On The Beach

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When we were dating, my wife (then fiancee) Sara and I decided to go to Galveston, Texas for a late-season vacation. We figured it would still be warm, but since the local school had gone back into session, we would have the beaches for ourselves, except for the weekends.

Sara is a gorgeous woman, but back in her late 20’s she was quite the knockout. Tall at 5’8″, she carries 140 pounds nicely and has some nice curves that were sensual to run your hand across. She also carries a nice set of 36c’s with large areolas that crinkle and elongate nicely when she gets aroused. She has shoulder length chestnut hair and still at 50 has a great ass, so you can imagine how she looked in her late 20s. She has a sex drive that matches mine, which says a lot since I consider myself a satyr at times! When we met, she’d had her share of men, but had never indulged in group sex of any sort, unlike myself. She did enjoy some of my accounts though of women being the center of attention of several men at once and came hard when I whispered in her ear how wet they felt when I would fuck them after multiple men had cum inside them. She also has a little exhibitionist streak in her and enjoys fucking in the outdoors, which resulted in our being caught on more than one occasion.

If she had a drawback at all it was that she couldn’t take the pill, as the hormones made her nauseated. Neither of us liked condoms and she hated the idea of an IUD, so the fallback was a diaphragm; easily the largest sexual buzzkill man has ever created. You didn’t want to put it in before foreplay, because the spermicide one needed to coat it with tasted awful during oral sex (and her pussy always has been a delight to eat!) and after foreplay started, when her pussy was well-lubed, getting it in was like wrestling a bear into her and she frequently exclaimed that “There’s nothing like having your arm stuck up inside you to kill a mood.” As a result, we frequently did a bit of risky fucking, especially while ovulating. After a year of dating though, we’d managed to avoid getting her seeded though.

So when time to plan the vacation to Galveston came, she was distraught to discover the only week we could go was about right at the prime time for her ovulation! I had been reading though conception literature to find things one could do to limit sperm potency…sort of figuring what one should avoid if wanting to get pregnant might help on making sex with Sara less risky. I offered to get a jacuzzi suite in the upper end place we wanted to stay. “I can boil those little buggers and what doesn’t kill them we can get with the spermicide after we finish.” She was hesitant but agreed to try it. She hoped for success enough that she just left the diaphragm at home.

We checked in to the hotel. After an exhausting plane ride and hassles getting a rental car, we were both pretty tired. But the next day we started with room service breakfast in the hot tub. After we got out Sara really wanted to get on the ferry and cross over to Crystal Beach on Bolivar Peninsula, where we hoped to have the beach all to ourselves. She put on her bikini, which apparently had gotten a little small since she last wore it, as it barely covered her nipples. I told her, “It’s not like anyone but me will see that little detail dear.” She laughed and said “Awww…” It was a nice drive to the beach and, just like we had hoped, it was deserted when we arrived. We drove out on the beach and parked the car, then got out and started walking and looking for shells, her in her bikini and myself in cutoff jeans and a t-shirt.

I caught her looking at me as we walked escort out of the corner of my eye with that look that I’d come to know as the “I’m Horny And I’m Gonna Wear You Out” look…smoldering. After having blown the previous night’s sex due to exhaustion, I was ready to go myself. I turned to her, pulled her body next to mine and kissed her hard, my hands sliding down her back to cup her asscheeks. I felt her hips grinding her mound against my shaft, which was swelling and getting harder by the second. She reached down, unzipped my fly and tugged my cock out, then slowly went to her knees and began to suck my cock, which was hard and beginning to throb. Her tongue worked the underside, while her lips applied just the right amount of pressure she knows I like. Coming off it for a second, she panted “I’m so horny…I want this inside me!”

I pulled her to her feet and guided her away from the high tide mark to the edge of the beach. Finding a comfy spot, I sank down to my knees, bringing her with me. She pushed me onto my back and straddled me. Pulling her crotchband aside, I could see her swollen pussylips through her well-trimmed bush. I cupped her asscheeks and pulled her forward to mount my face and gave her ovulating pussy several licks, which were greeted with sounds of lust from Sara. “I’ve got to fuck you now” she exclaimed and moving back on my body, brought my cock, sheathed in the one rubber I’d brought, to her pussylips. With none of the usual pre-insertion rubbing of my cock on her pussylips, or even pulling off her bikini bottoms, she just lowered her body onto my shaft and started moving her hips back and forth, burying me deep inside her.

