Nurse’s Adventures

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I love everything about my job, the uniform, the people, and most of all the sexy guys who have to come in to hospital for one reason or another.

I was working in the department where the guys were in for erection problems. This one guy was so good looking you would never have guest he had trouble rising one.

His wife was a right bitch saying things like how she was fed up with his limp little dick, and how she was going to go out get fucked by a stranger if he can’t get this sorted. He looked so embarrassed I just wanted to give him a hug.

I showed him into his room telling to relax while the doctor comes round. As I left the room I heard his wife going on about how sick she was not having a sex life and hearing about her friends getting fucked most nights by their husbands.

I returned about 10 minutes later with the doctor who was going to give him a injection before he scan to see if all was working right with his cock. As he got the injection ready I asked his wife to leave the room until after the scan.

The doctor told the guy to relax as istanbul escort he slowly give him the injection. Once administered the doctor set up the scan and did his test. After 20 minutes the test was over and the doctor asked if I would sit here for a further 30 minutes to make sure there was no after effects from the injection.

We sat chatting as he laid there trying to cover up his hard full erection from the injection. He told me how good it felt to have a hard cock for once. I got up saying I had to check to make sure all was ok with his cock from the jab.

I wrapped my hand round his cock slowly squeezing it before I eased my hand up and down. He laid back closing his eyes as I continued rubbing it asking him when he last had sex, he replied over two years. I could se he was enjoying me doing my test so I rubbed a little hard.

His cock was so hard and thick in my small soft hand I decided to really wank him hard. I really went for it drawing avcılar escort his foreskin back as far as it would go before lowering my head. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock. He jumped a little as he felt my tongue on the tip of his cock asking what I was doing.

I told him lay back and enjoy big boy. As I slipped my mouth over his cock and took him fully into my mouth. He moved his hand onto my head pushing it down so I took his cock deeply the tip touching the back of my throat.

He fucked my mouth hard as I could feel him getting very excited as I caressed his balls, I was also getting excited feeling myself getting wetter by the moment.

He pulled back and got off the bed, I looked at him as he pulled me towards him his lips moving to mine. Our lips met his tongue slipping into my mouth as his run his hand up my thigh. He soon felt I had black stocking on and no panties.

He slipped a finger into my wet pussy as we kissed slowly he finger fucked me easing me back onto the bed. He lifted my dress up over my şirinevler escort waist. He looked down at my shaven pussy whispering very nice. I opened my legs wider as he moved between them, the tip of his cock finding the opening of my wet pussy, with a hard thrust he pushed his cock deeply into me.

He gripped my waist and really started to fuck me hard , I wanted to scream with pleasure but knew I couldn’t as everyone would hear. I bite my bottom lip as he fucked me with his 9 inch cock really hitting home in me.

He moved his hands round undoing my dress pulling it from my shoulders, he lifted my bra over my breast releasing my breast as he leant down licking each nipple in turn as he rocked his cock back and forth into my wet pussy.

It didn’t take to long before he give one last very hard thrust and shot his load deeply into me. We kissed and he cum long and hard in pussy. He slowly eased back whispering thank you I needed that after 2 years.

I sorted myself out as he got back on the bed covering himself with the blanket. I opened the door telling his wife she could come back in.

As she entered the room she looked at me saying, well did he get it up or not. As I felt his cum slowly leaking from my pussy dribbling down my thigh, I looked at her thinking you bitch saying he sure did.

I told him he had to return in 3 weeks for the results and I can’t wait as I will get to fuck him once more as she sits outside.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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