“Oh, No! We Forgot our Uniforms!”

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When you hear the siren, you don’t hesitate. There’s no time to worry about your hair or makeup, and the enemy doesn’t care if you’re ready. You just grab your rifle and rush to your assigned position- that’s how it works.

But things had been quiet lately in the region. I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘peace,’ but it was a nice change from what it had been when we first got there. Perhaps I had gotten a little bit too complacent for my own good. Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped off all of my uniforms at the camp’s laundry service in preparation for my three-day pass. Maybe I shouldn’t have locked up the few civilian clothes that I hadn’t mailed ahead, aside from the clingy black dress that was ill-suited for combat. I really didn’t have an excuse- it was entirely my fault. But at least I wasn’t alone; my bunk-mate did the same exact thing. They say great minds think alike. I think it was pretty clear that we were very far from being great minds, but we certainly did think alike.

We were both still asleep that morning when the first of the mortars hit. It was a sound that I hadn’t heard in a long time- that low whistle followed by the thunderous blast. Moments later, there was a second followed by the wail of the siren. I jumped out of bed, heart pounding and adrenaline flowing. Katie and I looked at each other for a brief moment, as though trying to decide what we would do.

But there really wasn’t any other option. Uniform or no uniform, we had to fight. Our lives, and those of our friends, depended on it. So we did the only thing that we could do- we grabbed our rifles and headed out the door, clothed only in our sheer bra and panties. Sure, it wasn’t ideal. But at least we’d be where we were needed.

“At least it’s warm out,” Katie joked. She always had a dry sense of humor, and even now I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. She was right, though. If not for the gunfire and explosions, it would have been a nice day.

Men rushed past in all directions, racing to their positions so they could return fire. I was a little bit surprised that no one really paid any attention to us. I guess it was easy to get tunnel vision in a firefight. And the moment I heard the first ricochet nearby, I was exactly the same way.

Nothing mattered except repelling the enemy. Shoot, move and communicate. My training took over, and everything was reflexive. I selected my targets and fired in between breaths. I reloaded without even thinking about it, and I took cover when the enemy wasn’t being fully suppressed. When they were, I advanced.

I really had no way of knowing how long the battle lasted; I only knew that we had successfully repelled the attack. I carefully inspected my body- it wasn’t unusual to be hit and not even know it until the adrenaline wore off. I didn’t know how many we had killed, and likely never would if they took their dead and wounded away with them. We’d do the same thing, if it was possible. It robs the enemy of a trophy and hides your losses. But I did know that we didn’t lose any- a small miracle, given the circumstances.

I was relieved to see Katie. She, also, was untouched. Well, unharmed at least. I knew for a fact that ‘untouched’ didn’t exactly describe my very good friend. It was one of the things that I liked about her; one of the many things that we had in common. It took a moment before I realized that I wasn’t the only one looking at her, either. Half of the men that gaziantep bayan escort surrounded us were staring at the beautiful young woman, standing in her underwear and clutching a rife. The other half, I soon realized, were staring at me. The air was thick with the post-battle, testosterone-fueled lust that I could see reflected in their eyes. I knew what they wanted. They wanted us.

Maybe it was the rush of surviving another battle, or maybe it was the fact that I hadn’t been properly fucked in months. Whatever the reason, I realized that I wanted the same thing that they wanted. And just as badly, if not more so. I could already feel my body reacting; my pussy seemed to keep a little bit wetter and warmer, and my nipples pressed against the thin fabric of my bra. As I came closer to Katie, I could see that she was thinking (and probably experiencing) the same exact thing.

The men followed, closing around us like a pack of wild animals surrounding their prey. I supposed that wasn’t too far from the truth. I knew that they were watching us… hoping. Planning. Preparing.

“It looks like they like our new uniforms,” Katie joked, breaking the tension. She ran her hands over her very revealing bra and cupping her breasts. She looked at me, then at the men closest to her. She had that look about her- that look that she could do so well. It was both mysterious and enticing, and it always drove men wild. Hell, it always made even my panties a little damp when she flashed her deep blue eyes the way that she did. She just exuded raw sexuality.

“I guess they do,” I replied with a grin, playing along. I couldn’t pull off the ‘sexual goddess’ look like Katie could. I was more the ‘gawky teenager that always forgot she grew into her looks’ type. It worked for me and guys seemed to like it, so I guess they saw an opportunity to have the best of both worlds. I felt like Katie and I were the lucky ones- they had two of us to share; we had as many as we wanted. “They’d probably like it a lot more on the floor, though,” I added. I wasn’t as sensual as something Katie may have come up with, perhaps, but they seemed to appreciate the sentiment all the same.

“Should we find out?” she giggled. She didn’t bother waiting for an answer. I think we both shared the feeling that we couldn’t afford to string them along much more anyways. They were definitely ready, and they followed directly behind us as we walked back inside. It really didn’t matter where we went at that point, but we both seemed to settle on our shared bedroom. We were comfortable there, and judging by the number of men that crowded into the room after us, comfort was going to be an important factor sooner or later. I glanced at Katie. I was nervous- I had never done anything even remotely like this before. But she seemed completely calm and collected- excited, even. I found my strength in her; if I was going to do this, I was glad it was with my best friend.

I didn’t really know what to expect next. I had only ever been with one man at a time before this. Of course, having multiple partners was one of my favorite fantasies, but I had never really planned it out. I guess I’d be flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak. I assumed that I’d head to my bed and Katie would go over to her own, and the men would each choose which one of us they wanted first. But that assumed that Katie and I would have any sort of control beyond our consent. With that given, we were only along for the ride. Or, perhaps more accurately, they were the ones that were there for a ride.

