Nicole’s Penance Pt. 03

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Please read the first two chapters or this won’t make a lot of sense. Things get a little crazy in this chapter. Todger65 edited this mess and I owe him many thanks.

Nicole’s Penance Part 03

Lonely John waits for his wife to return


It was 6:00 pm on Tuesday and John was still at work. He didn’t have that much of a backlog and could have easily dealt with it during normal work hours. He wasn’t staying late because of work. He was staying late because he hated going home to an empty apartment. It wasn’t a home without Nicole there. It was only his second day without her, and he missed her terribly already.

John reached for the next file and had just opened it when his secretary Lisa walked into his office, “Boss, we have a problem.”

John looked up at his cute little secretary. She was a godsend, and he couldn’t have asked for a better assistant. He knew that she was responsible for quite a bit of his recent success in his position. Her dedication and professionalism were beyond reproach. He admired her and considered her indispensable.

He had one little problem. She was a stunning young woman and he found her petite body, blonde hair, and blue eyes almost irresistible. He constantly fought his unprofessional feelings when he was around her. She specialized in solving issues before they hit his desk and rarely brought him problems. Her statement got his immediate attention, “What’s the problem Lisa?”

Lisa leaned on his desk, revealing a substantial amount of cleavage, “Well, you see my boss is a workaholic and has been staying way too late. I cannot and will not leave the office until he does. By the time I get home, all I want to do is go to bed and sleep. My fiancé is getting a bit impatient with me being constantly at work and to be frank, I’m getting really horny.”

John had no idea how to respond. He finally blurted out, “What do you suggest Lisa?”

She shifted her hands on his desk and her cleavage moved deliciously in response, “I know that you don’t like going home to an empty apartment and that you miss your wife. Trust me, this week will pass soon and she will be home before you know it. You need to get your life back on track. Go home, relax, watch a movie, pull your pud, or something so I can get laid. That’s an order.”

John couldn’t help but smile at the little ball of fire’s response. He found himself imagining her sitting on his cock while she dealt with her horniness and had to mentally shake himself. His mind mostly back on track, he nodded at her, “Ok, I get it. Let’s go home… I mean I’ll go to my place, and you go to yours. Oh shit, I mean… Sorry, I didn’t mean anything like… Shit! Sorry, I’ll shut up now and leave.”

Lisa giggled at his discomfort which made her cleavage wiggle in the most enticing way. She turned and sashayed her way out of his office, knowing that he was watching her ass. He hadn’t caught on to the fact that there was a decorative mirror hanging on the wall that allowed her to watch him as he stared at her ass. She really wanted to walk over to his desk, pull out his cock, and suck the living shit out of it. That would be inappropriate behavior for the office, at least for now. So, she kept walking. John followed her a few minutes later and went home to his lonely apartment.

John arrived at the apartment and was immediately struck by the silence. He turned on some music just to drive it away and fixed himself a drink. He had just sat down on the couch and had begun to wonder what the hell he was going to do with himself until Nicole got home when the doorbell rang.

He wondered who would be at his door and figured it had to be someone trying to sell him something. He almost didn’t answer it, but curiosity got the better of him. He opened the door to the grinning faces of Steve’s wife, Maria Branson and William’s wife, Cherie.

Both women were barely dressed in extremely sexy clothing and John quietly admired them as they stood at his door. Maria finally waved her hand in front of his face, “Earth to John. Hello! Are you going to invite us in?”

John moved out of the way, “Absolutely! Please come in.”

The two women walked in and set down the Chinese takeout they had brought on the kitchen island. John helped them with plates and silverware.

John was a bit shaken and nervously asked, “Can I get you a drink. Wine possibly?

The two women couldn’t help but grin at his discomfort. Maria took the lead, “A glass of Merlot or Cabernet would be nice please.”

Cherie nodded her agreement and John moved about the kitchen while getting the wine out and opening the bottle. On second thought, he opened a second bottle. He poured the bottles in carafes to let them breath and got two glasses from the rack. He poured the wine and carried the three glasses over to the island where the women were waiting. His previous drink sat forgotten on a coaster in the living room.

