Office Quarantine – Week 4

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Monday. Under normal circumstances the open plan of our office is the envy of the business sector. Everyone feels included when no one has privacy. I hated it this week. There was no privacy. No nook or cranny to slide into for a quick play.

Eddie was already in the office when I arrived. Dressed in his smart business suit and tan loafers, he proved why he was the CEO. Shortly after settling at my desk Eddie strode in with the work for the day. Despite all efforts to engage in subtle, playful flirting, Eddie was firm in his instructions. His forceful tone reminded my pussy of Friday afternoon with Jason, and she wept with anticipation. Alas today it was wasted. Any chances of getting away to the Ladies room with any of the boys was dashed when Eddie whisked them out of the office for the day.

Left to my own devices, I sat in my chair, slid my toy into my crotch and remembered the events of the previous week.

Tuesday. There are these toys I have had at home for ever but never had a chance to try them out. The torture of being so close to these boys and not being able to touch or be touched encouraged me to try one.

Discretely placed inside my underwear and strapped to my hips was a gel butterfly with a knob. The two-pronged feelers of the butterfly rested against my clit, while the phallic body of the butterfly inserted inside my pussy. Within this toy was a remote-controlled bullet. I strode into the office walking straight over to the boys. Leaning against the side of Matt’s desk I handed him a small remote device. Without saying a word, I stood to walk away. A jolt of vibrations rocketed through emanated from my pussy. My legs shook with the sudden electricity, almost making me trip. Matt’s eyes lit up. As I walked back into my office, I received numerous brief jolts as the boys played with the remote.

The day continued with the constant, brief vibrations on my clit and my pussy. It was torture being turned on with no relief. The boys found it amusing to flick the toy on and off, like a kid Bostancı Yabancı Escort playing with a light switch.

Eddie summoned me into his office at the end of the day. I sat in the chair across from his table, crossing my legs at the knees to be discrete. Shortly after sitting the vibrations began and did not stop. I imagined the boys giggling as I tried to maintain my composure in the very formal meeting. It took all my energy not to cum sitting on his leather clad chair. My pussy began to convulse anticipating the impending orgasm. My clit was so sensitive. My breathing began to grow deep as my eyes clouded over. I resisted long enough for Eddie to leave the office with a smile on his face before the orgasm washed over me. I looked around to see the boys had already left, leaving the toy on. The vibrations continued after the orgasm. My clit began to heat up. My toes curled. I crawled along the office floor shaking as the vibrations radiated throughout my body.

The second orgasm came without warning, my hands collapsing under my weight. I lay on the cold floor, my body jerking with the intensity. I felt my hips being raised. A strong hand held my hips up while my skirt was pushed up, my underwear ripped off, and the toy unclipped. The familiar thickness of Jason’s cock slammed into my dripping hole. My sensitive pussy squelched with each demanding thrust. Heavy balls bounced on my swollen clit sending shivers through me.

His pounding increased as he grabbed my hips reefing me back onto his cock, driving it deeper into me. I cried out with a third orgasm in time with his hard rod pulsating with his own release. He emptied his seed inside my soaked pussy before pulling out and walking away.

Once again, I was left drained and bruised. Slowly getting to my feet I staggered to my office, collected my bag, and waddled home.

Wednesday and Thursday. Sitting was hard. My pussy ached from the abuse Jason gave it the night before. As much as the boys looked hot, the slightest Bostancı Yeni Escort twinge sent both pleasure and pain through my body. I received the occasional and discrete arse grab or breast rub which made my pussy flinch, but I stayed away from any further shenanigans, giving my pussy time to recover.

Friday finally came. The agony and tease of the week culminated in an exquisite release of sexually tension. Knowing it would just be us for the day I wore a slim skirt that ended just above my knees. There was just enough give in the material for me to let me knees fall apart and show off my lack of underwear.

The boys smiled at me every time they walked past my office. It was hard to just sit there doing my work. I really couldn’t concentrate on no matter how hard I tried. By lunch I had given up on any form of production. I wandered into the lunchroom and sat down at the table. Simon slid over next to me and placed a hand on my leg. I breathed deep but didn’t move, just smiled. Jason sat on the other side of me and placed a hand on my other leg, digging fingers into the muscles. I smiled bigger but didn’t move. Matt moved in behind me placing his hands on my shoulders. I leaned back into him. I could feel his large cock restrained by his shorts, my pussy spasmed. We didn’t talk. Matt began to massage my shoulders which was divine. Jason and Simon kneaded the muscles of my thighs, their hands moving up and in. I opened my legs for better access. It was all they needed.

Matt’s hands slid beneath my blouse to grab my breasts. He squeezed the nipples between his fingers, pulling on the pointed flesh. I arched my back and closed my eyes, savouring the touch. I felt a cloth run across my eyes and tighten firmly in place before feeling myself lifted off the chair and laid across the lunch table. Matt removed my blouse and lowered his head to one breast. He sucked the nipple through the lace of my bra, biting and pulling at the flesh. His hand grabbed my other breast, cupping the whole mound Bostancı Masaj Salonu and squeezing. I moaned. Jason slid my skirt up over my hips while Simon spread my knees apart. My dripping pussy glistened in the lights. My lips were swollen and waiting to be abused. My clit visible under its hood. I felt vulnerable lying mostly naked on the table, and the thought sent a shiver through my body and a fresh drop of juice lubricated my pussy.

Matt continued his mouth assault on my breasts, leaning over my body. I moved my hands to his shorts releasing his hard cock. From my angle I could slide the length of him down my throat with ease. He breathed deep as his knob hit the back of my throat. Grabbing his hips, I controlled the movement of him fucking my throat. As my lips wrapped around his shaft, I felt first one then two fingers drive into my pussy. I didn’t know which one of the boys had entered me. If I’m honest, I didn’t care. One hand was guided off Matt’s arse and placed on a hard, thick cock next to me. I ran my hand up and down the length, squeezing the muscle as I went.

So, there I was, laid out on the lunch table, Matt fucking my throat, fingers in my pussy and a cock in my hand. Lips came down on my pussy and my body jumped as a tongue lashed my clit. More fingers entered me, three then four. I was so wet I wanted more. Pushing my hips down on the hand I felt it slide in unrestricted. The tongue changed to a mouth and my clit was sucked with vigour. A fist pumped in and out of me, fucking me to a sweet orgasm. My hand quickened on the cock, my nails making periodic contact with the flesh. Matt began to jerk as he unloaded down my throat. The cock in my hand twitched and spurted cum over my breasts. My body shook with the orgasm as the fist twisted inside me.

My breathing returned to normal as my throat was relieved of its stuffing. The tie was removed from my face and I opened my eyes to see my hand still around Jason’s cock. Simon’s face was covered in my juices as he removed his fist. His other hand had clearly pleasured himself and he moved to the sink to clean himself off. His cock was almost as big as Jason’s. I shivered at the idea of these hard rods buried deep inside me.

We cleaned the lunchroom, sprayed air-freshener around and went about our business for the rest of the day.

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