No More Monkeys… Ch. 04

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“Yeah, Daddy, who’s better, Dulcie or me?”

As I woke up, I recalled that was the last thing my older daughter, Carolyn had said before I had drifted off to sleep, with her sprawled around me in my bed, and her eighteen year old sister Dulcie standing in the doorway.

The two girls were both competitive cheerleaders, but it was rare to see them treat each other as rivals. Perhaps it was Caro’s shock at walking in on me bouncing on Dulcie’s bed, entertaining not just my younger daughter, but Carolyn’s friend and former classmate Jeanie, combined with Dulcie’s only slightly lesser surprise later to find Carolyn getting even by using me to deflower herself.

So I had to wonder, in the waking instant before I opened my eyes, whose warm mouth was enveloping my hard cock right down to the root. Whoever it was, her fingers were rolling my balls and caressing the base of my shaft whenever her mouth rose to hold just my helmet within her lips, tongue bathing me, teeth nibbling gently around the ridge of my head. I decided not to open my eyes just yet. Instead I reached down and stroked some smooth hair. Still not a clue which girl was blowing me.

“Relax, enjoy it, and don’t over-think it.”

These wise words might have been just in my mind, or they might have belonged to Carolyn, in which case, since velvety tongue was rolling around my balls, would mean that it was her younger sister performing the oral sex. But then a head lay on my shoulder, and something about the size and shape made me think it was Dulcie who proceeded to kiss my neck and nibble down to my nipple.

Whichever daughter was giving me the wake up hummer had once again opted for good old fashioned deep throating. I could feel just a hint of lips and teeth, picturing a wide open mouth surrounding my cock as she sank her nose into my nest of hair, only to rise quickly, kiss my pre cum coated tip, and then repeat the motion. I assumed that the fingers which started massaging my scrotum must belong to the same young woman sucking on my nipple.

I began to stroke each girl’s back, my hands flowing along their lithe flesh, but still this gave me no clue who was performing which role. Their similar hairstyles — straight, just below the shoulders, suited for a perky cheer babe pony tail, added to my sweet confusion.

“How can I judge who’s better if I don’t know who is doing what?” I muttered out loud.

The mouth lifted off my cock, and both girls shifted on the bed, giggling, in unison, they spoke the same words, more like twins that an eighteen and nineteen year old.

“No one told you that you had to keep your eyes shut, Daddy. You decided that yourself.”

Finally, I peeked through my eyelids, the sun filtering into my bedroom. Carolyn was perched on the edge of my bed to my left, one leg dangling behind her towards the floor, as if she was not sure whether she was coming or going. Her beaming grin suggested though that she had enjoyed coming earlier when I had deflowered her. Her erect nipples hinted that she was ready for more. I felt my cock bobbing up and down in anticipation.

That meant Dulcie was on my right. Shifting my gaze in her direction, I saw that she was more aggressive, as usual, straddling my thigh, her eyes focused directly on my cock. Her slight rocking motion made her tits wobble, begging to be kissed, fondled, nipples nibbled. She began running her fingers through my belly hair.

My two daughters swivelled their heads toward each other, and again spoke in unison.

“Monkeys bounce on the bed!” they giggled as they shouted, just like when they were kids.

If Caro had any reluctance, she shed it in that moment, pushing off the foot on the floor to jump on my mattress with gusto, while her sister, more restrained for once, humped my leg. I could feel that her pussy was still damp, or perhaps, wet again from her own expectation of more sexual exploration. I just lay still for the moment, watching how my beautiful girls jiggled just a bit, their nipples seeming to extend with each bounce.

Carolyn bounced a bit awkwardly, her knee striking my thigh roughly, and almost fell. Her hand shot out instinctively, grabbing her sister’s shoulder for stability. There was no sexual intent, but the result was electric. Dulcie leaned forward in response, and without a word their lips met, their mouths opened, their tongues intertwined. I had never suspected that this would happen, yet when it unfolded, it seemed totally natural.

My cock throbbed even harder, and I cupped it in my palm, lightly stroking it to try to calm myself. I could not remember ever being this turned on. My balls drew up tight against my groin, and I knew that I needed to be careful not to explode while watching, because my daughters still needed me to judge the contest as to which of them was a better fuck. Even in perversity, they had such a competitive spirit.