He nearly dropped the glasses when he saw them. Maria gaziantep jigolo and Cherie had quietly removed their dresses while he was in the kitchen. They sat on island bar stools in their sexy underwear, looking at him mischievously.

They shared the food around, each woman taking turns feeding him bites. With their hunger for food sated the two women went to the living room. They sat on opposite ends of the couch, leaving the middle open in an obvious invitation.

Maria patted the couch next to her, “Come here John and have a seat.”

John sat down between the two very sexy women. He handed them their glasses and sat in confusion.

Maria put her hand on his right thigh while Cherie put her hand on his left thigh. Maria began to rub her hand up his thigh, ever closer to his rising erection, “John, we three have something very much in common. Our significant others are off doing business and have left us horny and alone. Cherie and I decided to do something about that and seducing you seemed like the best way to deal with it. You don’t mind, do you?”

John’s mouth fell open as he tried to form words but failed utterly to produce any.

Cherie moved her hand up his other thigh, “Maria has a point. This is how we normally deal with absent spouses. After all, there is a near one hundred percent chance that they are having sex with each other. It only seems appropriate for us to do the same. Wouldn’t you agree John? Hmm?”

John rapidly saw their point and illustrated his understanding by putting his hand behind Cherie’s neck and pulling her into a tongue filled kiss. He could hear Maria next to him, “Now you’re getting it, and us too I hope!”

Cherie broke the kiss and stood, “On your feet stud. We need to get you out of those clothes.”

John, being the cooperative guy he is, stood and let the two women strip him. He decided that the bedroom would be much more comfortable. Taking each woman by the hand he led them in that direction. The two women wasted no time in removing their bras and panties before climbing onto the bed. They were more than ready to get to the fucking.

John immediately dove for Cherie’s pussy. He had admired the little redhead’s pussy from the first time he saw it and fucked it. Now he couldn’t wait to get a taste of it. Maria moved up the bed and straddled Cherie’s face with her ass toward the headboard. The move was well practiced and Cherie knew her part in it. She began to lick Maria’s pussy with enthusiasm while rapidly approaching her own orgasm.

A few minutes later John’s tongue on Cherie’s clit brought her to her peak and over the top. John enjoyed the taste of her wetness and continued to molest her pussy while she orgasmed. Cherie thought she would go insane from the pleasure, but soon had to push John’s head away from her sensitive clit. John didn’t mind at all. He moved up between her legs and sank his hard cock into her wanton pussy.

Cherie moaned loudly against Maria’s pussy and the vibration accompanied by Cherie’s tongue action proved to be too much for her. She screamed out her orgasm so loudly that John was almost concerned about the neighbors. Right then he was more concerned with Cherie’s wonderfully tight little pussy and the feeling of his cock driving into her.

He had managed to bring her to another orgasm that had her body convulsing when Maria fell off Cherie’s face, spread eagle, onto the bed. John decided that poor Cherie needed a break. He pulled his cock from her and plunged it deep into Maria. Maria wrapped her legs around his waist and the couple kissed passionately. Soon John was hammering his cock into her. She came hard on his cock only this time John managed to stifle her screams with his mouth.

John kept long stroking deep into her as the pressure mounted. Maria thrust at him as hard and fast as she could, building toward what was going to be an earth shattering orgasm. John continued pounding her until his moves became erratic. Suddenly, he plunged deep into her and began to spray jet after jet of cum deep into her pussy. Maria orgasmed so hard that she lost her mind for a while. It took them long minutes before either was able to do more than breathe.

The threesome began to cuddle and kiss in the afterglow. John was almost asleep when the two women got up, used the bathroom, and began to dress. He watched bleary eyed until they were nearly ready to go. He forced his way off the bed and pulled Cherie into his arms. He kissed her passionately before releasing her and doing the same with Maria. He walked the two women to the door and gave each of them one last kiss goodbye. The two giddily happy women left with grins on their faces. John stumbled back to his bed and was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Wednesday morning, he was working at his desk when Nicole called. He listened to her tell him about her most recent adventure. While they were talking Lisa entered his office. She closed jigolo gaziantep his door and locked it before swaying her way toward his desk. To his astonishment she grabbed his chair and rotated him to face her. She dropped down on her knees and began to pull his zipper down.

