One Last Time

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“It’s no use Chad. We’re stuck in this cave,” Jessica said hopelessly. She didn’t like being pessimistic but they had been in that cave for days, with no way of contacting the outside world.

Chad ignored his wife and carefully continued to move fallen rocks from the cave entrance. He wasn’t making much progress but he kept pushing himself because he was sick of Jessica’s negative attitude towards any effort he made.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get us out of here,” Chad said. His words were directed at his wife but he was also trying to convince himself.

He knew that if he could get her out of that cave, she would have at least one positive thing to say about him, and that could possibly save their marriage from a messy divorce.

Jessica was a bit of a control freak and being in a situation she couldn’t fix, was really taking its toll on her. She kicked the wall and cursed herself for allowing her deadbeat husband to talk her into going on a “romantic” mountain getaway. The worst part was that even if they got out of that cave, they were still lost in wilderness. She should have known he was going to screw up again – like he always did. Fatigue had settled in and her frustration was bringing out her worst.

“Thanks a fucking lot Chad! This is the most “romantic” getaway a woman could have!” she yelled spitefully.

“For fucks sake Jessica…I said I was sorry. Shit,” Chad said, angrily hurling a rock to the ground. He had lost count of how many times he had used the word sorry, only counting that day.

“Sorry this! Sorry that! You always have a bullshit excuse for everything! It’s so pathetic!” Jessica shouted.

Chad was unemployed and had difficulty finding work in the previous month. He thought his luck had finally turned around when he landed a job as a supervisor, but weeks later, his company fell on hard times and were forced to retrench him. He had explained this to Jessica on numerous occasions but she wasn’t the understanding type.

“Well if you’re so fucking perfect then why don’t you get us out of here?” Chad taunted, pointing out how powerless she was.

Jessica sat down to rest. “Go to hell Chad! I might not be able lift heavy rocks but least I have a full-time job,” She said in a bitter tone.

“Your job won’t mean shit if we die here!” he hissed turning around. He sighed realising that Jessica wasn’t even listening to him anymore. “Fucking bitch,” he cursed quietly.

Before they were got married, Jessica used to be a fun loving person and most of all, a wild sex-kitten just begging to be tamed. Now she didn’t even utter a purr. She constantly criticised his faults, and just getting her to make time for him was a feat in itself.

He had put all of his savings into arranging a romantic getaway as a way to save their marriage – and hopefully their sex life – but his good intentions backfired on him. The drive from the city started off with arguing. The arguing stopped when they arrived at the mountain lodge…and flared up again when they got lost on mountain. Then the weather took a turn for the worse and they were forced to take refuge in a cave – which is what landed them in their current predicament.

Chad’s muscles were tense and aching, his mountain gloves were covered in dust, his perspiration plastered his navy vest to his back, and his dark brown skin glistened like melting chocolate.

Jessica was sleeping to conserve her energy when a loud rumble woke her up with start. Suddenly, the entrance caved in again! Rocks fell from the ceiling just above the entrance where Chad was! Her feet trembled as rocks crashed into the ground, spreading dust everywhere.

“Chad? Chad!” Jessica screamed while trying to make her way through the dust. Her heart was racing with fear and the only thing she could think of was Chad’s safety. She hated her husband but not enough to want him buried under a pile of rocks. The part her that still loved him was bursting out and she could feel tears forming when only her panicked voice echoed through the cave.

“Well there goes all my hard work…story of my fucking life,” Chad said miserably as he looked at the massive boulders blocking the entrance.

“Chad! Are you okay?” Jessica asked coughing.

“Yeah I’m fine…” Chad’s voice trailed off. His eyes avoided her gaze. Jessica was glad that he was unharmed but she could feel disappointment radiating off him.

Chad felt worthless. He removed his sweat-soaked vest and threw it to the ground. He sat down, placed a hand on his forehead and waited for another condescending remark from Jessica. She surprised him when she sat down beside him and cupped his face lovingly.

“It’s okay Chad. You tried to your best,” she said placing her hands on his bare chest.

Jessica’s face moved closer to his and her eyes closed slowly. The next thing he knew, they were kissing. He placed a hand on her waist and his fingers ran through her long black hair as their kissing became more passionate. Jessica broke away awkwardly when she felt pendik escort his hands under the hem of her top.

