Office Banter Ch. 02

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Paul stumbled into his office at just past 5:30 in the morning. His eyes still heavy with sleep, he noticed that his bin had not been emptied from the night before. Paul noticed these things as he was obsessed with cleanliness. He heard someone down the hall and wondered who on earth would be in at this hour. Assuming it was another panicked worker, he sat down at his computer and logged on, intent on getting his presentation done.

In the dark recesses of Maria’s mind she heard some one else on the floor, but it didn’t register with her. She was slightly panicked as she was at least 4 hours behind on her night cleaning duties. Her single objective was to get the offices tidied before anyone turned up. She knew she didn’t have much time, but this was the last floor, and things didn’t look too bad. She rounded the corner and rushed into office 514. Her mind a million miles away, she lunged forward and grabbed the bin lying next to the desk.

Paul nearly jumped out of his skin as the woman rushed into his office. She grabbed his bin just as he yelled out, lack of sleep had meant he wasn’t as focused as he usually is. His senses were down and he hadn’t even heard her coming down the hall. He jumped back in his chair as his bin went flying across the room, its contents spilling across the floor.

Maria crashed to the floor heavily as the man yelled out. She looked up at him with as much surprise as he was looking at her. Her heart pounded heavily in her chest as the adrenaline pumped through her veins. She hadn’t been caught out like that in a long time, and he had given her a proper scare.

‘What the hell are you doing in here!’ Paul half yelled. He was trying to sound firm and confident, but he just ended up sounding wounded after the scare she had given him.

‘I’m so sorry! I was just emptying your bin. I didn’t expect anyone to be here this early. I’m running late and I have to get the offices cleaned before anyone comes in, or I’ll get another warning. It’s not my fault! My car wouldn’t start, I had to wait for my sister to finish work before she could give me a lift in and I had no other way of getting here…’

Paul began to recover himself and started to laugh as the young lady sat decidedly un-ladylike on the floor rambling on. His smile grew wider and his laugh a little louder until finally he was into a full fit of laughter.

Maria sat hurt on the floor, more her pride than anything else, as the man started laughing. It was then that she had realised in her shocked state she had started to tell this stranger her life story. She stopped mid sentence and started laughing as well.

Paul recovered himself slowly and realised as he looked over at the girl that he was looking directly up her skirt. Her white with red polka-dot panties were on full view. She wasn’t wearing any tights and her lightly tanned thighs looked like heaven to his tired eyes. Her legs were toned but not overly muscled.

Maria had looked away as she was laughing. She calmed her self down and looked at him. His eyes were on fire as they looked between her legs. It was then that she realised how she was sitting. As she had fallen over she had landed legs open wide, her skirt had ridden up and she was sat lying back on her elbows. Not the most ladylike of poses for such an encounter. She quickly sat up and brought her legs together and smoothed her skirt down her legs.

Paul realised he had been caught gawking between the woman’s legs. He quickly got up and rushed to help her back to her feet. He offered her his hand and as she grabbed hold he introduced himself.

‘I’m Paul by the way, you gave me quite a scare back there!’

‘You and me both! That’s the first time anyone has ever been here when I’m cleaning!’ Maria answered as she was pulled to her feet. It was then that she got a good look at Paul. He wasn’t overly tall, but had a rugged look to him. She smiled to herself as she realised that maybe it was just sleep in his eyes. He did smell very good though. She wasn’t sure if it was him or his deodorant, but he definitely smelled good.

‘Thank you, I’m sorry I scared you like that’ Maria continued now that she was back on her feet composing herself.

‘It’s no problem. Shall I help you tidy this mess up?’ Paul was looking at the piles of paper and yesterday’s lunch that had been thrown around the room.

‘Oh my God! What have I done!?’ Maria was looking down at the floor and couldn’t believe what she had done. ‘I’m so sorry, please just leave this to me, I’ll be out of your way in no time at all!’

