New Year’s Eve in the Snow

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“Hans, I can do you a favour.” said the voice on the phone. It was my mate Rob. “There’s a girl who works with my next door neighbour who’s just got divorced and isn’t looking forward to a lonely Christmas holiday. I’ve been seeing her since last month but I’m going to give up. She’s a bit old for me and it’s not going anywhere. She’s a good looking bird who’s just your type – small tits and a great sense of humour and you’re about her age.”

“I’ve been trying to bang her for the past couple of weeks, but no joy. She made me sleep on her sofa even though she’s got a double bed in her new flat. She told me that she never sleeps with a bloke until she’s certain about him – and NEVER on the first date. We’re going to the pub in East Hampton for the usual Christmas Eve Do if you’re interested?”

He picked me up and introduced me to Carole and her Alsatian dog, Kit.

Carole and I got on fine, and when I discovered that one of the regulars’ wife, who I was fond of, had died recently she came over and gave me a hug because I looked very unhappy.

Rob finished with her two days before the New Year and asked me to give her a call to check that she was OK. I did and asked her whether she’d like to join me and some friends to see in the New Year.

I must explain here that I’m in my late twenties and live in a small town in western England that’s on a hill, and that my ‘gang’ drink in one of three pubs. My house is a hundred yard from the town centre, a hundred yards up a steep hill.

There’s Will and Mary who are married and in their mid thirties, Peter and Rita who are newly married and about twenty, John and Susie who are in their early twenties, and whoever else happens to be around like Rob, who’s a student. A disparate group but we love each other’s company. Remember all this, the information will be useful in future episodes.

New Year’s eve arrived and the weather was ghastly. Snow had been falling all day and it was getting heavier. There were weather alerts on the radio and by the time that Carole arrived at about seven o’clock there was already eight inches of snow with it being blown into drifts much deeper.

Carole had walked a couple of miles to get to my house and she was already covered with snow and pretty cold. She had her Alsatian, Kit with her on a lead and I welcomed her to the house where a log fire was already blazing in the living room with a mug of hot chocolate with brandy in it for Carole and a bowl of water for Kit. I was surprised when Carole returned my Hello kiss by forcing her tongue between my lips and licking the inside of my lips. Once Carole and Kit had warmed themselves by the fire, I put up the fireguard and we set off for the pub at the bottom of the hill.

The pub was nearly empty and I ordered a pint of strong cider for myself. Carole surprised me by asking for the same for herself. None of my friends had arrived at the pub by eight o’clock so we decided to move on to the next one which is next to Mary and Will’s house. The road was slushy and unpleasant to walk on but it was a pointless journey. That pub was also devoid of my friends.. We waited for half an hour while we had another pint each before going on to the third pub.

To get there, we walked through the back streets where the snow was drifting over the snow that had compacted and frozen during the day. As we walked (well slithered actually) Kit was being a pain as she pulled us on her lead somewhat faster than we could manage while keeping our step on the ice. She kept tugging us over and we fell in a giggling heap time and time again until finally we made it over the hill and into the pub.

Yet again, none of my gang were there, so we had a third pint each and left. By now, the snow was really heavy and as we went towards my house, we slipped in the snow more and more frequently. esenyurt escort The roads and paths were getting really treacherous now and we kept falling into snow drifts and getting covered in it. Sometimes, Kit would pull us over with her lead and sometimes it wound round us and tripped us up. We were definitely very tipsy and laughing loudly at our misfortunes by the time that we reached the shelter of the house, both covered in snow.

As soon as we got in the house, we removed our shoes and jackets and I put some extra logs on the fire, and then went to the kitchen to put some Glühwein on to heat. By the time I returned to the living room, the fire as blazing and Carole was standing in front of it, steaming. ” Right, let’s get you out of those wet clothes.” It’s an old line but it’s a good’un and it wouldn’t hurt to use it again. It would at least raise a chuckle. It worked! Carole took off her thick sweater revealing a thin blouse underneath. That too was pretty wet on the back.

“I’ll go and get you a towel” and went and got a warm one from the airing cupboard. While doing that she took off her wet socks and jeans.