“What are you doing? We need to find another way out before –” Chad silenced her with another kiss and removed his belt. “I can’t remember the last time we kissed like that. Let’s just enjoy this moment while it lasts,” he said grabbing her butt.

“Chad!” Jessica protested.

“Getting out of here can wait. I just wanna fuck you as hard as possible.” He unbuttoned his pants and his erect cock sprang out from his boxers.

Jessica was puzzled at how her husband could be thinking about sex at such a time.

“What’s wrong with you? We’re trapped in a cave. We don’t have a clue where the hell we are. We’re out of supplies and we’re dead if this place caves in again. How on earth can you possibly be thinking of sex now?” She blurted out.

“Because if this place does cave in, I don’t want things to end like this between us. After everything we’ve been through together…I don’t want us to spend our last moments wandering through this maze of a cave or arguing with each other for the umpteenth time,” he said gazing into her amber eyes.

Jessica could feel the tenderness in his voice melting her heart as she fought back her natural urge to argue. She let her emotions guide her instead of trying to be in control of the situation. Did she really want to spend her last moments arguing with her husband in the darkest parts of that cave? Was that really how she wanted things to end?

“One last time huh?” she said smiling, as she looked into Chad’s sex-starved eyes. She pulled her top over her head and her breasts jiggled in a red sports bra that could barely contain them. She turned around so he could unhook her bra.

She purred as his hands massaged her milky skin. Chad parted her legs apart with his foot and pressed his crotch against the back of her tight capri shorts.

“God…I’ve wanted to fuck you since we got here,” he said lustfully.

“You better not cum too quickly,” she said teasingly.

“I won’t,” he said reaching around to play with her firm breasts.

“Um…we’re going to need a bed. Any ideas?” she asked. Chad nodded.

They made a make-shift mattress from their clothes, sleeping bags and anything useful thing they could find in their backpacks.

Jessica’s capri shorts hugged her plump apple booty as she bent over to add her shorts and underwear to the pile of clothes.

Chad watched in anticipation as she slowly pulled down her panties and let them fall to her ankles. The sight of her luscious ass and pink pussy lips begging to be pleased made his cock harden even more.

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. This is such a bad idea,” Jessica muttered. Chad snuck up behind her and slid his cock along her cunt. Jessica’s pulse spiked up when she felt his manhood behind her. Chad smiled at her aroused reaction. The last time he tried doing that, they were in a mountain lodge and he received a nasty slap across the face afterwards. This time she giggled and reached around to give him a playful smack on the thigh.

Jessica remained bent over, placed her hands on her thigh and rubbed her ass against him. She wiggled her big butt in circular motion and bounced her ass into his balls while his cock rested on her ass. The impact sent a jolt from his ball sack to the tip of his cock. She reached over and gave his sensitive balls a squeeze. Chad’s dick was pulsing with life and it had straightened so much that he felt it would rip out from the skin.

He leaned over her and caressed her breasts for a while, and then he grabbed her luscious Latina booty which was just wider than his hips and spanked her three times. The first two turned her ass red and last one made her howl with pain after it struck her pussy with the fury of a lightning bolt.

“Oooowww! Why did you do that?” she screamed, looking over her shoulder.

“Sorry honey….” He said dreamily. Being a gentleman, Chad would never raise a hand against a woman so those spanks were his own way of getting back at her for all the times she had pushed him to breaking point.

Damn that was close call, he thought. It was the best ass job he had ever gotten. Going without sex for months had made him unbelievably horny but he couldn’t believe that his wife had almost made cum within a matter of minutes. He wondered what else she had been keeping from him, and if he had what it took to please his revived sex kitten before she drained his seed.

He dropped to his knees and pressed his face into her butt cheeks, while probing her pussy with his tongue. Jessica moaned and fondled her breasts as she moved her hips backwards. So this was the rush her body had been craving for…

She arched back to enjoy the sensation when she felt two fingers slide into her slippery cunt. She was in heaven but her lower back was starting to hurt from bending over for so long. No problem. There were plenty of other positions…but first she was going to give him hell for escort pendik those harsh spanks earlier.

“Get up Chad,” she instructed him. She pushed him onto his back as soon as he tried to. Chad was startled by his wife’s sharp tone and sudden forcefulness, but it was one of the things that he had always found sexy about her.