At that instant, though, they were too busy exploring each other to fight. Carolyn raised her bursa yabancı escort free hand and stroked her sister’s hair. Dulcie in turn grasped Caro’s hair in both hands, holding their faces together in that fierce kiss. Then Dulcie’s left hand dropped down, caressing her sibling’s back. I could hear Caro moaning into Dulcie’s mouth. They shifted closer, their nipples brushing against each other, and then their young firm tits mashed together, so that from my reclining vantage point, it was hard to tell where one daughter ended and the other began.

I was struck by how similar their beauty was. Carolyn’s slightly greater ripeness was offset by Dulcie’s freshness. If they remembered to insist on me picking one as “better”, looks would be even. They had not, of course, been talking about looks. They wanted me to pick which was a better incestuous fuck bunny, which was better at bouncing on the bed. That meant points for cock sucking, and fucking, but also for the playfulness, the teasing, the seduction, the hand-job, the rubbing, the kissing.

My balls loved those thoughts, taking my enumeration of the judging list as promising fresh performances. My brain was shocked that I was even considering either possibility. The conflict was resolved quickly, as I decided that I should just blame Jeanie. I had been doing fine at resisting further fucking of Dulcie until that slut had intervened, and Carolyn would not have wanted to get even if she had not witnessed my threesome with those two. Without Jeanie, my initial slip with Dulcie could have been laughed off as an accident, and forgotten. In fact, it was Jeanie’s summers of flirting which had got me attracted to young women to start with.

Who was I trying to kid — the fucking with Dulcie had been incredible. No man could have forgotten that. And now that I had done a second round with Dulcie, I really ought to be thanking Jeanie. That, however, would have to wait for another day. Today, I knew, would be filled by my delightful darling daughters. Sometimes it seemed that, like her mother, Carolyn could read my thoughts. Just as I dreamed of Jeanie, Caro came up for air, breaking off kissing her sister long enough to glance down at my filly stiff cock, and smile beatifically at me.

“I really do need to thank Jeanie for more than just seducing you, Daddy,” she panted. “If I hadn’t seen her kissing Dulcie, I would never have had the guts to try it.”

She turned her face to look at her sister.

“You’re absolutely the best kisser.”

Dulcie smiled back.

“Thanks. You aren’t so bad yourself. You really should try kissing Jeanie too — she has such lush wet tasty lips, and her tongue is silky.”

“I bet it’s silky on things other than your mouth too,” Caro sighed, her eyes becoming unfocused, her thoughts apparently miles away. Then she gave her head a vigorously shake, bringing herself back to reality.

“I sure never thought about girl on girl sex — well, I did, but only in an ‘ewwww…grosss…’ sort of way. Watching you with Jeanie makes me want to try it though.”

“Oh, Daddy, she just doesn’t want her baby sister to have more fun bouncing on the bed than she does,” Dulcie playfully teased, swatting Carolyn on the upper chest, just above her boob.

This led to my two daughters play wrestling, still straddling my lower body. A few swats were exchanged, hair flew across faces, but quickly, Caro got hold of both of Dulcie’s wrists, and, acting like the victor, leaned forward for her prize. Carolyn pressed her lips firmly against Dulcie’s mouth, which opened slightly, allowing Caro to slide her tongue over Dulcie’s teeth, deep into a cheek.

From my vantage point below and just angled upwards, I could watch perfectly as Caro released Dulcie’s right wrist so she could hold Dulcie’s head, prolonging the kiss. As Dulcie moaned into her sister’s mouth, her freed up hand dropped to Carolyn’s breast, sliding quickly down the slop, lifting the weight, and focusing on the stiff nipple. Dulcie flicked the nub downward with her thumbnail, clearly using instincts already honed by her session with Jeanie. I watched her pinch the tip between thumb and forefinger, and firmly tug it away from the fleshy mound which it crowned. Now it was Caro’s turn to moan, both hands buried in her sister’s hair.

Because I could see both of Caro’s hands, I knew without tearing my gaze away from the kiss that it was Dulcie who reached down and began stroking my shaft with her free hand. For a neophyte, she had a wonderful intuitive grasp of the fundamentals of technique. She nestled my girth nicely in her palm, but wrapped her fingers lightly, so that she created friction, but did not hold me in a death grip, which would just have frustrated me, and then likely have caused me to blow my load prematurely when she did release what could effectively have functioned as a cock ring.

‘Top points for hand job technique,’ my mental scorekeeper noted.