John’s eyes were huge, “Whoa there Lisa! What are you doing?”

Lisa’s blue eyes looked into his, “Why, I’m going to suck your big cock.”

John had Nicole on speaker so she heard them, and her surprised laugh came through loud and clear, “Honey, it sounds like Lisa wants to take your work relationship up a notch!”

John’s answer was a groan. That was the best he could do because Lisa had fished his cock out of his pants and was now showing him firsthand her blow job skills. Nicole grew impatient, “What’s she doing now? Is she sucking your big hard cock honey?”

John had leaned back in his chair and finally remembered that Nicole couldn’t hear him nod his head, “Ohh… Yeh, baby. She is sucking my cock so good.”

Nicole egged him on, “She is a hot little piece. I bet you have been imagining her sucking your big cock all day, every day, haven’t you?”

John held Lisa’s head with both hands, “Oh God yes!”

Nicole was breathing very fast over the phone, “I bet you’re going to lay her on your desk and fuck her sweet little pussy until she screams, aren’t you?”

In a temporary moment of clarity John thought that was a wonderful idea. He pulled Lisa off his cock, picked her up, and sat her on his desk. Lisa quickly hiked her skirt up and pulled her thong aside. Her pussy was drenched, and John’s cock found her entrance quickly. He slid in deep and Nicole could hear both of them groan, “It’s about time you fucked that little slut. She’s been wanting you since she started working for you. One of these days I’m coming to your office, and she can eat my pussy while you fuck her. Would you like that John? Hmm baby?”

Nicole wasn’t sure who was turned on more by her words, Lisa, John, or herself. She suspected it was Lisa and decided to fuck with her a little bit, “Would you like that Lisa? We could put you on John’s couch. I would sit on your face and your cute little tongue would dance in my pussy. John would be hammering that big cock of his into your sweet little pussy. I bet you would like…

Nicole never got to finish. Her words and her husband’s cock had driven poor Lisa right over the edge. Lisa moaned and screamed as the most intense orgasm of her young life overwhelmed her. John slowed his stroking while the thoroughly fucked secretary recovered her ability to think. Lisa raised her arm and pushed John back. He pulled out of her and she dropped from the desk to the floor. She grabbed his wet cock and dove onto it with one mission in life, to make him cum.

Nicole was no longer talking because she couldn’t. The sounds of a vibrator and her involuntary moans came through the phone speaker. As John shot his load down Lisa’s willing throat, he could hear his wife orgasm. Nothing but heavy breathing could be heard for the next five minutes.

Lisa stood, licked her lips, and gave John a kiss on the cheek. She straightened her clothes and left his office. John stood for a moment before he remembered that Nicole was still on the line, “Nicole, are you still there?”

Her heavy breathing came over the speaker, “Oh god yes! That was awesome and so fucking sexy!”

John grinned, “Yeh, and what’s even more amazing is that you and I came at the same time! Pretty fuckin awesome!”

Both were silent for a moment, then John spoke, “I miss you so much sweetheart. These women are amazing, but they aren’t you. I hope you can wrap things up and come home soon.”

Nicole had been having a great time, but she agreed with her husband, “I miss you too honey. I’ll be home before you know it. I need to go get ready now. I love you!”

John looked at the phone and thought of his wife’s beautiful face, “I love you too.”

They ended their call and after a short bathroom break John returned to work. His balls were empty, but he still missed his wife. He wondered about the sudden attention he was getting from Maria, Cherie, and Lisa. It seemed a bit odd that he was given such wonderful attention.

During the meeting with Steve right before Nicole’s trip

While Steve engaged John in talk about one of the contracts Beth stood up and motioned for Nicole to join her. She took her aside and whispered, “Don’t you worry about John. We will make sure he doesn’t get too lonely.”

Nicole raised an eyebrow, “We?”

Beth just nodded, “Let’s just say there are a couple of women that are being left behind while their husbands are at the negotiations. They have sampled John’s charms and would like to do so again. Then of course, there is a certain other company employee that might also be interested. I expect you will come home to an exhausted husband.”

Nicole frowned gaziantep escort comically at Beth, “He had better not be. You make sure he gets his rest and is ready to fuck my brains out when I get back.”

