On the Loveseat Ch. 13

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Hello New and Longtime Readers. Here is the latest installment of the saga of Jeremy and his mom and aunt. Please enjoy!

Note: There is a summary of the story at the beginning of Chapter 10 to refresh anyone’s memory that needs it. Still, I would hope readers new to the tale would start at the beginning.

I awoke with no memory of any dreams.

My mom and my aunt lay next to me still asleep. Each looked so peaceful, and so serenely beautiful. And knowing that under the thin blanket covering them that they were both naked in bed with me gave me was a wonderful feeling. The sunlight shining on the curtains told me that it was past sunrise, but was still early morning. I luxuriated in the warmth of those two sexy women beside me.

My stirring must have roused them, because Aunt Jess opened her hazel eyes and looked at me with a sleepy smile. Mom yawned as her emerald eyes peered at me. She stretched out her arms, causing the blanket to fall away from her upper torso. She glanced down at her revealed breasts.

“We fell asleep without anything on?” As if her sister and I hadn’t realized that fact. “I haven’t slept in the nude since … well, probably before you were born.” She looked at me as if it was my fault for her lack of sleepwear.

I guess it was.

“If it’s warm enough, I love to sleep in the nude.” Aunt Jess stated.

“I would have guessed that about you, Aunt Jess.” She always had been in my dreams anyway.

“You would. Thinking about your naked aunt all the time I bet.” She teased me.

“Not all the time. There is also Kate Lawrence, a few girls from school, a teacher, and a cashier at the grocery store.” I answered.

“Do we all sleep naked?”

“You’re not sleeping when I’m thinking about you.” I said with a leer in my voice.

“Ooo, you’re so naughty! Having nasty thoughts about your aunt.” Aunt Jess shifted such that the blanket fell away from her terrific tits. “Are you having any of those thoughts now?”

“Jess, between you, mom, and any various other women, it’s a wonder I can get any schoolwork done at all.”

“You have been keeping up at school, haven’t you?” She may be lying in bed with me without a stitch on, but she was still my mom!

“Yes, mom. I haven’t let my sex life interfere with school, or graduating. I don’t want to have to repeat my senior year, or even have to go to summer school to finish. In a month or so I’ll be done with school and I’ll be able to spend all my time with my two best girls!”

“You won’t be done with school. You still have college to think about.”

“Yes mom.” I’m in bed with two naked women and I’m talking about school?

“Can I interest either of you in a morning pick me up?”

“Do you think you are even capable?” Mom asked with an all-too-serious tone.

“I don’t know why not, you two haven’t completely worn me out yet.” At least I hoped not, not yet anyway!

I felt a hand from either side of me run down my chest, over my abdomen, and on to my still sleeping dick. If anything could wake it, it would be these two hands for sure!

“No morning woody?” Aunt Jess quipped with a look in my eyes.

“A couple of beavers took care of any wood I might have had this morning.” I deadpanned back at her.

“That’s what you get for feeding the wildlife.” She responded to my innuendo smoothly.

Mom meanwhile had pushed the blanket from my body, revealing my still shriveled little buddy. I had no doubts that they could rouse him, but knew that it would take some little effort on their parts until my woody would grow tall and stiff. With the blanket removed, the evidence of last night’s activities crusted on my dick was revealed. It looked somewhat gross to me, but obviously not to my bedmates, as they both moved their heads down to get a closer look.

“It looks like we put your wee-wee through the wringer last night!” Aunt Jess gave a weak laugh.

“I remember his wee-wee putting me through the wringer last night!” Mom retorted.

“It wasn’t so wee then though.” Her sister joked.

I didn’t appreciate my wee-wee being called wee, and as their female hands caressed it, it responded slowly.

“It seems tired.” Mom said as she rubbed her fingers along my thickening dick.

“It did have an eventful day yesterday.” Aunt Jess added, her own fingers wrapped around my flesh.

“I bet we could revive it.” Mom said with a tone too calm for a conversation involving her son’s dick. One that was beginning to grow!

“I know we could!” Aunt Jess said with more excitement than her sister. “The question is whether there is anything left in here!” She grabbed my balls. A bit roughly for me.

“Hey! Watch it with those!” I cried out.

Mom laughed.

“Yeah, Jessica. Those are the family jewels!”

“Aw! Here, let me kiss them and make them feel better!”

And my aunt did so. And it did feel better!

“I’m his mother, I’m the one that gets to kiss and make it better!”

And mom did so.

