Oddities at Their Most Erotic Point Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Warning: This story contains a lot of appendages and somewhat non-human erotic scenes. If you do not like this kind of fiction, please do not read further. And yes, if anyone got the reference, the methods described in this story allude to Orochimaru from Naruto, except in a more erotic way. Please feel free to leave any constructive comments below–they are greatly appreciated!


Nothing. Nothing really interested him nowadays. After graduating high school for university, he had chosen to go into the medical field, and three years into his education, he was starting to get bored. Tall, handsome, lean, and muscular, he missed having his friends and girls around him always fangirling over his muscular body and good looks. In addition to his physical attractiveness, Derek was pretty smart, ranked in the top five percent of his giant 1400 class size in high school. Surprisingly enough, he had never gotten in a relationship with anyone. Derek was walking back to his dorm room from his biology class, a good block away.

A rustle emanated from a bush behind him, and Derek whirled around, startled. It was 9 at night. The class had gone over, and Derek was slightly irritated with his schedule. He huffed, rolled his shoulders, and after deciding that nothing was amiss, continued on. A sudden urge hit him to go to the gym and work out, as he hadn’t gone in two days because of his homework load. He turned and walked towards the gym, his goal clear in mind. The irritation faded as he remembered a time an year ago. That event had made a drastic change in his life. He was forever condemned to being…

One year ago: Derek’s dorm room.

Water streamed down his body. Derek was whistling a tune, relaxing in the shower after an intense workout session at the university’s gym. He looked through the glass at the mirror to check his body out, make sure that he was building enough muscle to turn anyone on, men and women alike, but not to the point that it became disgusting to look at. Derek smiled at his reflection, flexing his biceps, admiring his tan, smooth muscles. Satisfied, he turned around to lather his body with soap. What he failed to notice in the mirror was another person who hid in a corner of the bathroom that couldn’t be seen from Derek’s position in the shower. The hidden man looked on at Derek through the glass pane of the shower door, staring hungrily at Derek’s sexy body as Derek sighed with contentment as he worked out the knots in his muscles. The intruder wrapped a hand around his own cock and began to pump, stifling his moans as he masturbated to the sight of Derek’s naked, muscular body.

Derek continued to bathe himself, unaware of the fact that he was doing the unseen onlooker a fanservice. Before long, the intruder came silently, his mouth open in a silent moan as he fixed the image of a shirtless Derek in his head. Derek, deciding that he was done bathing, slid open the door and grabbed a towel. He dried himself quickly, putting on a pair of boxers, gym shorts, and a white v-neck t-shirt. Sighing, Derek strolled out of the bathroom into his room, running his fingers through his wet hair. The other person, who had just masturbated, was getting turned on again as he observed how Derek was spiking the front of his hair into its usual style. The hidden man crawled stealthily behind Derek, taking great precautions to not alert the stud to his presence.

The time was 10:47 at night. Derek yawned, stretching his arms above his head, glad to be finished with his Ochem homework. He closed his binder, turned off the lamp, and hopped into his bed, which was surprisingly big for a dorm room. It was almost as big as a queen size bed, but the room was still big enough to hold all of the necessities for college life. The intruder was still hidden at the bathroom doorway, an invisibility cloak masking his presence. The unknown man was beginning to doze off from watching Derek do his homework, but when Derek finally put away his class materials, the stealthed man jolted awake and watched Derek’s every move, from brushing his teeth to crawling into bed. Derek sighed contently, snuggling in the blanket and closing his eyes.

The hidden man uncloaked himself with a snap of his fingers–the energy that was diverting light away and around him dissipated, his form materializing. With another snap of his fingers, six candles flickered into existence, a low flame on each one, illuminating the room with a warm, romantic glow. Derek laid there, unaware of what was happening around him. The intruder grinned, licking his lips, then proceeded to extend his tongue way beyond the length of a normal human’s tongue.

The attacker flipped aside the blanket, startling Derek. Derek opened his mouth to yell, but the dominator quickly pressed a wet cloth to his mouth, making Derek’s head swim. The energy in Derek’s body suddenly gave out, his ability to fight back against the intruder vanishing. The nameless man’s tongue wrapped gaziantep suriyeli escort around the left shoulder of Derek’s biceps and armpit, completing a circle around the base of his thick, burly arm. The tongue wrapped itself around Derek’s back, hugging the tight v-neck and mirroring the other arm, curled around the base of the right arm at the bicep and armpit, restricting arm movement. The tongue wrapped across his chest, rubbing against his nipples. Derek arms were held away from his body, much like the shape of a cross. Derek was horrified at the sight of such a long, abnormal tongue. The intruder laughed and pulled off his mask, revealing himself to be one of Derek’s friends from high school, Peter.