Beth laughed, “Deal! Do me a favor and please don’t tell him. I want to surprise him.”

The two women walked back over to Steve and John, chuckling as they went.

We now return to our show

John left the office that evening at a reasonable hour. He was in one way looking forward to resting at home. In another way, he was dreading being alone and watching the clock take an hour to tick away each second. He missed his wife more than he could have ever imagined. With a sigh he headed to the bedroom to change out of his clothes.

He walked into the bedroom and didn’t at first register the vision in front of him. He did a double take and proved to himself that what he was seeing was in fact real. Beth was lying in the middle of the bed, naked as the day she was born, and smiling up at him like she had just pulled off the greatest prank in the world.

She flashed her infectious grin up at him, “Hey big boy. Why don’t you come here and fuck me?”

John looked at her with fondness, “Honestly Beth? Right now, I don’t need sex, although you have me second guessing that. What I need to feel is loved. I mean, Jesus, it’s only been two days and I’m going nuts.”

Beth’s face got serious, “I can do that too. Why don’t you get undressed, and we’ll cuddle?”

John’s lips turned up in appreciation, “Don’t you have a husband at home that will want your company?”

Beth nodded, “Yes, I do, and he is a wonderful man. So wonderful in fact that he insisted that I keep you company for as long as you need me. He knows how much I care about both of you, and he knows I worry. He knew that I would be happier if I was here, so he told me to come. I will find a way to make it up to him, but in the meanwhile why don’t you come here?”

John grinned at her, “Why wouldn’t I join you? Probably because I lost my ever-loving mind!”

Within seconds John was naked and snuggling up with Beth. Of course, snuggling led to kissing, which led to touching, which led to the obvious. Two hours later the couple separated long enough to eat leftover takeout. Minutes after that they were spooning and asleep.

Beth had her own alarm that she used just in case she needed to go home before work when she stayed over. She also had plenty of clothes at John and Nicole’s apartment. She decided morning sex with John was worth the early alarm. Her husband understood and she would call him later. The couple showered together and dressed for work. Beth followed behind John as they drove to work, and the Wednesday workday began.

John went into his office and Lisa forwarded a call from Steve to him. Not long after that John’s door slammed shut and Lisa could hear yelling coming from John’s office. She knew John didn’t do yelling and she was shaking with nerves by the time his office went silent. Ten minutes later John opened his door on the way past her desk. He looked deathly pale as he paused, “I’m leaving. Please take messages and tell anyone that needs to know you aren’t sure when I will be back.”

At the resort, the evening before

Nicole was in an upbeat mood. She’d spent an amazing night with Denver, he was a changed man, and she had amazing phone sex with her husband that morning while he fucked his secretary. Not to mention getting a huge contract signed. She had spent the afternoon sunning at the pool and flirting shamelessly with some young studs. She was singing to herself as she dressed for dinner. Steve had called her and was planning dinner with some of the sale force. He had invited her to join them, and she was looking forward to being the lone woman in attendance. All those men drooling over her got her very excited and she couldn’t wait for the evening to begin.

Preparations complete, Nicole took the elevator down to the meeting room. The room had been converted for private dining and Nicole barely recognized it as the same room she had sat in with Denver and Steve earlier in the day. Steve had an eye out for her as she entered the room and walked over to her, “Wow, Nicole you look delectable!”

Steve turned his attention to the dozen or so sales reps in the room, “Can I have your attention please!”

The room quieted and Steve smiled as he pointed at Nicole, “Please let me introduce Nicole Delaney, our Contract Consultant. Nicole is directly responsible for getting the Bailey contract signed.”

He began clapping and was soon followed enthusiastically by the sales reps. Nicole turned red from the praise. Steve escorted her to a seat among the sales reps. He liked to mix leadership with worker bees at functions like this. He found it improved communications. He walked over to his seat and dinner started.

A huge man sat to Nicole’s left. Nicole quickly learned three things about him. His name was Stan, he was obviously very drunk, and something about him set her internal alarms off. Arron sat two seats to her right and Jerry sat just to her right. It didn’t take her long to figure out that Arron and Jerry were Stan’s sycophants. The two didn’t seem to have anything to say that wasn’t intended to brag up Stan.

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