Let me gaziantep grup escort tell you, having your aunt and your mom kiss your sore balls makes them feel sooo much better!

However, mom didn’t stop at just kissing my nuts. She started kissing and licking my stiffening dick.

“Oh, no! You’re not going to hog all that, son or no son!” Aunt Jess burst out. She leaned back in and began to slather her tongue on my shaft.

My mom and my aunt competed as to which of them could lick more of me than the other. Each grabbed the base and then danced and teased their tongues enthusiastically over my now-saliva soaked cock. Needless to say, this got me rock-hard! As much as they had drained me just a few hours ago, I had no inclination to cum any time soon, so I laid back and enjoyed the two-tongue fellatio from my favorite pair of women.

They savored being able to spend the extra time on my steely rod. It was as if they were worshipping my cock with their soft lips and firm lapping tongues. Mom and Aunt Jess may have started out in competition on my dick, but after some minutes, their duel became a team effort. Neither of them had taken me into their mouths, instead lavishing my skin with kissing, licking, and sucking on the sides of my bulging veined shaft. I could tell that they knew I would need this extra effort to excite me enough to get me off and they loved getting to tease me without worrying about keeping me from exploding unexpectedly.

Aunt Jessica was of course the first to engulf my cock, taking the whole length in one swift plunge. She kept my cock head in her throat for more than a moment, and drooled masses of saliva on me as she pulled off. She then licked up the shaft twice, sucking a majority of her spit back in her mouth as she did.

Mom wasn’t going to be left out, and when her sister lifted her head to regain her breath, mom sucked as much of my hard dick in her mouth as she could manage without gagging. She twirled her tongue around my shaft as only she could do as she sucked her way back up to my smooth-domed head. I had to let out a groan. Mom took this approval and bobbed a couple more times up and down. I could feel tingling in my balls and realized that it wouldn’t take long before it would become a burning need. I grunted as mom let Aunt Jess suck me again, her lips tightly wrapped around my girth as she bobbed on my heated cock.

“He may not be completely dry anymore.” Mom said breathlessly after she had taken another turn.

“Wab ahblm mohb ruhlm.”

“I can’t understand you Aunt Jess, with my big cock in your mouth.”

“Gah frimb — I said, you’re probably right Jenny.” She said when her mouth was empty. “And don’t you want your big cock in my mouth Jeremy?”

“God yes! I just can’t understand you when you try to say something while you do.” I exclaimed.

Mom took this opportunity to suck me as only my mom could do.

“Shit mom!” I gasped.

“Give me your delicious cum honey! I want to drink all your tasty cum!”

“Oh no you don’t, you cum-whore! I want some too!”

Every guy should get to have his mother and her sister argue over who got to swallow his spunk!

Each of them fought now over sucking my cock, hopeful to be the one that would cause me to shoot my load into her mouth. I fought to hold back my release, as they were giving me the most sublime, exquisite joint blowjob ever, and I wanted to relish this moment. Not that I wouldn’t ever get to enjoy them both together again!

As each woman sucked and licked me as only each of them could do, with the hopes that they would be the one to receive my creamy surprise, their competition only made the blowjob that much better!

“Keep going girls! I’m getting close!” I warned them, which only increased their frenzied attack on my now throbbing dick. My balls were definitely getting ready to burst!

“Oh shit! Oh damn and shit!” I groaned, as I could no longer refuse them their reward!

In their zeal to be the sole benefactor of my prize, they both were denied, and instead I sprayed my load all over both mom and Aunt Jess’s faces. I grunted and groaned and bucked my hips off the bed as my dick shot my cream on the awaiting women.

“Ah, yes!” Aunt Jess cried as she tried to catch a glob in her mouth.

“Come on mommy’s face, honey!”

They milked me until the last dribbles oozed down my reddened cock. Both tongues quickly had me spit-shined even before my well-worn dick had begun to shrink. Then to my surprise, the two sisters started to lick each other’s faces clean. One would lap a streak of my cum from the other’s cheek, or forehead, chin, or neck. Then the other would reciprocate. They giggled as they licked my ball juice off each other, and I could only lay there watching with delight. Mom turned at one point and gave me a devilishly wicked smile as she slowly licked a particularly long glob from Aunt Jess jaw line and cheek, dragging her tongue on her sister’s güneyşehir escort skin like it was the most delicious ice cream!

“Damn! You two are just too sexy! I wish I had more cum for you clean off each other!”

“I’m sure you’ll have more soon enough!” Mom said sultrily as my aunt licked a line of droplets from the side of mom’s nose.

