Olympic Bet Ch. 01

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This story contains foot worship that you may not enjoy reading about. If so, please listen to the authority figure watching this story develop telling you, “Move on! Nothing to see here! Just move on!” Thank you!

But, if you do choose to read this, please let me know what you think of it in a public comment (preferably) or in a private message to me. Again, thank you for reading and (I hope!) commenting.

Part One – The Bet

First, a little important information to help you appreciate what occurred:

I’m Dan, and I’m married to Pam. You can learn about our ages, lifestyle, and physical characteristics by reading the first few paragraphs of my story Farmers Market (although I hope you choose to read it all if you haven’t done so or if you wish to refresh your memory).

I’m a normal man in that I love women and I love sex. I love all what I guess you could call the “usual” or “normal” attributes most straight or bisexual men like about women. I like her nice pair of legs, her tits and nipples, her ass, and her pussy. I love to fondle, kiss, lick, and suck all those body parts. But I also like more! I have a great affinity for a lovely pair of feet and toes and love to fondle, kiss, lick, and suck them too!

So, it is not surprising that, when I saw the author’s name, silkstockinglover, at this site I would go check out her biography here. And I did so. And there I saw the picture Jasmine Walker had posted of herself. For a foot guy like me, it was arousing to peer at that photo and become excited. If you have not seen that photo, please go look at it. See the young, slim, attractive lady with her stocking-clad beautiful legs, feet, and toes on display! I was smitten! I read what her bio revealed and started reading some of her work. I was (and still am) impressed!

I commented on several of Jasmine’s stories and, in my comments, unabashedly declared my desire to have the privilege of enjoying those enticing legs, feet, and toes. My comments, however, did not result in any reaction or response from Jasmine. So, finally, I decided to send her a private message from her home page. I told her how much I loved her stories and also expressed my carnal desires for her feet and toes. That worked. Jasmine sent me a reply.

We then continued occasionally messaging each other. We didn’t write daily but often enough that, when the recently concluded Winter Olympic Games were to start, I (knowing from her bio that she is Canadian) asked her if she would like to make a bet on what was sure to be a Canada vs. USA gold medal game in women’s ice hockey. She agreed to do so, and we wagered $100 on the game. However, when the USA just squeaked by Finland and then lost to Canada in the preliminary round robin phase, she started mocking our ladies and saying the USA had no chance! Jasmine continued to provoke me until I said we should up our bet. She asked how much? $200? $500? $1,000?

I replied, “How about we make it much more interesting? How about we keep the cash bet at $100 but add a more personal aspect to the wager?”

She sent, “What do you have in mind?”

I suggested (knowing from her stories that she liked to be dominant in some relationships) that, if Canada won, I would travel to her home town in Canada and let her dominate me – tie me up and use me, even peg me! If the USA won, however, she would have to travel to my town, Concord, NH, USA, and let me enjoy her legs, feet, and toes and her entire body – that she would let me have what I had ankara eve gelen escort so long lusted for! I knew Jasmine was married and thought she wouldn’t agree to that. To my surprise (and recent delight), however, she did agree!

I admit I was mentally making plans to make the long trip to meet Jasmine in Canada when Canada was clinging to a 2 to 1 lead, and time was running out in the third period of the gold medal game. But, of course, as we all now know, the USA ladies tied the score at 2-2 late in the game, played a scoreless overtime twenty minutes, and then won the shootout when the USA goalie stopped Canada’s last shot! I’m sure it was a heartfelt victory for many of us here in the States. I, however, was feeling it more in my pubic area with dreams of slaking my lust with Ms. Jasmine Walker!

Part Two – The Payoff

Last weekend I got a call from Jasmine. She was at the Holiday Inn here in Concord with my $100 in U.S. currency and ready to payoff the rest of the bet. I then told my wife, Pam, what had happened and where I would be spending (in more than one meaning of that word!) my Saturday evening and Sunday. Once she got over her anger of me risking having to outlay such a large amount of cash for a trip to Canada and hotel accommodations and scolding me for keeping the bet and its details a secret and moaning about what it would have cost had I lost, she calmed down, took note of Jasmine’s room number where I would be, and started loudly thinking of how she might spend her weekend without me. (In the event you may not have read Farmers Market, I’ll tell you that Pam and I have an open marriage and a good number of both joint and individual playmates.) However, no matter how I felt about any of the people she contemplated entertaining for the time while I was out, nothing could dissuade me from reveling in the thoughts of how I would have Jasmine!