“Hey there, Derek. Long time no see, eh? All this shit I hear about you being such a stud… I’m going to confirm for myself just how sexy you are,” Peter said through his mouth as the tongue continued to restrain Derek. Peter lifted away the cloth, allowing Derek to breathe again, but when Derek tried to call for help, his voice gave out. Derek’s muscular torso was immobilized, while his legs were also held in place by Peter’s arms. It was quite a sight to behold: a stud whose rippling muscles could almost be seen through his clothes strained against Peter’s hold, making Peter’s pants wet with precum. Peter was incredibly turned on by Derek.

“Haha, can’t yell now, can you? That chemical was specifically engineered to subdue large, young, strong men like you. It makes you unable to move your muscles much, but allows for enough movement when it comes time for our… little rape sessions. Let’s see….what other effects did it have? Ah yes, it also prevents you from yelling, giving you just enough control over your voice to moan softly. Do you like how it feels, Derek?” Peter hissed, sending shivers down Derek’s spine. Derek desperately tried to remember back to his senior year, the last time he had seen Peter before they parted ways. He couldn’t remember antagonizing his friend, as they were close friends before life took them on different paths.

“Oh, I’m not here to get revenge or some payback. If anything, I came here to do the opposite. Let me explain a few things. I am a raper, part of a race of humans that possess powers and are extremely attracted to young, muscular, and sexy men like you. We possess long tongues and use them to pleasure our victimssss,” Peter hissed, drawing out the sound. “We can use our powers to stealth ourselves, make our men powerless, you name it. Unsurprisingly, there are also other people out there who possess powers. You have the potential for a great energy hidden deep within you, but no one has awoken it before. Not until you came into contact with one of your close friends who is an year younger you, who studies the art of computer science,” Peter explained. Derek gasped. He couldn’t possibly be talking about… his thought process was interrupted as the tongue that was wrapped around his pectorals and biceps salivated, wetting his shirt and spreading a warmth inside Derek’s chest. Derek shuddered, realizing that the feeling of a big, long tongue restraining him was more arousing than he’d care to admit.

“Yes, I am referring to Andrew, who possesses illuminati, a mind power unheard of in the past century. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem to know that he’s special, so he’s never used his illuminati before. Now, back on topic. I’m here to rape you,” Peter drawled, making Derek’s eyes widen with horror.

Derek opened his mouth to speak, his voice giving out. Peter shook his head, his tongue wagging. He snapped his fingers, allowing a bit of energy to flash between him and Derek. Derek cleared his throat and spoke in his seductively low voice, “Why would you want to fuck me up the ass? How would you gain anything from that?” Derek’s mind was in turmoil; he had never been penetrated before, and he certainly didn’t want to now. He didn’t want to lose his virginity now, especially to a guy.

“Don’t worry, Derek. I’m not planning to ass fuck you. Instead, I’m going to make you come for me,” Peter laughed. Derek became even more confused. Did this still count as being raped? To be raped was to be forced into sexual intercourse…Derek’s thoughts were lost again as Peter pinned Derek’s legs down with his arms, his grin predatory. Derek squirmed, trying to break free of Peter’s hold on him, but the drug was too effective, as was Peter’s raping tongue. The warmth in Derek’s chest continued to grow, turning him on slightly.

Peter growled in a low voice, running his hands over Derek’s torso, fondling his muscles through the thin v-neck. Derek groaned. Even though it felt good, he knew that this was wrong. He didn’t want this, contrary to what his body was saying. Derek’s mind spun; he had to say something–anything to distract Peter.

