have here?”

“As long as you like Sir, there is no rush.”

“Well then, how about we release and relieve you and then we can really take our time and enjoy each other?” as my hands moved to his trousers waistband, undoing them, slipping a hand either side, taking care not to touch his cock I slid my hands into his trousers, around to the rear feeling the firmness of his buttocks, I slowly pulled his trousers down his legs, till they dropped to his ankles, moving my hands back up the outside of his thighs, slipping under his shirt, I felt the silkiness of his briefs, all the while I was watching his face, his eyes closed, tongue running across his lips and moaning ever so slightly.

Gently moving my hands around to the front undoing a couple of buttons on his shirt and pushing it aside I dropped to my knees. What a sight, he was massive, his cock hard, straining within his black silky briefs. Moving my head forward I hungrily grabbed it with my mouth slowly letting my teeth graze along its length gently nibbling at his cock, tasting him breathing in his musky manly scent.

Stuart was now moaning louder as I continued to work my way along his shaft from the tip down to his solid ball sac. His hands now on my head running his fingers thru my hair, grabbing me harder every time I reached the tip of his engorged cock. Releasing his cock I moved the waistband of his briefs out from his body allowing his cock to spring free, tucking the waistband under his balls, I greedily engulfed his cock, slick with his pre cum and my saliva. Wrapping my tongue around his bulbous head, I slipped further down his shaft, my hands massaging his firm buttocks thru the silk of his briefs, teasing him as my fingers sought out his crack.

Alas this was all too much for Stuart as he stifled a moan grabbed the sides of my head. I felt his cock and balls twitch and he began pumping load after load into my mouth and throat, he must have ejected around six or seven loads into me before his body stopped convulsing, his legs buckling, I grabbed hold of him as I let his cock slip from my mouth, slowly using the wall behind him to help hold him up, I, managed to get up, holding onto him I looked at his red sweating face, he was breathing hard, putting my mouth to his I slowly kissed him, whispering a thank you.

We stood like that for a few minutes as he came back down from the high, his breathing getting back to normal, holding each other tightly in a post coital clinch, eventually Stuart broke the silence.

“That was unbelievable, I don’t think I’ve ever shot such a load, it was wonderful,” he gasped.

Moving back slightly from him, looking at him I replied “Well now that we have got that out of the way, I think it’s about time we started to enjoy ourselves, don’t you?”

Bending down to pull up his trousers, looking at me he replied “Most definitely, I’m looking forward to finding out what is under that kilt.”

Smiling at him I grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him towards me, we both lent forward and our lips met, the haste of earlier now gone, we gently caressed each other’s mouth and lips with our kisses, my hands moved around his waist feeling the silk of his waistcoat running my hands up and down it, I was in heaven and my cock was twitching in delight. As I was losing myself caressing his back Stuart had his hands around my waist and was undoing my sporran freeing it, he let it fall to the floor, now my kilt was really tenting.

Stuart moved in closer as we continued to kiss his leg rubbing against my hard cock thru my kilt, he broke our kiss “Wow, that feels like a nice piece of meat you have there sir.”

“Well I’m sure you will manage to look after it for me, wont you?”

Slipping to his knees he kept his hands on my waist till he settled on his knees in front of me, then slowly he lowered them to my bare knees, before going back up, slowly, teasingly my inner thighs. Moving my feet further apart to ease his access to me, he eventually reached my cock and balls gently cupping my balls with one hand and wrapping his other around my shaft, stopping he looked at me and complimented me on its girth and size.

“Well tonight young man it’s all yours what would you like to do with it?”

Releasing Aydınlı escort bayan me he stood up, kissed me, then said “Would you fuck me, please sir, but sir will you keep your kilt on whilst you fuck me?”

Looking at him, I Smiled and said “That will be a pleasure, do you enjoy sex whilst dressed?”

“Oh yes sir, especially if he is well dressed, but I’ve always wanted to do it with kilted man”

“Well, I too enjoy my sex that way, but normally they are a lot older than you, I think you will be the youngest guy I have ever had sex with by a long way.”