So, a little after 2 in the afternoon, I hopped into my Prius and took the 10 minute drive over to the Holiday Inn. I parked and locked my car and made my way to Jasmine’s room.

I knocked on the door. She came to answer it and let me in. She has dark hair cut somewhat short leaving her neck exposed and is about 5’6″ tall and slim and trim as in her photo.

I had mentally visualized Jasmine as being nude, but she was actually nicely dressed. And quite sexily too! She had on a light cashmere sweater (with no bra I guessed judging from the pokies that greeted my eyes) a flared skirt that ended just before her knees, nylons and a pair of slingback heels with a clear narrow silicone band across her instep and a thin strap just above her ankle and a pair of sheer nylons that let me see her bright red painted toes. She had diamond stud earrings in her ears and a gold necklace and her gold wedding band on her left hand.

I said, “You look very beautiful.”

“Thank you! You look very casual with your sweater, bluejeans, and athletic shoes.”

I reached out to take Jasmine in my arms to give her a gentle kiss. She, however, had a different idea; and we engaged in some tongue tangling tonsil hockey that had my bluejeans tented and my erection pressed against her.

When our kiss ended and we separated, Jasmine reached down to grasp the bottom of her sweater to take it off.

“Please don’t do that!” I said. “But it would be a good idea to remove your necklace. It looks very delicate, and I wouldn’t want it to get damaged.”

She removed just her necklace gaziosmanpaşa escort placing it on the bureau and said, “It’s your game. What else would you like?”

“I’d like you to stay otherwise dressed except take off your panties.”

“How do you know I have any on?”

“I think you do. Please take them off and hand them to me.”

I was right, and Jasmine reached under her skirt and removed them to hand the bikini style panties to me.

I held her panties in my left hand as I reached out with my right to take her hand in mine and led Jasmine over to sit in the armchair. I sat and gently pulled her down to sit in my lap.

I then took Jasmine’s panties and held them up to my nose and inhaled deeply! I loved the aroma. I felt the panties were somewhat damp. I said, “I think you are looking forward to this! These panties are wet!”

Jasmine blushed slightly but said nothing. She leaned over to kiss me again. A briefer kiss but tongues dueling nonetheless.

We broke again and I brought her panties up to my nose to inhale her scent again. I then brought the dampness to my mouth and tasted her on them! Jasmine tasted divine!

“I love your scent and your taste!”

I brought the panties back to my mouth to suck the wet out of them. After I had satisfied that desire, I put them aside; and we kissed for the next few minutes as I rubbed her back and then brought my hands to her front to caress her breasts and feel her nipples poking out the front of her sweater.

I said, “Stand up and turn around – do a 360 for me.” She did so.

I now stood up and invited Jasmine to sit in the chair. When she sat, I kneeled in front of her and took her left foot in my hand and kissed around her foot and her toes. I then did the same with her right foot.

“I need to take your shoes off!” I removed the right shoe and then the left.

“I usually prefer bare feet, but I love the way yours look in those nylons!”

I stood up; and, as Jasmine watched me, I slowly removed all my clothes and shoes and socks until I was naked and erect before her! She reached out.

“No, not yet,” I said. “Just sit there. Don’t undress any. Please just sit there!”

I wanted! I needed silkstockinglover’s feet and toes!

I kneeled back down. I took one foot in each hand and brought those nylon encased beauties up to my nose and inhaled deeply. The slightly funky aroma was intoxicating! I rubbed and just inhaled for several moments.

