Nothing Compares to You Pt. 05

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Summer of 93′

Nothing Compares To You

Part V

**Continuing the accounts of an incredible weekend where our Throuple becomes a Foursome with the addition of a wonderful and intimate friend. My wife Maggi and Natalie, the woman who completes our Throuple collaborated with me, helping me to remember the little details that made this weekend so incredible. We have group sex, a little S&M and of course humor.


I got in a good 30 mile ride and a 1500 yard swim in the gulf, the beach showers were shut off so I had to drive home with drying saltwater all over me.

Once home, I find Maggi, Natalie and Donna sitting naked together in the living room drinking wine and talking. If I wasn’t so stinky and itchy I would have just laid on the floor and let them fuck my brains out. But I was stinking, sticky and really itchy.

Running through, I said, “Showers at beach broken, got to go to pool!”

I jumped in the swim spa and turned on all the jets and current motors, went under the water, swam around. Upon surfacing Maggi, Natalie and Donna were sitting on the edge of the spa, naked with their legs spread.

“Holy shit,” I exclaimed as my eyes focused on the three pussies.

They didn’t say a word, I knew what was expected of me this was a test, like when your wife goes to the beauty salon, she comes home and asks you how she looks, you better notice everything and compliment her on it.

I focused in on Maggi, she had the most hair to start with. I never had a problem with a furry pussy, this was all Maggi’s idea, the bathing suit styles were all going to the t-back and what I called the t-front. Maggi loved wearing t-backs to the beach and was getting self conscious, so she called in the landscapers.

Maggi’s bush was radically different, all her labia hair was gone, her beautiful jet black bush gone, replaced by a strip two fingers wide and cropped close to the skin.

Donna’s was as I remembered, she always had smooth labia and a 3 finger wide bush, It looks like she just did a touch-up if anything.

Natalie had a natural near hairless pussy, she was Nordic blond with ice blue eyes and blond on blond hair. Her pussy had a small triangle of curly blond hair, that was soft and lovely in my opinion. Well it was gone, there wasn’t one hair on her entire pussy not one.

After my mental evaluation was complete I said, “Wow, I’m impressed.”

Maggi said as she spread her legs wider, “You know you ran right through without kissing us hello.”

That evil smile came to my face and I moved in between her legs, she spread her lips for me. I kissed and licked her pussy, she was wet and I could taste her, it was so beautiful. I moved over to Donna and she did the same, I licked her open vagina right up to her large clit, she shuttered a little.

Then to Natalie, she barely spread her pink lips and said, “I hope you like it.”

I kissed her and forced my tongue into her opening and tasted my angel, Natalie.

The three of them jumped in the water, we all kissed and hugged. Maggi had the most to tell so she filled me in with the details. Apparently a good amount of wine was consumed by Maggi and Natalie as an anesthetic; Donna caught up after the waxing was complete. Natalie told me about her experience and as I thought Donna just did a little touch up.

Donna has infamously sensitive skin and needed to be out of the spa after 15 minutes. She was a good looking Latina, 33 y/o, curvy, “D” cup tits, big brown eyes and black curly hair a little below her shoulders. She posed for me on the deck, she put her hand behind her head and stuck out her hip. She was beautiful.

She ran to the outdoor shower and rinsed thoroughly; Maggi and Nat jumped out and showered together. They kissed in the sun under the running water, they looked so hot together, they knew I would be turned on, Donna was too.

Donna called them, “Come over ladies time for your vitamin E oil.”

Nat and Maggi came over and sat down on the lounge chairs as I watched astutely. Donna explained they must reapply the vitamin E oil each time they wash their pussies or when the oil dries up for three days so there’s no scaring. Scaring is what causes the skin to get darker especially on Latin women like Donna or Italian women like Maggi. She explained even though Natalie was Nordic it would help her skin tone to look healthy and keep her pussy lips smooth. Maggi applied it to Donna making sure she got every nook and cranny, especially the folds around her big clit (Forgot to mention, Donna has the biggest clit I have ever seen). Maggi rubbed it on her taint and asshole.

Donna explained to us that before and after child birth she used copious amounts of vitamin E oil on her pussy, ass and stomach to help her pussy get back into shape, and prevent stretch marks. It must have worked, she had none at all, her skin was smooth, silky smooth with just a hint of tan in color.

