Not What It Seems Ch. 04

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Author’s Note: This story has cheating in it, as well as someone being manipulated for sex. If neither of these are up your alley, please move along. This story is not for you. This isn’t entirely my usual stuff, but it came to me and I had to get it out. As always the people in this aren’t real, this stuff didn’t happen. At least not to my knowledge.

Also, I want to thank a reader of mine, in case they see the new chapter here first.

I was literally halfway through writing this when I started wondering if anyone would let to see things get more intimate between Robert and Valen. I almost scrapped the whole chapter, but then they popped up in my comments with “It feels like we’re on the precipice of things turning more intimate which is def a guilty pleasure if mine” and that was it.

So thank you to that person and to any others of you who have ever helped shape any of my stories ♡.


For the first time in their relationship, Valen lied to Jeremy. The night she genuinely cheated on her husband, when he found the bruise left on her breast by his brother, he had confused it for one of the ones he had left on her during their second honeymoon…but she hadn’t corrected him. She had let him believe the mark was his, and when he tried to initiate intimacy, she was “too tired”. When in reality, she wanted to enjoy the phantom feeling of her lover’s cock without her husband taking it away. Wanted to keep his weak, watery cum from mixing with Robert’s thick, healthy loads. She should’ve seen how problematic that was, but it felt right for her body to be allowed to remember what it felt like to be good and properly fucked. That should have been a warning sign that this had gone too far, that she was crossing lines that couldn’t be undone. But she stayed quiet…complaisant as another man worked on driving himself between her and her husband.

On the surface she was still happy with Jeremy and, without a question, loved the man who had taken her from her old life and given her a new one. But under the surface…Robert had infected her. She found herself needing him in ways she had once needed Jeremy, and she tried to feel guilty, but the spread-out affairs were coming more and more frequently. His once every few days to a week turned into every other day, giving Jeremy hours and hours of footage for his cuck fantasy as Robert made sure Valen was a spent, semen covered mess. And she craved it.

She craved the depravity in their meetings. Craved the mild abuse he doled out as punishment for not letting him have her before. Craved his touch, both gentle and hard. She even craved him.

Luckily — maybe unluckily — for her, Jeremy had extra jobs at work and had been tired himself lately so he hadn’t attributed their own lack of intimacy to Robert. It helped that sometimes he himself was too tired to initiate anything. But he didn’t know that some of the times Val turned him down from being too tired were because she didn’t want him touching her after his brother had his fill of her. Or that she didn’t feel right letting him touch what he didn’t own anymore.

He also didn’t know the cameras were starting to bother her, but not because she was tired of them being up. She liked the security aspect of them, but she didn’t want the cameras to witness her and her lover anymore. The cameras shouldn’t be allowed to watch their shared intimacy. That was for them to enjoy — not Jeremy. He may have started their affair — this was supposed to be for him to watch and enjoy — but Valen didn’t want him to see their sex anymore. It felt wrong to let him watch her and her lover take pleasure in one another when this was the only time they could be together.

She had also started mentally rushing him out of the house so Robert could come over sooner. She found herself so desperate for his cock that she would cave and fuck Jeremy to relieve some of her sexual tension. But she was only pleased, only truly satisfied, after Robert showed up and mounted her like a bitch in heat. He put her on any counter he wanted, bent her over anything at all, just to get back inside his cock sleeve and seek his pleasure in her soft, warm depths. Knowing how much she enjoyed having him touch her stomach, Robert’s hands always made their way to the growing swell of her stomach (now even bigger in her fifth month of pregnancy) where his warm touch sent shivers of delight from her head to her toes. Those were the shivers Jeremy’s touch used to give her, but now they were caused by the man who owned her body.

With everything right in front of her, screaming that she was losing herself in this tangled mess, Valen should have said something to Jeremy. Some kind of hint, or said their safe word, anything to warn him she was slipping through his fingers. But that meant having to give up Robert, and she wasn’t surprised anymore when she realized she didn’t want to stop giving herself over to him. And that was how she found herself bursa escort bayan sitting in her car in a driveway she shouldn’t be, having sent a text to Jeremy that she had errands to run and would be gone from the house for most of the day.