“And the blouse” I suggested when I got back with the warm fluffy towel. Without hesitating, she slowly undid the buttons on the blouse and dropped it on the pile of discarded clothing. No bra! (I realised that she didn’t really need one for support, and later discovered that she only wore one at work to hide her nipples.) So there was this pretty girl standing in front of me wearing just a small pair of pink panties while her pert little breasts with their two pink nipples looked up at me. I put the towel round her shoulders and went to fetch the Glühwein.

I brought back two half pint mugs of the hot red spiced wine that was invented by the Swiss for situations just like this where instant warmth is required by half frozen skiers, and handed Carole one which she sipped until, like mine, it was all gone. “That’s warmed my inside, but you’d better rub me with the towel to warm up the outside.” She told me. I rubbed her arms; Her back and shoulders; I dried down to her panties. “Keep going” She said as she pulled them down.” I gently dried her bum and, a bit harder, her thighs and legs.

“Turn round so I can do the rest.” Obligingly she stood on the sheepskin hearthrug with her back to the fire while I dried her breasts and tummy. As I made sure her left breast was dry, she put the right arm round me. “You’re wet as well” She exclaimed ” let me help you.” She started pulling off my sweater and jeans and didn’t stop until I was naked. I couldn’t stop myself – I gently kissed her mouth and she responded with more ferocity, a lot more than when she had first arrived. We stepped across to the sofa and lay there as the kisses got more passionate and moved away from just mouths.

As I kissed the point where her neck met her shoulder, she shuddered slightly and purred with contentment. When I continued to her throat and both her lovely little breasts on my way to her navel she gave moans of pleasure. They increased in volume as a I worked my way south until there was a sharp intake of breath as I reached her magic button.

I spent some time there while her moans increased to groans until soon her outer lips parted letting me move an inch or two lower as my tongue explored the intricacies of her pink bits while still gently tickling her clit with my nose. She had wonderful tidy bits and pieces where they were normally hidden from view, and as I licked and sucked them with my tongue and lips, she screamed with pleasure as she came with her first orgasm then grabbed me by the ears as she pulled my head up till my mouth met hers.

“Just get inside me, quick.” were my instructions through the kiss. By this time she wasn’t just wet again, avrupa yakası escort she was soaking. As my rigid knob found it’s way into her waiting cunt I was afraid that the whole town would know that I had scored. She was a real screamer. I pounded into her as she bucked against me. This wasn’t making love, this was outright fucking and we weren’t more than two hours into our first date yet.

Her snatch was so deliciously tight that it wasn’t very long before I had to say “I need to pull out. I’m cumming and I don’t have a condom on.”

“That’s OK” she said between gasps “I’m on the pill. Stay there, but wait for me, I’m cumming again too.” I started counting up in binary to delay myself while still plunging my dick in and out of her as her gasps got faster until she soon caught her breath and let it out again as she had another tremendous climax taking me with her as she orgasmed and I poured my jism deep into her pudenda.

We lay there exhausted for several minutes while we kissed, hugged and enjoyed the feel of each other’s bodies until she asked “Again?”

“I was told you don’t make love on the first date.” I told her.

“I haven’t before, but this is special. Do you want to get me some more of that Glühwein? I’m a bit dry and it will give you time to recover.”

“You’re not dry at all” quoth I, “I can feel how moist you are.”

“No, my mouth, silly. Most of what’s making my VJ wet is the pint of spunk that you’ve just injected into me.”

I slowly pulled myself out of her, surprised that I’d already started to get hard again, kissed her gently again and went off towards the kitchen with the mugs.

When I returned with more Glühwein, Carole had moved back to the hearthrug. As she stood in the firelight with the flames reflecting from the sweat of her exertions, her naked body glistened. The slit beneath her blond curly écu was dripping with anticipation. She looked directly into my eyes as I moved towards her keeping her gaze away from my erect member that so recently had been so deep inside her. We drank our way through the second half pint of hot, spiced, sweetened, red wine fortified with brandy and it seemed to give us added strength.

“Seconds out. Round two.” pronounced Carol.

“OK,”I replied ” what’s your favourite possish?” She dropped to all fours with her bum in the air. “Brace yourself, Wench”. I dropped to my knees, approached her from behind and plugged my dick into her cunt. Carole gasped and wiggled herself back so that my sword was totally enveloped by her hot tight pussy.

