Office Workload Ch. 05

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Characters in this chapter:

The Author (me): A 27 year old single male who just got a new job after few months finding for one

Cleaner: A cleaner lady who cleans the office during break times

Miss Jenna: The General manager of human resources in the company.

Setting for the current chapter:

Office: This is the workplace of the author and characters stated above.

Office restroom: A restroom/toilet near the authors cube

Authors home: A 3 bedroom apartment where the author lives alone


I pushed the door to the restroom and was shocked once again to see the cleaner in there. I immediately took a few steps back to get out of the restroom and let the cleaner clean up the place. The cleaner realized I was in there and quickly stopped me from going out. She told me that she had done cleaning the toilets and that she would be leaving. I heaved a sigh of relief as I saw her exited the restroom.

The restroom was pretty beautiful, exquisite and quite clean for an office environment. It looked like one of those five star restrooms in fancy hotels. I entered one of the stalls and did my business as quick as I could so that I would not be caught in traffic later on.

After a while, I exited the stall to see the cleaner standing right in front of the stall door. She pushed me into the stall instantly as I was trying to get out. Panicked, I staggered behind and thumped on the toilet seat. I was lucky I did not hit my head during the stagger. The cleaner then rushed into the stall and quickly locked the door.

The cleaner held me against the toilet and as she climbed on top of me, she covered my mouth so that I could not make any noise. She was breathing heavily on me as she unzipped my pants and grinded her ass on my semi erect dick. I was still in panicked mode due to her sudden actions and tried to push her aside. She used her whole body weight on me and locked lower body from moving around.

She uncovered my mouth and quickly silenced me further by french kissing me. I tried to move my head around kadıköy escort but she was too quick. Her consecutive kisses made me fell for her forceful charm. Her tongue explored and wriggled in my mouth cavities. She had a fragrant breath and her saliva was thick and gave out a sweet taste. She forced herself on me and held my arms tightly.

Before I knew it, I gave up myself to her control. As she ended her kiss, I realized that my hands had been cuffed to the toilet. This is the third shock for the day and as I begun to process what is happening, the cleaner strapped my mouth with a ball gag. I was now gagged and cuffed to the toilet, unable to move freely and confused as I wondered what would come next.

The cleaner then got off my body and stripped my pants and boxers down, my dick was fully erect. She licked her lips as she caressed my dick. Her fingers gently sized up the girth and length of my dick. She then unbuttoned her shirt revealing her satin bandeau bra. Her eyes shot at me with a naughty intent as she stripped her pants down. She was hungry for a hefty tea time meal and I had became the choice to fill her in.

She stood infront of me, bare naked. She has short stature with quite curvy body figure. She had a pair of plump and perky breasts within her tight bra. Her breasts jiggled with every movement she made. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, wedged in between a pair, rotund and fleshy thighs. Her walk was like a model and she moved quickly and swiftly, making her actions sometimes unnoticeable.

She knelt down in between my thighs and proceeded to give me a fellatio. Her hands held my thighs from moving as her head bobbed up and down, taking the full length of my dick. I could feel her warmth mouth and her tongue played around my rod and my tip, my dick being choked and wrangled. In mere seconds, my dick was wet with her saliva.

My dick was making gushing sounds each time she took the whole length into her mouth. I felt the tightness of her throat occasionally choking my dick and begun to twitch in pleasure. My ball gag was already wet with me üsküdar escort salivating as I was moaning despite being gagged.

She sped up her pace while making a direct eye contact with me. She clenched my thighs as she begun to deepthroat on my dick. I felt like I could not last any longer of her challenge. I tried to warn her as I was very near to shoot my load but she did not care. All she did was went down quicker and deeper as fast as she could.

I climaxed for the second time of the day, I felt my load filling her throat and beginning to fill her mouth. Without hesitation, she gulped down my warm cum quickly, I could feel her tongue wrapped around my dick, wringing out whatever cum left in my dick.

I was breathing very hard through the gag. The cleaner then stood up , stroked my semi erect dick. I felt a little pain as my dick twitched on her soft, moist hand. She climbed on top of me, and started to lick and bit my nipple all the while rubbing her pussy on my dick.

Although I am not completely ready for an immediate second round, I was high on being horny again, the slutty sounds she made and the way her tongue played around my nipples got me hard again. I felt my dick heated, twitchy and muscles strained from the constant arousal. My upper body and neck were bathed by her tongue in attempt to arouse me more.

Despite the pain, my dick got hard again, aligned right below her pussy. She slowly lowered her hips, her pussy slowly swallowing my dick. She made a slutty moan as she lowered herself on me. I felt the warmth of her pussy as she began to rode on my dick. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards her breasts, smothering me with them while she rode me like a cowgirl.

I was suffocated by her plump, soft breasts smothered on me. Her breast jiggled up and down all over my face and as I cant lick or suck on them, I could just enjoy the bounciness of them on my face. As she rode faster and wilder, so does the pain and strain on my dick. I literally moaned in pleasure and suffered a little pain as her pussy tightens around me. She had a devilish grin when she suddenly stopped her motions tuzla escort and observed my reactions.

She pulled my whole body towards her, her arms embraced my whole body. My back and my hair were stroked as she slowly pushed my dick into her. The position we were in made her pussy tighter and when her pussy had swallowed my whole dick, she thrust her hip very quickly. It was sudden and intense. I felt that she was breathing faster as her hips thrust on my dick in a series of quick movement

It was my third time of the day that I had climaxed. My body shivered and twitched as I shot my load in her as she held my tight in her arms. My dick ejaculated with such a forced power and pain that I am not used to. I felt tired and weak after it. She gently released me from her arms and giggled as I slouched against the toilet. She crept forward and told me that I need a lot more training and I should be prepared for it. I was unable to respond to her tease and she unlocked the cuffs and the ball gag, freeing me from her shackles.

She then gave me a kiss on my forehead and started to dress up, leaving me slouched on the toilet. After she had dressed up, she left me alone and be about her business as usual. It took me sometime to regain my energy back and when I realized the time, it was near 6.15pm. I hastily wore my clothes back and hurriedly exited the toilet and thus the office.

At the parking lot, I saw Miss Jenna trying to enter her car as well. I thought she had noticed me as i felt that she was waving to me from far. I ignored her and got into my car and drove back home. It was late, and the traffic was less. I stopped at a KFC nearby my house and got me some dinner.

My dick still hurts even after a few hours of my dinner. Its very rare for me to climax three times a day. I checked out myself making sure I was ok and not hurt in anyway due to cuffs and ball gag. There seemed to be no obvious marks or bruises on me. I shrugged myself and relaxed my self and watched some tv. It would be Friday tomorrow and the day after would be the day I visit Mrs Patel. I felt a sudden chill in my spine. Could it be a trap? What was she going to do with me? Alot of questions popped up in my mind and made me restless.

I became anxious by my own questions and to calm myself down, I decided to play some online games. It seems that I got carried away because by the time I stopped playing games, it was around 1am. I quickly closed down all my gaming activities and quickly went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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