Office Shock

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I was a married 43 year old woman with children. I had worked in an office for many years and enjoyed dressing nicely for the office including short skirts with boots in the cooler months which was enjoyed by my husband and the guys in the office…

It was Christmas 2 years ago and my husband bought me a selection of presents including 2 ladies satin shirts which he said were for work. One was bright red and one navy blue. I loved the feeling of the satin as I buttoned them up, it made me feel sexy.

As I returned to work in the January I elected to couple my new red shirt with my more daring short black skirt which measured in at 17 inches long. To be honest I felt slightly awkward in it but hey ho, what the hell, you only here once and my black boots came to just beneath my knees and I felt good about myself, and after all I was just a size 10 and didn’t look that bad for 43!!

As I walked from my car I got a wolf whistle from a guy on a construction site…I MUST STILL HAVE THE LOOK!!? I thought as I walked to the office. Once in the lift I noticed I had snagged my tight at some point..dam, not enough time to go and buy more so I popped to the toilet and took them off. I for some reason felt quite horny now in my short skirt and boots and the sexy feeling satin shirt rubbing against me. I could feel the guys eyes in the office giving me the eye and I felt good about bursa escort myself and knew my husband would not mind as I always went home to him and was faithful.

The morning passed without event and I even remembered that my skirt was short and not to inadvertently flash!!

As I came back from lunch my boss, Jane, introduced me to her new boss Andrea. I am easy going, but I took an instant dislike to Andrea as she looked me up and down several times. Andrea looked about my age and was smartly dressed in a trouser suit and in all fairness looked like she worked out and kept fit. As we parted company I looked back to see her staring at me and in particular my legs. I said to Jane that I found her odd, but Jane insisted we give her the benefit of the doubt.

About an hour later Jane came over and said I was to report to Andrea’s office for my formal welcome chat with her. I went to her office and knocked, and Andrea called me in. This time she was more relaxed and we were soon talking about all sorts. I was sitting opposite Andrea and had already tugged my skirt down a couple of times as it had gently ridden up. I gave up as it wasnt as if I was in front of a bloke who would miss read the situation!! I came clean to Andrea about my skirt being too short. She smiled at me and said she thought I looked fab. I thanked her and explained that I thought I would look bursa escort bayan good in my new satin shirt and skirt. She again said I looked great and asked where my husband had got my shirt from. I said I was not sure.

At that she got up and put her hand down my collar to try and read the label. She could not see far enough and proceeded to undo the second button down. She then read the label and then stroked my collar saying that the shirt was lovely and felt beautiful. I went to do my button back up, but Andrea gently stopped me and did it for me. She then dropped down on to her knees so her eyes were level with mine and seemed to gaze for ages at me. I still did not realise what was going on until she on purpose stroked my inner thigh as she got back up. I felt strange and went to get up only to be gently pushed back in to the seat. I nervously played with my necklace that was just hanging down out of my shirt. Andrea took the necklace in her hand and said she thought we were going to get on just fine. I mumbled something only for Andrea to kneel down again and kiss me on the lips. I felt excited but worried.

Andrea then slowly and seductively kissed my neck with slow, warm and slightly wet kisses. She then sucked on my necklace and proceeded to kiss and suck all on and around my shirt collar. By now my shirt collar was bursa merkez escort wet…and to be hones so was my throbbing fanny. Andrea now gave as much attention to my tongue as she had my sexy satin shirt. I WAS IN SHock…I was not a lesbian…was I??! She moaned as she stroked my hair and gently tickled me under the chin. I did not know if to respond or how!! I stood and Andrea put her arms around me and pulled me tight up to her, again, gazing in my eyes. Before I could say anything she again gently and perfectly penetrated my mouth with her sweet smelling tongue. I was now responding by kissing her tongue. She was now rubbing my bottom and stroking me up the back vent of my skirt. She pulled my pants down the top of my boots. She then undid her blouse and fed my mouth on to her erect brown nipple. What was I doing!! but as much as I thought that I sucked on her gladly.

At that the phone went and we both jumped and quickly corrected out attire. Andrea said we had unfinished business and would I see her the following day. I agreed. As I left the office she requested a similar outfit for tomorrow. Again, like a first love teenager I agreed. I returned to the office and was greeted by Jane who asked how my meeting had gone. I said ok, but noticed Jane now staring at me… she then asked why my collar was so wet. I stuttered and said I had spilt my drink with nerves in Andreas office.

I got home that evening feeling confused but wildly horny. My husband passed comment that I looked rather smashing and lifted my skirt and give me a good seeing to. Strangely, he to licked and kissed my neck causing my shirt to dampen.

What a day.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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