I reached under and lightly rubbed her nipples. Her breathing quickened as the back of my other hand lightly brushed over her clit. We gently started moving in and out of each other first with small movements that increased in their size and speed as we got more and more excited. We were soon reaching maximum amplitude with my tool going from right where it joined my belly to just below my glans. Carole was screaming now and really enjoying herself, probably as much as I was enjoying her and her, me. We lost concentration and I slipped completely out.

Attempting to re-couple I missed and Carole called out “Wrong hole! Wrong hole!” She took hold of my penis and guided it back into her vagina.

The spell was broken and she collapsed onto her tummy with me on top. Now I was just inside and feeling very randy. I pushed deeper inside her and she said “That feels so good.” She pushed back and wiggled a bit so my balls were lightly gripped by her thighs. I couldn’t believe how deep I seemed to be. I was no longer limited by what was inside her cunt, the whole of my equipment was in use and enjoying every twitch of her pussy.

I kissed the base of her neck with big sloppy kisses and murmured anadolu yakası escort “You’re wonderful.” She was mewling too heavily for me to understand her reply but by the way that she continued to drive her snatch up and down my tool, I’m certain she wasn’t complaining. She twisted herself at her waist so she her face was looking up and we kissed passionately. Within seconds, we were back in our rhythm with me panting and her screaming.

I was on the brink of cumming. Carole was working on not letting me until she was ready. I couldn’t hold on any longer and squirted everything I had deep inside her. The feel of my todger pulsating as I came was enough to take her over the edge. I kissed her as I slowly withdrew. When I was out she turned over and I kissed my way down her body spending rather longer than I expected on one of her lovely little breasts. I could hardly get the whole of it in my mouth, but then more than a mouthful is a waste. It was firm and pointed and tasted beautifully sweet.

I carried on kissing her abs and tummy until I got to my destination.

She sighed as I kissed the place where I had so recently been inside her, tasting the mingling of our two juices. My tongue and lips did what they’re best at until she climaxed again. We passionately kissed again then toweled one another off and went upstairs to find dry clothes.

Luckily Carole is only four inches short of my six feet, so we managed to find things that both fitted her and, worryingly, suited her. Don’t women look sexy when they’re only wearing a man’s shirt!

“I need another drink,” Carole told me “all that panting has made my mouth dry again. When we fucked like that it felt as if you were further in than anyone has ever been before.” My knob is on the low side of average being a little over six and a half inches long when measured from the top, so her four previous lovers must have been really small. Thankfully, it’s also six and a half inches in circumference. That’s why she felt to lovely and tight.

The snow had briefly stopped so we put the lead on Kit and set off for the first pub again. This time we were in luck, the whole gang was there including Rob. “Don’t get your hopes up” he said when he got me to one side, “remember that she doesn’t screw on the first date or two”.

“Too late,” I told him”, I’ve already had her twice.” “But it’s not half past nine, yet, you randy old sod!”.

During the evening we had our first chance to sit and talk and she told me “If you want relationship with me, I will only allow your prick to enter the orifice that nature intended for it. I won’t let it pass my lips and will only kiss it if it’s just been washed. What comes out of it cannot go over my face or body and certainly not in my mouth.” Well there it was, the rules had been laid down and it looked as though she considered me to be a longer term prospect.

As it happened, we stayed together for fifteen years, and are still friends. When she was nearly fifty, she still had an amazing body, she had never put on a lot of weight and her breasts were still firm and perky in spite of her not wearing a bra again (what the German’s call a Diesel Stoppemfloppen), it was only after she went through the menopause that nature played tricks on her body and, sadly, her libido.

We saw the New Year in the traditional manor including holding hands in a circle, singing ‘Auld Langs Syne’ at midnight after Big Ben had chimed twelve, wishing everyone else a happy new year then snogging anyone of the opposite sex we could reach. Carole made herself quite popular amongst the men in the gang but spent most time with me ….and came home with me where we made love very gently before we went to sleep in one another’s arms. During the night I dreamt that I was having sex again and woke up to find Carole stroking my todger, coaxing it into life again for yet another round. I couldn’t manage it, but she quickly agreed to a long session of cunnilingus during which she climaxed twice more before we fell asleep again and stayed that way until morning.


The sequal to this story is “Black Betty”

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