Donna rubbed Maggi down as she laid back with her legs in the Bostancı Grup Escort air, her pink pussy open and her asshole puckered. Maggi looked so ready to fuck, I just kept staring at her beautiful pussy, her butterfly lips which were more than 4 inches across when stretched out, (I stretched them out every chance I got), perfectly symmetrical, smooth and pink with brown edges. Her clit was on the larger side of average with a beautiful pink hood, and now I could really see it all in it’s glory.

As Donna applied the oil, Maggi jumped and said, “Hey, that’s my asshole, don’t stick your finger in it!”

“Oops, I slipped, I must have had too much wine. I have to go wash my hands now,” Donna said as she got up to go inside.

I was still in the pool and started laughing so hard I thought I might drown, I had tears rolling down my face.

Natalie came over to me and asked if I would apply the vitamin E oil, “I don’t trust these two we all drank to much wine.”

I jumped out of the water and ran to the shower to rinse off the chlorine. Then I ran back to Natalie dripping wet, I figured the sun would dry me soon enough. Natalie grabbed a clean towel and wrapped it around me and then wrapped her arms around it and me.

She looked up into my eyes and said, “What do you think of my pussy?”

“It’s beautiful Nat, it’s beautiful and so are you,” I said right before I kissed her.

Nat started to lay down and mouthed to me, “I love you.”

Maggi joined us to watch. Nat spread her legs as I started to apply the oil, she flipped over, once I totally saturated her front side. She stuck her ass in the air as I applied the vitamin oil to her lower parts, I got the taint, asshole rim and the crack of her ass. As I was applying the oil I slid over her taint and pushed my two middle fingers in her pussy. It was the most relaxed and loose it has ever felt, I figured it must have been the wine.

Donna was back out and moved a lounge chair into the late afternoon sun, Maggi and Nat followed suit; they wanted to get some sun on their pale buttocks.

Donna said, “We need to coat ourselves with the vitamin E oil and stay no longer that 30 minutes to avoid skin damage.”

Maggi said, “Asses up ladies.”

They all stuck their asses in the air doggy style with heads on the lounge chairs. I oiled each one thoroughly and finished with Maggi.

Maggi noticed I had a raging hard-on and said, “Holster That Weapon Sailor!”

She spread her pussy lips and said, “Here’s The Holster!”

I had been rubbing the excess vitamin E oil on my hard cock as I oiled their round buttocks, so my dick slid right in. Maggi moaned loudly.

Nat and Donna looked over, Donna said, “Park that truck in this garage, Free Parking.”

Natalie said, “Stick that jumbo hot dog in this bun!”

I was laughing my ass off as I moved from pussy to pussy.

“This is what heaven must be like,” I thought.

I wanted to cum in Maggi’s pussy but the timing would be tricky, I kept a steady pace, moving my dick evenly between pussies and using my fingers as well in an attempt to satisfy everyone.

The ladies were busy fingering their clits when my cock was away from them.

They would whine, “My Pussy Needs You Pete,” if I took to long to make my way back.

They were in the same position slightly angled in towards me. My cock was glistening and throbbing in the afternoon sun as I went from pussy to pussy to pussy.

As I entered Maggi after 15 minutes of Musical Pussies, she reared up right like a mare on her knees and fell back into my arms, turning her neck to kiss me, I moved so our mouths could meet.

She rode up and down on me and said, “You know what you do to me.”

I made a thrust as I came in her, gripping her tight as I pumped in all my cum, Maggi moaned and said, “Oh Pete, I can feel it, oh shit this is wonderful.”

Maggi and I writhed together in ecstasy, kissing and telling each other “I love you.”

Donna and Nat smiled at us as they stood up and headed in the house holding hands.

Maggi and I ended up in the grass, my cock never leaving her pussy, Maggi was on top of me.

My cock was still very hard and as Maggi lowered herself she said, “Oh I think we’ll make this a double.”

I grabbed her, pulled her to me and our mouths met.

Kissing each other wildly, then slowing down, she whispered, “You smell like three different pussies, when I get done it’s just going to be mine, because you’re mine.”

My cock was hard 100% and Maggi knew it, she could feel it, she rode me as if I were a wild stallion, hitting my chest and ribs as she came down on top of me.

Maggi and I were extremely fit and when we wanted to play rough we knew the limits but because we were so fit those limits were pretty extreme.

Maggi slammed her chest into mine and bit my neck, I bit back and slapped the sides of her tits, she pulled up and punched me right below my rib cage with enough force to lay out most.

I said, “Is that all you Bostancı Manken Escort got?”

She drove down taking all of my cock, I reached behind her and slapped her ass hard with both hands and she returned to slap my face.