Then I needed to taste! I brought her right foot to my mouth and sucked the nylon covering and its contents! Aaah! Delightful! Then I did the same to her left foot! I licked and kissed and sucked Jasmine’s arches and her heels and her toes as best I could with her nylons still on her! I lifted her skirt so I could remove the stockings. She had on thigh highs. I slid my hands up her sleek legs to pull first one then the other nylon from Jasmine’s legs! With her skirt moved up, I saw her moist core and wet pussy lips! Oh, how I was tempted to dive in and devour that! But I restrained! I had more pedal worship to indulge in!

I repeated what I had done when her feet and toes were covered by the stockings! I licked, kissed, and sucked Jasmine’s arches, her heels, her entire foot. I ran my tongue is and around each toe on each foot! I sucked all the toes on one foot all at once! Then I did the same to the other! Then I did each toe on each foot individually – several times! I inhaled their aroma gölbaşı escort and delighted in their taste several times until I was sated with that!

Now I had to inhale and taste Jasmine’s essence and her juices!

“Stand up,” I commanded. “Stand in front of the chair!” As she did, I slid my fingers up Jasmine’s legs and scooped her juices onto my fingers, which I then sucked clean.

I put my head under her skirt and extended my tongue to lick her sweet offerings. I feasted on her sexual core! Jasmine’s legs started to give out. I let her sit down again. Her legs were spread wide and draped over the arms of the chair! I slid two fingers deep into her and finger fucked and stroked her g-spot as I slid my head under Jasmine’s skirt and continued to lick, kiss, and suck her lips and her slit. I listened to Jasmine moaning and sighing as I worshiped her pussy! Then she brought her thighs together and against my mouth and tongue and squeezed my head as she began to shake and shudder and quiver in orgasm! But she didn’t push away! Jasmine pulled my head into her and thrust up and down against my fingers and mouth and tongue to bring herself to several peaks of sexual ecstasy!

Finally she released me and sank back into the chair!

“My God, that was wonderful”, she exclaimed!

I said, “And there’s more to come!”

After she recovered, I helped her stand and lifted her sweater over her head confirming my thought that she was indeed braless and slid her skirt down to the floor so that now we were both totally nude. We stood and kissed with more tongue dueling. I held Jasmine close with my hard cock held against her stomach.

“Let’s go to the bed.”

I let Jasmine lead the way with my eyes enjoying the sight of her sexy ass as she walked to the bed. We pulled down the bedspread, the quilt, and the covers and lay down together on the cool sheets. We kissed more as I caressed her breasts and nipples and she fondled my cock and balls. Then I moved to kiss and suck and fondle her tits and nipples.

Jasmine pushed me onto my back and started groping my cock and balls. She leaned down and took me into her hot mouth.

“Let’s sixty-nine,” I suggested.

She moved over me and began sucking me again. I had her pussy to lick but reached up to also finger her anus and brought my tongue there to caress that pleasure center. I was close to cumming!

There was a knock at the door!

Simultaneously we asked, “Are you expecting someone?” There were mutual denials.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Open the door!” was the reply in the familiar voice of my Pam!

Jasmine and I untangled, and I went to the door and opened it. There stood Pam dressed quite sluttily in a very short skirt that I was sure didn’t cover her ass, bare-legged with a favorite set of heels that she knew would turn me on and a rather thin blouse almost totally unbuttoned showing all of her tits except her nipples, which were poking the fabric.

“What are you doing here? Oh, excuse me! Please come in. Jasmine, this is my wife, Pam. Pam, Jasmine.”

Helloes were exchanged. Pam and the bag she was carrying stepped in, and I closed the door.

Pam asked, “What have I missed? Looks as if things have progressed nicely! Has he worshiped your feet and eaten your cunt?”

Jasmine nodded.

“Well, that’s his usual modus operandi! And I’m sure you enjoyed it. He doesn’t get many complaints.”

Jasmine just smiled.

Pam continued, “But he was very naughty making that bet without checking with me. It could have been a budget buster for us if he had lost! Naughty guys need to be punished! Now it’s time!”

(Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for the next chapter of this tale, Olympic Bet – Ch. 02 – Pam’s Revenge, coming soon to a computer screen near you.)

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