Office Submission Ch. 02

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“…well Jack? Do you want more?”

Jack shook himself back to reality. He had been daydreaming about Anna and the words used by his manager had woken him from his reverie. “Erm..sorry sir. I didn’t hear you then.”

His manager looked furious at that point, ” I said, your Jackson case is almost complete. Do you want more?” He had raised his voice in order to not be embarrassed by Jack’s insolence in front of the other four board members.

“No…er, no sir. It’s complete as it is,” replied Jack meekly.

Suddenly the door opened. Jack heard who it was.

Anna strutted into the room and whispered into the ear of one of the other directors. She bent down and Jack could just see the top of her cleavage. She looked directly at Jack whilst whispering to Grant, an old man with a balding pate and tubby jowls. He smiled and waved the delectable Anna away.

Jack watched her leave.

So did Grant.

He watched that sexy arse leave. The arse covered by a knee length pencil skirt with the slit just below her pert arse cheeks. Grant turned around and whispered to Jack, “some days I catch a flash of her bra. I would love to see that bent over my desk.” Grant guffawed at his own observation and Jack just grinned.

He had seen the live show, up close and personal.

Again, Jack’s mind drifted back to last night in Anna’s bedroom. The memories caused his cock to stir. He had never been so aroused in his life. He had never cum for such a long time either. She was a goddess to him.

Jack finished his lunch at his desk. The morning had been a long one. The board meeting had run over and Jack was already feeling tired. He looked longingly out of his office door and listened.

She wasn’t coming. She hadn’t come all morning.

He had awoken on Anna’s sofa that morning, they had not slept together. She insisted he showered and stay in the lounge. He slept heavily last night and had woken up to the sound of her showering again. He had thought about going in to see her — to see if the magic could be re-created. But he opted for the coffee machine instead.

They had then driven to work together making small talk about the weather and the state of the roads. They said their goodbyes at the entrance to the building and nothing more.

Jack looked at the clock on the wall and wondered why it had not moved since his last look. Suddenly a ping bahis firmaları sound from his computer made him look down. He huffed, probably another email about this morning’s board meeting. He pressed the mouse and opened up the email.

It was her.

Hey Jack,

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about last night. I have never cum so hard, EVER! Sorry I insisted on you sleeping on the sofa. It’s this thing I have about men.

I’d love for us to do something again. Maybe even something similar to last night!

Anna x

He read it twice out of habit to ensure he understood everything. He felt a twinge in his cock as he pressed reply:


I loved it last night too. I never thought an orgasm would ever feel as good as that. I’d love to try something with you again soon.

Jack x

Just writing the word ‘orgasm’ and seeing the words ‘cum hard’ made his penis pulse and his erection grow.


Oh Jack!

That has made me smile.

I was wondering if I had upset you after this morning’s conversations. Can’t wait for us to meet up again. What do you suggest?

The copy paper needs replacing and the boxes in the resources room are very heavy. I need you in the resources room in 10 minutes please.

Anna x

After the second reading of the email, Jack looked at the time. He had nine minutes to go. He was fully erect now and adjusted his cock to the front of his black trousers. Jack had longed to kiss Anna. Hell, even just to touch her. He tried to remember how many times they had touched. He had seen her naked, up close and naked and yet, never touched her. He hoped this was the moment. Jack looked down at his watch, five more minutes. Time was moving quicker now.

Moving out of his office and down the corridor, Jack decided to get to the resource room early — he couldn’t wait. Jack moved down the busy corridors into an area of the office that was less hustle and bustle. The resource room was the last door on the left of a lonely corridor with only an alarmed fire exit nearby. He tried the handle. It was locked. They must have introduced the new signout key system. ‘Shit’ thought Jack.

Then he heard her.

The clicking heels were first. She strode around the corner. Her hair tied up, neck on show. She wore a white shirt and her black jacket hugged her curves to perfection. Her hips swayed as she walked towards kaçak iddaa him.

“Thanks for helping me Jack. The paper box is just so heavy. I’ll just unlock the door,” She reached across him and slowly entered the key. She opened the door and flicked the light switch on, “It’s just down her Jack, near the back shelf. I’ll drag it out first.”

