Not Now, Kitten…

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“Hunter… Wake up sweetie, come on..” The soft paw on my chest is comforting, keeping me warm.

“Hunter let go of my arm. I need that.”

“No it’s my arm” I say, smiling and hugging the paw close to my heart.

“Good morning, cutie”

He’s such a charmer, even now he looks so perfect to me

“You were drooling on my fur, silly boy.”

For a moment, I just watch him talk, and after a few seconds, I realize what he has said. My ears go flat, and I blush. How could I do that, he must be offended!

“Oh, don’t put the ears back, grumpy puss” He says, scratching under my chin. “Who’s my good kitty, hmm?”

God, I love it when he does this.

“Me..?” I ask innocently, already knowing the answer. “Is it really me?”

“Yes it is mister.” He says with an endearing tone. “You are my good kitty.”

I let out a soft meow as I stretch, and move his paw from my chest. Leaning into him, and closing my eyes once more.

“No no no kitty, it’s time to wake up. You can’t sleep all day.”

Oh what fresh hell is this. Responsibilities? Are they really that important? I bet I could convince him to stay.

“Come on, let’s go.” He smiles at me, encouraging me to follow.

“Jackson…” I trail off, biting my lip, and curling my tail. I can’t stop kneading at our bed.

He has that look of excitement, but it fades after a moment. “No kitty, we have things to do today.”

“Is that so?” I purr at him, surely he knows what I want.

“You won’t get me off track this time.” He says, turning his back to me.

“If you think so.” I say, beginning to rub myself against his pillow.

He looks back for a moment, and blushes, taking his pillow away from me. “No kitty, we need to go soon.”

He is so stubborn today, can’t he see I just want to have a little bit of fun? I grind at the bed where his pillow used to be, looking up into his eyes.

“Kitty… Please?” I wonder how hard he is trying to resist me? Oh it’s working, I can see him bulging now, falling for me, wanting me. I giggle, “Alright, let’s go then, gaziantep suriyeli escort I suppose you would rather go and do boring stuff all day instead of having me.”

He gives me this exasperated look, and sits on the edge of the bed. I get on my paws and knees, and crawl toward him, tucking myself tightly between his legs.

“Kitten” He says, putting a paw on my shoulder, trying to keep me back. As if.

I dip my head down to his bulge, give it a kiss, and bring my paws up to his zipper, tugging it slowly downward, watching his face.

He is quiet, but his face says “More”. I growl excitedly, and watch his bulge, tugging the zipper down to the end.

“Ah god H-Hunter why can’t we just do what we need to do for one day?”

I purr softly as I watch his stiff member escape from his zipper, that’s my favorite part. Well, my favorite part before anything happens, that is.

He growls at me, pushing me away harder, trying to tuck himself back into his pants.

I hiss and growl at him, he won’t get away from me. I want him and he has to deal with that.

“Fine! But hurry at least!” He barks at me. It looks like he really needs to release some stress, and it’s my job to help him.

“Master..” I say in an admiring tone, “’s so big!” I blush and nuzzle his cock gently, and he twitches as I touch it. It must be very sensitive.

I watch him as he bites his lip, he has always loved being told how big he is, and honestly it’s no lie. He is almost too much for me to handle. Almost.

“Well kitty, do something already. You got me horny, don’t just leave me like this.”

It’s so tempting to swallow his cock whole, and then zip it back up in its prison for the day, I toy with the idea for a few moments, and finally decide that I need him more than he thinks I do.

“Hunter…” He says, getting visibly impatient. He can barely keep still, it’s absolutely entertaining to watch Jackson when he is left horny like this.

“Yes master? I was deciding if I could fit your dong in me or not. It’s so large.”

“Please do something, touch me Kitty, please?” I can hear a crack in his voice, he wants me so badly.

“Of course sir, I would love to.” This is my favorite part, licking him a few times before slowly slipping his tip between my lips, and suckling it gently, bouncing his balls in my right paw gently.

He’s gasping already, how adorable! I pull off of his tip, “Mmm master, how do-” I’m cut off as he pushes my head down onto his cock. Hey I was talking! He isn’t usually so rough with me… I love it, I can feel myself throbbing so hard.. Now there’s a new feeling, a soft warm sensation on my own dong. It’s a soft touch that nearly makes me cum in my boxers, and I can’t help but buck into his hind paws as he caresses me with them.

This drives me wild, he has never done this for me before. It feels so amazing to be sucking his rod, and grinding against his soft feet, I can feel my own cock throbbing even harder from this treatment. I pull off of him for just a moment to choke out:

“Jackson, oh fuck do that harder!” He works his feet more roughly on my cock, making my head spin with pleasure. I continue gulping his dick down my throat, taking it deeper and deeper.

“Hah… Hunter don’t stop… Please, let me cum.” Aww so poor…

“You k-know the rules mister, no cumming until I say” Oh fuck he’s going to make me cum with his feet, I have to make him stop, but it feels so good.

“I’m sure I can make you let me cum.” He says, rubbing his soles up and down my shaft.

“Oh god that feels good.. Please stop…” I whimper quietly, trying to hold my orgasm back, but his footjob feels so good, I don’t know if I can resist.

I moan and try to keep my hips from thrusting forward, but I can’t stop, it just feels so good. “What’s wrong kitty? Having trouble holding back?”

“A-ah” I stutter and continue to fuck his soft paws, quickly pressing my lips to his shaft, kissing it, and massaging his balls roughly.

“Oooh.. Be careful Hunter” He says playfully. I barely hear him, I just want to make him cum. I give him a smirk, and slip his tip into my mouth, looking up at him.

He knows what I want, he wants it too. He places his paw behind my head again, and pushes down, pushing me deeper, making me take his cock.

I fight back the urge to cum right away. Instead, I edge myself on his feet, while he toys at my balls gently with his toe claws. I wonder if he is enjoying this as much as I am?

“Hunter don’t stop..” He says, sounding almost terrified. I have a history for denying him his pleasure. He looks at me with his soft green eyes, and I can’t help but smile on his cock.

He starts pushing his feet against my thrusts, and forcing my head down on his cock. I bob my head happily, rubbing his balls roughly still, trying to get every drop of cum he has.

He bucks, and gives up on sitting still, now thrusting his hips up into my mouth. I love it when he gets this way, just before he cums. I hold his hips down, and lick his throbbing cock before giving it a rough bite.

He looks at me wide eyed, as I bite his shaft. I keep tugging and massaging his balls, trying to coax out his seed. He shudders, and claws at the sheets, as he slowly tips over the edge into bliss. He spills shot after shot of his thick cum into my mouth, I can’t even handle this much. I swallow and pull away, coughing, as he continues dumping his load on my face and chest.

He has my cock gripped tightly between his feet as he cums, and I fuck his soft paw pads roughly now, trying to get off with him.

He scoots back on the bed, and lifts his legs for me, and I push my tip between his toes. His tail comes up under me, and teases at my balls, making me blush and giggle. He smiles at me.

“Won’t you cum for your master? You definitely deserve it.” I nod, pushing my cock between his feet, thrusting into the warm soft fur, oh god I’m going to cum… “J-jackson” I moan his name, drooling as I open my mouth to let out an orgasmic cry.

I put a few more thrusts into his feet as I cum, getting his chest and belly sticky and warm. I fall over next to him, and he grabs my paw, holding it against his chest.

“This is my arm” He says to me, still panting.

“You’re right.” I say, and kiss his lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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