During this conversation I had resumed my caressing of his back and sides and his hands had returned to my waist. I asked him to turn around and pushed him gently towards the wall, where he assumed the position so to speak arms up legs apart ass jutting out as I came up behind him allowing my tented kilt to gently rub against his ass crack as my hands moved around to his front and began to undo the buttons on his waistcoat freeing them all I then began on his shirt, this time though taking my time and caressing his nipples as I went, which resulted in some nice moans from him as I played and teased them thru his shirt freeing his shirt I pulled it out of his open trousers and my hands began to explore his now bare and which felt devoid of any hair, he began to slowly grind his ass on my cock each time I seemed to tease a nipple, leaning onto him I began to plant light kisses around his neck and ear, before I began to nibble on his ear lobe.

This had the effect of him grinding into me harder, his moans interspaced with comments to fuck him an oh fuck. This spurred me on and I let a hand drop down to his now very hard cock, which was dripping like a tap with pre cum, catching some of it, I used it as lube as I began to slowly stroke his cock.

Moving slightly Stuart managed to brace himself against the wall with his head freeing his hands to begin to run up my thighs, pushing my kilt upwards till he freed my cock from its kilted confine, then he manage to pull his trousers and briefs down and my cock was now rubbing against his bare ass. It felt wonderful, slipping up and down his ass as he moved back into me. Now it was my turn to moan as I experienced the pleasures emanating from my cock.

Eventually though we broke apart, long enough for Stuart to kick off his shoes and step out of his trousers and briefs, before turning to face me his cock rigid in front of him, lifting the front of my kilt with one hand and his cock with the other I pulled him into me our cocks touching, letting my kilt fall and releasing his cock we again embraced our cocks twitching together under my kilt as we kissed hungrily faster than before, slipping a hand between us I found a bare nipple which I began teasing, following my lead, Stuart undid some buttons on my shirt and sought out my own nipples, little did he realise how sensitive they are.

He soon did as he tweaked one, sending waves of pleasure thru me, making my whole body quiver, I sought his bare ass and pulled hard onto it, grinding our groins together, harder. Keeping my hands on his ass I sought out his crack and began to slide my finger s up and down it, feeling him tense every time I got to his hole. We remained like this for a long time pleasuring each other experiencing each others arousal.

Eventually though I said it was about time he got his prize, Stuart scooted over and onto the bed on his knee presenting his ass to me, giving it a slap as I moved towards him I bent down and slowly but deliberately began to tongue his ass crack, seeking out his hole, I knew I had reached by the way he moaned his hands appeared pulling his ass cheeks apart encouraging me to delve further, it wasn’t long before his ass was running with my saliva, using this as lube I straightened up and slowly slipped a finger towards his bud.

Slipping into him with ease I immediately made it two fingers exploring his inners, this was the queue for him to start begging for my cock, reaching down I retrieved a sachet of lube from my sporran, quickly opening and lubing my stiff cock, the excess I used on his willing hole.

Moving in behind him lifting my kilt and letting it fall over his back, I felt a hand guide my cock towards his hole, gently pushing I felt him tense as my head brushed at the entrance before I excreted more pressure and my bulbous mushroom head slipped thru his sphincter, holding it there allowing his ass to get used to my width before slowly inch by inch slipping further into his warm and very tight ass, bottoming out he let out a gasp his body now bathed in sweat he asked me to be gentle as I was really big in him.

I slowly pulled back till just the head was left in him before slowly sliding back down into the warm depths this went on for a while his ass muscles seeking my cock as it slipped out and caressing it as it went back in, fuck he was a good fuck, telling me he wanted to see me come, I slipped out and he rolled onto his back the bed was at the perfect height so I drooped to my knees and scooted towards his open hole pulling him onto me his legs on my shoulders he reached under my kilt and started to play with himself getting close to cumming I warned him and he said that he was very close as well, reached around my waist and began to undo my kilt, freeing it I tossed it aside, we could now see my cock buried deep in him and his own cock throbbing in his hand.

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