Maria dropped back to the floor and quickly began picking up the rubbish from the floor. She was flustered by the halkalı escort way he had been looking between her legs. God only knew how much he had seen. She was still thinking about how good he smelled as she tried to collect the rubbish from the floor.

Paul was surprised, again, as the woman dropped to the floor and crawled away from him. He had never met anyone quite like her before. One second he was staring at her panty covered crotch, the next he was staring at her ass as she crawled away from him. It was turning out to be a very strange morning. He thought he should help her out as she was struggling to pick up the tiny bits of paper that had been Paul’s report. He had torn them up in a bit of a rage when his boss had told him how bad it was. Now he was staring at the woman’s ass as she fought with the paper in the carpet of his office.

Maria wasn’t having much luck picking up the paper. Her fingers were like mittens as she struggled to pick them up. She knew she should go and get the vacuum cleaner to pick them up. But she wasn’t ready to leave his office yet. She became aware of his presence and turned to see him crouching next to her trying to pick up the pieces of paper.

Paul realised quickly that it was a fruitless effort to try and pick up all the paper. He gently placed his hand on her back and said so.

‘We’ll be here forever trying to pick it up like this. Come on, this is pointless.’

The heat of Paul’s hand burned into her back as he spoke. His voice rang in her ears as she stopped her movements. She turned to look at him as she spoke.

‘I’m really very sorry about all this. I’ll go and get something to help us clean up’

‘Honestly, don’t worry about it. It can wait.’ Paul said as he looked down at her upturned face. She was actually really quite pretty.

Maria allowed her self to be pulled back to her feet and found herself stood very close to him. She could feel his breath on her face, and she become totally overwhelmed.

‘Thank you for being so kind. I was worried you would be upset at the mess after I scared you like that’ Maria’s voice was barely audible as she spoke.

‘It’s no problem. Honestly, it’s just a bit of spilt milk.’ Paul could feel her breath on his neck as he looked down at her.

Both Paul and Maria leaned into each other at the same time. Their lips met with a slight hesitance. Maria leaned into him as her heart pounded and the fire in her ignited.

Paul’s lust grew as their lips met. As the kiss continued he wrapped his arms around her and pushed his tongue between her lips. His hand found its way to her ass and he pulled her into his crotch grinding his growing erection into her. His other hand went to the back of her head and pulled her mouth harder onto his.

Maria could feel his cock in his trousers pushing against her. The heat and the hardness of it aroused her. Her hands went around him and pulled him into as her tongue fought with his in her mouth. The force of the kiss grew and soon they were madly pushing each other’s tongue in and out of each other’s mouth. Her hand went to his ass and pulled him to her harder, wanting to feel every inch of his hardness against her.

Suddenly Paul pulled away from her and gasped for breath. His eyes burned with lust as he looked at her. He pushed her away to arms length and stared hungrily at her body. He brought both his hands up and cupped both her breasts under her thin t-shirt. He could feel her nipples hardening under his fingers.

Maria closed her eyes as he gripped her breast. She loved having them played with, and he was doing a wonderful job. Suddenly her mind cleared and realised that they didn’t have much time before the office started to fill. She looked into his eyes as her hands went to his crotch. She quickly opened his fly and reached inside to his cock. She struggled to release it and started to pull out his tucked in shirt. She now had access to his boxers and she quickly reached inside grabbing his cock. She pulled it free and grabbed it with both hands stroking him roughly up and down.

Paul groaned as her cool hand gripped him. His hands froze, his mind forgetting all else as his cock was pulled and pushed by her eager hands. He placed a hand on her shoulder and pushed her to her knees. She willing dropped and forcing another groan from his mouth, she engulfed his cock in her mouth in one full motion.

Maria pulled on his cock as she forced the engorged head into her mouth. She wanted to take her time and give him a proper tongue bath, but she knew time wasn’t on her side. She swirled her tongue around taksim escort his head while jerking him roughly with her hands. She reached inside his trousers feeling for his balls and pulled them out into the open. She gently pulled on them before taking each one in her mouth and sucking hard on them. She knew she was on the right path when he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth back to his cock.

