Oh Carole Ch. 03

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The phone rang one evening and Carole answered it.

‘Carole? Hi darling it’s Cynthia. I know you have a day off tomorrow but would you be a dear and meet me for lunch? My treat. Say The Ivy on West Street? It is very discreet. Shall we say one o’clock?’

Cynthia was talking so fast all Carole could do was listen and say yes at the appropriate moments.

The next day Carole was shown to a table already occupied by Cynthia who was sporting a huge gin and tonic. Carole said hello and ordered the same.

After they’d both ordered food Cynthia got down to why she’d invited Carole for lunch.

‘We have a really important client that we would like you to visit on Sunday. When I say important I mean mega important. The company makes a lot of money from servicing her portfolio.’

‘So you want me to service her?’ replied Carole sarcastically.

‘If only it were that simple my dear but we wouldn’t be paying you seven and a half thousand pounds if it was. Don’t get me wrong we don’t begrudge that, in fact it’s worth it to the company to keep her sweet.’

‘What am I supposed to do?’ asked Carole.

‘Just do whatever Miss Spedding tells you to do. You may even enjoy it.’

Just then the wine waiter arrived and the topic changed.

On Sunday Carole had a lazy morning as Josh was out playing football then going to a friends house for Sunday lunch and wouldn’t be back until a lot later. She eventually showered just after noon and thought hard at what she should wear. Cynthia had told her nothing about Miss Spedding except that she was a sixty years old spinster who had a kinky side to her.

‘Even Maria, our Polish maid refused to visit her again,’ giggled Cynthia at lunch.

‘Oh shit. What am I letting myself in for?’ she thought.

Carole chose to dress in cream. She put on a cream satin corset with a matching cream satin bra, shiny cream stockings and a cream silk thong. She complemented her underwear with a cream dress that was quite conservative and cream high heels.

As she was driving she would wear flats and change her shoes in the car.

Carole set off for the address in Regents Park, an affluent area of London.

She pulled up outside an eight bedroom house on the Outer Circle of the park. Even Carole was blown away by the property.

‘Damn, this must be worth in excess of twenty five million pounds,’ thought Carole. ‘No wonder they want to keep her sweet.’

She parked in a reserved space for the property and made her way to the front door.

She rang the bell and waited.

A minute later the huge oak door opened and she was beckoned in by a very pretty petite Thai girl who was dressed in a smart black dress that came up to mid thigh.

Carole thought the girl looked sexy but also very classy.

As the girl walked away after telling her to follow Carole appraised the young girl.

Mid twenties maybe, slim with long black hair that hung straight and down to her waist.

They entered a sitting room where a very elegant lady sat reading the Sunday papers.

‘Ah, you must be Carole. I’ve heard a lot about you from Cynthia. Good things I may say.’

Miss Spedding rose to shake Carole’s hand and bade her to sit on an armchair opposite.

Carole saw she was a good looking slim woman in a close fitting black silk dress that came down to her knees. Carole guessed she was wearing dark grey stockings and could see she had on shiny black ankle boots, Miss Spedding wasn’t wearing any jewelry.

As she sat down Carole got a better look at her face. Dark brown eyes enhanced by a dark grey eye shadow, high cheek bones,full lips with a dark red gloss and perfect white teeth. Her hair was in a bun that gave off a strict but classy look.

‘Would you care for a drink my dear?’ Miss Spedding asked.

‘Er..no I’d better not as I’m driving,’ replied Carol.

‘Nonsense, one glass of wine won’t hurt.’

Carole decided not to argue and just smiled.

‘Bee, two glasses of chilled Sancerre please!’

After the wine Miss Spedding asked Carole to follow her.

A nervous Carole made her way downstairs to find several rooms beneath the house.

There was a cinema room a gymnasium and an indoor pool.

Carol was amazed at what was down there but the room she gasped at when she saw it was like a bedroom cum dungeon.

It was light and nicely decorated and it had a large king sized bed at one end and several devices covered with soft black padded leather. Chains hung from the ceiling and implements adorned the wall.

Miss Spedding saw Carole looking aghast at what was on show.

‘My little fetish, dear.’

Carole was getting really nervous now but she could see no way out. She thought of the money and tried to stay calm.

‘Bee, could you remove Carole’s dress please?’

Bee eased the zip down and peeled the dress from Carole’s body.

‘Oh I see you’ve dressed for the part?’ stated Miss Spedding.

‘Which part would that be?’ asked Carole bravely.

‘That of a slut of course,’

‘Lower the chains,’ Miss Spedding ordered.

