On The Job Sexual Encounters ~ part #1

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By B.Knucklehead

Writer’s note “All names and information about characters in this story are fake.”



Being a very attractive woman, with super sexy looks at my twenties, I had a side job of being a “call girl” but not any call girl; I was specialized in meeting VIP’s, rich and high class men and very big shots in town, being bisexual woman gave me the opportunity to meet very important women as well, as all of my secret and discrete clients, on my private and very special undercover side job.

My name is Natalie, married with a very comfortable life, I have what is so called open sexual marriage life with my husband, meaning we both love each other very much, but are free to meet and enjoy any company of anyone else including sexual relations.

I meet my clients on my job through very discrete connections that are not publicized at all, I am good at keeping secrets, that is why my clients last very long with me, especially when they enjoy my company and the special unlimited services I usually give, which I am really good at, not bragging about it, but I was told so, by almost all my clients and friends.

Before I go to my present event story, let me talk about myself a little, I do have a cover up part time, public job as an executive secretary, at the town regional office of one of the famous international companies, I also run a small business of my own, that is somehow related, but the side job I personally do is my favorite one, it does not consume much of my time, making me a woman with free time for my life and other business, my clients are well known and usually are regulars, such clients would not meet in a hotel or any other places, they would meet me either in their own private places dedicated for their own private and discreet pleasure, or at a very special place I have myself for such encounters, I am going to say it again, I am a great looking girl, with body looks that would attract anybody even on the streets, especially with the way I dress, not real slutty type of clothing but very generous type that would show and be inviting, I am considered a smart woman too, I know once I have a client for one time only, I would do my utmost efforts to make him or her happy enough to come and look for me again, especially the way I keep secrets and never talk about my job or my clients, which is something that pleases and attracts VIP’s so much, I may talk a little about what I do to very special friends, but I never mention any personal information or anything that would track any of my clients, it is usually common and general things like what I am doing now.

Almost all clients in this case are very rich, very important and discrete, sensitive people, most of them would be older ones of forties, fifties or even older, but there are the younger, handsome and active ones who would look for such things, due to lack of pleasure they have at home, either they have busy wives, or their wives would not offer what they like to do or have on mind, some of them would even be ashamed to ask their wives for such things, so they look for it outside the house, as long as it is kept undercover and very discrete, they get so happy to fulfill and satisfy all their special sexual needs when with me.

Raul is one of my regular clients, I met him through a close connection, he kept coming back, till we became very close friends, he happens to be a very rich man, a holder of an important position, besides being a business man running a few private businesses here and there, he would spend a full night with me once every two weeks or so, he used to ask me to meet him abroad for a more comfortable relation, he ends up paying travel expenses and all other expenses besides the charges.

That made him a very warm person and I have never objected to traveling along with him for a day or two, gaziantep travesti or even more, once in a while, till Raul and I started a joint business together which was a high valued business that benefited both of us, it is related to my kind of work in a way, we got a long real fine, especially when I refused to take any charges from him anymore, and he was treating me real nice as if I was his wife and or lover.

Strengthening the intimate relations between us was one of my goals as I was benefitting from him a lot and I wanted that relation to last longer, I was looking forward to more business expansions with him, especially when I discovered how sincere, honest and fair he was in dealing with me, in return he was treating me with utmost warmth, love and kindness, he even would call me his wife or lover once in a while.

Raul was married so was I, we both knew it, he clearly knew my original job of course, I was hoping these informations would make him use brakes not to let things go out of control, especially when a very close friend of mines reminded me once, that some men would take love as granted between a man and a woman, especially when intimate and sexual relations are an ongoing process with much more pleasure than he would normally get at home.

In my own thinking and my pre-set dictionary of life, I would not mind any intimate or love relationship that would involve love, sex and anything as long as it has boundaries, and would not exceed them, I am not into deep love, jealousy or even the ownership some men would claim over their women, but I knew Raul for a few years already and we have been having sex and intimacy all the time, the difference is cancelling the fees and becoming business associates, besides being personal friends and lovers in a way, I would admit I was worried for a while till it all ended up during this last trip we had together.