I grabbed her hips and was thrusting up when I heard the sound of a truck exhaust. Sara was oblivious as I looked around to find the source. Looking south down the beach where the public access entrance was, I saw the truck, with two guys, one white, one black in the front and one white, one black, in the bed. As they approached, I saw on the side of the truck an oilfield logo. For those not familiar with the reference, it was a truck carrying crew for an oil rig. Crew generally was on a 10 day on shift, where there was nothing but 12 hour shifts in the middle of a open field. They stayed on the rig until their 10 days were up, sleeping in a bunkhouse with no privacy. When they got off, they were looking for intoxicants and pussy, not necessarily in that order. From the way they were driving, it appeared they’d found the intoxicants.

They started cutting doughnuts in the sand and honking the horn as they slowly crept closer. Sara stopped moving when she heard them, but didn’t get off. “They’ll pass” she said and buried my cock in her to her cervix. “After all, I’m still in my bikini and don’t want to risk sand in the pussy.” It was a nice idea, in theory. What she didn’t count on was this was a wolfpack and if they saw a hot woman in a bikini, it didn’t matter if she was reading the bible.

Sure enough, in a few moments they were circling us in the truck, whooping and hollering sweet nothings once they saw me like “FUCK HER” and “CAN I HAVE SOME TOO???” Sara didn’t move, but I could feel her pussy muscles milking my shaft deep inside her and her pussy was getting wetter by the second, which I knew because she was oozing ovulating pussy juice and her bikini was soaked. Her chest, still encased in the skimpy bikini top was getting flushed too, a sure sigh she was aroused and close to cumming.

So the truck parks in a way that blocks us from easy view of the beach. The guys (all pretty well built…oilfield work really buffs you eskort out) were still hollering tender sentiments and the black guy in the bed pulled out his cock. It was about 7 inches soft and very thick…about my size hard. He proudly bellowed “WHITE GIRL WANT SOME DARK MEAT FOR A CHANGE??”

Sara came.

I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing to watch. She was trying to keep from screaming, but her cunt was spasming and her hips were grinding her clit against my pelvic bone. It was clear she was enjoying this very much.

So I made a fateful decision for the two of us. I reached up and pulled down her bikini top to bare her 36 c’s. They shone in their flushed glory, nipples erect and needing a suckling in the worst way. She managed to break out of her orgasm long enough to say “What are you doing???”, but moaned as I sucked one nipple into my mouth and kneaded her asscheeks, keeping her orgasm going. A minute later, we were joined on the sand by the two guys from the back of the truck and I heard the doors open in the cab. The first two went onto their knees and took nipple duty from me while I started stroking my cock in and out of her. Sara objected weakly for a minute, then threw her head back and moaned loudly, feeling the mouths on both nipples while my cock pummeled her clit. Having her head thrown back was a good vantage to see the two other men approaching, cocks in their hands. She moaned again, then reached out to the white guy who arrived first and took his tool into her lips.

Seeing this, the two on her nipples looked at each other, grinned, and grabbed her under her armpits, lifting her off my cock. The black guy with the seven inch (and now growing) tool kissed her hard and untied the two knots holding her bikini bottom on, while guiding her to the truck, which the guy who’d suckled the other side had run over to to drop the tailgate. The other two, one of whom had just had his cock pulled from her lips, followed quickly, wanting their share. Guiding her to the bed of the truck, kissing her and squeezing her ass when she murmured “we can’t…” and “Dennis….” they laid her onto the tailgate, her legs dangling, as the two white guys opened her legs wide and the black guy in charge went down on his knees to start eating her pussy. I could hear her moan as I turned to the other black guy and asked if they’d brought rubbers. He just grinned.