“Oh that tickles,” I said gritting my teeth together.

She dove into me biting my shoulder like a hungry man tearing meat off a Bar-B-Q rib.

I thought, “I know that’s going to leave a mark.”

Maggi pulled my head so my mouth was on her tit, I bit her hard and she responded, “You call that a bite?”

I bit her other tit, this time almost hard enough to beak her skin and she said, “That’s more like it!”

Then she sent her fist into my side.

She gripped me with her thighs and said, “You better fill me with cum, I’m going to cum all over your cock,” she demanded, “You better be ready!”

Maggi bent down put her neck right on my mouth and demanded, “Bite me… HARD!”

After I bit her to her satisfaction, she pulled up and grabbed my throat squeezing and twisting her hands burning my skin. She drove down forcefully, I could tell she was coming, her pussy muscles gripped me hard. Maggi bucked forward and back with my cock buried deep into her, then she slapped my face again.

I returned her slap, she just smiled and said, “I Love you.”

I grabbed her tits and twisted her nipples as I came into her gripping hole. I gritted my teeth and tried to sit up, she pushed me down with all her strength, her abs, arms and chest muscles were totally flexed out as she poured all her energy into holding me as we came together. We kissed and bit each other’s lips and then relaxed into each other’s arms.

Both Declaring, “You’re Mine!”

Looking into each other’s eyes we said firmly and simultaneously, “You’re Mine Forever!”

We held each other and started kissing like the lovers we were, we kissed for 10 minutes switching locations rolling in the fresh cut grass. Maggi’s pussy leaked it’s juices all over me. We pressed our bodies together, now slowing with Maggi on top of me. She slid up sitting on my chest as her pussy continued leaking, coating my skin. She stepped off of me, we clasped hands as we stood up together, hugged and kissed softly before heading into the house.

Donna and Natalie were standing by the sliding glass door with their mouth’s open.

Donna said, “I didn’t know if I should call the police.”

Natalie said with a horrified look on her face, “You’re both bleeding.”

We walked in, Maggi leading me, holding my hand, she said boldly, “That’s How I Know He Really Loves Me.”

We headed to the shower and started washing each other, cleaning out our wounds that reestablished our bond to one another. We did this from time to time to get out our aggression and to declare to one another the primal instinct of possessing one another. I believe Maggi had another motive; she wanted to establish her claim on me to the other women, she may not have consciously done this, but on a sub-conscious level she meant it, an instinctual level.

We wrapped up our shower and dried off well. We saw we needed some minor wound care and a couple of bandaids. We both slipped on a pair of shorts and went to the living room. Donna and Natalie were both sitting with shorts on and topless watching TV, sipping wine.

Maggi and I sat down, as soon as we did, Maggi said, “Oh shit, I need to oil my pussy.”

We all laughed, I said, “Let’s go to The Jiffy Lube.”

Maggi excused herself, “I’m going into the bathroom, I don’t want to ruin my carpet or sofa.”

I laughed and said, “What carpet it’s all gone?”

Her reply, “You know you love my bald pussy.”

“Damn right I do,” I replied.

Donna asked, “Are you guys OK, you scared me?”

“Maggi and I get wild once in a while, I don’t know, it just happens, we’ve been doing this for years.” I explained.

Donna said, “Well I know one thing, if I hit Dan like that he’d pack up and leave.”

I assured Donna everything was fine.

I said, “I need to go to the garage and hang my bike up.”

Natalie looked at me and I nodded, she came out to the garage telling Donna she was going to help me. Once we were in the garage Natalie through her arms around me and kissed me.

She said, “I could never hit you like that, I couldn’t watch, I love you too much Pete, you can do anything you want with me, you know that, but I could never hit you.”

She kissed me again, I held her and said, “Nat, you’re my angel, I love you.”

I tossed a clean t-shirt from the laundry basket to Nat, “Here, please throw this on, I need to open the garage door, I can’t lift my bike out of this bed while my truck is in here.”

Natalie backed up my truck and I lifted the bike out as soon as we were clear of the overhead. I hit the truck twice and she parked it back in the garage. I looked over my shoulder, Dave and Curtis (across the street neighbor and next door neighbor) were standing in Dave’s driveway, they waved and had huge smiles on their faces.

I Bostancı Masöz Escort thought to myself, “I hope they weren’t spying on us again.”

I hung up my bike and we went back inside, Maggi and Donna weren’t in the living room, so me and Natalie went into the kitchen to grab a drink. “Doesn’t that wine make your thirsty?” I asked.