During a night we were both spending at his private and secretly located apartment, he told me he has to go on a business trip that requires a conference for a full day and night, if I would accompany him, he would make it three days or longer, claiming we have never travelled abroad ever since our relation was strengthened and changed from pure business to a partnership, an intimate relation and pleasure.

I approved of it, and it was arranged to go to that country two days ahead of the conference, he said one of his close friends at that country who would be attending the same conference has a very nice private resort that would be available for us to enjoy during our stay away from people’s and media’s eyes, I welcomed the idea very much, got ready and we flew there.

All arrangements were made and we got there, the resort was super huge on the sea shore and was beautiful with all means of comfortable life any person would ever need, no need to go outside the walls behind a fence of high trees, to enjoy a lovely trip of a full week or even longer.

The first day and night we had the whole resort for both of us, we enjoyed every minute in there, as there was no body other than us, except for the staff who were all at our service, the resort staff consisted of Maria, the woman in full charge, who was in her mid-forties, good looking woman for her age, flirty and dresses sexy all the times, being the boss of all other staff, two other gorgeous young girls of late teens or early twenties.

And a chef who was in his mid-thirties, The chef was different from all others, he was a huge black man, he must have been over 6 ft. tall, a real huge man by all means, and three other young men of late teens to early twenties, each had his or her own job to take care of, during the day and night, we had all the service we needed within the twenty four hours period, all staff stayed and slept at the resort, full accommodation job arrangements, only went home during weekends.

As the resort was a private one, the owner had no restrictions to what the staff would wear at all, anything comfortable was accepted, they did not have to wear any uniforms, sometimes a person is relaxing or even swimming, when we ask for a service, they would present it to us the way they look, sometimes in swimsuit or shorts, which made us feel comfortable as well.

Another good thing, the staff would always mind their own business without interfering with what is happening between guests, meaning, they would bring drinks, snacks or whatever while we are hugging, kissing or even having sex in some cases, any boy or girl would change glasses, place whatever they have and leave, as if it was natural.

Raul brought with him a few sexy garments that he wanted me to wear for him, I had some of my own for that purpose too, all garments looked so sexy on my naked body and almost hid nothing of my assets making my body attractive and appealing for him, he had a constant hard on, I am sure he had some assistance from some medications, Viagra for example or whatever which pleased me anyway, as he was up to all of my needs during that lovely period of time.

We would walk outdoors in the sun, or under the night lights, being sure we had full safety and privacy, Raul was all over me, including when we were outdoors, rubbing my tits, pussy and ass he even fucked me a few times by the fountain, by the pool or under a tree.

I was teasing him all the times, dancing for him, even strip tease dances, till I was fully naked, then running away from him, fully nude in the outside yards and he was following me, catching me then fucking me wherever he got me, which was continuous pleasure, he treated me as his special lover, wife and even much closer, I enjoyed it very much and so did he.

We had a few drinks and fell asleep between each other arms fully nude till the second day, the second day activities were all new and inventive too, till the arrival of his friend, Julio, the owner of the resort, when Julio’s car showed up at the main gate, we could see it from the poolside, Raul told me that was his friend Julio, the owner of the resort.

I was seminude by then, a real short, tight and transparent garment with nothing else under it, braless and pantie less, I got up saying “I need to change and get some clothes on”

Raul held my hand, sat me back saying “why should you? You do not have to do that, just stay the way you are and be comfortable, it is ok” he smiled and continued saying “it may be true that you have not met Julio yet, but he is no stranger, he is a very close friend of mine and he knows all about you”

I was shocked by his reaction, although I would not mind putting my assets in display for another strange man, but it was Raul’s reactions that came as new to me, I relaxed as we waited for Julio’s arrival, he walked to us, greeted us, Raul introduced us saying “Natalie, please meet Julio, my best friend, and this is Natalie, my wife and lover”

Julio was in shorts, he sat down next to me on a big bench we were all seated at, by the pool, Raul looked at Julio, then at me, smiled, winked an eye saying “honey, Julio knows everything as I have already told you, he even met my (actual) wife and knows her personally, so please relax and be yourself, will you?”