“Why do you want my semen, though? Is there something special in it? Wh–” Derek’s word were cut off as Peter leaned in and sucked on Derek’s neck, drawing a moan out of the man. Peter leaned back and said, “Sexy men like you have potent sperm and semen. Unbeknownst to you, your cum contains a lot of power, which is what gives us rapers our strength. Guys like you have delicious milk… a true delicacy. And besides, we have ‘strange’ fetishes for smooth, well-toned muscles, and of course, we have a fetish for making you moan in pleasure while tasting your manhood. Now, enough talk. Let’s get on with the sex…”

Peter looped his tongue under the ring encircling Derek’s left arm, then proceeded to tease the stud by licking his left nipple, making Derek shudder and moan again. Derek couldn’t determine whether he liked it or not, but at the rate he was going, it seemed that he was really enjoying this treatment. Peter chuckled, seeing how Derek’s resolve was breaking. Peter circled his tongue around the other nipple, making Derek’s shirt almost translucent because of all of the saliva wetting the shirt, causing it to grip Derek’s muscles tightly. Derek was panting, lust flooding his body, his penis beginning to harden.

Peter moved his tongue to the bottom of Derek’s shirt, hooking the tip under the hem. He teasingly pulled the shirt up to reveal Derek’s well-toned six-pack abs, flexing from excitement. His six pack was extremely pronounced, no fat was visible to the sides. Peter whistled, “Damn, man! Your muscles are such a turn-on. You know, I have an extreme fetish for the abdominals and pectorals muscles in particular… I love licking the shit out of hot studs like you!” Peter held the shirt up, stopping at the base of Derek’s pecs so he could relish in the erotic feeling of slowly revealing the hot dude’s body. Peter unleashed his salivating tongue on Derek’s six-pack, tracing each ring. Derek was moaning uncontrollably now, his body provocated, his cock hard. Peter suddenly paused in his licking, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Derek, do I sense a seal on your delicious abs? I feel that it was placed there to do something… let’s see what it is,” Peter whispered, licking Derek’s abdomen with renewed fervor. The form of a bird began to glow around Derek’s naval, solidifying into the black shape of the symbol of illuminati. Peter gasped, “Ooh, a seal with the shape of illuminati! Andrew unwittingly placed a protection on you when you slept with him on that trip to Orlando, didn’t he?”

“What the fuck man, do you stalk me everyday? Have you been stalking me ever since we met? Yeah, so what about if I slept with Andrew? We had to sleep together because of the way our rooms were desig–” Derek’s indignant cries were cut off as Peter leaned in and sucked on Derek’s neck again, all the while making work of licking Derek’s abs with his tongue. Derek moaned as pleasure flooded his body once more.

“Keep quiet, bonerific. I said he unintentionally placed a protective seal on you, which is coincidentally designed to keep you from coming for long periods of time. Andrew’s illuminati is something special, huh… it seems that it knew you would come to a raper’s attention before long and took a few protective measures. Judging from the energy in the seal, you can’t have an orgasm past ten seconds… how boring. Unfortunately for you, I’m going to alter it!”

Peter pulled his hands away from Derek’s body, clasped them together, and commenced on chanting esoteric spells, his mouth moving soundlessly. Derek quivered with anxiety and attempted to free himself from Peter’s tongue bondage. After a minute of chanting, Peter’s hands alighted with green fire, his eyes opening to reveal green irises as opposed to the usual dark brown. He brought his hands close to Derek’s abs, causing Derek to panic and shift away from Peter as much as the tongue allowed.

“Hahaha, calm down, dude. These flames are not the typical fire. They aren’t hot. I’m just going to press it into your delicious six-pack and nullify that seal Andrew placed on you,” Peter said consolingly. Peter raised his hands half a foot above Derek’s seal and slammed his hands down, the green fire expanding and flowing down Derek’s sides. Derek cried out in pain, more from the pain of Peter punching his abs than the fire. The ethereal fire continued to glow brighter, illuminating Peter’s face and giving him the expression of an incredibly hungry predator who had just found his prey. Suddenly, the flames flashed unbearably bright, heat coursing through Derek’s body, causing Derek to give a muffled yell of agony.

“What the hell, my nullifying seal isn’t working! What is Andrew’s illuminati? How can I not cancel your seal? AH! The heat…” Peter shut his eyes tightly, breathing heavily as energy coursed through his hands, attempting to break the protective seal. Derek’s cock became flaccid, his body turned off from the heat and energy cascading through his system. Just as suddenly as it had begun, the fire went out, and Peter fell face first onto Derek’s chest, gasping for air.

Derek whimpered in fear as Peter slowly sat back up and shook his head, refocusing. Both men looked down at Derek’s abs. The seal was glowing white and changing shape constantly. After about a minute, the seal solidified into a spiral circle, then slowly faded away. Peter frowned and moved his tongue down to lick Derek’s six-pack, causing Derek to become aroused again.

