Old Friend

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I was traveling recently on business, and happened to run into an old girlfriend in the airplane on the return trip. We dated for several months a few years back, and due to mutual differences, we amicably parted ways. We did however, share some incredible times, especially when it came to our sex lives. We seemed to be very compatible in bed, and we both got pretty good at driving the other crazy.

The airplane was quite empty, so we decided to share a row of seats. We talked about each other’s new life events, and caught each other up on our recent pasts. Of course, as the flight progressed, so did the conversation turn to private lives, new and old. We found out that we were both currently unattached, and then we began talking about the fun times we had together. We reminisced about old friends, and some of the choice sexual encounters we shared. It really seemed like we were so good for each other, and things were so much like old times again.

As we were reliving those exciting past days, I felt myself getting quite excited and felt that familiar stirring in my crotch. It seemed especially exciting talking so openly about those times, and I think Sue felt the same way. A few times I saw her glancing at my “uncomfortable state,” and she just smiled and said that this was having the same effect on her too. Her knowing how much she was turning me on made me get yet more excited.

She said if I was game, she had an idea she thought I might enjoy. Given the tone of her voice, I just agreed. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I knew to trust her sense of adventure, so I waited patiently for her move. Soon, the flight was landing, and I looked at her quizzically. She just smiled and said not to worry. We deplaned together and she led us to one of those airport private club areas.

She went ahead and had a few words with one of the women working there. The other woman looked at me and smiled and led us to a nearby conference room, led us inside, and closed the door with a smile.

We went into the conference room, and Sue came towards me slyly. We embraced and started kissing. Soon, our tongues were dancing in and out of each other’s mouths, and her hands grabbed my ass and pulled my aching crotch against her stomach. She pushed her crotch against my leg and rubbed herself. She started kissing and biting my neck; she remembered how much that drives me crazy. I lifted her blouse from her skirt, and slid a hand to cup her breast. I felt her gasp as I played with her hard nipple through her bra. I unclasped her bra, and my hand found the soft flesh of her breast. This time I gasped at the incredible fullness of her breast in my hand.

I bent forward to take her breast in my mouth, and sucked hard on her rock-hard nipple. She took the opportunity to grab the front of my pants with her free hand, and squeeze my bakırköy escort truly aching cock. She rubbed me with the palm of her hand, and moved my cock around inside my pants to create incredible friction between my sensitive cock head and my undershorts. She used to be able to make me come in my pants by doing that.

I managed to slide her underpants down beneath her skirt, and slid my finger against her moist slit. She moaned softly as I kept sucking on her nipple, and I slid one finger slowly into her wet pussy. She grabbed my cock firmly in her hand and pulled me up to kiss her fully on the lips. She pulled my hand from her crotch and looked me full in the eyes as she slipped my finger wet with her juices into her mouth. She softly closed her lips around my finger and sucked it firmly. The feeling was intense, and she knew the effect this was having on me.

She pulled my finger from her lips and guided me to sit on the edge of the table. She started undoing my belt and told me that there was something she wanted to show me that she thought I would enjoy. I was pretty speechless at this point and would have done almost anything to continue this encounter. I just nodded and told her to proceed.

Sue finished to undo my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. My cock was sticking out and up creating quite the tent inside my boxer shorts. She took her time and pulled those down too. She still had yet to touch the skin of my hardness, and she knew the anticipation was what I liked. She took her time and pulled a chair and positioned it in between my legs. She sat down and ran her hands up and down my legs telling me how much she used to enjoy making me crazy. I told her she did then and still does now. I asked her what this “new thing” was she was going to show me.

She brought one hand to my face and caressed my lips and the other hand took hold of the base of my cock. She looked at me and said, “I want you to suck on my fingers the way you want me to suck on your cock.”

Her one hand stroked the sensitive underside of my cock while the other parted my lips slightly for encouragement.

Then she said, “you’ll get the picture.”

I instinctively flicked at her fingertip which was just slightly in my mouth. Sue dipped her head to my cock and took the tip also slightly into her mouth and flicked at the tip. At first I just gasped and relished the feeling of her mouth on me. She encouraged me further by pushing her finger deeper into my mouth while sinking her mouth deeper on my cock. Then I began to get the picture. She would translate everything my mouth was doing to her finger to her mouth on my cock. I sucked harder on her finger and slid my tongue firmly along the underside of her slim finger. I pulled her finger in and out a few times continuing to suck with firm pressure. beşiktaş escort Sue kept true to her word, and followed suit and did the very same motions to my aching member. I let my hand rest on the back of her head and ran my fingers through her smooth hair. While one of Sue’s hands was busy in my mouth, the other was grasping the base of my shaft.