Before Chad could even react, she dropped her plump rear onto his balls with crushing force. He gasped and a silent scream escaped his mouth.

“Whoops,” she said, shrugging her shoulders innocently.

A vindictive smirk formed on her face and she licked her lips lustfully. Without giving him a moment to recover, she slid her ass across his muscular abs and chest, and sat down on his face. She could feel him squirming beneath her ass while holding his balls in pain.

She only gave him a chance to breathe when she felt his hands frantically patting her butt for mercy.

“I’m not some cheap pain-loving whore Chad. Spank me again and swear there’ll be consequences,” she warned him.

His mouth curved into a sly grin. “If getting that beautiful ass of yours on my face is the consequence, I should’ve really spanked you more often,” he said after he had regained his breath.

“You’re such a horny bastard…” She sighed and took his cock deep in her throat while he held up her ass and went work on her soaking cunt.

The scent coming off her pussy made him forget he was in a cave. It was a scent he wished he could bottle up into a fragrance. He could barely focus with the amazing blowjob she was giving him, but he wanted to give her an orgasm that she would never forget. His fingers ventured into her. Her wild moans became his map to finding her g spot. And he knew he found the spot when her mouth withdrew from cock with slurping sound, and she began to moan loudly in her native language.

Jessica’s legs began to quiver and she began to buck against him as he continued to satisfy her. She plunged down his shaft. Her hair swayed across her back as her head bobbed rapidly. Chad enjoyed her muffled moans when he nibbled on her labia. She squirted violently and pushed her cunt to his face. Chad lapped up every ounce of the sweet ambrosia he could get, and planted a gentle kiss on pussy to say thanks after he was done.

They switched positions and Jessica rested on back, panting as her chest rose and sank. Chad slid up against her soft breasts, stroked her cheek and kissed her. She tasted her juices on his lips and grabbed the back of his head in ecstasy.

His fingers trailed her collarbone, continued up her neck and touched her ear gently. He moved her earing between his fingers as he whispered lustful words into her ear. He told how hard he was going to fuck her, and when he slammed his cock into her, she knew he meant every word.

“I’m through playing around,” He rasped as he continued to pound her warm flesh.

“So am I,” she said breathlessly, digging her nails into his back.

She told him to get on his knees, and then she crawled up to him with a seductive look and sucked his balls into her warm mouth. Chad’s face contorted as the slick walls of her mouth squeezed his balls together.

“Aaaah…Jessica I…I’m…”

She didn’t want him to unload yet so she released his balls and returned to lying down on her back.

Looking down at the trickle of cum pushing out of his cock, Chad was glad that she had backed off before he reached the point of no return. He wanted to enjoy every bit of her for as long as possible.

Jessica rested one leg on his shoulder and told him to hold it in place. Chad made her giggle by tickling the sole of her foot. Next, he was going to make her scream… He placed the tip of his cock against her pussy, grabbed her narrow waist and pulled her onto his thick cock. He wrapped his hands around her leg and fucked her wet cunt with no resistance. She arched back in pleasure and grabbed his thigh as he fucked her with sex-starved passion.

The contrast of his dark brown skin against her milky Latina skin was a work of art, and her screams of passion were music to his ears. The sound of their bodies slamming echoed through the cave.

Chad felt Jessica’s nails dig into his thigh and scrape against his abs as she came for the second time. He lifted her ass up, placed both of her legs on his shoulders, leaned over her and pinned her legs to sides of her head – He was pleased to see that she was still as flexible as she was when they were at college. With her pussy angled to the celling, he straightened his legs, pressed his full weight on her body and thrust his black cock into her depths.

“Aaaaaahhh! Yeeess! Harder!” Jessica moaned as she felt him poking against her cervix. Chad held her thighs down and bent forward to kiss her as his fucked her cunt with the brutal intensity of a piston.

He felt his semen tingling in his balls. Boiling. Begging to be set free. He grunted savagely as he unloaded wave after wave of cum into her womb. Their lips locked as they drifted pendik escort bayan into post-coital bliss. Cum oozed from Jessica’s pussy as he pulled out of her. She tried to push out some of his cum and her eyes widened with shock when a thick white river gushed out from her pussy.