I nodded smiling.

Julio rang the service bell, Maria came right away along with one of the younger girls, he ordered us another round of drinks, although we were drinking for a while feeling tipsy already, he said he had a few drinks himself, but we all have to set back, relax and forget the whole outside world.

I tried my best to prevent flashing any of my private parts to Julio’s eyes, but it wasn’t easy as my lingerie was transparent any way, it wasn’t that good at hiding anything, I am sure he had a few glances here and there, but I could care less after that, we were all relaxing, chatting, even were telling some dirty jokes, deep sexual ones and laughing so loud.

As of a sudden, I noticed Raul held Julio’s hand, placed it over the upper part of my bare thigh, rubbed it a little right and left, up and down, till his fingers were less than an inch from my pussy, he told him “feel it man, have you ever felt a body that is as silky soft and as feminine as Natalie’s?”.

Julio laughed, started rubbing my thigh up and down, even after Raul took his hand off saying “man, your wife is so sexy and so beautiful, you must be a very lucky man, I envy you for her lovely body” we all laughed, but Julio’s hand kept moving and rubbing while we continued joking, I felt it creeping upwards till I felt the tip of his finger touching my bare outer pussy lips.

The alcohol effect along with Julio’s hand rubbing my upper thigh and pussy, the dirty jokes we were telling, all together turned me on, my pussy was leaking wet, I am sure Julio felt it easily, I noticed a little lump started building up at his crotch, under his shorts, it was growing up showing a clear hard on, the same was happening under Raul’s shorts, making all three of us turned on and horny, it wasn’t long till Julio’s fingers were sinking deep into my pussy, rubbing and finger fucking me.

A loud moan escaped my mouth out of my control, once I felt his fingers rubbing my hard clit while another finger was sinking deep inside my love hole, Raul smiled, moved to my other side till I was in the middle between them, he started pulling his hard cock out of his shorts’ front slit, held my hand and placed it over his cock.

I started rubbing his cock and placed my other hand over Julio’s crotch feeling his ‘hard on’ over his shorts, then I pulled his dick out and started rubbing both of them same time, Raul pulled my Lingerie upwards till it was over my waist waving for Julio to look at my pussy.

It seemed like Julio got the hint right away, he got up, sat on his knees between my legs, lowered his head and started licking my pussy, I turned towards Raul’s side, pulled his dick and placed it between my lips and started sucking on it, taking it as deep into my mouth while being licked by his friend.

Julio rang the wireless service bell, placed next to us, while we were in that threesome position, Maria showed up carrying a huge outdoors mattress and a few pillows with the help of the two younger girls, they walked around us as I was sucking a dick, being licked by the other man as if nothing was happening, they placed them next to us and left.

Julio stopped licking me, held my hand and helped me to the mattress, I was on my knees, doggie when he got behind me, started rubbing his cock head to my leaking wet pussy, and started pushing his cock in me inch by inch, same time Raul sat in front of me, fed me his dick to suck on it while being fucked by his friend.

The fucking and sucking process was speeding up, so were the moans and screams by me and them, as of a sudden, Julio pulled his cock out of me, Raul was ready to fuck me, I crawled over him, saddled his body, placed my pussy over his cock and lowered my body slowly till his dick started sinking deep inside my pussy and I started dancing over it taking it to the hilt in my ‘cock-hungry’ wet pussy.

Julio placed his hand over my back pushing it forward till I was leaning over Raul’s body, he lowered his head and started licking my ass, making it slick and wet preparing it for his cock, he lifted his body up, rubbed his cock head to my, almost ready ass hole by then, and started pushing it in my ass step by step till he was balls deep inside my ass, I was truly and deeply double fucked by a pair of hug cocks in both of my front and rear fuck holes same time.

……… To be continued in part

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