Bee escort gaziantep bayan numaraları went to the wall and pressed a button that lowered the chains down.

Miss Spedding took Carole by the arm and walked to the center of the room where the chains hung at chest height.

Carole was getting extremely uncomfortable by now but didn’t resist when Bee took one wrist and Miss Spedding the other and fastened them to cuffs at the end of each chain.

Bee then walked back to the wall and wound the chains back up until Carole was standing on her toes.

‘So my dear, how are you feeling now?’

Carole couldn’t answer as she was sure her voice would give away her fear.

‘Bee, remove her bra!’

Bee undid the clasps at her back and let the bra fall forward.

‘Oh dear, ‘ said Miss Spedding. ‘We can’t see your superb breasts fully.’

With that she took a pair of scissors and snapped at the straps and pulled the garment off.

‘That’s better. You’d better slip her panties off now then Bee before we have to cut those off too!’

Bee peeled Carole’s cream silk thong down her thighs and off before handing them to her boss.

‘Ah such a sweet aroma. I think by the wetness of your thong you are beginning to enjoy this. Now the spreader bar Bee.’

A three feet spreader bar was attached to each ankle forcing Carole’s legs apart.

‘Just how we want you!’

Miss Spedding walked up to Carole and gazed at the younger woman’s body.

Carole took the chance to look at her captor. She could see the older lady wasn’t wearing a bra and noticed her rock hard nipples pushing at the shiny silk dress.

‘Cynthia was correct. You are the right slut for the job!’

Carole was taken aback but thought maybe they were right. She was a slut, but a well paid slut.

Miss Spedding went to a cabinet and took out a medium sized flogger. She stood in front of Carole and draped the soft leather tendrils over her shoulders, down her breasts and over her corseted body.

Carole shuddered in anticipation.

Unknown to Carole Bee had retrieved a eighteen inch long leather strap, three inches wide with an eight inch wooden handle. She stood quietly behind the unsuspecting woman.

Miss Spedding flicked the flogger over Carole’s nipples making her gasp.

‘Oh, did you like that?’

She did it slightly harder causing Carole to groan,

Next she lashed out at Carole’s hips then lower towards her crotch.

Carole gasped and moaned as the strands caressed her pubic area.

When Miss Spedding brought the flogger up between her legs Carole let out a long moan as the soft leather caught her pussy.

‘You like the pleasure do you. I hope you like the pain as well.’

She gave been a nod and the next time she brought the flogger back between Carole’s thighs Bee landed a blow on her peachy white arse.

Carole let out a groan and bucked her thighs as the blows rained down on her from both sides.

‘Of fuck, ‘she thought. ‘If they keep this up I’m going to cum!’

‘Oh you gorgeous little pain slut!’

Suddenly they stopped and Carole groaned.

‘No! Please don’t stop. I’m nearly there.’ she begged.

Miss Spedding walked up to Carole and kissed her hard on the lips, slipping her tongue into her mouth.

Carole kissed back like a parched man being offered water.

Soon they were battling tongues with the older lady pulling on Carole’s hard nipples.

‘Bee, come here,’ she ordered as she broke away from Carole.

Bee stood in front of Carole with Miss Spedding directly behind her Thai servant.

‘Time we had some real fun!’

Miss Spedding unzipped Bee’s black dress and let it fall to the floor.

Carole could see she wasn’t wearing a bra as her pert breasts stood out with their hard nipples. She was wearing black hold ups, black heels and a pair of tight shiny black PVC panties.

Miss Spedding took hold of both sides of the panties and said, ‘let the entertainment begin!’

As she peeled down the knickers Carole gasped in surprise as out popped a thick seven inch cock.

Miss Spedding reached around Bee’s body and stroked the cock to full hardness.

‘Get to it Bee, fuck the slut!’

Bee walked behind Carole who could then feel the Thai ladyboy rubbing her cock up and down her wet pussy lips. All of a sudden Bee pushed hard and entered her.

‘She is very good. Why do you think I employ her. She keeps me happy most nights. Let’s all enjoy ourselves!’

Miss Spedding walked up to Carole and began playing with her breasts and nipples as Bee fucked her.

‘Oh God!’ exclaimed Carole as she was being abused.

Miss Spedding again began to flog her breasts and pussy forcing Carole to push back onto Bee’s cock.

Carole was panting.

‘Oh God yes! Oh fuck. Harder, Fuck me harder. Flog my clit I’m …Oh fuck!’

And with that she came hard.

Bee pulled out, her rock hard cock gleaming with Carole’s juices.

‘Take her down.’

