No, She Said

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“No!” she said. “No fucking way. No! No! No! Is there any part of that you don’t understand?”

She didn’t leave me with many options. I had just asked my wife of fourteen years if she’d be willing to fulfill a fantasy of mine of seeing her with another man. I knew her well enough to know that this would probably be her first reaction but still her vehemence startled me. I could tell that she was upset and very hurt.

“How could you want such a thing? Why? To see some strange man use me. No. No… fucking… way!” Her eyes glistened with tears.

I put my arms around her. She was stiff and distant, her eyes averted. I held her and stroked her back. My desires weren’t something I could easily explain. I loved her. I loved her so much. And our sex life wasn’t bad although we’d settled into something of a routine. But I had the feeling we were missing a dimension of life and somehow this idea of including another man seemed like it would open a door to that space beyond. It was a feeling I found impossible to communicate.

We both felt bruised for the next couple of days. And the week or so after that was a mixture of remoteness and quiet flashes of the old intimacy. Finally, as we watched an old movie on TV, the lost warmth returned and she came to lie beside me on the couch. It felt so good to feel her pressing against me, rubbing her bottom against my crotch, and later, to feel her kisses grow hot as I touched her soft smooth skin and her slick wetness, to hear her sighing as I slipped inside.

Yet that small grain of irritating sand that I’d brought into our relationship remained. For me it was a matter of struggling to come to grips with what it was I really wanted, what it was I felt was missing. For Adele, my wife, as I learned only later, the experience was one of opening a place in her mind that had been, until I’d given her a key, tightly padlocked with fear and the strictures of convention.

At the time we each felt totally alone. We could share sweet warmth within the confines of the old assumptions but as we explored further, roaming among the possibilities of love outside the norm, the air grew more frigid. But, as we subsequently discovered, we each, in our own way, found the adventure bracing.

For a long time I couldn’t get past the images of seeing Adele opening wide and a stranger’s cock invading her. She’d, to the best of my knowledge, and I believed her, only known two other men before me. Two short term affairs before we’d met. So I thought it was the invasion, the taboo, that stirred me. In my imagination I heard her quiet cries, stranger’s names spoken with ardor, but didn’t really listen.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was at work and before the kids came home from school, Adele had begun searching the Internet for ways to use this little key I’d given her, ways to assuage the irritation of the grain of sand. Seek and ye shall find, we’re told. Seeking on the Internet can go a long long way. No telling what you’ll find. One of the doors that opened for Adele was a site that offered a smorgasbord of people with a jaw dropping variety of sexual interests. Very timidly, after going back to the site again and again, she decided to place a little profile of herself. One not entirely true. She was not in the least bit prepared for the onslaught.

The first day after placing her profile there were twenty two messages from men. The day after that there were thirty four. Plus four from women. It got worse after that. At first it was kind of interesting to look at a strange penis but once she’d seen about thirty five the novelty sort of wore off. She began looking for something a little more distinctive. Most of the messages were short and not very illuminating. Occasionally a man would send a clothed photo. Once in a very great while a man would send a clothed photo and a message that appeared to have been written by a thinking person. These were the ones she decided to answer. The first order of business being to straighten out all the crooked parts in her profile.

One of the first men she connected with was a man named Rob who lived about two hours away. Far enough not to be an immediate threat but close enough to be available. She quickly learned that Rob had some knowledge about the kind of situation I, her husband, was proposing.

“Why!?” she wailed, via email. “Why would he want me to fuck some stranger?”

“Who do YOU want to fuck?” was his reply.

That brought her to a standstill. She worked through a gamut of responses. It took her four days to get back to him. “I’m happy with Greg… he’s my husband… I love fucking him. It’s gotten kind of same o’ same o’, I’ll admit, but he’s still my main man.”

“Why’d you place the ad then?” Rob asked. “If you’re really happy that’s fine. I’m delighted for you. But I can’t help but feel that there’s more Bostancı Esmer Escort to this than that. I’ve done group sex, I’ve been in threesomes, and I know that women can get into these things just as much as men. You say that you’re happy with Greg, and as far as I can tell you are, but I get the sense that you’re hoping there’s something more.”

