Nick’s Second Surprise

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After Dara’s last performance, we left for drinks at our house. Nick drove our Ford Explorer; she followed in her black BMW. We talked about the evening and what would happen after we arrived at our house. I began tracing my index finger on the back of his ear. Leaning over I kissed his cheek, licking up to his ear I blew lightly. Knowing that this drove him crazy I repeated it once. Then reaching down to his crotch I squeezed his hard cock, and unzipped his pants. I reached down and pulled the lever to slide his seat back just a little. “Concentrate on driving” I told him as I leaned my upper body over the console.

First I licked his head and then down his shaft. I began to blow lightly on the wet skin of his cock. Moving my tongue back and forth as I bobbed my head up and down. Faster and faster, then going slow, and speeding up again. As we pulled into the driveway of our two-story house, he placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed my mouth down. “I’m gonna cum!” he shouted as he shot his load down the back of my throat. I licked my lips and sat up, straightening my shirt. Dara had gotten out of her car and was standing at the driver-side door watching. Her smile was something I’ll never forget, surprised and aroused. She carried a large duffle bag, as we got out he took her bag as we started towards the door.

After we were inside I started to make drinks in the blender, and Nick put Dara’s bag in our bedroom. They sat down on the couch and got to know each other. I brought each of us a drink; large Rum and coke for Nick, and a pitcher of margaritas for Dara and me. We guzzled our drinks and talked about where each of our special spots are. Dara and I went into the bedroom to change into our new lingerie, while Nick took his pants and button up shirt off. Dara was the first to re-enter the room. She straddled Nick and began to kiss his neck. I came back into the room carrying my little purple box. I told Nick to sit in the chair across the room and watch.

Dara and I started to kiss and caress each other. Her sweet kisses were so passionate and her body was to die for. I took a feather out of the box, and sat on the coffee table in front of Dara; starting at her foot I slowly traced her leg, up to her thigh, lightly across her pussy. Reaching over to lick her nipples, I put the feather back in the box. I grabbed a blindfold and placed it over Dara’s eyes. I walked over to kiss Nick, “this is going to be the best night of our lives,” I whispered into his ear. Standing up I grabbed each of them by the hand, directing them to follow me istanbul escort to the bedroom. I diverted Nick into a chair we had placed in front of the bed, instructing him to watch. “You can not touch either of us or yourself, until I say you can!”

Lying Dara on the bed, I continued to kiss her lovely body. We were all buzzing pretty good, but Dara turned me on so much. I began to lick her nipples down her stomach to her beautifully shaved snatch. I slowly kissed down her leg to her toes sucking each for a second or two, then back up the other leg. I slid her thong to the side and began to lick her pussy. She was so wet for me. I moved my tongue back and forth on her clit. She moaned loud, arching her back. I slid two fingers inside her cunt and fucked her hard. She began to pinch her nipples, caressing her body down to her stomach. Dara grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my face on her pussy harder. I sucked her clit and fucked her harder. She was moaning louder every time I thrust my fingers inside her. “Oohh god, oh god I’m going to cum. Don’t stop, don’t stop! Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhhhhhh god!” She was breathing so hard, arching her back and moaning loud.

She collapsed on the bed, smiling, trying to catch her breath. I crawled up to her, lie down beside her and gave her a kiss. After she caught her breath, she looked at Nick, then at me. I told her to go ahead if she wanted to. She got up and knelt down between Nick’s legs. Sliding his boxers down, she began to lick the head of his cock. Down his shaft, sucking on each of his balls, then back up to his cock sucking it hard. “I want you to cum down the back of my throat. Just like you did when Joanna was sucking your cock in the truck. Mmmuuuummm! I love your cock and I can’t wait to taste your wife’s beautiful pussy.” I could tell Nick was getting close so I moved beside Dara and began licking his balls while she sucked his cock. Nick grabbed a handful of hair from each of us. He pushed Dara down on his cock and moaned, “don’t stop whore, I’m going to cum in that sweet mouth. Oh yeah, I love my little sluts.” He moaned louder as he began to shoot warm loads of cum down her throat. “Ooooohhhhh, you like that? Don’t you bitch?” “Uh-huh, I love it!” she said licking the remaining cum off her lips.

I gave her a quick kiss then stood up to kiss Nick. I helped both of them up and led them to the bed. Nick lay down first, I straddled his waist, and Dara sat on his face. I wiggled down on his cock and began to fuck him hard. Dara arched her back while she was grinding escort bayan on Nick’s mouth. I leaned forward to suck on her nipples. Bouncing harder and harder with each stroke.