That morning he had woken her with his face buried between her thighs trying, but not succeeding, to pleasure her. For the first time, Valen had to put on a show for him, crying out and clamping her legs tight on his head when she “came”, but when he was gone, she was left wanting. Aching for her lover…aching for the pleasure only he could give her. So here she was, exiting her car as heat already pooled in her core as she walked up to his front door and rang the doorbell. Her heart was hammering in her chest and her blood was rushing in her ears as she waited for him to answer. When he did, wearing only sweats and a tank, she pressed her body against his as her arms went around his neck and her lips found his. She moaned as his arms pulled her close against him, as close as the swell of her stomach would allow, and his mouth moved against hers as their tongues danced together.

They stood in the doorway of his home, making out where any of his neighbors could see, and the blatant disregard for whether or not they got caught was thrilling to Robert as he re-explored his sister-in-law’s willing mouth. When he finally broke the kiss, he groaned as she nibbled his lower lip. “Shit… Hello to you too.” He was grinning as he moved her into his home, and kicked the door shut as his mouth descended on her neck, drawing a pleased moan out of her.

“I need your mouth on my pussy Robbie.” She explained, her voice holding a hint of a whimper to it as she tugged lightly at his hair while his tongue and teeth moved over her skin. “I need you to eat me out. Will you please do that for me baby?”

Robert’s slowly rising erection grew even harder as the gravity of her words sank in for him. “You drove over here because you need me to eat you out?” He questioned, unable to believe her words, but more than willing to oblige if she was serious.

“Yes.” She did whimper this time, hot and needy when she felt his erection bob in excitement against her. “Please Robbie, I need you to make me feel good.”

“You did so good coming to me Val,” Robert praised his toy as he grabbed her hand and pulled her through his house to his room. “And since you were such a good girl, coming to me to have your needs met, I think I’ll treat you to my bed instead of the couch this time.” Instead of feeling indignant with his patronizing tone, Valen smiled at the treat her lover was giving her for seeking him out. “What did you tell your husband?”

“That I had errands to run and would be gone almost the whole day,” she answered as they walked into his room. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as he pressed against her from behind and kissed the back of her neck. “I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time together instead of having to rush.”

“So damn good for me,” he praised against the back of her neck as his hand reached around to stoke over the swell of her stomach. “Now get your ass naked and spread your legs.” He slapped her ass, making her jump. “I want to eat you out real quick so I can get what’s mine after.”

Having him speak so rudely to her used to upset her, but now she understood the orders in his words and did as he said, wanting to make him happy with her. She shed her skirt and the panties underneath before her shirt and bra joined the discarded items on the floor, leaving her naked to his eyes as she moved onto the bed, laying on her back.

Robert palmed his hardening dick through his sweats when he saw the dewy bits of moisture already on her labia. “You’re so fucking wet Val,” he mused as he removed his sweats and tank, leaving himself naked since he had gone commando under the sweats. “We haven’t started.”

“You have no idea how bad I need you.” She told him as she watched him crawl up from the bottom of his bed, her thighs willingly parting for him before he even needed them to. “Please baby,” she whimpered as she pushed her pussy up to his face as he moved into position, “eat my pussy. You’re the only one that does it ri-ohh.” She moaned as his tongue licked a stripe up her slit. “Yes, yes, yes.” She rushed out her chant as Robert’s tongue gave her what she needed. “Oh fuck that’s it,” she sobbed in relief as his mouth finally started soothing the ache he caused.

Robert’s tongue was thorough, lapping at every drop of her arousal as he drew her legs up onto his shoulders and went to work reminding her why she had come to him for her pleasure, and why she should continue to do so as she moaned for him. Her fingers tugging at his hair only encouraged his actions as he did something smart with his tongue that made her gasp and arch, her legs already shaking a little as he gave her what she had been missing when trying to be intimate with her husband.

He could still barely believe gorukle escort she had come to him, on her own this time, all because she needed him to devour her pussy. She had even freed up the day for them to ravage each other while her unsuspecting husband worked all day to support her. He decided he would make sure she was properly rewarded for her choices today to see to it that she did this again. Gas was getting expensive making all those trips back and forth across town.