Sara’s pussy was more than ready when the black guy in charge aimed his now 9 inch cock at her labia and slowly worked it up and down, hitting her clit, getting it wet with her juices and rubbing his precum into my fiancée’s fertile opening. Two of his friends held her legs wide apart, while the fourth was working on her nipples. She was going crazy, her hips bucking up to meet his cockhead. I could see it disappearing between her now-splayed and swollen pussy lips and reappearing wet with her juices. He looked at me and smiled as he leaned in and I watched her pussy swallow 3 inches of his black cock, then saw in reappear shining in the sun to the depths he’d plumbed in her. He pushed in her again and I could hear my bride-to-be moan as 6 inches went in. “Oh God, Dennis, that feels so good…is he wearing a rubber?” she asked.

I think she knew the answer but forgot it as the guy buried the full length of his shaft in my baby’s pussy, his cockhead pushing up next to her cervix. My cock grew hard, knowing just on the other side was her fertile womb and the egg traveling from her ovaries. She moaned again and the two guys holding her legs let them go. They immediately wrapped around her new black lovers ass, pulling him deep inside eskort bayan her body. He lifted her up of the tailgate and commence ramming his cock deep inside her while standing. Sara wrapped her arms around him and kissed him hard as his cock drilled deep in her with amazingly long strokes. He gripped her asscheeks and the other 3 guys and I watched his cock impaling her body as he raised and lowered her onto his shaft. Then he moaned and shortly I saw his shaft coated with his sperm mixed with her juices as he fired squirt after squirt into her fertile body. She came on him at the same time, her pink lips locked against his black lips in a passionate kiss.

He laid her down on the truck bed and withdrew his cock from her oozing cunt. I could see their juices leaking from it as one of the white guys took his place between Sara’s legs. “Damn son,” I heard him exclaim, “you must have put a gallon in her.” While not as large as his black comrade, he was a respectable 7 inches and Sara welcomed him with open arms and a kiss as he impaled her pussy in one stroke. It wasn’t long before he added his load to her quivering body. Meanwhile, the other white guy had offered his cock to Sara’s waiting mouth, which she greedily sucked in and took him deep in her mouth and throat. As his white buddy pulled out, he took his place and soon pumped his seed into her, joining the race to see which seed would take my brides egg. When he withdrew, I could see a pool of sperm under Sara’s ass on the tailgate. Finally, the last black guy, an older guy, took her, while calling her a white whore and swearing she’d carry his black baby. Sara moaned and said “Oh yeah, baby, I want your black seed in my white pussy to carry your black baby. Give it to me!!”

This continued for quite a white, with each of them using her twice. I shot my load into Sara as well, but I knew my seed would never compete with all the fertile cum in my bride-to-be’s womb. Quite a puddle of froth had accumulated under her and she scooped it up with glee, coating her nipples and breasts with it and rubbing it in, making them glisten in the sun, as the next cock entered her and her hips cocked to meet his thrusts. A couple of times the idea that soon we would have to deal with her new baby broke through the lust I was feeling, but somehow, the idea that it could be black appealed even more than the hope it would be white.

It was no surprise when she missed her period and her pee-stick showed her fertile womb had taken some of the seed that had been pumped into her and made an embryo. I asked her if she was going to keep it. She said, “Well, you sort of got me here. If I say I want to keep it, will you keep me?” I kissed her hard and said “As long as you enjoy being as sexy as you are, I’m yours.” I took her to bed and, as she came under me, shot a large load of now-pointless sperm into my bride-to-be’s pregnant body.

Eleven months later, despite her first choice of matron of honor pulling out (I never liked her anyway, as I always found her bigotry offensive), we were married. Her new bridesmaid was still single and not used to seeing breastfeeding. Her eyes were wide, watching our new black son’s mouth latch on Sara’s pink nipple to suckle the milk from her full breast. She had taken me aside and asked if I was okay with this and I told her “Honey, you have no idea how okay I was.” Sara said later she’d been dying to know how it had happened. We decided after the honeymoon maybe we’d invite her and her boyfriend over for dinner and drinks to tell the story…and maybe plan a trip to Texas in September for us all. We did and they are still are best friends…and Sara introduced her to the pleasure of having strange men take her body as well. Even now, we all still enjoy each others bodies…when our multiracial children are off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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