“I sure hope so! I love your cum Jeremy!” Aunt Jess grinned at me.

“I’m sure I will, but right now I feel like going back to sleep!” I could feel my eyelids already weighted down.

“It is still fairly early. I’m sure we could all use a few more hours sleep.” Mom agreed.

“Don’t expect another blowjob when we get up again!” My wonderful aunt declared.

“I didn’t really expect that one! But thank you! I don’t know how I got so lucky to have both of you!” I stared at each of them while I could still keep my eyes open.

“I’m the lucky one, dear. To have such a caring, loving son who gives me so much.” Mom gushed.

“Aw, mom!”

Both of them resumed snuggling with me and I fell back into nothingness with a huge smile on my face.

I awoke again to find myself alone.

Had everything been a dream? I thought to myself in that sleepy daze upon waking.

I hadn’t really been having sex with my mom and my aunt?

Then as the cobwebs cleared from my brain, I realized I was in mom’s bed.

It still wasn’t a dream.

I lifted the sheet and saw my little buddy was down for the long count. Then I smelled food and found that I was starving.

Mom and Aunt Jessica must have gotten up and were making us breakfast. At least, I hoped there was some for me too. I wanted to spring from the bed, but my muscles creaked, so I rose slowly and looked around for my boxers. I figured I shouldn’t show up to the table naked! Although, I have to say, I hoped that the other two didn’t have my misgivings about clothing!

I walked down the hall following my nose. As I turned into the kitchen, I saw regretfully that both mom and my aunt had slipped on nighties. Sexy white lacy nighties that didn’t cover much, but still …

Mom saw my disappointment and must have read my mind.

“No. We weren’t going to walk around naked just so you can ogle us!”

“Especially when we know that your best feature is going to be non-existent for a while.” Aunt Jess teased.

“I’m sure the two of you could get him up, whether it would be capable of anything more than that.” I responded.

“I’m sure we could honey, sit down. Jess and I decided to make you a big breakfast so you can recharge your strength.” Mom said motherly. This was discordant with her tits and ass practically hanging out of her sleepwear! She was truly stunning in whatever she wore!

“Stop staring at your mother’s tits, dear.” Mom scolded. “Or my ass!”

“You can stare at me all you want Jeremy!” My aunt said gladly.

“Like my telling him to stop would actually work?” Mom asked semi-rhetorically.

I wasn’t going to stop staring at either of them!

My stomach growled loudly and we all laughed.

“Hadn’t we decided that all you needed was sex and food?” Mom asked with a glint in her green eyes. “You’ve had your sex, so we better get some food in you, huh?”

“I wouldn’t turn down sex either.” I declared.

Both women laughed as they went about fixing three plates. With their backs to me, I had my eyes glued to both butts, which were barely concealed beneath the lacy cloth. Aunt Jess even gave hers a shake for me!

They obviously knew how hungry I would be, or were trying to build up my strength for any activities later in the day, as they had fixed a large breakfast. It was mostly for me as I saw only one plate was heaped with food. There was scrambled eggs, hash browns (that we rarely had, and that I loved), sausage links, a generous pile of bacon, and cinnamon toast. The girls’ plates were almost bare next to mine, with only eggs (over easy for mom, and sunny side up for my aunt) and plain toast for each, although Aunt Jess did steal a couple pieces of bacon off my plate. Mom got a large glass of O.J. for me and when I asked, she also got me a similar glass of milk. They both had smaller glasses of juice and cups of coffee (I detested the stuff!). I was nearly finished with my plate while the women were only half way through with their own. Mom noticed me glance at the stove and reassured me that there was plenty more if I wanted it. I then leered at her.

“Yes, there’s plenty more of me for you too!” Mom smiled at my intention.

“And for seconds, you can have me!” Aunt Jess added.

“You’re never second Jess!” I told her, then leaned over and gave her a loose hug. I felt her lips peck my cheek.

“Thank you Jeremy. You know you’re first in my book too.” But her eyes said she knew where she stood next to her sister.

There was nothing I could say to reassure her that we both wouldn’t realize was just a lie. I could wish things were islahiye escort otherwise, and in a different reality, it might have been, but in the here and now, we all knew how things stood between us. Not to say that we couldn’t, or wouldn’t enjoy ourselves, but my aunt would always have the feeling of being a third wheel. Mom had a look of pity for her sister that thankfully Aunt Jessica missed.