Anna moved further into the room allowing the door to close behind them. She took a step forward and then started to bend over to reach for the box. As she bent forward she turned to look back at Jack. He was staring directly at her sexy arse. The further she bent over, the higher the slit rose up in her skirt.

“I’ve almost got it Jack. Just a little further.” With that, she was bent over a newly wrapped conference table. Jack could just make out the tops of her arse cheeks now. His erection was straining in his trousers. Anna never looked back at him but she continued to speak. “What’s wrong Jack? What can you see? Are you looking at my arse Jack? I’m bent over here and I can barely get keep myself up.”

Jack gulped and couldn’t remove his eyes from the vision bent over the desk in front of him.

“Get your cock out Jack.”

Jack was trying to focus but he did as instructed. He unzipped his trousers and took his cock out. He used his other hand and looped his boxers under his balls.

“Jack, stroke you cock really fast for me. Big long fast strokes. I want to hear it.” Jack did what he was instructed and his breathing instantly changed.

“Oh, that’s it Jack. Stroke that cock for me. Do you want to cum Jack whilst looking at me in this position?” Anna reached back and lifted her skirt over her arse. She was wearing a thong today. A white lacy thong. The was a small patch of material just above where the small material vanishes down past her arse to her wonderful pussy.

“Stop Jack. Stop stroking.” she suddenly said.

Jack instantly stopped. Then she stood up and turned around. Anna perched up onto the table and then shuffled back so that she was sat fully on it. Jack stared down at her pussy.

“Do you like my pussy Jack?” Jack nodded in agreement. She was so intoxicating. This perfect woman was sitting here with her legs wide asking him if he liked her pussy! She moved her hand down to her thong and pulled it to the side. “Look how wet I am Jack.” she slid a finger down to her pussy and slowly dragged a finger along kaçak bahis her slit. Anna groaned as she did this before bringing her finger up so it was level with Jack’s face and showing him how wet it was. “Oh fuck, Jack, I need to cum right here, right now. I’m so horny,” Anna slid her finger back down and immediately started rubbing her clit hard and fast, “Ohhh fuck, yeah that feels so good. Nnngg. Ohhh. My god I’m close already.”

She moved her thong further away and started to move her fingers in a smaller concentrated area. Her breathing was very heavy and she struggled to speak, “Oh Jack. Stro…stroke it Jack. Fast and…ha..ohhh fuck. Fast and hard.”

Jack did exactly as he was told. He used his whole hand to move the skin backwards and forwards. He wasn’t going too fast because he was really close anyway watching this show.

“Bring your cock closer…ohh, fuck I’m close Jack. Bring it close to my…pus…nnggg…pussy.” He shuffled forward and placed the tip so it brushed the pubic line she had shaved. Her knuckles briefly brushed his cock head as she vigorously stroked her pussy. “Fuck me…oh Jack. Do you want to put it in me? Ohhh god.”

Jack started to speed up with that thought.

“Nnnnnngg…Jack. I’m going to cum. Cum on my pussy Jack. Cum with me…OH FUCK!” She was grinding her hips in a motion with her hand. Her hand knuckle brushed the tip of his cock and he slowed his stroke down to the base of his shaft. Jack started to cum. He slowed his action to really milk his orgasm. He had almost stopped stroking as his cock started cumming.

He sprayed all over her pussy. The cum went over her hand. It went up onto the top of her skirt round her waist. Some of it sprayed into onto the tops of her thighs. Anna moved her hand from her thong and over her own mouth to keep her noise down, “Nnnnggg. I’M CUMMING…OHHHG…FUCK!” Jack stared at this sexy woman cumming in front of him. She was covered in his cum.

“Oh my god Jack. How do you make me so wet? You bring out a wild side to me. Fuck. Look at all your cum.” she looked at him and he looked down as she started rubbing the cum over her pussy. She pulled out a packet of tissues from her jacket pocket and started to wipe up.

“Jack I need a lift home tonight if that’s ok?”

Jack nodded and, after wiping himself, zipped himself back up.

She looked at him, hunger in her eyes, “you should leave here now so it doesn’t look suspicious.”

“Usual time tonight in my office?” Jack whispered.

“Yes please,” she replied, “Jack…don’t forget the paper for me.”

He smiled as he spun around towards the door.

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