Going bursa sınırsız escort for the bonus points, Dulcie began ruffling the ridge at the bottom of my helmet. After a few strokes like that, she began running her fist up over and around my tip, never so aggressively that she triggered my orgasm, just enough to make me want to start lifting my hips off the mattress. She was twisting her wrist, her palm rotating around that sensitive skin, just brushing the flap tying the head to the shaft, careful not to scrape that tender area with her nails, but catching the ooze of precum with her fingertips.

I was momentarily disappointed when Dulcie forced her mouth away from her sister’s, resisting the pressure of Caro’s fingers. That emotion passed quickly as soon as I realized that she was lifting her hand to her face. Her velvet tongue flicked out past her wet lower lip and she tasted my leaked fluid. Even though we had played twice already, so the taste was not new to her, there was still something about her girlish sense of wonderment which made my heart swell with fatherly pride, and my cock swell with lust.

“Share!” Carolyn demands, petulantly, channelling her own inner child, just putting Dulcie further ahead on points. She followed her demand by grabbing her younger sister’s wrist and drawing those juicy fingers to my older daughter’s lips.

I briefly reminded myself that actually declaring a winner was the surest way to ruin a great situation. As strong as my daughters’ bonds were to me, they would always be intensely connected to each other. The fighting was just testing this attraction, and now, serving as foreplay. Watching Carolyn lower her mouth and suck two of Dulcie’s fingers deep into her mouth, bathing them with her tongue, I recognized that they were about to end up as lovers.

All the shame and confusion I had first felt after accidentally seducing Dulcie came flooding back. What sort of father wants to corrupt his daughters like this? This time, though, I did not waste weeks agonizing over the issue. Carolyn finally took Dulcie’s fingers out of her mouth, but did not release her wrist. I felt my own mouth spread into a grin as my older daughter guided her sister’s hand down so that Dulcie’s fingers grazed Carolyn’s boob.

Dulcie needed no urging to grasp her sister’s nipple, first just toying with it, but then gently twisting it. That quickly led to some playful tugging and pulling. Once Dulcie was engaged in this activity, Caro released her wrist, and then it was her turn to fondle my stiff cock. Given how recently she had been a virgin, I was impressed by the deftness of her touch, her thumb caressing the flap of skin under the head, building my excitement, making me tingle, but never quite taking me to climax,. Then I recalled that she had been giving hand jobs for some time as a means to satisfy her self-centred young dates.

“Yes,” I heard myself moan.

My eyes closed for a moment. When they opened, both my girls were smiling down at me.

Dulcie chuckled, the sound coming from way down low — not just her throat, or her chest, but straight from her juicy cunt, I guessed.

“I guess we both score well on hand jobs, huh?” she said.

“Right,” her sister agreed with a nod. “Anybody can make a guy come quick with a bit of practice, but building his erection without ever tipping him over that edge – that takes real talent.”

The gorgeous grins on my two angels’ faces washed away a bit more of my guilt over incestuously corrupting them.

‘Besides,’ the devil within reasoned, ‘if it wasn’t you it would be someone else. That cheerleading coach or some random pimply faced classmate. These two sluts are hungry for it.’

After showering me with the sunshine of their smiles, the girls made eye contact with each other, their grins giving way to more relaxed expressions. Then the corners of their mouths tilted upwards again, and they bobbed their chins just a smidgen, in unison, more like twins that siblings so close yet so far apart in age that they tended to be rivals, even for my sexual favours.

I wondered briefly if they would bob down with such synchronization to tongue my cock, which certainly liked that mental image- my slit gaped open quickly as if it was a smiling mouth.

But, I forgot, my daughters were women, so they had to talk.

“I am so wet just thinking about you fucking Dad,” Dulcie said to her older sister. “It makes me want to fuck him all day and all night. Then seeing you play with his cock just makes me hungry for it.”

“It makes my pussy ache to think about how hot you looked with that meat fucking you,” Carolyn admitted. “I could not believe how aroused I was. I just had to have Dad pop my cherry. If I hadn’t panicked, it would have happened right there in your room.”

“That would have been so hot. Jeanie would have loved to have stayed and watched I bet.”

Caro chuckled. “If she had, I bet the two of you wouldn’t görükle escort have watched for long before you ended up in a sixty-nine.”

“Would you?” Dulcie asked her sister, eyes dancing excitedly like she did at Christmas when she was a preschooler.

