Not So Boring Afternoon

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Belly Piercing

This is a story about one day while I was home from college on Spring Break. All my college friends had gone away for the break, but I didn’t have enough money so I just went home. The problem was that none of my friends were on break for the same week, so I was bored out of my mind. I spent most of my days lying out in the back trying to get a tan or sitting at the computer reading erotic stories and jerking off.

I’m a pretty good looking guy, 6 feet tall, 160 lbs and in good shape. I’d dated a bunch of girls, but found myself increasingly excited by the idea of sex with a guy. While searching the web I found myself getting most excited by pictures of shemales and reading stories of gay sex. One particularly boring day, I decided I needed to try it for real.

About a year earlier an adult movie store open not to far from my parents’ house. I had driven by a million times and always wondered about looking inside. What stopped me was always the thought that someone I knew might see me. I didn’t want it getting back to my friends or parents that I was hanging out in an adult store. On this day, though, I decided to go.

My parents were both at work, but I had my own car at home. It was a pretty hot, sunny day, so I decided I’d wear shorts and a button-down short sleeve shirt, but no underware. I also put on a baseball cap and sunglasses (still a bit paranoid about being recognized), and sandals for my feet. On the drive over I was shaking with nerves. I couldn’t figure out if I was more nervous about being found out, or what my first experience with a man.

I have a fairly recognizable car, so I was afraid to park it in the adult store parking lot. I drove past it to the strip mall nextdoor and parked by a Chinese restaurant. I got out and hurried across to the adult store looking around to make sure no one recognized me. Inside I actually started to relax a bit, unworried about being caught since anyone I knew inside was equally busted.

The store had a desk for the cashier at the front and then rows of adult movies and magazines in the middle arranged front to back. The back wall had a doorway cut out of the left side which was blocked by beaded strings hanging down. Next to the doorway was a sign advertising movie booths and an arrow pointing thru the doorway. There was also a change machine and a sign that said “Quarters Only Inside.”

I wandered the ailes for a few minutes gathering up my nerves and getting hornier and hornier looking at the pornos. There were three other guys walking around in there. One was a normal looking fortysomething guy checking out the gangbang movies. One was a guy who looked about sixty looking at the gay magazines. The third was a guy who appeared in his mid-thirties and kept glancing at me and looking away quickly. After a few minutes, the 3rd guy went back into the movie section.

After I’d made a complete bostancı escort lap around the store, I took a deep breath and headed for the change machine. I put in a five, scooped out the quarters and went through the doorway. Behind the beads it was very dark. There was a row of doors on the back wall, obviously into the viewing booths, and a hall about 5 feet wide which went off to the right between the doors and the back wall of the store. There were about 8 viewing booths in all.

I noticed that all the doors were open except the three on the end. I looked in the first one and saw a glory hole in the side. I started to get nervous again and couldn’t bring myself to go into the booth next to an occupied one. Instead I went into the third booth which was empty on both sides and I put in my quarter and started watching a movie of a girl getting gangbanged by four guys.

The movie was starting to turn me on and I pulled out my dick and started stroking it slowly making sure not to get too excited too soon. After only a minute, I heard someone enter the booth to my right and start up a movie. Not long after that I saw a finger come through the hole and motion for me to put my dick through it. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles, took another deep breath, and put my now rock hard cock through the hole.

My new friend in the glory hole didn’t waste any time. He immediately started licking my shaft and swirling his tongue around the head of my circumcised penis, gently probing my piss slit with the tip of his tongue. I was getting really turned on and starting to move my hips a bit when he just totally swollowed the full length of my cock. I was in heaven, but it didn’t last long.

He pulled off my dick and started to push his own 8″ cut cock into the hole next to mine. This was it. This was why I came here today. I was about to suck my first dick. It was a great looking dick – it reminded me of my own. Smooth and shiny and just slightly curved. I grabbed it gently with my hand and began to stroke it. My heart was racing; I was so excited. I got down on my knees and began to lick it. I started down at the base by his balls and licked up along the bottom to the hole which I tongued the way he had done it to me. I was now really getting into it. Soon I was licking and sucking like a madman. The taste and texture was amazing. I LOVED IT! I couldn’t get enough. All I wanted was to make him cum in my mouth. I needed to taste his cum.

After a few more minutes of licking and sucking, I felt his cock swell up a little bit and I heard him groan. Seconds later, the back of my mouth was being inundated by stream after stream of milky white cum. I kept my mouth on him draining every last drop and trying to swish the cum around in my mouth. I loved the taste. I was so turned on, I wanted to keep sucking cock and büyükçekmece escort drinking cum forever. Unfortunately he pulled out, zipped up his pants and left the his booth.