Valen looked down at him, watching over her bump as her lover put every skilled effort into satisfying her. Looking further down, she could see one of his hands was stroking his already leaking cock, the pearls of pre cum dripping onto the bed. She couldn’t wait to get that thick piece of meat inside her so she could feel every hot spurt when he emptied his balls of their viscus payload.

“Fuck Robbie,” Valen moaned as her lover’s mouth closed around her hardened clit, his tongue flicking over it as he sucked, “that feels so good baby.” She tugged at his hair as she rode his face. “Thank you for going down on me like this. I really — ohhhhh god yessss,” she hissed in pleasure as he added two fingers into her dripping pussy and began thrusting them in and out, curling them to hit that sensitive place that sent sparks of pleasure through her. “I needed it. I’ve been so fucking horny today.”

His cock throbbed in his jerking hand as Robert heard the need and desperation in his toy’s voice. “My well-trained slut,” he muttered the praise against her pussy before he resumed his oral assault on her clit, stopping only once more to add on, “just needed the right man for the job,” before continuing eating her out.

The reminder of her disloyalty used to cause at least a sliver of guilt, but now it turned her on. It made her wetter to be reminded that she had been broken in by the man whose tongue was currently making her legs shake at the sides of his head. Her juices flowed more freely as he hummed over her clit, making her move her hips more desperately against his face. “Robbie,” she whined, “so…close…”

As Robert added a third digit, he pumped his fingers harder and deeper. He hummed over her clit again, this time while rapidly flicking his tongue over the nub. His actions pulled her over the edge, right where he wanted her, making her legs close on his head as she trembled and shook from the intense orgasm he had given her. Wanting to make sure she remembered that her only purpose with him was pleasure, he didn’t give her time to recover before he removed his fingers and sat up. He forced her trembling thighs apart to move closer and lined up with her center before he thrust in.

Valen had just barely registered her legs being pushed apart before Robert was between them, forcing his cock into her still spasming pussy as he leaned over her. They both moaned as her walls struggled and squeezed around the sudden invasion, but he gave his slut no time to adjust before he began chasing the orgasm his hand had left him longing for. His thrusts were rough and demanding as he took what he wanted, and she went along for the ride, spreading her legs wider for him to help. “Keep fucking me Robbie,” she egged him on. “Use your bitch.”

“That’s my good girl,” he panted as his thrusting grew sloppy and erratic. “Keep ’em spread.”

“You gonna cum for me Robbie?” She kissed his shoulder near his ear as he rutted into her. “Gonna fill your little slut up?”

“My good slut,” he praised her as he pulled her legs up to shoulders and reached deeper with his thrusts, “coming to me this time. Begging me to eat her pussy, make her feel good. All on her own.”

“I couldn’t wait for you; I needed your mouth so damn bad! Oh fuck,” she moaned when he buried his pulsing cock all the way inside, stuffing her with his girth as his thick cum flooded her pussy. Feeling her lover’s claim, Valen worked her pussy to milk him and help him ride out his orgasm. “Ohhh, fuck yes… That’s it stud, pump all that cum nice and deep for me.”

Robert released her legs, letting them lower until she took over and wrapped them around his waist. He leaned down over her, grinding down into her and making her arch beneath him with a loud moan. “Feel better now Val?” He taunted her, smirking at her moan and nod of agreement that answered him.

“So much better.” She pushed her stray hairs from her face as she looked down, watching him rub his hand over her growing bump. “Having you thrust in mid orgasm was so fucking hot baby.” She showed her appreciation with a tight squeeze around his base.

“Damn… You really do love it when I fill you up…” Robert mused as his hand moved up to squeeze her breasts, his rough fingers tweaking her sensitive nipples.

Valen moaned behind biting her lip and pushed her breast up into his touch. “It’s because I’m fine just being used as a cum dump.” She squirmed on his deflating cock as his thumb and finger tweaked and rolled bursa merkez escort bayan her erect nipple. “It’s so hot to just be used for someone else’s pleasure. I don’t know why it turns me on so much, but it does.”