“Would I what?” Caro was suddenly the serious older sister.


“With who?”

“Jeanie… or Dad… or…” Dulcie paused, looked down into the gap between her nipples and her sister’s tits. Chewing her lip, again a childhood habit revived, she finished. “..or me.”

“You little slut…” Carolyn laughed. “I don’t know whether to be pissed off that you fucked Jeanie first, or to thank her for turning you on to girly sex.”

“Fucked,” Dulcie replied. “Did I fuck Jeanie?”

Her brow furrowed like a little girl, thinking hard, followed by another tiny nod. “Yeah, I guess I fucked Jeanie…”

A brief pause as her face turned red, the colour spreading down her throat, blossoming on her chest onto the top slops of her naked tits. “…and I’d like to do it again. Do you want to watch again Caro?” With that question, Dulcie looked womanly again, her mouth spreading into a wicked grin, her eyes dancing devilishly. She seemed pleased to have one upped her older sister. All the while, caressing Carolyn’s tits with increasing furor, and starting to tug the nipples with more enthusiasm.

Caro evened things up, and grabbed the upper hand, first by giving Dulcie’s left nipple a twist which wiped the grin away, though the wince was followed by a sigh that hinted towards my younger daughter enjoying pain.

Then Caro finished by responding. “Not only would I like to watch, but I’d want to fuck Jeanie too. First, I think, so I’m not just getting your sloppy seconds.”

Now she paused. I noticed that Dulcie waited, submissively, not using the pause to return the sadistic pleasure to Carolyn. The look on Caro’s face was her girlhood ‘Be quiet, I’m thinking’ expression.

I resisted the temptation to reach up and twist her nipple, breaking her concentration. When she was little, I used to pull a pigtail to do the same thing — some things don’t change, we all can act eight years old again, or at least be tempted to. Something told me that if I acted my real age, better things would come my way today than what happened in third grade after I pulled Amy Smith’s pigtails. Mrs. Blechenhorst had sent me to sit in the coat closet. Quickly, the voyeuristic possibilities of hiding in a closet flooded my hormone bathed brain, but I realized that when it came to my daughters and Jeanie, no hiding was necessary — I could watch all I wanted, and sometimes, join in.

‘But perhaps,’ the devil within me suggested,’ they could invite other friends over and you could hide in there.’

I felt my grin broaden and watched my cock surge hungrily at that possibility. Images of my daughter’s cheerleader chums started flashing through my brain, but Carolyn brought me back to reality. My cock was now standing solidly upright, like a flagpole, the only movement the slit slowly gaping open, then closing, like a goldfish blowing bubbles.

“Oh, Dulcie, I think Daddy likes watching us at play,” Caro giggled, and then pulled her sister’s face forward for another tongue twisting kiss.

My hand grasped the root of my manhood, but I resisted stroking, not wanting to risk climax just yet. Instead I reached my little finger down to my balls, teasing them. Fortunately, my brain caught up at that moment, reminding me that stimulating my balls was even more likely to cause my seed to surge upwards and out my tip. I knew that this might please my daughters, whose hungry tongues would love licking the spunk off my helmet, competing to clean me. However, it would kill their contest, and risk ending this escalating pleasure. I had to hold off as long as possible. Though I might be the first lover of both girls, soon they would be fucking like rabbits, and if I wanted to have them keep returning to Daddy, I had to offer something different. Young studs might recover quickly, but they would also ejaculate rapidly, without regard for their partner’s pleasure. Sure, I had some skill based on experience, however rusty my recent celibacy had made me, but internet porn and relaxed social mores meant at least some twentysomethings might know tricks I had never thought of. My ace in the hole had to be endurance.

For now, however, I was their only man, and they were mine alone, both together. I chuckled at the foolishness of worrying about the future when I had my two barely legal daughters actually competing to see which could please me better. Heck, if they both ran screaming tomorrow, I could probably last the rest of my life just masturbating to the memories of this weekend. Which did not even factor in the likelihood that Jeanie would almost certainly come around again for more old cock action. I realized at that moment that I had to be careful what I said to my daughters in the next phase, because in my heart, I was pretty sure that Jeanie was the best lover of all three young women, just because of her unabashed lust. Perhaps once the timidity of being recent virgins wore off, Carolyn or Dulcie might become just as wickedly wanton, but for now, their neediness was desperation for approval, not confident hunger.

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