I wiped a drip of semen off my chin and tried to gather myself. I sat down on the small bench in the center of the booth and took another deep breath. It was then I noticed the new cock poking through the gloryhole on the other side. This one was a bit smaller, but it turned me on just the same. I unbuttoned by shirt, let it slide off my back, and stepped out of my shorts. Now I was naked except for my sandals and hat. I got down on my knees and started in on the new penis.

I was only a few minutes into working on this new stud’s rod, when he pulled out and bend over to whisper through the hole. “Unlock your door, I’m coming in.” Now my heart was racing, but I was so excited I didn’t even pause to think about it. I unlocked the door and in walked a thirtysomething goodlooking guy with his cocking hanging out the fly in his pants. He shut the door behind him and dropped his pants to his ankles. That was all the invitation I needed.

As I started back in on his cock, he started talking dirty to me. “Yeah, suck that cock, you little cocksucking slut. What a little whore you are, sitting here naked just waiting to suck any dick you can. What a pathetic little cock-hungry slut.” Needless to say, I loved it. The more he talked, the more turned on I got and the harder I sucked. “Look at your audience you little bitch,” he said. I looked at the two gloryholes and noticed a a pair of eyes in each one. “Invite them in,” he commanded, and I turned to each one and asked them to join us.

The man feeding me his dick unlocked the door and moved aside abit to allow one of the voyeurs in with us. He moved around behind me and immediately began fingering my asshole. Now this was more than I had bargained for. I wanted to suck cock and I did and I was loving it, but I didn’t think I was ready to take a cock up my ass. I’d fooled around putting my fingers up there, but this was totally different. As if sensing my misgivings, the guy in the door grabbed my head and held it on his dick, thrusting in and out, fucking my face for all he was worth. I decided to just give in and not try to fight it. I felt a finger enter my ass, and it felt fucking great. The skin around my anus was so sensitive, but with some spit for lube, his finger slid right in and the feeling was ecstacy. Now with the finger up my ass probing around my prostate, the man fucking my mouth began cumming like a racehorse. I tried to keep it all in, but some started dribbling out the corner of my mouth and down my chin.

All the while, the other voyeur who could fit in the booth with us waited by the door stroking his cock and waiting for his turn. When the cock in my mouth çekmeköy escort had finished erupting, it was replaced by the one waiting in line. As I started in on my new lollipop, another finger squeezed into my ass hole. That was when it really hit me. Here I was, buck ass naked, bent over a bench in the back room of an adult video store; I’d just given two blowjobs to complete strangers and now I had two more in the booth with me – one of whom had his cock in my mouth and the other with two fingers up my ass. The more I thought about it, the harder and harder my own prick became. My precum was leaking out like a faucet.

Just as the guy behind me startedpushing the tip of his cock at my anal opening, another guy appeared in the open doorway. “Whoo! Look at that little slut. Hey little girl, I hope you got something left for me when these two studs are done with you.” Now I was really going over the edge. The way he called me a little girl and talked about me as if I was there for the sole purpose of letting these guys have nice warm, moist holes to sticks their cocks in – it made me insane with lust. At that point I would have done anything. I think it got the guys fucking me pretty riled up too because soon after the both came, filling me with my third and fourth loads of cum for the day. The one up my ass felt especially sexy and I knew right then that I didn’t just love sucking cocks, I LOVED COCKS!

The two guys who just came got up to leave and the guy out in the hall told me to get outta there ’cause it was too narrow. At this point I realized that he wasn’t the only one watching. It seems about ten guys were standing back in the hallway trying to watch the show I was putting on. The all put quarters in the machines to keep management happy, but everyone there was watching me instead of the movies. The new leader said, “All right now boys, get in line. This little slut’s taking all cummers.” With that he proceeded to walk around behind me and shove his mammoth cock up my now well lubed ass. Another guy stuffed his semi-erect penis into my mount and here I was taking it from both ends with an audience of about eight other guys.

Each time somebody came, he was immediately replaced by someone new. It felt like hours, I was just getting used by these guys and loving every minute of it. By the time the last guy came up my ass, I had taken about eight loads of cum in my mouth and six or seven more up my ass. I could taste it in my mouth and feel it swishing around in my rectum. I was in heaven. I just laid there on the floor of the adult video store, completely naked, covered in cum, jerking myself to the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had.

As I lay on the floor thinking about what just happened, the manager came back in the hallway. “Alright kid, that’s enough for today. Listen, though. You’re good for business. Come back 11 o’clock tomorrow and maybe we can work something out. Now get dressed and get outta here.” I got dressed and walked out with a huge smile on my face. I could feel the cum oozing out of my ass and dripping down my legs as I walked. I drove home and jerked off again as soon as I got inside, using the cum leaking out of my ass as lube. This was going to change everything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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