“Yes, it also made me pretty tipsy, I figured I might as well get tipsy if I was going to have my bush waxed off,” Natalie replied.

I said, “Would it be out of bounds if I asked why, you had such a small amount of hair to begin with?”

Natalie laughed, “Out of bounds? Pete we go to sleep together, after having sex for two hours, nothing is out of bounds.”

She raised her glass of wine to make a toast, instead she just leaned over and kissed me passionately.

“So why did you wax the bush?” I asked again.

Nat replied, “I do get ingrown hairs so I figured this might help prevent them, it was pretty painful, a stinging kind of pain.”

Nat continued, “I never thought Maggi would go through with it, she always said I won’t wax my pussy for any man, even my husband.”

“I didn’t wax it for a man,” Maggi said as she and Donna walked into the kitchen.

Maggi stood in front of Natalie and they kissed, softly.

Maggi said “My Angel” as she held Natalie’s hair to her face.

Natalie replied, “My Emm.” (Pronounced like the letter M, that was Maggi’s most intimate nick name.)

“I just got so tired of hair sticking out everywhere when I went to the beach, it was embarrassing, guys were always staring, and if what Donna says is true I won’t keep getting those ingrown hairs,” Maggi explained.

Donna asked me, “Are you sure you don’t want me to wax you Pete, I know Nat and Maggi would love to watch?”

Maggi said, “Only if he gets a happy ending.”

I asked, “Did you all get one?”

Maggi and Natalie both blushed and shook their heads in the affirmative.

“So did that make all the pain worth it?” I asked.

Nat and Maggi grabbed Donna on each side, kissed her while rubbing her beautiful ample breasts.

I continued, “Well how did you repay Donna?”

Nat said, “We didn’t, you did, Donna’s pussy was still tingling from your encounter.”

Maggi grabbed me and said, “He’s a stud what can I say?”

Maggi kissed me and said, “Let’s all go out to eat and when we get back we can tell Pete more about our waxing experience and show him our pussies again.”

I thought, “Yes they had way too much wine.”

After dinner the ladies needed a nap, there was more wine with dinner. I went to the TV room to one of the recliners, Maggi, Nat and Donna took off their clothes and went to our California King bed. They were grabbing each other’s pussies as they passed out.

I woke up about 90 minutes later and went looking for the waxed women. I went to our bed room, being very quiet to see if I could sneak up on them. I peaked in and Donna was lying on her back in the middle, Maggi and Nat on either side holding her and playing with her plus sized fun bags.

Maggi was still explaining our outdoor encounter.

I couldn’t hear much but I heard her say, “It’s kind of the way we show our commitment to one another and I always cum so hard, so intense, I think Pete feels the same, we’re just drained and can open up to each other, it’s not something we do very often, we’d be accused of abusing one another if we did.”

I backed up and yelled, “I’m going to get some socks,” so they knew I was coming in.

I walked in and said, “This looks cozy can I play?”

I got a response from the chorus, “YES.”

Donna said, “There’s only so much pussies can do together, we need your thick cock Pete.”

I dropped my pants and took off my shirt, Donna said, “Uh Oh, Pete’s hard again.”

I jumped in on top of Maggi, we kissed. Donna kissed me and then Nat.

Donna reached down and grabbed my cock saying, “It’s nice and hard alright.”

I reached down and felt her large clit and said, “So are you and wet I see.”

Nat said “My clit has a hard on.”

Maggi said “Mine too.”

Maggi rolled backwards off the bed landing on her feet and turned up the lights. I was impressed by the move.

Maggi then said, “Now that we can see, I want to look at all three and compare.”

Maggi loved looking at pussies, she loved comparing them, she loved touching them and she loved licking them, most of all she loved watching my cock going in and out of her pussy, she hated fucking in the dark, she was stimulated by the visual as much as I was.

The three sat facing each other with their legs spread overlapping one another, it was a circle of pussies.

I thought, “If only I could put my head in there and turn around and around.”

Maggi grabbed the hand mirror from the night stand and they started looking and making their observations.

Donna and Natalie were pulling back their clit hoods like foreskin, they were demonstrating as Natalie said, “This is how I masturbate when I’m sitting in a chair reading or watching TV.”

Maggi leaned over and squeezed her tit and said, “Or having phone sex with me.”

I said as I had a revelation, “Now I know what was going on, about a month ago, I walked in on Maggi and she was going at her pussy full force while on the phone.”

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