Not a Good Week Ch. 02

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I felt and apparently looked, much better this morning and Daddy said I could go back to work tomorrow instead of being off all week… Yipeeeee

I went to my room for a shower and heard a cascade of slaps, I went onto the landing and P was over Daddies knee for a real long spanking.

She went to her corner as the pillows were set up.

Daddy called her over, he was pretty cross, and she got a real good belting.

I went back to my room as she knelt in front of him.

I set the dining table up for breakfast and was told P would not be down, she was grounded in their room.

I often got that at home but got periodic visitors, once it was by brother and his 2 friends, they watched as he stripped me naked and put me over his knee for a spanking.

It was not a hard spanking, just one to keep me in my place I suppose, oh, and for him to show off in front of his friends.

Lucky dad was out, or he would have got a right hiding, although he had free use of me, it did not apply when I was grounded.

His 2 friends had their willy’s out and were wanking as my bottom turned red.

“Suck or the belt Poppy?”

“Just you?”

“Nope the three of us, or them two as I fuck you.”

“Suck please.”

I knelt and began to suck the 2 willy’s, one slender and long with skin over bursa evi olan escort the end and the other shorter and thick with his pee-hole showing. I was pushed forward, and my brother mounted me from behind.

I balanced on one hand as I sucked one and wanked the other in turn, they never squirted much and when my brother cum they slapped my titties a little then left.

Daddy took P a coffee and slice of toast up, I stood at the bottom of the stairs as she was lectured again and a few more slaps.

I just finished clearing the plates and cups as Daddy came down.

“You will be going home after work on Friday for a week Poppy,”

“Ok Sir, thank you Sir.”

“I believe you’ll be getting a hiding for your knickerless exploitation and I know for a fact your Grandparents will be staying over Christmas, so you will well looked after.”

“Oh, thank you Sir”

“I think you need a little of what P just got, sarcasm in deed, lose the dressing gown and stick your titties out.”

He went for his short strap he used for tits, inner thighs and pussy lips and gave me 6 on each, breast and nipple together.

He finished, and I threw my arm round his neck, “Daddy I didn’t, honest.”

He pushed me back a little and slapped my good bottom cheek, “Did I ask altıparmak escort you to comment?”

“Noooooo Daddy, but I waited till after my punishment.”

“Yes you did, good girl.”

He hugged me so tight, for ages and soothed me on my pussy and nipples and I cum for him.

I was bent over the table and taken like naughty girls should be by their betters.

I made sandwiches for lunch and Sir took P one up with a cup of tea, He was gone a while and I guess they made up.

She followed him down, she was naked, as I was, and she was striped on her bottom and me on my front.

“Hope you two have learnt something today, don’t keep secrets and don’t answer back.”

“I have for sure Sir.”

“Me too Daddy.”

“Group huggs.”

We hugged, you and guessed it, I cried.

During the afternoon I was sent to bed for a nap but peeped through the banister and P sucked him and they made love, she whimpered as he entered her behind, I winced it was lovely to watch, and I know when Daddy reads this I will be in trouble.

P had dinner covered, we had her brilliant Chilli and Rice, I cleared the pots and plates and by the time I had finished it was 8.30.

“May I have an early bath please Daddy?”

“Yes of course but P will bath you tonight gemlik escort and will bring you up a cookie and a glass of milk.”

I slept really well, and even laid on my back a bit.

Thursday soon arrived, and I was getting off the bus just as Mr. Pilkington walked past.

“Good morning Mr. Pilkington Sir, so sorry I had to take time off work.”

“Oh welcome back sweet girl, I have missed our early morning meets.”

I made him a coffee and went and had a pee before going to my counter.

Alice Biggs was just lowering her knickers in front of Jane Wells to show her marks.

“Wow Alice, what happened?”

“It’s a long story Poppy, more importantly, how are you?”

“I am ok now thanks for asking.”

Alice covered up and went to her counter and as we followed Jane told me Alice showed a £20 surplus on her till, almost as bad as loss.

Tradition was that the counter operator was belted after work, the number of stripes to match the amount of surplus or loss.

She had to strip naked and bend over her stool in the centre of the bank foyer.

Mr Pilkington was an ace with the bank strap, as I had found out the week before, but the main damage was done by her dads’ electric cord he used to keep her, her 3 sisters, two bothers and mum in check.

I once stayed over and saw how harsh it was when her 2 brothers got it for arguing at the dinner table, might be the first time I ever saw another willy from my brothers.

Both much bigger than his and probably used regularly now on her and her sisters, i’m getting a bit tingly, maybe I should sleep over again sometime.

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