She could barely move and her body felt ravaged from the pounding she had just received. It was the most intense fuck anyone had ever given her but she was glad it was over – If he kept pounding her cunt at that pace, she was sure he could have killed her with orgasms.

Chad looked into her dazed eyes for a moment, turned over her tired body and whispered the last thing she expected to hear from him.

“I’m not done yet.”

“Wha-What do you mean you’re not done yet?” Jessica asked hysterically. Her heart was pounding so fast she felt dizzy, and after Chad had filled up her pussy with so much cum, she assumed his was joking.

“I’ll need to warm you up first but I’m sure you’ll love it,” Chad said fiendishly as he put his thumb in his mouth.

He coated his thumb in saliva and began to part the white mounds of flesh in front of him. “Ngh…Chad…no,” Jessica mumbled weakly while trying to push his hands away from her ass. He flicked his thumb up against her sore pussy and pressed the on area between her pussy and anus. Without warning, his thumb slid upwards and entered her anus.

She jerked up to her knees as his thumb continued to invade her forbidden orifice. She didn’t mind Chad rimming her rear, but anal sex wasn’t something she didn’t ever planned on trying – and for good reason.

“Just relax Jessica. I won’t hurt you. Trust me, okay,” He promised. She relaxed her anus to let him thrust in and out. Once her body was adjusted to this strange new sensation, she started moving her hips gently to match his rhythm while fingering herself. She moaned softly when Chad plucked his thumb from her ass. When she felt the tip of his cock touch her tiny asshole, her fear returned again. She looked back at his thick black spear of a cock as he aimed for the target. There was no way it was going to fit in her tight ass …and if it did, she knew she was going to be in a world of pain.

“Don’t worry honey. If it hurts too much, I’ll pull out immediately,” Chad said in a comforting tone.

“You’d better,” she threatened but her voice was nervous whimper.

She gritted her teeth and gripped the pile of clothes as the head of his penis slowly plunged into her asshole. Chad gave her some time to get used to the pulsing sensation of his dick in her ass.

He gripped her butt cheeks and continued to penetrate further while she cried softly.

“Do you want me to stop?” Chad asked.

Jessica clenched her fists, hesitating for a moment. “No, it’s okay. Just go a bit slower…you’re killing me with that thing,” she told him. Chad pushed in a few more inches but then he pulled out to her surprise, and rested on his back.

“I think it’ll be better if you control the penetration,” he suggested.

Facing Chad, she slowly lowered her plump rear, realising that his fully erect black cock would split her Latina booty if she dropped onto him like she had done earlier.

Enjoying the sensation of anal sex, she started playing with her breasts while riding his cock. Chad moaned with satisfaction as the entire length of his shaft disappeared into her warm hole. The warmth and tightness of a woman’s asshole was one of pleasures in life that a man had to enjoy before he died.

Jessica pushed herself off him and got on all fours. She bit her lip and rubbed her clit as Chad fucked her doggy style. Seeing Jessica in such a lustful state sent Brad’s primal desires into overdrive. He grabbed her long hair into a ponytail and pulled her head back. A sharp cry sounded through the cave when he thrust balls-deep into her ass. The sound of Jessica screaming in her native language, sent a jolt through his balls as they bounced against her cunt.

Her plump ass jiggled as his hips smacked loudly against her. He felt Jessica desperately trying to remove his hands from her hair and waist as he fucked her with an animalistic fury. He let go off her hair and her head snapped forward. Her breasts softened the impact as she crashed onto the pile of clothes.

His slid his cock from her ass and mounted her again while standing up. Leaning forward on one leg, he pressed down on her back with his other foot, twisted her arms behind her back and plunged into her asshole again. With Jessica’s face buried into the clothing pile, he groaned loudly and fucked her for what seemed like an eternity. He could feel his dick hurting as her anus contracted.

He could only image what Jessica was feeling as he gaped her virgin asshole. When he heard her muffled sobs, he gently removed his cock from her ass and hoped he hadn’t gone too far.

“Jessica? Are you okay baby?” he said tapping her shoulder.

She was breathing too heavily to reply. “Shit I’m sorry baby. I shouldn’t have…”

Chad was mystified when Jessica lifted her head up to look at him. Her face gleamed with sweat. Strands of her silky hair stuck to her neck and face. Her amber eyes, vivid with intensity…Her mouth, curving into a lewd smile…

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