It took seven days for her to get back to him. “I apologize for taking so long to write. You gave me a lot to think about in your last email. It hasn’t been easy for me these last few days. When you talk about group sex and threesomes I have to tell you, even though I’ve known you for so short a time, it makes me wet. I feel really nasty telling you that. But I think you’re right that I’m looking for something. Greg has no idea. You know, when he first told me he’d like to see me with other men it made me feel all shriveled up inside. Like I wasn’t good enough or something. But when I started writing you I began to think, ‘This could be my experience… I could have fun with this.’ and it made the whole thing feel completely different.”

“Of course it’s your experience, Sweetie,” Rob replied. “You’re the one creating this, not Greg. He may have gotten the balls rolling, so to speak, but you’re the one who placed an ad. You’re the one who asked the questions. You’re the one who got wet when I started talking about threesomes and moresomes. And I’m here if you need me. I don’t need any particular thing to happen. I’m simply trying to help you discover what it is you want.”

As I said, this colloquy, for the most part, was occurring at times when I wasn’t present. And, to be quite frank, I wasn’t aware of the effect they were having on Adele for some time. She was more responsive, yes, and we made love more frequently. But, with a solemn bow to the male ego, I assumed she was finding me somehow more stimulating. Little did I know that Rob was the midhusband (as opposed to midwife) of my marital pleasures. But gradually even a head as thick as mine has to absorb a few shafts of light.

I began to realize that Adele was much more involved in the computer than she’d used to be. Checking email before we went to bed, rising early to be the first one on. When I asked her directly about it she just said it was some new game she’d found or an email she expected from a friend. For awhile this made sense to me but I slowly became aware of the fact that the urgency with which she approached the keyboard outweighed the ostensible purpose. And then, one afternoon, while Adele and the kids were safely at the mall, I explored the system until I found Rob’s emails and email address. It wasn’t all that hard, since Adele was hardly in the hacker class of computer user.

The following Monday I sent him an email from my office computer informing him of my discovery. His reply was terse and to the point.

“Hi Greg, It doesn’t surprise me that you broke the code. There probably wasn’t one. But I’m her friend, not yours. At least not yet. And I won’t betray her confidence, if there’s any confidence left to betray after your snooping. –Rob”

I wrote Rob back to tell him that I loved Adele with all my heart and that I had absolutely no wish to hurt her. I told him that the main reason I’d contacted him was to open a dialogue with someone who obviously meant a lot to her.

He wrote back to say that he thought it should be Adele’s choice to decide whether he and I opened a dialogue.

To tell you the truth this guy was getting on my nerves.

Assuming it was very likely Rob, testy as he was, would tell Adele I’d found her out, I decided that the best course was to talk to my wife myself.

“You WHAT! You sonofabitch! Those were my private fucking emails goddamn it! You had no goddamn right! Yougoddamnmotherfuckingsonofabitch!” were her exact words. A string of words I didn’t often hear her use. Obviously she was more angry than usual.

“Adele, Sweetheart. Adele.” I tried to speak softly. “Honey, I’m not trying to put you on the spot. But I’m your husband, Greg, remember Greg?, and I’d like to know what’s going on. I liked what this Rob guy said to you even though I’m not crazy about what he said to me.”

“This Rob guy, huh,” she snorted, “This Rob guy fucking understands me. Which is more than I can say for you.”

I took a deep breath and told myself that she was coming from an emotional place that wasn’t connected to an adult perspective. I wasn’t at all certain I was connected to that particular perspective either. “Honey, I love you. I want to understand. I’d like for both of us to be able to talk to Rob and find out if he can help us see this differently. He seems to have the experience that we don’t have.”

After several long moments of glaring, the Adele I knew began to peek out of that angry face. “You aren’t Bostancı Eve Gelen Escort pissed at me for going behind your back?” she asked.

“Honey Bunch, this has been a tough time for both of us. I think there’s a lot we haven’t shared with each other. That’s as true of me as it is of you. We’ve both gone behind the other’s back.” Once I’d said that it was as if the ice had thawed. She flowed into my arms. We spent most of the night sharing the highlights of our individual explorations. Finally, as we talked, I realized that what I wanted was for her to be free to explore her deepest desires, sexual or otherwise. My image of her opening her legs to a strange man was really a metaphor for her opening herself to her truest potentials.