Robert’s mind was going wild with what she was telling him. How had his brother landed such a little nympho and kept her all to himself? He smirked in self-satisfaction, taking great pride in being the one that fucked up their perfect marriage. He leaned down, bracing himself above her as his hips settled down against hers. “You don’t get it yet, do you Val?” He nudged her head to the side and praised her with another “good girl” when she moved her head for him. “You’re nothing but a filthy little slut, born to spread your legs and make others feel good.”

Valen gasped and closed her eyes as his free hand went between them to rub at her still sensitive clit. “Oh fuck.”

“Look at you… Still stretched out on my cock, not in a hurry to move. You’re married to my brother, but I’m the one that knocked you up. That’s my baby making you extra needy right now.” He rubbed circles over her clit as he trailed wet kisses down her neck. “I broke you in and showed you what a cock hungry slut you are when my brother couldn’t see it. It’s his own fault my dick is the one stuffing you full right now.”

It was Jeremy’s fault if she thought about it. It was his idea to let his wife get fucked the way she needed by another man, rather than taking the risks she needed him to take with her. It was his idea that she made sure all of the interactions happened at their home so he could watch…but it was her idea to go to Robert’s house instead of to Jeremy’s work when she got horny and needed relief. He had worked so hard to get her to give in that he had left her vulnerable to his brother’s own manipulation tactics.

And now his once loyal wife was moving her hips against his brother’s attack on her clit, while Robert’s cock was coaxed hard again by her fluttering walls…and there were no cameras to catch it. And that was exactly what she wanted; privacy for her and her lover. It made it much more intimate to have such privacy, but it also meant she could finally stop holding back in what she wanted to say and how she wanted to act with her lover. But being able to be that vulnerable with him would prove to be her downfall. She just didn’t know it yet.

“He has no idea how quickly you came running to me after your trip,” he gloated as he added more pressure to her clit, groaning low in his throat when her pussy gave an extra tight squeeze. “That you couldn’t wait to ride me again.”

“I missed your cock so fucking bad.” She bucked against his hand. “I needed you Robbie.”

“You got me now babe.” He covered her mouth with his in a slow, dangerously passionate kiss that only made her body warmer since that was not a kiss she should be sharing with him. But, in her ultimate surrender, Valen returned and matched what he was putting into the kiss while she grinded against his hand. She whimpered as she chased the orgasm that was just…right…there. His mouth was still dominating hers when her dam broke, and he continued to kiss her through her orgasm. He surrounded her and didn’t let her escape any part of him as her pussy sucked greedily at his cock to pull his previous load deeper into her already claimed womb.

Even as her orgasm faded away, they remained tangled together in his bed, lazily making out as her pussy acted like a cock warmer for him. When his mouth finally did leave hers, Valen laid there panting as his mouth peppered lazy kisses down her neck. She moved her head, granting him access as she softly stroked his back and smiled at the welts she had left there.

“Thank me for getting you off,” he ordered before delivering a nip to her throat that had her moaning his name in an exhale.

“Thank you for getting me off,” Valen parroted easily as she hooked a leg over his hip. “I was so horny for my stud.”

“Horny for who?” He questioned, wanting to make her take part in reinforcing her own manipulation. “Say it again Val.” He demanded before kissing across throat, pausing to lick at the dip between her collarbones.

“You.” She answered quickly. “I was horny for you Robbie. I needed you to make me feel good since my husband left me wanting before he left for work. He always leaves me wanting anymore,” she pouted as she played with his hair.

“Aw,” he mocked as he shifted his slowly hardening cock inside her, causing a mixture of their fluids to leak out of her, “how could your hubby leave you wanting Val?”

She moaned and squirmed as she replied, “Because you ruined me, Robbie. You showed me what a dirty little slut I am and now Jeremy can’t do it for me anymore.” She leaned her head back and moaned when he slowly drew back until only the tip remained and then slid back in. “Oh god… You fit my pussy to your cock…got me pregnant with our baby…” She could hardly believe the words coming out if her mouth, but they were all true. She couldn’t deny any of it anymore. “You’re the one I need.”

“Don’t I know it.” Robert continued his slow in and out, forcing her to focus on each drag and stroke of his thick cock inside her. “He doesn’t use you the way I do, or make you feel as good as I do.”

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