“So the seal isn’t gone… strange. Fortunately, now you are allowed to come for a maximum of half a minute, so I guess that works, too,” Peter stated matter-of-factly. “Now we can begin the real fun, Derek.” Peter brought his hands up to Derek’s scrunched up shirt, and muttering a soundless spell, promptly tore a rip down the middle of the shirt, revealing smooth, tan, and toned pecs. Derek opened his mouth to shout at his rapist for ruining his shirt, but no sound came out again. Derek was beginning to wonder if the drug had a mind of its own; sometimes Derek could make his voice speak, but other times, he couldn’t make any sounds at all.

Peter laughed sexily and caressed the stud’s pecs, the tongue bondage rubbing against and salivating constantly on his hardening nipples. Derek moaned for the umpteenth time as his body was turned on, lust overtaking his senses like a primal animal. Derek thought he was going insane, maybe he was beginning to enjoy sex with another man. He had always thought he was straight, but when he reflected on it, he had feelings for Andrew, too.

“Unngh, Peter… please, why are you doing this to me? It…it… it feels so good,” Derek panted as Peter continued to bestow light kisses slightly obstructed by his tongue on Derek’s pecs, simultaneously fondling Derek’s sides and licking his six-pack. The dominating man reached over to the short sleeves of Derek’s shirt and tore them apart, too. The stud was too immersed in the pleasure the tongue was giving him to notice the other’s actions. Peter carefully extricated the pieces of Derek’s shirt from the tongue bondage and tossed them off the bed. The raper pushed Derek down into the bed, straddling the man’s arms and legs. Peter suddenly shifted, chanting another spell. A dark light flashed behind him and formed into a bal of dark space. Three large tongue-like tentacles slithered out of the aperture and onto Derek’s bed. Derek looked closely at the tongues and saw that they had openings at the ends, similar to a tongue-tentacle or the head of a penis, but much wider. Peter retracted his tongue from Derek, working his jaw. Derek whined as the feeling of being licked disappeared, but was soon distracted again as the tongue-tentacles wrapped around his buff arms, wet with some kind of lubricant.

The tongue-tentacles opened their mouths and revealed long human tongues, similar to Peter’s. Derek yelped in shock at the tongue-tentacles’ tongues, upon which Peter grinned and said, “These tongue-tentacles were specially bred for raping purposes. They have long human tongues because these tongues’ saliva have a tendency to turn on sexy men like you. Just lie back and enjoy the sensations, Derek.”

Two tongue-tentacles wound their bodies around Derek’s arms, while the last tongue-tentacle chose to wrap itself around Derek’s chest, similar to the tongue bondage that Peter had held him in earlier. The tongue-tentacles commenced on licking the shit out of Derek’s torso. Peter was extremely turned on, his own cock rock-hard as he looked hungrily at the sight in front of him–a muscular, tall, tan, and handsome man was shirtless, caught in a tongue-tentacle and tongue bondage, smooth muscles wet with erotic saliva.

The dominator shifted his gaze down to the bulge in the stud’s shorts–an unmistakable erection from all of the stimulation to his torso. Peter unleashed his tongue and licked the base of Derek’s sternum, lazily licking a winding pattern down his six-pack. Peter pulled open Derek’s short and boxers, giving his tongue space to lick the base of the stud’s hard manhood, making Derek moan loudly. The raper continued to lick the pubic area, making Derek jerk in the tongue-tentacle and tongue bondage, his body extremely aroused with sensation. Derek’s shorts were pulled off, leaving his tenting boxers in the open.

Peter could not resist any longer, he had to taste the sexy man before him. Growling, he pulled down Derek’s boxers and tossed them onto the ground as well, leaving Derek in his naked glory, muscles glistening with sweat and saliva. His cock was nicely sized, about five and half inches long, fully erect. There was a little pubic hair, wet with Peter’s spit. The dominating man thread his tongue under the tongue-tentacle wrapped around Derek’s muscular chest, and licked down the middle of Derek’s abdomen. The warm tongue poked tentatively at the tip of Derek’s erection, causing him to gasp. He couldn’t possibly be trying to… Derek’s thoughts were scrambled when the tongue returned and curled around his cock, winding up the hard length much like a tongue-tentacle does when it slithers up a tree. Derek moaned loudly, “UNGH! PETER! That feels so good…oh ..mm…please, stop it.”

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