Rough, firm hands grabbed me by the shoulders and lowered me to my knees. There was a flurry of activity around me as dozens of men quickly stripped off their clothes; I was surrounded by hard, throbbing cocks. Some of them were pointed expectantly at my body, while others were being slowly stroked as the men waited their turns. It seemed that there was some sort of hierarchy among them, whereas the alpha males of the bunch instinctively knew that they would get to go first. It didn’t really matter to me who went first or who went last- as long as they all went.

My bra was torn from my body. I was pretty sure that it broke the clasp, but I really didn’t care- I was just glad to have it off of me. It felt liberating to have my tits exposed for them all to see. There were a few cheers from the crowd; rough hands grabbed at my breasts and pinched my nipples, which only excited me further. I glanced over at Katie, who I found also on her knees next to me. Her bra was long gone, and she already had one cock in her mouth and another in each of her hands. I watched, fascinated, as the veiny shaft slid in and out of her mouth, and I saw her tongue press against the inside of her cheek as she worked it around the tip. She took him deep into her throat each time he pushed into her, and I could hear him moan with the pleasure that she was bringing to him.

I was so lost in the erotic scene that I was startled when I felt something press against my own lips. My eyes crossed, and I saw the tip of a cock pressing towards my mouth, demanding entry. And who was I to protest? I was there to get thoroughly fucked, and they were there to fuck me. We all had our roles to play.

I opened my mouth and took him in, just as Katie finished with her first one. I heard him groan and turned my head slightly so I could see- just in time to watch his thick load shoot all over her face and tongue. She swallowed what filled her mouth but left the rest on her fair skin as she took the next man into her mouth without missing a beat.

No, don’t get distracted, I reminded myself. The man in my mouth deserved my full attention, so I gave it to him. I started sucking his cock, taking his as deep into my mouth as I could without gagging. I could hear the rhythmic sound of men masturbating near me. I explored the sound with my fingers, running both my left and right hands along their legs until I found their cocks. I had no idea who they were, but I took over for them, stroking their cocks in unison.

It didn’t take very long before the man in my mouth came. I’d never swallowed before, but in that moment I wanted it more than I had ever wanted anything before. I didn’t have the showmanship that Katie did. Where she pulled away and opened her mouth wide to provide a sexy target, I swallowed him as deep as I possibly could. I couldn’t quite get him very deep into my throat, but I gladly fought against my gag reflex for him. He grabbed the back of my head and held me in place with his cock erupted, shooting his thick cum down my throat and into my belly.

I loved it. I loved the sound he made; I loved the sensation as it slid down my throat; I loved the feeling of his hand gripping the back of my head when he came. I was hooked, and I wanted more.

Everything after that was a blur. When the two men came over my fingers, another two took their place. When the next man came in my mouth, I swallowed every drop and waited for the next. Someone came on my face; another shot his warm load over my tits. I was quickly getting coated in cum, and a quick look at Katie revealed that I wasn’t the only one.

It wasn’t long before the remaining men grew tired of our mouths and hands. I was actually surprised that it took so long, and my body was very ready.

Katie and I were both lifted onto my bed, placed side by side like cordwood. The room smelled and sounded like pure sex. Someone removed Katie’s panties, lifting her ass to pull the tiny garment from her body. And then, he was inside her. I watched her face when he entered her; he was huge, so there was a little bit of pain in her expression, but it was quickly replaced with pleasure.

Someone spread my legs, but they didn’t bother taking off my panties. They just slid the fabric to the side to expose my wet pussy, then shoved their cock inside me. The feeling was amazing, and I was immediately reminded just how wonderful life could be. He slid very deep inside my pussy, hitting exactly the right spot by the time I felt his balls press against my ass. I moaned, desperate for the release that was only being hinted at now.

I looked over to my best friend once again, watching her get thoroughly fucked. She turned and saw me, then smiled. A fresh load of cum glistened on her lips, and it stayed connected when they parted slightly. She moaned passionately, then leaned in close to me. I didn’t even think about it when she kissed me, but I kissed her back deeply. I could taste the cum on her lips, and I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth as she explored it. Someone came on our faces, landing on our locked lips either due to luck or very careful aim.

Katie’s soft hands found my body, then ran down it towards my pussy. I could feel her fingers graze my pussy lips, lingering on the shaft that pumped in and out of me. Finally, she settled on my clit, gently rubbing it as someone fucked me.

I returned the favor- it was only fair. I could tell that the men liked it when I played with her pussy; perhaps that’s why the man that was in my pussy then came so quickly. I felt him grab my waist, pulling me against his body with each thrust. He pressed deep inside me when he came- I could feel his cock swell inside me, then twitch as it released. He came a lot, too; I could feel it fill me, overflowing around his cock and leaking from my pussy lips. When he pulled out I felt empty, even though Katie’s fingers took its place and started playing with the leaking cum. But she didn’t stay very long. She moved when the next cock took its place.

I had no idea how many men I fucked that night. I lost count at some point. My body was moved as though I were a sex doll, put into the positions that they wanted. My favorite of the night was when I was put on my hands and knees so one man could fuck my pussy while another fucked my mouth. At that same time, Katie was on her back, folded over and being fucked hard in the ass. It was everything I wanted, even though I hadn’t realized it before now.

When it was all over, Katie and I were left alone. Some of the men gave each other high-fives on the way out. Someone took my panties as a souvenir. Someone took a picture. I fell asleep next to Katie, covered in cum and exhausted. We were both happy and, for the first time in a very long time, satisfied.

“Want to do this again?” Katie whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

I nodded. I couldn’t wait.

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