Carole escort gaziantep pornoları wondered if her ordeal was finally over but Miss Spedding had other plans.

‘Hop onto the bed will you dear, poor Bee hasn’t cum yet!’

Carole wearily flopped onto the bed as Bee climbed on and threw her onto her back before impaling herself on the prone woman.

‘Oh I do like to watch Bee fuck. She is so beautiful and elegant. You wouldn’t expect someone so gorgeous to have such a brutal cock.

By now Carole’s legs were wrapped around the young Thai shemale’s waist as they both rutted. Carole was surprised at Bee’s staying power.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Miss Spedding pulling up her skirt to waist height showing off her pantyless pussy covered in masses of grey hair.

She saw her climb onto the bed and straddle her face before dropping her dress over Carole’s head effectively blocking her sight before she lowered her wet hairy pussy onto the younger woman’s lips.

‘Pleasure me slut!

Carole licked and sucked the older woman to two orgasms as Bee brought Carole off three times before exploding deep inside her.

When they had finished using her Carole was told to wash, dress and leave.

Sitting in her car before she drove home Carole thought about what she had experienced over the last couple of hours.

‘Bloody hell. Val is not going to believe this,’ she laughed.

‘Oh God, that is so fucking hot! A shemale? A beautiful girl with a hard cock?’ Val shook her head in astonishment. She was also very horny thinking about what she heard.

‘Where can I get one?’

Carole laughed at her friend’s reaction and they both giggled at the absurdity of it all.

A couple of weekends later it was Carole’s boss Brian and Cynthia Needham’s Summer barbecue at their home for family and friends. As Josh was now eighteen he had been invited too.

‘Now! Don’t get drunk, say anything rude or letch after any young girls that may be there,’ admonished his mother.

‘What about any old girls?’ Josh responded cheekily.

‘Just behave yourself,’ sighed Carole.

The party was in full swing by the time they arrived in their taxi,

Brian was organising the caterers who were barbecuing the food and Cynthia was floating around chatting to her guests, making sure they all had drinks.

Josh couldn’t take his eyes off Cynthia.

She was wearing a tight shiny silver dress with what Josh hoped were shiny silver stockings and silver high heels. He thought she looked the epitome of glamour.

Carole on the other hand thought she had gone over the top but admired the older woman for having the courage to wear it.

The food was plentiful and delicious and the wine and beers were flowing.

Carole was chatting to some people she’d been introduced to by Brian and Josh was trying hard to keep out of trouble but kept looking over at Cynthia.

Cynthia had noticed the young boy’s stares and thought it was quite cute. She decided she would have some fun with him.

A little while later Josh went inside to use the bathroom.

The downstairs toilet was busy so he walked upstairs to the guest bathroom.

After he relieved himself he washed his hands and opened the door to leave when Cynthia pushed him back in, closing the door and locking it.

‘Hello Josh, are you enjoying yourself?’

‘Er…ye..yes thank you Mrs Needham,’ replied a flustered Josh.

‘It;s so nice to see young people have fun,’ said Cynthia closing in on him.

Josh was now backing away but Cynthia kept coming forward until finally Josh was pressed again the wash basin.

‘Do you like older women Josh?’

He could only nod.

‘Do you like my dress?’

Again Josh was speechless and nodded.

‘Here feel how sexy the material is,’ she said taking Josh’s hand and running it up her smooth stomach and over her breasts.

Josh gasped and could feel his cock straining at the front of his shorts.

Cynthia thought it would be fun to tease the boy a little more so she stepped in close to kiss him.

As their lips met she pushed her body onto his and froze.

‘What is that?’ she thought moving her hand between them and grasping his large, hard young cock.

Cynthia was flustered but kept on kissing him as her hand stroked his cock.

Breaking away she said, ‘I’ll see you at eleven o’clock on Monday morning at your house. Make sure you are showered and smelling good. Nod if you would like me to visit.’

Josh gasped but nodded yes.

Carole thought the party had gone really well. She was quite tipsy by the time Josh helped her into the taxi to take them home.

‘Did you enjoy it darling?’ she asked her son cuddling up to him on the back seat of the car.

‘Yea…yeah, it was OK,’ he replied.

‘It’s still early,’ said Carole looking at her watch. ‘What do you want to do when we get home?’

Josh just wanted to go to bed and wank at the thought of Cynthia coming on to him and escort gaziantep portalı about what would happen on Monday.

‘Oh I think I’ll go to bed and read.’ he said.

‘Oh you are boring!’ his mother pouted.

Sunday was a day of rest but on Monday when his mother had gone off to work he jumped in the shower and made sure he was squeaky clean and smelling nice.