Paul couldn’t believe how eager she was. She was jerking his cock like it was the last one she’d ever see. He wasn’t used to anyone being so rough with his cock and he liked it. He held the back of her head and slowly started to fuck her eager mouth. She responded by placing her hands on his hips and simply allowed her mouth to be used. Just then he felt a sharp pain, and looking down he saw her staring back at him, teeth digging into his cock.

Maria was loving it. The hard cock fucking her mouth, and the shocked look in his eyes as she bit him. She could feel her panties soaked through as she got wetter and wetter. Releasing his cock from her mouth she slowly stood up and pushed him out of the way. She sat down on his desk and hiked her skirt up. He looked lustily at her and quickly grabbed her legs and positioned his cock at her soaked panties.

Paul was ready to wrench her panties aside and plunge his aching cock into her. But she stopped him. Paul looked at her with a longing plea. He watched as she reached down and pulled her panties aside.

‘Make me cum first.’ Her words filled the office and the silence that followed was just as loud.

Maria wondered briefly if he would take any action at all. He stood motionless just staring at her exposed pussy. Using one hand to hold her panties aside, she took the other one and spread herself wide, slowly running one finger up and along her clit, making her shiver hard.

Paul finally clued it and quickly knelt in front of her. He grabbed the back of her thighs and pulled her roughly to the edge of the desk. Her musk filled his nose as he moved closer to her. Her smell causing his already hard cock to swell and flex. Following her example he pushed his mouth hard against her exposed flesh and lashed his tongue against her clit. He licked down to her entrance and shoved his tongue into her, trying to fuck her with it.

Maria used her free hand to grab his hair and pull him into her. His tongue was probing her insides and was driving her mad. She knew it wouldn’t take her long to cum. She just wished he’d hurry up, her clit ached to be pleasured. Just then he lashed upwards and swept his tongue over her clit releasing a cry from her lips. She bit her lip to try and stop from screaming as he sucked her clit into her mouth and rubbed his teeth across it.

Paul had never been rough like this with a woman. He didn’t know what had come over him. Usually he took his time and lovingly brought a woman to a slow building climax, but this was different. He wanted her to cum, and to cum quickly. He sucked her clit and pussy lips into his mouth and flicked his tongue on her clit as fast as he could manage. He could feel her hand tightening its grip on his head and her breathing was coming in short ragged gulps.

Maria was close. Her heart pounded and she could hardly breathe. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore her head exploded like a lightening bolt had gone from her clit straight up her spine to her brain. The room swam and spun as she held his head onto her pussy trying to ride out the orgasm. She was thrusting her pelvis into his mouth harder and harder.

Paul couldn’t breath, and he loved it. She had pulled his face so tight into her that all he could do was lick and suck. Finally as her orgasm subsided she pushed his face away, unable to take anymore. He stood up and wiped her cream from his face. His cock ached. She was collapsed on his desk, reeling from her orgasm. He lifted her legs up and pointed his cock at her pussy.

Maria laid blissfully unaware of what was going on around her. Her pussy was still tingling from the orgasm his tongue had just given her. Suddenly she felt him again. She opened her eyes just as he pushed his cock into her in one hard push. She was so wet that he met little resistance on his journey to burry his cock to the hilt. Her eyes opened wide as he so suddenly filled her.

With his cock buried deep inside her he paused. He had always loved that feeling of the first full penetration. He flexed hard inside her and felt her pussy walls contract around him. This girl had control! Paul grabbed her thighs roughly and pulled her hard against him, mashing her clit against his pelvic bones. Her head sank şişli escort back again as he put pressure on her sensitive clit.