I pulled her finger out and nibbled at the tip and down the sides. I looked down and enjoyed the view of this gorgeous woman’s head in my lap.

We continued this game for a few more minutes when Sue stopped and looked up at me and said, ” Well? What do you think?”

I told her the feeling was absolutely intense, and I didn’t know how much longer I could last. She promptly replied, “I’ll take care of that. I think I remember how to finish you off.” She winked at me, smiled and returned her mouth to my cock with abandon. She massaged my balls in one hand and sucked me deeply into her mouth. She applied firm pressure with her mouth and began to bob up and down with her head. She pumped the base of my cock with the other hand and I felt that familiar stirring in my groin.

I told her how good that felt and she just groaned in acknowledgement and continued her expert ministrations. I let my hands rest on the back of her head again and let her take over. I knew I was going to come soon, and I knew Sue knew by my motions and my breathing. She kept an excruciatingly slow but steady rhythm on me and I felt myself tip over the edge as my orgasm hit. I shot my come into Sue’s awaiting mouth as she kept pumping my cock. I tried to keep my groans of sheer pleasure down as not to attract attention and Sue kept swallowing my seed. I managed to return to earth and Sue released my cock from her mouth once she sucked every drop from me.

I must have had quite a dumb, happy smile, because Sue said, “I thought you’d enjoy that. Now it’s my turn.”

With that, she jumped up next to me on the table and guided me to the chair she previously occupied. I took my time and slowly raised her skirt up to her hips, and she helped me by raising herself up to allow me better access. I bent forward and took her breast in my mouth again, and slid one hand down to her moistness. Sue pulled my head to her chest with one hand, and covered my hand with the other. After a couple of moments of teasing her, Sue pulled my hand to her mouth and sucked the juices off. I took that as my cue and made myself comfortable between her legs. The sight and smell of her wonderful pussy brought back memories of our past, and continued to stir my desire at this encounter. She sucked my fingers up and down and pressed her tongue between my two fingers.

I in turn licked her pussy lips up and down and then inserted my tongue slowly into her canal. She moaned her approval, and flicked her beylikdüzü escort tongue at the space where my index finger joins my long finger. I took this to be where she wanted me to concentrate, and I flicked at her clitoris just as she was doing to my hand. Then as I felt her suck hard at my hand I could feel her tongue dancing and darting at the palm of my hand between her lips.

It’s quite amazing the sensations the skin of one’s hand can feel, and I wasted no time in translating this to my tongue on her clit.

I could tell she was enjoying this, because her breathing was getting shallow and quicker, and her movements were getting more urgent. I could feel the steady stroking her tongue was giving my hand, and I stroked her pleasure center just the way she wanted me to.

I used my free hand to hold her pussy open for me, and then slid one, then two fingers deep inside her. She kept sucking at that spot on my hand, so kept up my hand and mouth action on her sex. I twirled my fingers inside her and pushed them in as deep as they would go, never forgetting to do exactly as her mouth told me to do. Sue obviously didn’t want to be teased any more this day, and I kept up my rhythm on her. I could sense her urgency as her orgasm approached. I felt her hands tighten on my head as she came on my mouth. She was not as good as I was in keeping her voice down, but me ears were sandwiched between creamy thighs, I wasn’t sure how much she yelled. Her hips rocked against my mouth as her climax rocked her body. I held her tightly throughout her passion and as she came down, she pulled me up to her and kissed me fully on the lips, tasting her own juices.

As we kissed, Sue’s hand snaked down and continued to play with my still-hard cock. She deftly inched herself forward so that my cock slid easily into her waiting pussy. She pulled my ass towards her and I sank into the lovely recess of her sex. I held her breasts in my hands and played with her nipples. We kissed deeply, tongues flicking and dancing with each other. She nibbled at my earlobe, and then began to bite my neck. She knew what this was doing to me, and I picked up the rhythm of my hard cock sliding in and out.

She then leaned back and steadied herself with her hands behind her. I relished the sight of this beautiful woman in front of me, breasts bouncing with each thrust, and watching my glistening cock moving into her.

We smiled at each other and she said, “I want to feel you come inside me this time.”

Just hearing those words from her mouth was enough to send me over the edge again, and I burst my load inside her as she bid. Sue was right behind me and I felt her orgasm hit her as well. We grasped at each other and held each other close as out mutual climaxes subsided.

I was virtually speechless, but I know Sue could tell by my reactions to her advances that I was more than satisfied with her new adventurous approach. We composed ourselves, and parted the conference room, and received a knowing smile from the woman who guided us in there. I don’t know what will happen to this relationship, but I think new potential has been realized.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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