He didn’t have any breakfast as he was too nervous to eat.

‘What if she doesn’t come? Was she just having fun with me?’

Doubts started to enter his head but then it was nearly eleven and the doorbell rang.

‘Oh fuck!’ exclaimed Josh as he tried to compose himself and went to answer the door.

Cynthia barged past him and said, ‘Good morning Josh,’

She was wearing a full length raincoat that was closed fully from her throat to her ankles.

‘Er.. Go good morning Mrs Needham.’

‘You’d better start calling me Cynthia as we’re going to get to know each other extremely well over the next couple of hours.’

‘Right young man, lead the way to your bedroom!’ Cynthia ordered.

Josh climbed the stairs not believing what was going on.

When they got to his room he’d forgotten that his bed wasn’t made and his clothes were strewn across the floor.

It didn’t seem to faze Cynthia as she took off her coat to reveal the dress, stockings and shoes she had worn on Saturday at the party.

‘Aren’t you going to kiss me Josh?’

Josh moved in towards the older woman as she pulled him in tight and kissed him hard.

Her hand sneaked down to the front of his shorts and began to rub his stiffening cock.

‘Good boy!’ she thought.

She undid the button on his shorts and peeled them down his naked thighs before pulling off his polo shirt.

Once Josh was naked she led him to his bed and told him to lie down.

She stood looking at Josh before taking his hand.

‘You seemed to like what I wore at the barbecue so I thought you might appreciate seeing it again. Do you like the feel of my silver lurex stockings?’ she asked as she placed the palm of Josh’s hand on the inside of her thigh.

She moved his hand higher to the top of her stocking before pulling it further up so his hand cupped her recently shaved sex.

I did it for you this morning. Feel how wet I am for you darling!’

Josh used his hand to explore the older woman’s pussy as she stroked his rock hard cock.

She knelt on the bed, pulling up her dress to the tops of her thighs then swung one leg over Josh so she was sitting astride his waist.

Cynthia leaned forward and placed her hands either side of his head.

‘Do you think you can handle an older woman Josh?’

Josh, too scared to talk, just nodded.

‘Oh, I hope so because I’m going to enjoy you!’

She lowered her head and kissed Josh softly on the lips before sitting back slightly and offering him her breasts to caress over the shiny dress.

Josh was amazed at how hard and how sensitive the older lady’s nipples were as he stroked them.

‘Oh God, Josh. That is so good.’

‘Oh fuck. I’m going to have to screw you!’ she said as she moved back down the boy’s body and taking hold of his cock rubbed it between her already wet pussy lips before sinking down slowly onto it.

Cynthia began to ride him gently at first before speeding up her thrusts.

Josh gasped and knew he wouldn’t be able to last and tried to tell her but she kept on fucking him.

With a grunt he came hard, shooting his spunk into her sucking cunt.

Cynthia guessed he wouldn’t last long but hoped he wouldn’t go soft as she kept shagging him. She wasn’t disappointed.

Soon it was her turn to orgasm. With a shout of ‘Oh God’ she came all over the young boy’s thighs.

They laid beside each other getting their breath back.

‘Wow, Josh! That was very good. I hope you loved it as much as I did.’

Josh found his voice and confirmed he had enjoyed it very much.

‘Good boy, maybe you could do most of the work this time.’

Cynthia laid back with her legs open and beckoned Josh to get on top and fuck her.

Soon her silver stocking clad thighs were wrapped around his waist as she bucked up against him.

They fucked for two hours before Cynthia had to leave.

‘I do hope we can do this again soon darling,’ she told him before she left.

A week later Brian asked Carole if she could accompany him to a meeting he was having at The House of Lords.

‘This time you will be solely eye candy,’ laughed Brian when he saw the worried look in Carole’s eyes. ‘Cynthia would have loved to have gone with me but unfortunately she has promised to be elsewhere.’

Carole said she would look forward to it.

Three days later an excited Carole met Brian the Central Lobby of the House of Lords.

‘What did you say his name was?’ asked Carole.

‘Lord Fulbrook,’ answered Brian. ‘His wife died a couple of years ago. She was wealthy in her own right and it has taken this long for his legal team to secure the money. She didn’t have any living relatives but they needed to confirm that no one would be able to come along to put a claim on her estate.’

Just then Lord Fulbrook’s personal secretary introduced herself and led them to an office where they could sit and wait.

‘Please take a seat and I’ll let his Lordship know you are here. He shouldn’t be long.’

Brian and Carole chatted about the building and what her role would be.

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