I continued to eat while they each sipped at their coffees. Other than our brief interchange, breakfast was quiet. Despite our intimate time together, sitting there at the table almost naked, we were almost strangers in the way we acted. I was just focused on eating.

After a loud belch, then a second at a lesser volume, I decided I was full. Mom sprang up to put the dishes in the sink. I saw her look at the mess of pans and utensils from preparing our meal and I knew that her motherly side wanted to straighten up. She shrugged and sat back down at the table, clearly deciding to be mom later.

“I have to say, right now, I am what can only be called satiated.” Aunt Jess said as she sat visibly relaxed in the wooden chair.

“I’m glad, I think, because I don’t know if I could do anything right now even though I still want to.” I leaned back in my chair, my stomach gurgling from my intake.

“You’re eighteen. You always want to. It took two hot and hungry women to make you unable to continue.” Aunt Jess teased.

Looking at her in a lacy nightie, remembering her in the black lingerie from last night, and then mom in that sheer blue number, I wondered if I was truly incapable! I may be temporarily empty, but that didn’t mean the will wasn’t still there!

“Is that what we are Jessica? Hot and hungry? That makes us sound … so … I don’t know, like sluts.” Mom said as if her sister’s words had demeaned her.

“Jenny. Think about what we did last night, what we have been doing, what we still want to do with Jeremy. We may not be common hookers, but do regular women act like we have been?” Aunt Jess tried justifying her meaning.

“I’m sure they don’t, but it’s not like we’ve been out trolling for any young meat we can find.”

“Okay. We’re only sluts for your son. How’s that?”

“That doesn’t sound much better. But I do have to admit that being with you honey makes me feel kinda … slutty.” Mom admitted sheepishly.

“I like you kinda slutty mom! You can be a slut for me anytime!” I turned to my aunt. “Do you want to be my slut too, Aunt Jess?”

“You know I do, handsome.” She gave me the most penetrating smile, her eyes gleaming. I was almost ready to see what I was capable of at the moment.

“Speaking of slutty.” I glanced at both of them. “I want to thank you both for your choice of attire last night. Your dresses, and then … later.”

“I’m glad you liked it, them. I wasn’t sure if you would.” Mom’s eyes fell to the table shyly.

“Are you kidding mom? The two of you were so hot I thought you would set the bed on fire!”

“Really?” Aunt Jess asked.

“Really! You two left me black and blue with that lingerie.”

“Oh, I get it. Because mine was black and Jenny’s was blue. That’s clever.”

“Why would you think I wouldn’t like them mom? You know how I reacted with that first one you wore. I think you’re hot in anything you wear!”

“And I still don’t know why. You could have any of the pretty young girls in your school. You go and pick your old mother.”

“You’re not that old mom. You’re what, thirty-eight, thirty-nine? That’s not old at all. That’s like the prime age for women.”

“Thirty-nine. I sure don’t feel like I’m at a prime age. Who decided that?” Mom asked.

“Everyone. Late thirties, early forties is when women are at their peak, mentally and sexually. I’ve heard of plenty of studies about it.” I told her, them.

“Oh, studies.” Mom said with tone of disbelief. “I’m sure these studies are done by a bunch of horny old men that decide when women are at their peak. Did any of them ask a woman?”

“Mom, you’re proof.”

“How so?”

“I seem to remember an older woman’s hand roaming in my pants and not pulling back like anyone else would do. Then she let herself be blackmailed into giving her son a blowjob, and then later let her sister talk her into having sex with said son.”

“I think he’s got you there Jenny!” Aunt Jess laughed quietly at her sister.

“I … but … Okay, you may have a point. I just don’t feel like I’m at any prime age.” She added dejectedly.

“You sure seemed very prime last night mom!”

“Thanks, I guess.”

“Quite a fantasy for you, huh Jeremy?”

“Both of you are my fantasy, Jess. But taking you out to dinner, with you both looking so stunning in your skimpy dresses and everyone staring at you, and that it was me you were with. Then going dancing and having to fight off the men and women. Coming home and seeing you both in those outfits, then out of them! I don’t need fantasies anymore. I’m living them!” I extorted.

“It was quite a night.” Mom said with a sigh.

“You did enjoy yourself, didn’t you mom?” I asked. “Even after you said you didn’t want to go. To dinner, or dancing.”

“Yes. I did enjoy myself. It was much better than I imagined. All of it.” She was staring pointedly at me, implying so much more.

“I know you did, Aunt Jess.” I stated as I smiled at her.

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