Not Your Everyday Penis Fantasy

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It’s been a while since you’ve had a man’s touch, a man’s affections… that filled feeling when a penis stretches you open and pushes deep within you. Your mind wanders several times a day to your own private fantasy world. Your pussy lips swell, your nipples harden and the juices run from your hole down the crack of your ass. All it would take is a few touches of your own fingers, circling your burning clit to cause your breaths to shorten and your muscles to tense as your orgasmic ride begins. Your orgasm leaves your face flushed and the insides of your thighs wet and sticky. It all happens too fast and is over before you’re ready for it to end.

I know you are reading my words right now wondering if this will turn into another one of your standard fantasies. But it won’t. I am not a man, but a woman… of average height, but with phenomenal curves. My long hair drapes over my shoulders, covering the tips of my nipples as I stand before you wearing nothing at all.

As you sit at your computer, in your chair, I move behind you. I turn you around to face me. Your eyes begin at my feet and make their way up over my curves. My fingers slide beneath your chin, tilting your head; I stare deep into your eyes. “Hello Libby.” My fingers stroke the side of your cheek as my voice seems to be more distant than my touches.

“Who are you?” Your eyes slowly dart around as your body has yet to determine whether to tremble in fear or arousal.

“You were expecting a man in your fantasy today, weren’t you Libby? But you really aren’t being properly satisfied with your cock fantasies, are you?” I drop to my knees in front of your chair and reach forward toward your breasts. My fingers tug at both of your nipples, pinching escort istanbul firmly for a few seconds.

“No.” Your voice is meek but your words come without a thought. Your breath is shortened already with just one touch to your nipples. You wonder who I am, but the details don’t matter so long as your touches continue.

I press your thighs apart and feel your body beginning to submit to me, a total stranger, a female stranger. My own nipples press against your knees when I lean to smell your fur. I can smell your anxiousness. I pinch your nipples once more, tugging them harder this time and pulling them away from your breasts. Your back arches in your chair as you attempt to squeeze your thighs together instinctively. Your knees instead wrap around the sides of my breasts. My hand balls in a fist and wedges between your clenched thighs, until it’s resting against your panty-clad mound. I slowly begin moving my wrist in an up and down motion, kneading your pussy lips with my knuckles. It’s a sensation you’ve never felt.

I turn my wrist upwards and continue this motion, extending my middle finger into the folds of your slit. My thumb unfolds from the fist and strokes your clit in small circles with each movement of my wrist. As my finger pushes deep inside of you, the upward bend of it finds that deep spot within that makes your body tense and deep throaty moans escape your lips. As I watch you cum over my finger and thumb I pull my fingers from your thighs. Your eyes are closed and your body’s nearly limp as you’ve forgotten the fact that I am a woman – a woman who will not let you stop now.

My cum-coated finger traces your lips and your chin as I spread your own wetness around bayan escort your face. Pushing forcefully, your mouth accepts my finger and you suck diligently, tasting your own juices as you have so many times in the past when you’ve been alone in your fantasy world.

As I lay on the floor behind your chair, I request that you stand over my head. You don’t hesitate a second and quickly position yourself over my head, with one foot on each side of my shoulders, as you face my feet.

“Lower yourself onto me until you are sitting on my face.” My hands are on the top sides of your thighs as you slowly squat over my face. “I can smell your pussy juices already.” You’re most comfortable kneeling over my face, which allows my nose to press right against your clit.

“Spread your cunt lips for me.” My voice muffled in your fur and folds, you pull at your puffy lips, opening them up. I quickly begin lapping at each crease and fold, darting my tongue in and out of your hole in quick shallow strokes. You begin moaning and squirming across my face, sliding your lips around. Your swollen lips stand open on their own now and your hands make their way to your own nipples. Seeing that your body is losing control, again I increase your fantasy.

My fingers make their way to the crack of your ass as my tongue lavishes each drop of your honey. Spreading your cheeks, one of my fingers prods at your puckered entrance. My voice soft but stern, “I am not your penis fantasy. I am your woman fantasy.” I press my finger into your anus with a quick motion, hearing your voice shrill as your head drops back. My tongue presses deep into your pussy hole, licking your inside walls.

My finger pistons in and out istanbul escort bayan of your asshole. Your body presses back against my finger, wanting more of that full feeling. I wiggle another dry finger into you, stretching you open and adding to the painful bliss. Just as my second finger sinks into you, your cum begins flowing over my tongue as your body trembles and spasms.

Pushing on your ass, my fingers still buried deep, I push you onto all fours and slide from beneath you. Positioned behind you, I replace my tongue with two fingers inside your pussy. “How much will you take from me Libby? How much?” Your body is rocking back and forth against my fingers as I push a third finger into your cunt. My thumb torments your clit as the strokes become deeper and with more force. A fourth finger is added, “How much Libby?”

“More. Please. I need more. Don’t stop.” My voice echoes in your head as you beg for me to continue. My thumb tucks close to my fingers and begins pushing at your pussy. “Open up Libby. Open that little hole up for me. I want you to feel my entire hand touching and feeling… rubbing your insides… fucking you and filling you.” With a firm thrust, I manage to get my entire fist inside of your cunt and begin moving it slowly. Tears stream down your cheeks as you realize a penis could never satisfy you the way my tongue, my fingers, my fist has… Your body wildly shakes as another orgasmic wave hits you. You ride the wave and collapse, my fist still in you. As your mind blacks out, I pull my hands from you and clean your pussy once more with your tongue. When I’m finished with your pussy, I lick at your tight brown ring.

“Next time we’ll go further, Libby. The next time you disappear into your fantasy world, I’ll be waiting.” I kiss your lips and forehead and disappear as quickly as I appeared. You wake, finding yourself curled up on the floor of your home office, rested and energized… unsure of whether you just had a good dream or if it was reality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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