She, on the other hand, felt a strong personal connection with Rob that didn’t have anything to do with abstract conceptual metaphors of abstruse meaning. She just liked this guy. He turned her on. This was frightening for me and I told her so. In my fantasies the man involved had always been a stranger we had chanced to meet; someone we’d never see again. The way she was talking, Rob might be a part of our lives, in and out of bed, for some time to come. And that brought up some deeply buried insecurities in me. I was afraid I’d be found inadequate when compared with him.

“What? You want to back out of this?” She asked, with more than a hint of anger.

“No, Hon,” I said, “I’m aware that I started all this and I will follow through. I just want you to know what I’m feeling. That I’m realizing that things happen differently in reality than in my fantasies. And it scares me sometimes.”

She snuggled up against me and placed my hand on her warm breast. “I understand, Sweetheart; I get scared too. I love you Greg. Don’t ever forget that. And I’m glad we’re sharing this adventure together.”

“I love you too,” I said, lifting her leg in order to slide into her from behind. “God Honey, you are so hot and wet!”

“Hmmmm,” was her response.

The next morning, after the kids had left the house on their usual Saturday visits to friends, we both sat down to write Rob an email summing up our late night conversation. Early in the evening he emailed his reply.

“Hi Adele and Greg, I was delighted to hear that the two of you have talked things out and that I’m still in the picture. I was very uncomfortable with the way things were. And Greg, I apologize for being so hard on you before.” He went on to describe some of his experiences with other couples and how they’d worked out. His tone was very matter of fact and both Adele and I felt reassured by his obvious knowledge of the subject. We agreed that he seemed to be a thoughtful and caring person.

Another result was that we both got tremendously turned on. I had to smile as I watched Adele wiggle in her chair as she read the words on the screen, her mouth slightly open and her tongue running across her lips now and then. I had a stiff one that caused me to do some wiggling of my own. If the kids hadn’t been around I think we both would have started masturbating. As it was the kids got unceremoniously hustled off to bed at the stroke of nine and Adele and I raced for our bedroom slinging clothes left and right. Our love making that night was anything but routine. The fevered passion we’d thought we’d lost burned as brightly as it ever had.

One of Rob’s stories involved a woman who liked to have him come on her tongue. At the moment Adele felt my climax approaching she hissed, “My tongue, Baby, do it on my tongue!” We’d never done this before. She’d always made negative comments about the come shots we’d seen in porn videos. And here she was begging for one. I pulled out of her cunt and straddled her chest, vigorously stroking my cock. Our eyes locked and she stuck out her tongue. I’d never seen her so aroused. With a loud groan I spilled my pearls into her pink mouth. She held her mouth open until the last pearly drop fell. “Kiss me!” she cried. I leaned down and tasted myself as our tongues wrestled.

That was the first of many new things we added to our erotic repertoire. Over the next few weeks we corresponded with Rob. He very patiently answered our questions and shared more of his knowledge. We also began to exchange phone calls; Adele talking with him most of the time. Finally Adele and I decided we were ready to take the plunge. Adele phoned Rob to give him the good news and we began to make plans.

At last the big day arrived. We dropped the kids off at Adele’s mother’s house and made the two hour drive to Rob’s home town. Both of us getting more and more nervous as we got closer. We rented a room at the motel that Rob recommended and walked to the restaurant where we’d agreed to meet. We held hands tightly, like two children walking through a dark forest. A tall, Bostancı Evi Olan Escort slim, man with long hair rose from the bench when we walked in and met us halfway. He had a warm smile and a calm demeanor that helped us begin to feel somewhat at ease.

“You must be Greg and Adele,” he said in a resonant voice. When we nodded he leaned down to kiss Adele on the cheek and then shook my hand. Adele preceded us to the table and I noticed that Rob checked out her legs and bottom. He caught my eye while we were seating ourselves and somehow I knew that he was aware that I’d seen him looking. He showed no sign of embarrassment. I also got the impression that he’d liked what he saw.