She felt another after shock of her orgasm as he pushed into her. She was disappointed when he began to pull out of her. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. She held his lust filled gaze as he slammed back into her. She watched as his eyes burned with fire as he began to pound into her. Each inward stroke pushing her back on the desk, he held her legs in his strong hands. She could feel his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her thighs.

Nothing on earth could stop Paul now. He watched her face as he pounded into her. He worked his cock roughly in and out of the young lady splayed across his desk. His balls slapped against her ass and the desk edge leaving them sore and aching to release their load. He could feel his cock swelling as his impending orgasm neared. He could hear himself grunting as he pounded his way into her. He cared only for his own orgasm now, and it was coming quickly.

Maria shook hard as she was mercilessly pounded by his cock. A series of small building orgasms racked her body as his cock explored her depths. She could feel him getting harder and bigger inside her and his size triggered another massive orgasm in her. She couldn’t take much more of this if she hoped to walk out of this office. His grunts and groans were growing louder and she knew he was close.

‘not in me. Not in Me. Not In Me!’ Maria could barely hear herself over the lusty banging of his cock into her.

Paul was dragged back to reality as she pushed him away. He growled with frustration as his orgasm was denied. He watched as she pushed herself wearily off the desk and grabbed at his cock.

Maria dropped to her knees and sucked his cock into her mouth. The mixture of her juices on his cock made her shiver and she sucked greedily at it.

Paul watched in amazement as she took his glistening cock in her mouth. He was so turned on it only took two or three strokes of her hand with her tongue on his sensitive head before he exploded into her mouth. He stumbled as his orgasm overtook him and he had to grab at the desk to keep from falling over.

His cum shot deep into her mouth and she stroked his cock faster to urge more into her waiting mouth. She swallowed hard as her mouth filled with his cum. His cock continued to pulse and flex, delivering her more cum onto her waiting tongue. She slowed her hand and started milking the last drops of cum from him.

He stood trembling from the almighty orgasm he had just had. He held onto the desk for dear life as she milked his cock of every last drop of cum. Slowly his cock began to shrink back down to size, but she continued to suck and lick at. Paul finally had to pull away as his cock began to get over sensitive. She looked up at him as he pulled away. He laughed as she held on to his cock and pushed her lip out in a pout.

‘I can’t take anymore… please’ He just barely managed to get the words out.

Maria stood up slowly and ran her fingers through her hair, trying to sort the desk tussled hair back into place. She watched as Paul tried to regain control over his legs, but instead just ended up sitting heavily on his desk, his limp cock hanging from his trousers. She adjusted her panties into place and smoothed her skirt back down. She gently pulled at the bottom of her shirt, and adjusted her breasts in her bra. Still Paul looked on with a dazed look in her eye.

Paul watched as she arranged her clothing back to some suitably acceptable way. When she finished she stood smiling at him. He was starting to get his breath back when she stepped forward and pulled him to his feet. Paul stood dazed as she gently took his cock in her hand and gave it a loving squeeze before tucking it back into his boxers. She slowly zipped his fly and started to tuck his shirt back in. All the while she stared deeply into his eyes. He could feel her breath on his face as he watched her, the slight smell of their combined juices on her breath.

When she had finished dressing him, she leaned in and gave him a slow lingering kiss. His tongue gently meeting hers as she pushed into his mouth. Gently she pulled away and adjusted his tie.

‘I think we are going to need a vacuum cleaner to get these little bits of paper off the floor.’ Maria stood back and looked down at the floor.

‘I think you may be right about that.’

‘I’ll be back in a few minutes to get this mess sorted out. I’m ever so sorry it wasn’t ready for when you arrived this morning’ Maria smiled gently as she turned to leave the office. As she reached the door she could hear the lift arriving and voices entering the floor.

Paul just stood speechless at his desk as she walked away. He was gone when she came back, but when he opened his drawer later that day, he did find a lovely pair of white panties with red polka dots. He never did get her name though. ‘Maybe next time’ he thought to himself with a smile.

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