Nyctophilia Ch. 03

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Maya was mortified as she felt the light and familiar touch of Hawthorn’s hand on her inner thigh. She knew what the faery was asking for, and everything in her body screamed to go ahead and give Thorn the ‘O.K.’ But the other part of her, the one that was thankfully at the helm, was more concerned about her mom sitting across from the pair of them as they all sat down to dinner.

She pointedly squeezed her legs shut, feeling Hawthorn hesitate a moment before the hand was removed with a low grumble that only Maya could hear.

“You haven’t talked about that nasty Professor Jenkins tonight, mija. What happened with that test you told me about?” Maya’s mother asked as she tried not to jump. But Lupita was none the wiser, and Maya relaxed a bit as she toyed with the peas on her plate.

“He ended up giving me the point back, mama, it really wasn’t that big of a deal,” she laughed with no mirth, reaching up to rub the back of her neck a bit as she willed time to move faster.

Maya had been in college for three years already, but her mother insisted on continuing to micromanage everything about her life. And for the greater part of those three years, Maya had allowed the woman to do so. Lupita made her appointments, drove her to and from campus, went with her to orientations, even had Maya call her twice a day to update her on new notes from the classes she went to every day.

It was exhausting.

She could remember the first day she met Hawthorn. It was the beginning of the fall semester, and Maya was waving her mother off despite the woman’s hesitation. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” Lupita had asked to which Maya had replied that it wouldn’t be necessary and that she’d call her mother in just a few short hours. Finally, the woman had left, and Maya nearly slammed her dorm room shut as she sighed deeply and brushed a hand through her hair. The fact that her mother let her stay in a dorm escort bursa at all was astounding, but somehow, Maya had convinced her it would be good for personal growth.

A knock on the door made her good mood vanish though, as she assumed it was her mother back for more.

“Mom, por favor, I’m alright—” but the being that greeted Maya was definitely not her mother. She was shorter than Maya, though not by much, and was dressed head-to-toe in black; black combat boots, black fishnets, a black skirt and shirt, black accessories, and a black wide-brimmed hat on her head, which was outlined by long, jet-black hair. The only thing that had color were her rainbow-shifting eyes, a tell-tale sign that this person was a faery. “Uh…you’re my new roommate, aren’t you?”

That the faery smiled a toothy grin rather than replying verbally should have told Maya just how trouble this little faery would get her into.

The hand was back on her thigh then, and Maya stiffened, hyper-aware of the warmth between her legs and the need for Hawthorn to reach lower.

“Ms. Alvarez, I promise, your daughter is underselling it!”

“Is she?” Lupita drew her lips into a tight line. Maya hated that face, it was the face her mother made when she wasn’t taking something seriously, and that always seemed to be the case with Hawthorn. Sure, her mom didn’t know they were dating, and Maya was more than okay keeping that part hidden, but it made things so much harder knowing Lupita had nothing but bad things to say about supernatural creatures. Maybe not faeries specifically, but it was enough for the woman to have a pretty severe distaste for the being Maya had grown to love.

“Oh yeah! Professor Jenkins never gives points back! And Maya didn’t beg or anything, she just laid out why she should get the points all professional-like, and Jenkins really didn’t have a choice but to give her the points. It was pretty epic.”

Maya bursa merkez eskort felt herself blush, and was thankful that the warmth on the face could be attributed to what Hawthorn was saying, rather than Hawthorn’s hand asking for permission to lower itself between Maya’s legs.

“Well, my daughter certainly does have a way with words,” Lupita smiled, her face a bit softer now as she listened to the faery wax poetic about Maya. But her eyes suddenly widened, and she gasped, moving quickly towards the kitchen. “I’m sorry girls, but I have to try and save dessert!”

“You certainly do,” Hawthorn’s voice was suddenly silk as she leaned her lips against Maya’s ear, sending a shiver down the human’s spine.

“D-do what?” Maya gulped, her legs opening ever so slightly.

“Have a way with words,” Hawthorn purred, her fingers dipping under Maya’s skirt to gingerly rub against her panties.

“Sometimes,” she breathed, letting her eyelashes flutter closed for just a moment at the feeling. She opened her legs even more. “This is n-not one of those t-times.” Maya could feel the gentle scrape of Hawthorn’s fingers against her panties, and she cast a glance to the kitchen, where her mother was still angrily chatting away to herself about the oven and burnt in Spanish. She gasped then, feeling Hawthorn’s fingers start to push the fabric aside to explore along her folds, which she could tell were already slick with want.

Hawthorn’s eyes spun their mesmerizing array of colors as they stared hungrily at Maya. She loved seeing the human turn into a mess at her touch, and she especially loved the idea that they could get caught at any moment along with it. She leaned the upper part of her body away from Maya’s face then, placing a lingering kiss against the human’s temple, and then sat back in her chair. Her hand remained though, and she glanced sideways, grinning bursa sınırsız escort wickedly. “Don’t let her find out.”

With horrible timing, Lupita poked her head back into the dining room. “I’m so sorry chiquitas, just give me a few more moments.” Then she was back in the kitchen.

And then Hawthorn was playing against Maya’s wet opening, begging for entrance as she continued to side-eye the human. The rest of her face was serene though, it was impossible to tell what she was doing under the table.

Maya, on the other hand, was an open book. The feeling of Hawthorn slipping a digit into her accompanied by the idea of getting caught made her tingle and start to shiver. She could feel Hawthorn’s thumb too, lightly circling around her sensitive clit. Maya could feel her orgasm already building, her legs sprung wide open to offer Hawthorn the chance to really touch her.

Hawthorn took the opportunity, slipping a second digit easily in Maya, her thumb circling with more pressure. The faery could see just how much the human was enjoying being fingered, and she pumped her fingers faster as Maya opened her legs, giving the faery a much better angle that didn’t hurt her wrist.

Maya turned her head towards the kitchen again, trying not to pant as her climax built and built in the pit of her stomach. She opened her legs just a little wider, giving Hawthorn a chance to move her hand freely, and then she was gripping underside of the table, doing everything in her power not to utter more than the light moan that accidentally slid past her tongue, her orgasm rippling from the pit of her stomach outwards.

In one swift moment, she was sitting back upright, and Hawthorn’s hand had retreated as well. And not a second too soon, because Lupita was back then with rather charred looking pieces of…?

“Cake?” Maya asked her mother as she cleared her throat.

“Well…” Lupita looked defeated.

“I’d love some!” Hawthorn reached out for a slice.

Lupita and Maya both wore the same look of surprise, and both slipped into relief together as well. Hawthorn almost laughed at the similarity. Instead, she smiled, eating a huge piece of the burnt chocolate cake with a shit-eating grin.

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