At first the conversation was a little stilted but Rob kept asking us questions and sharing his thoughts and soon we were all talking as if we’d known one another for years. Rob and Adele especially. I think if he’d been any other man I would have felt threatened but in some way I didn’t understand he created an ambiance in which those feelings never even began.

In part, I think, it was due to what he called his ‘one ground rule’ that he’d shared with us in an early email. He’d said that if any one of us was uncomfortable about what was happening we could say ‘Stop!’. He guaranteed that he’d stop even if no one else did. It gave me a much needed sense of control.

Once we’d finished eating and established that we all did indeed want to go through with this the three of us walked back to the motel. Adele and I were holding hands again but now it was more from anticipation than from fear. Rob wore a small sweet smile. There was another moment of awkwardness when we closed the door behind us but Rob broke through that by unbuttoning his shirt and saying, “Let’s get naked.” And, in no time, we were.

Neither Rob or I were hard at this juncture. Adele sat down on the edge of the bed, her breasts swaying, and beckoned us over. “Oh boy!” She said as she took our soft cocks in her hands, “Every girl’s dream.” She took Rob’s cock in her mouth first.

“Unless the girl’s lesbian,” Rob said with a laugh. “Oh yeah, that feels good.” I could see him start to grow hard. I felt myself growing hard too. Soon Adele had her hands full. She pulled us together and took the heads of both our cocks into her mouth, looking up at us. I could see that Rob was about the same length as I but a bit thicker.

“God,” Adele whispered, pulling away from us, “this makes me feel like such a slut.”

Rob had a slight frown, “you know I don’t like that word. You have every right to be a sexual person.”

“Oh, take the stick out of your ass,” Adele said with a grin, “I feel like a slut and I like it.”

Rob laughed, “Okay, okay.”

“Quit the yakking and suck, slut,” I said.

Rob began fingering her pussy while I played with her tits. I found it strange how normal this all felt. Here Adele and I were butt naked with a guy we’d actually only met a few hours ago and we’re making silly jokes. Adele fell back on the bed and spread her legs. Rob and I both looked at her in awe. She was drinking it in. She grabbed her knees and opened herself wide.

“One of you schmucks gonna fuck me or do I have to grab some kid off the street?” Adele asked forcefully. Rob and I looked at each other and then I gave him the ‘you first’ gesture with my right hand. A second later I was watching him enter my wife. My fantasy, voiced so many months ago, had come true. I’d given her the key and she’d unlocked the door. “Oh Rob, that feels so good,” she sighed. I knelt beside the bed, leaning on it, as I watched her. She looked so beautiful to me, her chest flushed with arousal.

Rob looked at me, a hint of concern in his eyes. “Go man,” I said, “Fuck that slut! Make that hot cunted bitch cum!” Adele turned to me, her eyes glowing, a big smile on her lips. And Rob did as he was told.

And then it was my turn. And, after a period of talk and resting, his again. He lay down on his back and Adele straddled him, holding his cock so she could guide him into herself. Once he was inside she lay on his chest as he held her.

“Ever try a dp?” I heard him ask her. She pushed herself up on her arms.

“What’s a dp?”

“Double penetration,” I said. “Two cocks inside you.” I felt myself and knew I was hard enough.

“How the fuck would I try a dp if this is the first time I’ve been with two guys?” She retorted.

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Rob said. “Well…?”

Adele looked at me. I shrugged and looked down at my cock. Adele looked down at my cock. Rob was looking at my cock too.

“Sure, why not,” Adele said.

I climbed up between Rob’s legs and positioned myself. Slowly I slid my cock into Adele’s pussy, feeling Rob’s cock beneath mine.

“Oh God!” Adele exclaimed, her voice saturated with the most amazing mixture of lust, excitement, and wonderment I’d ever heard. “I feel so full. Oh, this is wild!”

“Do you want us to stop?” I asked, giving Rob a devilish grin over Adele’s shoulder.

“No!” she moaned. “No fucking way. God No! No! No!”

“Could you repeat that?” I chortled. “There’s a part I didn’t understand.”

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