“Lets switch” Dara moaned. “I want to get fucked now!” We both climbed off Nick. He got up and I took his place. Dara then got on her hands and knees and Nick stood at the end of the bed, behind her. I rubbed my clit as he started pounding her. She leaned down and started licking my pussy. Swirling her tongue around my clit. God it felt so good. She was moaning louder with every thrust from Nick. He slapped her ass hard several times. Dara squealed every time his hand came down. She was nibbling my clit very lightly, finger fucking my cunt so hard.

“I’m going to cum” I screamed “Ooohhh God! Don’t stop baby.” I moaned louder than ever as I felt waves of pleasure escaping me, as Dara began to climax again. She was pushing back against Nick, clenching the sheets with both hands. She let out a scream, “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy! Harder. Make me take it. Give that cunt what it needs.” He was fucking her harder than I thought was possible. Holding her by her hips, thrusting with all his strength. “Take that bitch. I’ll make it hurt. You like being my slut, my dirty little whore? Don’t you?” He grabbed a handful of her hair and slapped her ass with the other hand.

Watching all this turned me on so much. I kept rubbing my clit getting closer again to that sweet release. Nick was holding her by the shoulders now, her back was arched and she was moaning louder with every plunge of his cock. Dara leaned down again and started sucking my clit. She slid two fingers in my pussy; pumping them hard at the same pace he was fucking her. My orgasm was building deep within me. I had to let it go. “I’m gonna cum again! Ooohhh God it feels so good.” I screamed as I held the headboard.

As I relaxed to catch my breath, I could tell that Nick was getting close. He was using all his strength to please her. Fucking her harder than he had ever fucked anyone. It was so sexy, watching the two of them go at it. I was enjoying every second and hoped that the both of them were having fun as well. We were all breathing hard, Nick was grunting louder with every thrust. He told me to get on my hands and knees beside Dara. “I want to take turns fucking my two favorite sluts.”

He pulled his dick out of her pussy “Do you want me to fuck that sweet cunt or that tight little asshole?” He asked as he gave my ass a stinging smack. “Oohh fuck my ass. Please, please…I’ll be good I promise. Bostancı escort I need it so bad. I won’t let you down. You’ll love it, I promise. Please I want that cock in my ass so bad.” I pleaded, knowing how much he liked me to beg him for it. “Oh yes my slut. Beg for it, bitch. Tell Dara how much you like it.” He said being rough with me. Jerking my head back by my hair and smacking my ass. “Oh Dara it feels so good. Getting fucked in the ass is so much better. Just the thought of it makes me crave it. Oohh please baby I can’t wait any longer!”

Dara crawled under me, kissing my neck, massaging my tits. She caressed my body down to my ass and spread my cheeks apart. Nick grabbed some baby oil off the nightstand and poured it down the crack of my ass. He rubbed the oil in with his fingers and pushed one against my tight hole. Dara still holding my ass cheeks apart so Nick could have better access. He slowly pushed his hard cock into my ass. The pain was almost electrifying as he continued gradually until his entire member was deep in my ass. He stopped to let me get adjusted to the feeling. Dara was still holding my ass cheeks massaging them a little to oblige Nick’s cock. He started thrusting in and out slowly at first then working up a nice rhythm, pumping so hard.

She let go of my ass and started biting on my nipples and rubbing my clit. I was in heaven, the most peaceful bliss and I was getting close to my third orgasm of the night. He quickly pulled out and stuffed his cock into Dara’s pussy. Holding me by the waist as I held Dara by the shoulders. I was pushing her down as hard as I could. Our bodies were slapping so hard and loud. She grabbed my ass again and began to dig her nails into my flesh. She screamed as her third orgasm claimed the moment. “Oh God. I’m cummmmiinnnnnngggggg!”

As soon as her body stopped convulsing, he slammed his cock back into my ass; pumping several times I began to cum for my third and last time. He kept thrusting harder and harder. “I love fucking that tight ass. My sweet, sweet little slut, you love it to don’t you.” He whispered as he pumped one more hard time completely filling my ass with his cum.

I rolled off Dara and pulled Nick onto the bed in between us. “I love you sweetheart. Surprise!” I said lighting a cig for each of us. “I love you too! You’re the best,” he stated taking his cig turning to Dara “you’re not so bad yourself” he declared smiling sinfully.

“Did you have a good time?” I asked. She declared that she had the most fun ever and looked forward to many more exciting sexual experiences with the two of us. I got up and started the shower. I put my cigarette out and got in. The hot water felt great and soon I was joined by Dara. She was so sexy with the water running over her beautiful body. But those details are for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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